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Your Sins Will Find You Out…Crime Doesn't Pay


X22 Report(C-VINE Vetted)X22报告(C-VINE 审核)


X22视频2252解读|计划已经准备就绪,礼物已经准备好送达Actor,Jussie Smollett was involved in a crime.When police arrived,Jussie still had a noose around his neck and said MAGA-Hat wearers beat him up and tried to lynch him.


A special prosecutor,Dan Webb,was assigned to the case and his findings revealed Cook County,Illinois Attorney,Kim Foxx and her office made several fake and bogus reports about the case.


Webb is moving ahead with 6 count indictments charging Smollett for faking a hate crime.


As Trump and the Patriots have dripped out truth,we are seeing the Mainstream Media(MSM)ramp up their spin on nearly every story they receive.But,people are beginning to see the inconsistencies.We have the facts.When facts are combined with law and order,they cannot be denied.People are waking up!


The Deep State/Corrupt Politicians/MSM,is panicking about mail-in voting.President Trump continually mentions mail-in voting and the cheating that has taken place.The Washington Post came out with an article saying that blocking mail-in ballots could help Trump steal the election.Actually,the opposite is true.Mail-in ballots have been dumped in trash cans,said to have been mailed to'cats'and have also caused'dead people'to vote.Accountability is low with mail-in ballots so Trump wants to secure the votes to enable a fair election.

深层政府/腐败政客/MSM,对邮寄投票感到恐慌。特朗普总统不断提到通过邮件投票以及已经发生的作弊行为。《华盛顿邮报》(Washington Post)发表了一篇文章,称封锁邮寄选票可能会帮助特朗普窃取选举胜利。事实上,恰恰相反。投票箱里的选票被丢弃在垃圾桶里,据说这些选票被寄给了"",还导致了"死人"的投票。邮寄选票的问责制很低,因此特朗普希望确保选票,以便能够进行公平的选举。

The mainstream media is telling everyone Trump doesn't want mail-in voting,yet he is going to use mail-in voting himself..always a spin.The correct info is Trump,being a FL resident,has applied for Absentee Voting Status which is very different from Mail-in voting.


Another spin is Trump is removing post office boxes so people cannot vote by mail.During Obama's administration,he had 12,000 P.O.boxes removed and replaced.Trump is doing the same.What if Trump has created another way to vote in a very secure manner?Last week,Dr.Anthony Fauci encouraged people to vote at the polls,stating,if people can go to the stores,they can vote in person.The DS is ignoring Fauci suggestion because this is not about a virus,but about the election.

另一个说辞是特朗普正在移除邮政信箱,这样人们就不能通过邮件投票了。在奥巴马执政期间,他移除和替换了12000个邮箱。特朗普也在做同样的事情。如果特朗普创造了另一种非常安全的投票方式呢?上周,安东尼·福奇博士鼓励人们在投票站投票,他说,如果人们可以去商店,他们可以亲自投票。DS 忽视了福奇的建议,因为这不是关于病毒,而是关于选举。

On February 7,2020,the USPS filed a patent for a block-chain base secure voting system.This was filed before the C-19 shutdown.The registered voter receives a computer-readable code through the mail and confirms their ID and correct ballot information in regards to an election.The system combines mailing a ballot,voter ID,block chain and hides their identity.Is this one of the Trump cards used to combat Mail-in voting fraud?

202027日,美国邮政申请了一项区块链基础安全投票系统的专利。这是在 C-19关闭之前提交的。登记选民通过邮件收到计算机可读的代码,并确认他们的身份和正确的选票信息有关的选举。该系统结合邮寄选票、选民身份证、区块链和隐藏他们的身份。这是用来打击邮寄投票欺诈的特朗普卡吗?

A Blockchain in simple words…


A blockchain is an automated record of activity.Individual records called blocks,are linked together like a chain.Blockchains are used for recordings made with cryptocurrencies,such as Bitcoin,and are used for many other operations.


Ratcliffe is now saying China is the greatest threat to our elections.He sees the data and says it's not Russia,but China.


X22视频2252解读|计划已经准备就绪,礼物已经准备好送达Edward Snowden was been seeking asylum in Russia.We knew he would be coming home and would tell all.It's going to get worse for the DS.Is he making a deal with President Trump?Julian Assange has everything against them!What does Snowden have?

