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(ECETI 新闻) : 满洲候选人|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰

August 7, 2022  | Issues 42 2022年8月7日 | 第42期


Manchurian Candidates 


How does one know when one is or has engaged a Manchurian candidate? There are several things to watch out for. One, do they come from a military, alphabet agency or illuminati family? Did they marry into one of the above at a young age? Do they have missing time and memories? Has there been ritual abuse, cult activity or secret meetings in the family? Are they very persuasive, put on an image of being a victim to draw people in when in fact they are predators? Some are handled by entities seen and unseen of ill intent? Many are chipped, some have implants, some are aware of the chips and implants, others have no knowledge of them or what happens after they are activated. Victims are often those with agendas that did not get what they wanted. If they don’t get what they want they play the Amber Turd card until the real truth surfaces and karma comes back and bites them in the butt.


I have had so many people come to me for validation yet if you question any part of their story that does not fit within Universal Law all hell breaks loose. They go on the attack making all kinds of false accusations rather than healing, taking the path of discernment and personal observation with humility. They are the stalkers who accuse others of stalking. Sexual predators accusing others of sexual predation. They are incapable of love, only manipulation and false promises. They are the crazy makers and it is by design.


No matter how much love, compassion , teaching and healing in the past it all goes out the door when they hit the wall of their wounds and traumas they are not ready or have the courage to face. When their handlers step in they are not in control some don’t even remember what transpired. A good indicator something is off in their story is when they become extremely defensive with the need to attack anyone that disagrees with them or questions the intent and integrity of their handler.


Many speak of abductions, chips, other influences that do not honor free will and cannot fully remember what happened? They often speak of off world relationships that bind them not allowing free expression in this life which can be either a form of avoidance or a sign they have given their power away to an external force or entity. Empowering the individual to make their own personal connection to God/Great Spirit/Creator upon which contact comes naturally is the path. It is not an external process this creates a dependency and is disempowering. I have always said my goal is to make myself unnecessary, empower people to make their own contact, their own connection with Source. That is the way.


Another question one might ask if one suspects a Manchurian candidate is there a history of one mess after another with whoever they get involved with? Are there conflicting actions to their words and do they weave webs of entrapment using their outer appearances, sexual energies, promises of future love or sexual engagements that never seem to manifest?


“Are they deceptive concerning events that unfolded even to themselves?” Always check their story.


The next trap to avoid is flattery. There are three kinds of people that fall victim to flattery, men, women and children. Manipulators will use flattery, statements like I love you beyond all human understanding, we are the perfect match etc. yet when you open your heart the knife is inserted, twisted followed by a myriad of cold hearted cruel words and actions designed to take you down. Not my first rodeo on this one. Luckily, I gained the wisdom from previous experiences, learned to shield up and the drama becomes a one sided event. Unfortunately when you do this they will run to everyone else to bring them into the drama. You don’t have to be chipped or implanted to allow unseen negative entities in some are just too sensitive, not strong enough to keep them out or have too many doors open, unhealed wounds and traumas. Always remember trust is earned and it is often earned over time. Nothing wrong with keeping that guard up in the beginning.


It is hard to determine if it is just past life trauma, childhood trauma, projections and victim patterns being worked out yet if one has experienced some or many of the above aforementioned questions or patterns chances are that person has a handler whether it is seen or unseen.


There are many forms of chips, implants, influences and possessions. The ones influenced in most cases don’t even know it is happening, they have split personalities or just are not strong enough to clear themselves. The higher more famous one becomes the greater they are targeted, influenced and controlled if they cannot clear their space.


The honey pots used to entrap leaders, politicians, people in power later to be blackmailed into doing the bidding of whoever controls the honey is a classic example of Manchurian candidate behavior. This all is replete throughout the political, business, religious, movie and music industries. It is also within the UFO community designed to take down those who speak of spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders. Especially those who have the evidence to back up their claims of contact and a long history of helping and healing people. There are even those talking about Masters and Spiritually advanced ETs as a façade yet watch how they behave off the stage.

