X22报道|第2623集: 美联储经济和白宫一样虚假,让世界见证真相

2021年11月10日16:51:50最新动态X22报道|第2623集: 美联储经济和白宫一样虚假,让世界见证真相已关闭评论3471字数 1370阅读4分34秒阅读模式


X22报道|第2623集: 美联储经济和白宫一样虚假,让世界见证真相

Ep. 2623a – [CB] Economy Is As Fake As [JB] White House Set

Ep. 2623a –[ CB ]经济就像白宫布景一样虚假

Ep. 2623b – Let The Unsealing, Declass Begin, Let The World Witness The Truth

Ep. 2623b-让启封,让宣告开始,让世界见证真相



The people are not going along with the [CB] plan, 67% disapprove of the plan to pay 450000 to illegals. The people are rejected the [CB] fake economy. The billionaire tax will not be for billionaires it will be for everyone . People are catching on that the economy is crashing, the blame will be on the [CB], there is nothing the fake news can do to stop it.



The time is now the patriots are ready to declass and unseal it all. The people have a right to know the truth. The people are learning to fight for their freedom again. The people are the key. The [DS] is panicking the walls are closing in on them, all the lies from the fake news to the corrupt politicians is coming back to haunt them. They are now spinning their lies but this will not work. Trump calls for decertifying the elections, timing is very important. 



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