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特朗普总统为爱国主义、法治和宪法而战。尽管 DS 有如此多的腐败和欺骗,对策还是到位了。爱国者有他们的战术手册!继续为自由而战。这是值得的!

X22 Report(C-VINE Vetted for Accuracy)

X22报告(C-VINE 审核准确性)


Thousands Of Ticket Holders Denied Entry Into Oklahoma Trump Rally


The Deep State did not want the people coming into the rally.Their fear was that the world would find out Trump filled up the stadium,so they relieved the COVID testers and didn't allow anyone in the arena,even though thousands still held event tickets.

深海之州不希望人们参加集会。他们担心全世界会发现特朗普把体育场挤得水泄不通,所以他们让 COVID 的测试人员松了一口气,不让任何人进入体育场,尽管仍有数千人持有赛事门票。

If the people around the country are allowed to realize how many Trump supporters he still has,the narrative is over.By them hindering supporters going to the rally,the DS interfered with the election process.AOC from New York bragged about teens from abroad flooding Trump's campaign rally with fake ticket reservations.She added,"Shout out to Zoomers.Y'all make me so proud."Isn't this election interference?The Patriots are allowing these individuals to expose themselves and countermeasures are in place.


John Bolton was set up and fed fake information in addition to what he already made up.He was placed in his position on purpose.The Trump administration wondered if he was a true Patriot or if he was a traitor.A South Korea National Security Advisor says what Bolton wrote in his book is a complete fabrication.It does not reflect accurate facts but distorts facts.


People are waking up.They are not believing the pandemic was a real pandemic anymore.The DS is trying to erase history by continuing to smash historical statues.New York's Mayor DeBlasio is behind the removal of the statue of Theodore Roosevelt.It's not about the confederate statues anymore.It's about tricking people into thinking we don't need history,we don't need our country,we don't need our past,all we need is a one world government.If we have a one world government,why do we need our history?


Black Lives Matter is not a recognized charity.If they aren't a recognized charity,why are they asking for money?Are all those donating involved in a scandal?Where is the money going?Judicial Watch is looking into it.


After Floyd's death,the Democrats each came out wearing a Kente Cloth(Click here for video) for an 8+minute photo op.Turns out,the whole ritual backfired.The Kente Cloth has deep cultural meaning,and if worn inappropriately,it gives a message of disrespect.


Jay Clayton has been nominated to serve as U.S.Attorney of the Southern District of New York(SDNY).Geoffrey Berman was an'acting'U.S.attorney;not permanent,but a'temp.'He was protecting the Weiner evidence,Clinton Foundation,Epstein evidence,Ukraine evidence.With Berman being removed,the Trump Administration just removed a major obstacle.Chuck Schumer is opening investigations into why Geoffrey Berman was fired.President Trump had every right under the law to fire Berman.Nothing will come of this investigation.Nothing.

他在保护 Weiner 的证据,克林顿基金会的证据,Epstein 的证据,乌克兰的证据。随着伯曼被撤职,特朗普政府刚刚扫除了一个主要障碍。查克舒默(Chuck Schumer)正着手调查杰弗里伯曼(Geoffrey Berman)被解雇的原因。根据法律,特朗普总统完全有权解雇伯曼。这次调查不会有任何结果。没什么。

American actress,Allison Mack was arrested in Brooklyn by the FBI on April 20,2018,on charges of sex trafficking,sex trafficking conspiracy,and forced labor conspiracy in relation to her role in the NXIVM(Nexium)organization.She has been sentenced to 40 years in prison.Keith Raniere was sentenced yesterday.Jeffrey Epstein was arrested in New York.Could this be why were we encouraged to watch New York?

2018420日,美国女演员艾莉森·麦克在布鲁克林被联邦调查局逮捕,罪名是与她在 NXIVM(Nexium)组织中的角色有关的性交易、性交易阴谋和强迫劳动阴谋。她被判处40年监禁。基思·拉尼埃昨天被判刑。杰弗里·爱泼斯坦在纽约被捕。难道这就是我们被鼓励观看《纽约》的原因吗?

President Trump fights for Patriotism,for the rule of law and for our Constitution.In spite of so much corruption and deceit from the DS,countermeasures are in place.Patriots have their playbook!Keep fighting for freedom.It will be worth it!

特朗普总统为爱国主义、法治和宪法而战。尽管 DS 有如此多的腐败和欺骗,对策还是到位了。爱国者有他们的战术手册!继续为自由而战。这是值得的!



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