X22报告|Episode 2713: 央行刚刚跟上,后中期市场重要

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X22报告|Episode 2713: 央行刚刚跟上,后中期市场重要

Ep. 2713a – [CB] Just Caught On & They Are Trying To Stop It, Too Late

Ep. 2713a-[ CB ]刚刚明白过来 & 他们试图阻止它,但为时已晚

Ep. 2713b – Post Midterm Marker Important, 22nd Amendment Comes Into Play, Trump, Strength & Justice

Ep. 2713b – 中期选举后的重要标志,第22条修正案开始发挥作用,特朗普,力量与正义

X22 报告发表于2022年2月27日


The [CB]/Biden push to bring us into the green new deal and the great reset is failing, the people see what they are trying to do and it is not working. The [CB] was caught off guard, it seems they have taken the bait and they are removing the Russia from the SWIFT system, enter alternative currency.

(CB)/拜登推动我们加入绿色新政的努力正在失败,人们看到了他们正在努力做的事情,但没有奏效。[ CB ]措手不及,似乎他们已经上钩了,他们正在将俄罗斯从 SWIFT 系统中移除,进入替代货币。


The [DS] is panicking their money laundering operation is being destroyed right in front of their eyes. Peace will be made when all actors are destroyed or they surrender, tick tock. Timing is everything, Trump needs to wait for  the 2 year mark so this way he can have 2 terms, plus two more years according to the 22 amendment. The plan is coming together 1 piece at a time, the [DS] is being dismantled. Scavino signals the storm is coming.



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