用来诱骗领导人、政治家和后来掌权的人的“蜜罐”,后来被勒索去为控制“蜜罐”的人服务,这是战略迷魂行为的一个典型例子。这一切在政界、商界、宗教界、电影界和音乐界都充斥着。它也是在 UFO 社区内设计用来打倒那些谈论精神和技术上先进的外星人的人。特别是那些有证据支持他们所说的接触和长期帮助和治疗人们的人。甚至有人谈论大师和灵性高级外星人作为一个表面,但观察他们如何在台下的行为。

Again there are claims to be working with these highly evolved beings not knowing they are being influenced by those who are not who they profess to be. We call them faker spirits or regenerate ETs. They often leave a wake of chaos and confusion where ever they go and with whoever allows them in. Gossip and rumors are their tools preying on those who are empathetic, saviors, people without the wisdom to realize there is always two sides to a story or lack the spiritual tools of discernment. This, along with others of ill intent controlling the narrative is why spiritually and technologically advanced off world contact cannot come through the UFO community. “It is divided by design.” This however does not mean there are not contacts of a lessor nature occurring within the UFO community and contacts of a higher nature outside the community.

同样,有人声称正在与这些高度进化的生物合作,却不知道他们正受到那些并非他们所声称的人的影响。我们称他们为冒牌灵魂或者重生外星人。无论他们去哪里,无论谁允许他们进入,他们都会留下混乱和困惑。流言和谣言是他们的工具,他们捕食那些有同情心的人,救世主,那些没有智慧意识到一个故事总是有两面性的人,或者缺乏洞察力的精神工具的人。这,连同其他恶意控制的叙述是为什么精神和技术先进的外部世界接触不能通过 UFO 社区。“这是按照设计划分的。”然而,这并不意味着在 UFO 社区内没有出租人性质的接触,也不意味着在社区外没有更高性质的接触。

There are those breaking out of these scenarios, whistleblowers that need to be heard yet we still need to be on guard, things just may not be what they seem, the stories told are from one side, from one perspective. Before jumping in to be the savior it is always good to hear both sides with loving detachment. Something to ponder. It is the only way to get off the victim/savior/persecutor hamster wheel. The crusades can be a trap. The regenerates are feeding off the division.


In the words of Socrates, he was stopped by an acquaintance who said “I have something to tell you, it’s about your “friend. That’s very kind of you Socrates said but don’t tell me yet I run all information through three filters to ascertain if I want to know it. First filter of truth: have you witnessed this first hand? Second is the filter of goodness: Is that a good statement you want to make about my friend? The last filter: is that going to be useful to me? If the statement has no personal witness, cannot be verified it is not necessarily true just a perception of another through their filters, it is not necessarily true. It is not good, it is of ill intent so it is of no use to me. “Paraphrasing a bit.” There are also three kinds of business, your business, other people’s business and God’s business. Other people’s business is God’s business. Karma will rectify the situation and no one knows what another needs in their soul for completion. These are tools to survive the insanity surfacing within the UFO community staying centered undistracted, rising to the occasion making your own contact.

用苏格拉底的话来说,他被一个熟人阻止了,这个熟人说: “我有些事情要告诉你,是关于你的”朋友。你真好,苏格拉底说,但不要告诉我,我运行所有的信息,通过三个过滤器,以确定,如果我想知道它。真相第一条: 你亲眼目睹了吗?其次是善意的过滤: 你想对我的朋友做出这样的评价吗?最后一个过滤器: 这对我有用吗?如果陈述没有个人证人,不能证实它不一定是真实的,只是通过他们的过滤器感知另一个人,它不一定是真实的。这不是好事,是恶意的,所以对我没用。“解释一下”也有三种业务,你的业务,其他人的业务和上帝的业务。别人的事就是上帝的事。业力会纠正这种情况,没有人知道另一个灵魂需要什么来完成。这些都是工具,以生存的疯狂表面内的 UFO 社区保持中心不分心,上升到场合作出自己的接触。

We have chosen to step out of the dramas in the UFO community due to getting entangled in them trying to help and bring healing and clarity to the field. It will just have to work itself out healing, ending the division, competition, cooperating for the higher good and staying on track is not a welcomed presence in the UFO community. ECETI will continue to do our own thing assisting in the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth yet it will continue outside of the community.

我们已经选择走出 UFO 社区的戏剧,因为陷入其中,试图帮助和带来疗愈和清晰的领域。它只需要自我疗伤,结束分裂,竞争,为了更高的利益而合作,并且保持在正轨上,这在 UFO 社区中是不受欢迎的。ECETI 将继续做我们自己的事情,协助人类和地球的觉醒和愈合,然而它将继续在社区之外。

A question we have always pondered is why masters, spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders, inner earth beings, and higher dimensional beings continue to appear at ECETI are witnessed, photographed, and video taped. Base logic would dictate we are doing something right. Those who have no evidence, generators of rumor and slander, those creating division or have clear ties with very unscrupulous people are the ones getting the most attention or the ones most threatened by those who are authentic. They are never questioned, especially if they play the victim card? Their true motives and intentions are covered by the card. Time to flip the card.

