X22报道|第3226集: 国家将达到前所未有的高度,先例正在确立

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[DS] 正在设置所有的先例,将被用来对付他们。

X22报道|第3226集: 国家将达到前所未有的高度,先例正在确立

Ep. 3226a – Green New Deal Is Fake, This Country Will Be Taken To Levels That No One Has Seen Before


Ep. 3226b – Precedents Are Being Set, Boomerang, [BO], Watch The Water, At Dawn We Win

先例正在建立,回旋镖,[ BO ] ,看水,在黎明我们赢了

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Streamed on: Dec 3, 6:45 pm EST

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John Kerry is panicking, the countries are doing what they said they were going to do to stop global warming. Trump call the green new deal fake, which it is. The green new deal has failed. The economy is crashing and the the people see that Biden is lying every step of the way. Trump said we will turn the country around to level never before seen.

约翰 · 克里(John Kerry)感到恐慌,这些国家正在做他们曾说过要做的事情,以阻止全球变暖。Trump 说绿色新政是假的,事实就是如此。绿色新政失败了。经济正在崩溃,人们看到拜登每一步都在撒谎。特朗普说,我们将使国家恢复到前所未有的水平。

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Streamed on: Dec 3, 7:15 pm EST

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The [DS] are setting all the precedents which will be used against them. It will all boomerang on them. Biden is trapped, the D’s are trapped, they will have to make a decision, leave Biden in or bring someone else in. In the end they will most likely force him out because they will not be able to cheat enough to win. Scavino sends message, at dawn we win. All roads lead to Obama. 

[DS] 正在设置所有的先例,将被用来对付他们。他们会自食其果的。拜登被困住了, D’s也被困住了,他们必须做出决定,留下拜登或者让其他人加入。最后,他们很可能会把他赶出去,因为他们不可能作弊到足以赢得比赛。Scavino 传达了信息,黎明时我们就赢了。条条大路通奥巴马。 


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