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这些围墙无疑正在向深州、MSM 和腐败的政客们逼近。随着事实、文件和解密信息的泄露,那些有罪的人越来越痛苦。

The Walls Are Closing In


How Will The Deep State Spin What's Coming?



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X22视频2299解读|以宗教资格为依据判决巴雷特法官违反第6条——观点The walls are certainly closing in on the Deep State,MSM and the corrupt politicians.As facts,documentation and declassified information drips out,more and more pain is coming to those who are guilty.

这些围墙无疑正在向深州、MSM 和腐败的政客们逼近。随着事实、文件和解密信息的泄露,那些有罪的人越来越痛苦。

Trump and his adminstration are pointing their fingers at those who manipulated the intelligence agencies who spied on his campaign.Crimes against humanity,the Ukraine investigation,Hillary's email scandal,is all coming out at once but will the media spin all this with blame pointing to Trump?


Federal records reveal Hunter Biden gave$1,000 to Democrat Sen.Robert Byrd in 2005 even as Byrd confessed to organizing&leading 150-member chapt.or"Klavern,"of the KKK in W Virginia.Byrd also voted against 1964&1965 Civil Rights Acts.~Paul Sperry

联邦记录显示,2005年,亨特·拜登向民主党参议员罗伯特·伯德捐赠了1000美元,尽管伯德承认组织并领导了150名成员。或"Klavern",来自弗吉尼亚州 w 市的三 k 党。伯德还投票反对1964年和1965年的民权法案。~保罗·斯佩里

Biden,Hillary and the rest all spoke at Byrd's funeral.He was their mentor.Wasn't the KKK created by the Democratic Party?Is ANTIFA a modern day KKK?

拜登、希拉里和其他人都在伯德的葬礼上发表了讲话。他是他们的导师。三 k 党不是由民主党创造的吗?ANTIFA是现代的三 k 党吗?

So much of what the corrupt politicians have done,blame their deeds on President Trump.Now,they are trying to cover so no one can decide what they have done.However,the declass will reveal all.It is critical to watch for it and study it when it drops.


'The X22 Report gives current political daily news.

Please watch or listen to this video for the rest of the report.’

X22视频2299解读|以宗教资格为依据判决巴雷特法官违反第6条——观点The hearing for Amy Coney Barrett took place.Rather than look at her qualifications for Supreme Court Justice,the Democrats grilled her religion and ObamaCare.They tried to create a fear that people will lose their healthcare.


ObamaCare was a disaster,with premiums skyrocketing it made it completely unaffordable even though it was called the Affordable Care Act(ACA).People did not get to keep their doctors.It was such a bad policy,Obama/Biden had to force Americans to buy it by imposing a penalty tax.If we didn't obey,we were fined.


If it was such a great plan,why did Democrats exempt themselves from the ACA?Everyone in government were exempt.The Staffers complained it was too expensive so the government waived it for them,while the rest of America was forced to comply.

如果这是一个如此伟大的计划,为什么民主党人要将自己排除在 ACA 之外呢?政府中的每个人都是免税的。工作人员抱怨说,这太贵了,所以政府免除了他们的税,而其他美国人则被迫遵守。

The lower class loved it because it was subsidized.However,the middle class realized paying the penalty was cheaper than obeying Obama's mandate.The middle and upper class were glad ACA was overturned.

下层阶级喜欢它,因为它得到了补贴。然而,中产阶级意识到支付罚款要比服从奥巴马的命令要便宜。中产阶级和上层阶级很高兴 ACA 被推翻。

Regarding her religion,the founding fathers protected those in the Supreme Court.Article 6 of the Constitution says,'No religious test shall be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.That includes the office of the Supreme Court of the United States.'


So,her faith should not even be an argument coming from the Democrats.Shouldn't they be looking at her qualifications?But they were trying to play on the emotions of the public.Did it work?


'The X22 Report gives current political daily news.

Please watch or listen to this video for the rest of the report.’

Governor Newsom has shut churches down in CA,but a street rally because the Lakers won,is acceptable?Remember,this is not a protest,but a rally.Does this mean Trump can have a rally in CA?See the double-standard?See the set of rules for one group of people and one for another?Will Newsom succeed in shutting down religion?See what's happening,here?


Having a rally in the streets in not supported by the US Constitution,but protecting our religious rights are.Does Newsom not know the US Constitution says?


CNN is still trying to fan the flames of fear with COVID.We know these numbers are not reflecting what the CDC is reporting.They actually came out saying 6%died of COVID.Why is the media reporting something different than what the CDC reported?It would be less than 6%if Cuomo and other governors didn't push the elderly into nursing homes for treatment.

