The Great Awakening of Human Consciousness



The End of Our Debt Slavery


The people’s greatest enemy, the Deep State Cabal, cannot be defeated without great damage, it must destroy itself, using, among other things, the imperfection of its monetary system. Only then, can the vital innovations be introduced and our liberation realised. Below, 地球自由行动-第二部分|最后的警钟the strategy is explained, followed by the necessary personal preparation for our new 5D-world.

人民最大的敌人---- 深州阴谋集团---- 不可能被打败而不遭受重大损失,它必须自我毁灭,除其他外,利用其货币体系的不完善。只有这样,才能引进重要的创新,才能实现我们的解放。下面,我们将解释这一战略,然后为我们新的5D世界做必要的个人准备。

There is no solution to an ever-increasing money supply that deliberately destroys currency by continually printing new money to prevent deflation, which otherwise results in depression. The world’s fiat money systems cannot accept deflation; this is compensated for by printing more and more money to generate inflation.

不断增加的货币供应量通过不断印刷新的货币来防止通货紧缩,从而蓄意破坏货币,否则就会导致萧条,这是没有解决办法的。世界的法定货币体系不能接受通货紧缩; 这是通过印刷越来越多的货币来产生通货膨胀来弥补的。

This situation that has arisen is irreversible; now caused by the lack of money circulation. It has been produced by the cabal itself through the fake pandemic measures, which prevent central banks from generating the result they want. However, they have no other choice or power to stem this tide, but to constantly print new money, which nobody spends, so that the extra money has little effect on the economy. This money disappears into real estate and stock markets.


If the cabal does not find a way to increase the velocity of money, inflation will occur and prices will rise, otherwise the world will fall into a deflationary trap that will scare the central bankers. Because with deflation, real debt goes up. While tax revenues fall and Banks go bankrupt. The Deep State cabal has literally killed itself because of its unsound money system.


A completely free banking system and a reliable gold standard are needed to change this. As is provided for in the new QFS system. To clarify, before World War I the banking system in most of the world was based on gold, although governments intervened from time to time, the banking system was freer than it is today.


地球自由行动-第二部分|最后的警钟As a result of too rapid an expansion of credit, caused by too low gold prices, the banks became lent out to the limit of their gold reserves. As a result, interest rates rose steeply, new credit was cut off, the economy collapsed, and a recession briefly ensued. Although governments intervened from time to time, the banking system was barely regulated at the time.


A free and reliable banking system, based on gold, is able to expand the available money via banknotes or currency, and to create deposits, as the production of the economy increases.


Without the gold standard, there is no way to protect citizens’ savings from confiscation through inflation. Thus, there is no safe store of value to protect savings. If such a thing were to exist today, the government could declare the possession of gold illegal, as happened in the US in 1933.


But, if an attempt were made to confiscate gold, governments know that there would be a storm of resistance. So this measure is not imposed, because it cannot be enforced without civil disobedience and resistance.


However, the value of people’s savings is now being confiscated by inflation or by the zero interest rate policy that has turned into negative interest rates in many countries. Worse still, through bank failures or bailouts of banks, savings may disappear altogether.


The wait is on for the self-destruction of the current money system, which is already in full swing. Other forces are also at work, making the situation worse every day for the Deep State. Keep an eye on this development to know when the final breakthrough for our liberation will begin.


The information below is provided for the purpose of necessary personal preparation for the 5D world. It comes from directly decoded etheric transmissions from the benevolent Lightworkers stationed in the Earth’s solar system.


Some details come from members of the Earth Alliance, also known as the Great White Brotherhood.


The message received is relayed below by Michael Love

收到的信息由 Michael Love 转发到下面

Pleiadean Ascension Doctrine – Divine Light – Transmission of Pleiadean Light Forces – January/February 2022


This is a special message for the Starseeds of the new Earth, provided for immediate planetary application.


Advanced solar yoga technology


The most powerful Pleiadian ascension ritual you can perform to re-connect your DNA strands and raise your consciousness levels while sleeping is solar yoga!


地球自由行动-第二部分|最后的警钟In ancient times, solar yoga was called Vedic yoga, Vedic dharma, solar yoga which was called yoga of light by the ancient Lemurians.


Have you ever heard of the sun behind the sun, the hidden sun or the black sun? There is literally one sun that is many times bigger than the known sun, which is located in the galactic core, called the central sun! This sun resonates in the fifth dimension and is not a 3D thing!


Ancient races spoke of a hidden aspect in the light of the sun. Mystical and spiritual traditions of almost all cultures have connected the sun with the higher evolution of mankind.


