X22报道|第2765集: 央行议程开始成为焦点,等待绿灯

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X22报道|第2765集: 央行议程开始成为焦点,等待绿灯

Ep. 2765a – The People Can No Longer Not See It, The [CB] Agenda Just Came Into Focus

Ep. 2765a-人民再也看不到了,[ CB ]议程开始清晰起来

Ep. 2765b – Boom Week Ahead, Teams On Standby, Waiting For The Green Light, No Sleep In DC

2765b-繁荣的一周提前,待命的队伍,等待绿灯,没有睡眠在 DC

X22 报告发表于2022年5月2日


The economy is falling apart and it’s not happening by accident, this is what the [CB]s want, but more importantly this is where the patriots are leading them. The polls are not in Bidens favor, the people are not with him and the [CB]. The people see the plan very clearly.



There is panic in DC, the corrupt politicians are not sleeping. Boom week ahead, teams standing by waiting for the green light. The patriots planned this for the right moment, Durham, Election Fraud, Crimes against humanity all standing by, the information weapons are locked and loaded. The [DS] is trapped and they have lost their ability to function, the clock is ticking down. 



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