X22报告|第2803集: 国际清算银行再次行动,爱国者将扭转乾坤

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X22报告|第2803集: 国际清算银行再次行动,爱国者将扭转乾坤

Ep. 2803a – [CB] Economic Playbook Is Known, BIS Makes Another Move, Countermeasures In Place

EP.2803a-[ CB ]经济手册已知,国际清算银行再次行动,应对措施到位

Ep. 2803b – Patriots Are Going To Turn The Tables On The [DS], Think Mirror, It’s Almost Time

Ep. 2803b –-爱国者要在[DS]上翻盘了,想想镜子,时间快到了

X22 报告发表于2022年6月19日


The economy is in free fall, and no matter what the [CB] or [JB] do they cannot stop the accelerated economic destruction. Texas is seeing electricity prices increase rapidly. The [DS] prepares for what is coming. The BIS sets everything in motion. Countermeasures are in place.

经济处于自由落体状态,无论[ CB ]或[ JB ]采取什么措施,都无法阻止经济加速衰退。德克萨斯州的电价正在迅速上涨。[ DS ]为即将到来的一切做好准备。国际清算银行启动了一切。反制措施已经就位。


The [DS] is now struggle before the midterms, they do not have the narrative. The evidence about the pandemic and the death jab are being revealed, it is all falling apart on them. Riots are coming, but Trump let’s everyone in on part of the plan. When the patriots take control of the house and the senate this is going to turn the tables on the [DS]. It’s almost time, the clock is ticking down for the [DS] players.



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