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They Can't Hide Forever;Their Crimes Will Be Exposed For The Whole World To See


X22 Report(C-VINE Vetted)X22报告(C-VINE 审核)


X22视频2246解读|他们策划了这一切;他们参与了这一切;他们将付出代价All the pieces of the storm are coming together all at once.Many people have been connected directly to these crimes:Acts of treason,the rebellion,Spygate,the Russia Hoax,Ukraine and the Bidens,Obama and his spying on the Presidential Candidates,Uranium One and Hillary Clinton,Clinton's scrubbed e-mails,the Clinton Foundation,Epstein and his island,Ghislaine Maxwell and human and drug trafficking.


If this is all true,why aren't these swamp-dwellers all in jail?


The Swamp has many layers.Every nook and cranny of these investigations must be explored and completely exposed if everyone is to be implicated.It's happening!They never thought she would lose.


Wisconsin's Senator Ron Johnson,(R),has subpoenaed former FBI Director Christopher Wray for all the information on Russia,Ukraine,and Joe Biden's family.The media keeps lying to the public stating there is no evidence against Joe Biden.Nothing is farther from the truth!


In 2014,Joe went to Ukraine and met with Hunter's business partner,where both men were put on the board of Burisma.The firm faced multiple corruption investigations.In his own words,Joe Biden's famous viral video tells all where he is saying to pull the investigation off of Hunter or they're not getting the money.

2014年,乔去了乌克兰,会见了亨特的商业伙伴,两人都进入了 Burisma 的董事会。该公司面临多项腐败调查。用他自己的话来说,乔·拜登那段著名的病毒式视频告诉了所有他要求停止对亨特的调查的地方,否则他们就拿不到钱。

Hunter was in a paternity suit last year and claimed he was broke and unemployed.Then,a$450,000 tax lien against him was due in July.It was paid in 6 days.If he is broke,where did the money come from?



Praying Medic 祈祷医生

Praying Medic tweeted out the following:"The stage is set for Durham.AG Barr explains why General Flynn must be exonerated and why crimes committed during the Obama administration must be prosecuted.To do anything else is inconsistent with the rule of law.(Barr told Congress this is why he came out of retirement.)"


The Deep State(DS)is terrified of Flynn going free because once he does,he can speak freely.He knows where the bodies are buried and the DS is terrified of being found out.

深州(DS)害怕弗林自由,因为一旦他自由了,他就可以自由地说话了。他知道尸体埋在哪里,DS 害怕被发现。

Sally Yates pointed the finger at Comey.We know Comey will point it at someone else.No one is going to take responsibility.Once all the finger pointing stops,they will all be pointing at Obama.


General Flynn's trial is public,on purpose,so everyone can see the truth!Once all of this is exposed,the DS puppets are going to have a very hard time convincing the public of their innocence.Declassified documents will prove otherwise.Now,they are just making up stories.

对弗林将军的审判是公开的,有目的的,所以每个人都能看到真相!一旦所有这些都被曝光,DS 的傀儡们将很难说服公众相信他们的清白。解密文件将证明不是这样。现在,他们只是在编故事。

CNN wrote:'White House reached out to South Dakota Governor about adding President Trump to Mount Rushmore,New York Times reports.'There's only one problem…the White House never reached out to SD and the New York Times didn't report it.CNN lied,AGAIN!All the DS has left is to push mail-in voting so they can cheat.


What does a rigged election look like?20,000 fake drivers licenses from China and other countries!U.S.Customs confiscated them.Do you suppose these fake ID's were meant to be used for November's mail-in ballots?Of course they were!


The Social Media giants have removed anything Q,President Trump's tweets,HCQ info.,videos of the doctors who support it,and suspended Trump Jr's.account for tweeting out a press conference.Those who speak the truth get censored.

社交媒体巨头已经删除了Q、特朗普总统的推文、HCQ 信息库、支持它的医生的视频,并暂停了特朗普的微博。在推特上发布了一个新闻发布会。说真话的人会受到审查。

However,when photos or tweets come out of children being raped,tortured or other heinous crimes,they remain on Twitter.If they censor all things Trump,they certainly know about pictures of nude children.They all know!X22视频2246解读|他们策划了这一切;他们参与了这一切;他们将付出代价


They never thought she would lose.


Save our children has become a well-circulated hash tag.You don't harm our children!#SaveOurChildren


People can't be told,they must be shown.Without the proof of crimes against humanity,the people will not see how corrupt and evil the Deep State is.They must see these photos in order to believe.


People have had enough!They have hit the precipice,but'The Who'is trying to convince people COVID will come and go as it pleases.$1,250 has been designated to pay Californians who test positive for COVID to self-quarantine.Will this cause COVID numbers to rise?Absolutely.In spite of their agenda falling apart,they need it to move forward but Americans are seeing through it.


Is this the country we want to live in..mask mandates for the healthy,quarantine for the healthy,communism,Marxism,job loss,loss of freedom?Governors and Mayors have jurisdiction over their cities but who has jurisdiction over the citizens….the citizens!The U.S.Constitution is not null and void during a pandemic.Once we yield our freedom,we will never get it back.Take it back!Fly the flag!The Silent Majority IS the majority!


Crimes against children in Haiti are very close to being revealed.When they are,the perpetrators will not be safe walking down the street.It's not just about trafficking,it's about Satan worship and their sacrificial subjects.Pure evil!


They never thought she would lose!Now they all lose!


Opinion:JoLynn Live,C-VINE Contributor(Based on the X22 Report)

观点:JoLynn LiveC-VINE 贡献者(基于 X22报告)



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