CNN 仍然在试图煽动恐惧的火焰。我们知道这些数字并没有反映疾病预防控制中心的报告。实际上,他们说6%的人死于COVID。为什么媒体的报道与疾病预防控制中心的报道有所不同?如果科莫和其他州长不把老年人送到养老院接受治疗的话,这个比例还不到6%

The CDC also claimed that 70%of those who contracted COVID were wearing masks.Dr.Simone Gold,one of the front-line doctors,saw a connection between heavily enforced mask-wearing compared to the spike in COVID-19!Masks don't work against the virus.There are no studies saying they work,in fact just the opposite.The fibers are too large to keep any type of virus in or out.

美国疾病控制和预防中心还声称,感染 COVID 的人中有70%戴着口罩。一线医生 Simone Gold 博士发现,戴着严重强迫的面具与2019冠状病毒疾病的高峰相比,有着某种联系!口罩对病毒无效。没有研究表明它们有效,事实上恰恰相反。这些纤维太大,任何类型的病毒都可以进出。

People are getting infections due to inhaling mask fibers.What will be the long-term effect of wearing masks?What will be the long-term effect of our children wearing masks?


President Trump used REGENERON to cure his COVID.One gentleman,Christopher Denson,was very ill with COVID and thought he was going to die.He wanted to take REGENERON.Before the bag was even empty,he said he felt better.That is how fast it worked!More and more people will want this treatment and COVID will never again be feared!Many states are still forced to wear masks.WHY?

特朗普总统使用 REGENERON 治疗他的COVID。一位名叫克里斯托弗·登森的绅士得了重病,以为自己快要死了。他想拿下 REGENERON。在袋子还没有空的时候,他说他感觉好多了。这就是它工作的速度!越来越多的人会想要这种治疗,而且COVID将永远不会再被害怕!许多州仍然被迫戴面具。为什么?

The DS is trying to vilify those on the RIGHT with backing the riots.Why not let Trump unleash the National Guard and arrest all these Conservative trouble-makers and get them off the streets?

DS 试图通过支持暴乱来诋毁右派。为什么不让特朗普释放国民警卫队,逮捕所有这些保守党的捣乱分子,让他们离开街道?

Why are the governors telling their police officers to stand back?Because the rioters are not right-wing conservatives at all!They are paid agitators coming from the left.Remember,those on the right support law&order.Those governors on the left have their marching orders.


'The X22 Report gives current political daily news.

Please watch or listen to this video for the rest of the report.’

The shooting in Denver is not making any sense.Reports were that a security guard was involved,but now we find he was never licensed as a security guard nor licensed to carry a gun,both of which are required in Denver.This fake security guard shot and killed a Trump supporter.NBC9 News is being brought up on murder charges.


Rosie Memos pointed out,"The same ANTIFA group that organized the murder of Denver Patriot is the same group that attacked Michelle Malkin.Don't say she didn't warn you!"

Rosie Memos 指出,"组织了丹佛爱国者谋杀案的 ANTIFA 组织和攻击 Michelle Malkin 的是同一个组织。别说她没警告过你!"

This shooter was a Trump hater so this scenario is pointing to the left,and not the right.


Post 4846 says,the DS used the online gaming system to communicate.Now that we know this,it has been shut down but it was brought up again by our favorite Patriot Intelligence Insider.Many of our politicians have been blackmailed into doing certain things,voting certain ways,leading their jurisdiction in certain ways or else exposure will occur.These are all dark secrets which will come out later on.

4846下降说,DS 使用在线游戏系统进行交流。现在我们知道了这一点,它已经被关闭了,但是它又被我们最喜欢的爱国者情报局内部人士提了出来。我们的许多政客都被勒索去做某些事情,以某种方式投票,以某种方式领导他们的司法权,否则就会暴露。这些都是黑暗的秘密,以后会被揭露出来。

Sometimes public awareness of certain events prevents occurrence.Sometimes public awareness of certain events forces accountability.


We are Digital Soldiers.We have been selected to help serve our country.Never retreat from the battlefield;Twitter,Facebook,etc.Use other platforms as a form of centralized command and control.

我们是数字化战士。我们被选中帮助我们的国家。永远不要从战场上撤退,TwitterFacebook 等等。使用其他平台作为集中指挥和控制的形式。

As we seek our freedom as Americans,how do we move ahead?


1.Post research and facts.


2.Support other Digital Soldiers.When one falls,step in.


3.Guide and awaken others with use of facts an memes.Ask counter questions to intiate thought.


4.Learn use of camouflage digitally.If one account is removed,have a back up plan.


5.Identify strengths,weaknesses,personal and designated targets,re:Twitter and Facebook and others.

识别优势、劣势、个人和指定目标,如 Twitter Facebook

This sounds like Twitter,Facebook and others are getting ready for another heavy censorship push,but we are ready.When all the information has been exposed and when all the facts have been put out there,The DS is done!

这听起来像是 TwitterFacebook 和其他一些网站正在为另一场严厉的审查做准备,但是我们已经准备好了。当所有的信息已经暴露,当所有的事实已经公布出来,DS 就完了!

Welcome to the digital battlefield.Together,we win!


'The X22 Report gives current political daily news.

Please watch or listen to this video for the rest of the report.’

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