我们一直在思考的一个问题是,为什么大师、精神上和技术上先进的外星人、地心生物和更高维度的生物会继续出现在 ECETI 上,并被目击、拍摄和录像。基本逻辑会告诉我们,我们做的事情是正确的。那些没有证据的人,谣言和诽谤的制造者,那些制造分裂的人,或者与非常不道德的人有明确的联系的人,是那些受到最多关注的人,或者是那些受到最真实的人威胁的人。他们从不接受审问,特别是如果他们打出受害者的牌?他们的真实动机和意图被卡片所掩盖。该翻牌了。

The victim now is the greatest tool to sew seeds of division and deception. Time to remind them about personal responsibility and sovereignty with their energies. A victim is usually one that did not get what they wanted so they try to force or manipulate others to fill their void. It is a backward way of getting notoriety, financial or emotional support. They actually believe it is the rise to the top card even though it is on the backs of others. It is a short trip. This will trigger some people, if so there is something to look at. If it is not your coat don’t wear it.


There is very little love today in society in general. Each individual needs to fill their own void, not feed off others. It is natural and human to desire love, compassion, support, and intimacy. To the unhealed and victims this seems to be a crime. Seems like on present day earth it is like looking for art in a trash can. Possible, but not likely considering the whole world is in process. Cave is really looking good right now.


Our inner circle at ECETI is awesome, all earned their position through service to others, compassion and loyalty. We all love and support one another, help each other in their process. Something the UFO and Spiritual communities could learn from when the time is right. It is a prerequisite for contact with Spiritually and Technologically advanced beings. We have to rise to the occasion, create and maintain a sacred space. That was and is the goal of ECETI holding space since 1986. It is why the highly evolved beings are making their presence known and why we have a mountain of evidence. Are we perfect? No, we just don’t sweat and blow out of proportion the small stuff, take personal responsibility for our attitudes and emotions, each committed and doing the best they can in a profoundly unhealed society.

我们在 ECETI 的核心圈子是令人敬畏的,所有人都通过服务他人、同情和忠诚赢得了自己的地位。我们彼此相爱,互相支持,互相帮助。当时机成熟时,UFO 和精神团体可以从中学到一些东西。这是一个先决条件,接触精神和技术先进的人。我们必须随机应变,创造和维护一个神圣的空间。这就是自1986年以来 ECETI 持有空间的目标。这就是为什么那些高度进化的生物让人们知道他们的存在,也是为什么我们有大量的证据。我们是完美的吗?不,我们只是不会因为小事而大惊小怪,为我们的态度和情绪承担个人责任,每个人都尽自己最大的努力,在一个极度未愈合的社会里。

In the days to come we are going to see just how unhealed this society is. We are going to have to choose how much we want to engage in the dysfunction and learn to set boundaries. It seems the words for the day are discernment, respect, gratitude, and boundaries. Time to set boundaries with those who are disrespectful, ungrateful and in denial projecting and blaming others often for actions they themselves are doing and their present predicament. Seems the UFO community is no different than most democrats. If you want to know what they are doing, watch what they blame others for doing. There are three fingers pointing back to every one finger pointing forward. How many are going to have the honesty and integrity or spiritual advancement to own that? We will see. Not holding my breath on that one. If I did I would be one of those blue beings everyone is seeing.

在未来的日子里,我们将会看到这个社会是多么的不可治愈。我们将不得不选择在多大程度上参与功能障碍,并学会设定界限。似乎今天的词汇是洞察力、尊重、感激和界限。是时候和那些不尊重、忘恩负义、否认现实的人划清界限了,他们经常因为自己的行为和当前的困境而投射和指责他人。看来 UFO 团体和大多数民主党人没什么不同。如果你想知道他们在做什么,看看他们责备别人做了什么。有三根手指指向后方,每一根手指指向前方。有多少人会拥有诚实、正直或精神上的进步?我们走着瞧。我可不抱什么希望。如果我知道,我就会成为那些人人都看到的蓝色生物之一。

Be well, James Gilliland 


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