爱德华·斯诺登一直在俄罗斯寻求庇护。我们知道他会回家,会把一切都告诉我们。DS 的情况会变得更糟。他是在和特朗普总统做交易吗?朱利安阿桑奇(Julian Assange)的一切都与他们不利!斯诺登有什么?

In Puerto Rico,there was a family indicted for theft,bribery and fraud.The U.S.had sent emergency supplies after the devastating hurricane,but the citizens did not receive it.The MSM spun the story saying Trump didn't offer any assistance.A year later,a warehouse filled with emergency supplies was discovered.Officials in Puerto Rico hoarded and stole the supplies and the money was laundered elsewhere.The Puerto Ricans,didn't have basic food or water and now we learn it was stolen by their own government.

在波多黎各,有一个家庭因盗窃、贿赂和欺诈而被起诉。在毁灭性的飓风过后,美国已经派出了紧急救援物资,但是居民们没有收到。MSM 编造了这个故事,说特朗普没有提供任何援助。一年后,一个装满紧急救援物资的仓库被发现。波多黎各的官员囤积和偷窃物资,这些钱在其他地方洗钱。波多黎各人,没有基本的食物和水,现在我们知道它被他们自己的政府偷走了。

A Federal Grand Jury returned a 13-count indictment against Maria(TaTa),a member of the House of Representatives,her husband,her son and an assistant.This didn't just happen during this hurricane,it's been an ongoing affair.


Dr.Fauci predicted 1.6 million to 2.2 million deaths from C-19.The numbers say the death toll is fewer than 170,000.Most likely the numbers will drop when the records prove people died from car accidents and heart attacks rather than from COVID.

福奇博士预测,160万至220万人死于 C-19。数字显示死亡人数不到17万。最有可能的是,当记录证明有人死于车祸和心脏病发作,而不是死于 COVID 时,死亡人数将会下降。

From the very beginning,the DS/MSM/corrupt politicians didn't want you nor I to know about HCQ.If we did,this outcome would look very different and polling wouldn't be an issue.

从一开始,ds/msm/腐败的政客们就不想让你我知道 HCQ。如果我们这么做了,结果就会大不相同,民意调查也不会成为问题。

The country of Switzerland,provided proof in the healing properties of HCQ.Governor Timothy Walz of Minnesota,quietly reversed the decision to allow HCQ to be used for COVID.Just two weeks ago,the Ohio board of pharmacy reversed it's decision on HCQ,as well.More and more doctors are in support of HCQ and are pushing for its release.

瑞士国家提供了 HCQ 治疗特性的证据。明尼苏达州州长蒂莫西·沃尔兹悄悄地推翻了允许将 HCQ 用于COVID的决定。就在两周前,俄亥俄州药局也推翻了对 HCQ 的决定。越来越多的医生支持HCQ,并推动其释放。


Republican U.S.presidential nominee Donald Trump hugs a U.S.flag as he comes onstage to rally with supporters in Tampa,Florida,U.S.October 24,2016.REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst–RTX2QA5N 2016年10月24日,美国佛罗里达州坦帕市,共和党总统候选人唐纳德·特朗普与支持者一起走上舞台,拥抱美国国旗。路透社/jonathan Ernst-RTX2QA5N

LA County tried to keep Sun Valley's Grace Community Church shut down.They brought all their evidence on why it should not open.The judge said it's within their right to open up,and dismissed the entire case!It is time to rise up and take a stand for our places of worship!


What we are watching has been the DS's plan from the beginning…to erase history and to destroy America.But Trump and the Patriots have a counter plan,a gift:giving America back to the people.The Storm is right behind Trump and it's about to hit!

我们所看到的从一开始就是 DS 的计划...抹去历史,摧毁美国。但是特朗普和爱国者们有一个相反的计划,一份礼物:把美国还给人民。风暴就在特朗普身后,它就要来了!

Opinion:JoLynn Live,C-VINE Contributor(Based on the opinion of the X22 Report)

观点:JoLynn LiveC-VINE 贡献者(基于 X22报告的观点)



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