X22报道|第2776集: 中央银行说他们没有错,达勒姆准备揭露一切

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X22报道|第2776集: 中央银行说他们没有错,达勒姆准备揭露一切

Ep. 2776a – [CB] Says They Are Not To Blame, It’s Crashing On The [DS]/[CB]

Ep. 2776a-[ CB ]说他们不应该受到责备,它是在[ DS ]/[ CB ]上崩溃的

Ep. 2776b – Durham Is Ready To Expose It All, As We Prepare To Land, Please Fasten Your Seatbelt


X22 报告发表于2022年5月16日


Europe is struggling and Russia is now forcing more and more nations to use their currency to pay for fuel. The FDA says the baby formula factory can now open, the investigation turned up nothing. [JB]/[CB] cannot stop the inflation. BoE says don’t blame us for the inflation. It’s all imploding on the puppet masters watch.



Durham has started the trial today with jury selection, he is now in position to expose it all. Elon Musk traps Twitter, no matter which way they turn it’s bad for them. We have been cruising at 40000ft for a while now, prepare for landing. Trump and the patriots are bring the full strength of the storm to the [DS], as the storm approaches the [DS] will be struggling to distract from what is really going on, this will not work, the truth has a bull horn and it will not be stopped.



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