Cultures as diverse as the Essenes, Mayas, Aztecs, Buddhists, Hindus, Oceanic tribes and Indians all connected the power of the sun with man’s higher nature.


According to these ancient traditions, the hidden nature of sunlight contains an important key to higher human evolution. The most advanced things are always very simple, very natural, and the answers are always right in front of your nose!


Ancient solar yoga has nothing to do with stretching or exercise, but is the practice of receiving intelligent cosmic information through the human eye, by direct solar radiation!


This ascension technique is much more important and powerful than many people imagine and all we can say is that if it has been erased from your consciousness in the past, literally look deeper now!


地球自由行动-第二部分|最后的警钟The Great Central Sun, the Central Sun and the Sun of the Earth are the holders and transmitters of the universal akashic information. This akasha is the totality of information that resides in the entire universe. it is all that is and is called God!


Each of these larger dimensional suns transmits the akasha/energy of origin all the way through the universe and ultimately to planet Earth!


Since, the Earth sun is emitting energy from the 5D central sun, and since the central sun is powered by the great 12D central sun, the light rays from the Earth sun are emitting packets of the most powerful and super intelligent energy in the universe!


In Part 1 we simply called these packets of universal information light or light codes, but here we will call them X-factor!

在第一部分中,我们简单地称这些信息包为通用信息光或光码,但在这里我们将称它们为 x 因子!

In the ancient Vedas and the teachings of the Mystery School and the Great White Brotherhood, this X-factor energy is described as the most powerful spiritual force in the universe!

在古老的吠陀经和教义的神秘学校和伟大的白色兄弟会,这 x 因素能量被描述为最强大的精神力量在宇宙中!

X-factor is the ambrosia (i.e. divine food) of ascension and conscious evolution! It is the rocket fuel of ascension and of your lightship, the power that brings you home quickly!

X 因子是提升和意识进化的美味食物(即神圣的食物) !它是你们提升和光船的火箭燃料,是快速带你们回家的力量!

The activation of the X-factor causes a great change in the body. As the DNA strands needed to build the light body are gradually decoded, a great deal of energy is released from the physical body.

X 因子的激活导致了身体的巨大变化。随着构建光体所需的 DNA 链逐渐被解码,大量的能量从物质身体中释放出来。

The earth’s sun, which obtains its energy from the two ever-expanding dimensional suns above it, provides an abundant supply of this energy in the form of primary life force energy.


One of the most important functions of the X-factor is the activation of the primary life force centres in the human body. The chakra energy centres regulate the flow of life force in the body. When the X-factor energy in the body increases, the energy flow in the chakras increases and the dormant energy of the life force centres is released.

X 因子最重要的功能之一是激活人体内的主要生命力中心。脉轮能量中心调节身体中生命力的流动。当身体中的 x 因子能量增加时,脉轮中的能量流增加,生命力中心的休眠能量被释放。

The light of the body is the eye!


The human eye is actually a miniature sun and like the suns of our solar system, it has the ability to absorb and radiate light. It absorbs X-factor energy through the retina, from where it is redistributed to the brain and nervous system.

人类的眼睛实际上是一个微型太阳,就像我们太阳系的太阳一样,它有能力吸收和辐射光线。它通过视网膜吸收 x 因子的能量,然后重新分配到大脑和神经系统。

It is known that these energy particles are the carriers of various universal X-factors that are able to perform predefined and specific work. In short, the suns of the universe are living entities and the light from these suns is a complex carrier wave that encodes different levels of information and energy used to create and sustain life.

众所周知,这些能量粒子是各种通用 x 因子的载体,能够执行预定义的和具体的功。简而言之,宇宙中的太阳是有生命的实体,来自这些太阳的光是一种复杂的载波,它编码了用于创造和维持生命的不同层次的信息和能量。

地球自由行动-第二部分|最后的警钟The eye is the only exposed nerve in the human body and when directly connected to the earth’s sun via solar yoga, the optic nerve absorbs large amounts of this universal X-factor which immediately stimulates and activates the pineal and thalamus glands which in turn begin to switch on and activate dormant strands of DNA, greatly expanding consciousness, almost instantly!

眼睛是人体中唯一暴露出来的神经,当通过太阳瑜伽直接连接到地球的太阳时,视神经会吸收大量的这种普遍的 x 因子,这种 x 因子会立即刺激和激活松果体和丘脑腺体,而这些腺体又会开始启动并激活处于休眠状态的 DNA 链,几乎立刻就能极大地扩展意识!

Ancient traditional cultures around the world had a strong awareness of the sun as a spiritual force and as a secret gateway to higher reality. There are great religious, yogic astrological and shamanic traditions that revere the sun in various ways! They have tried to understand and feel the wisdom and grace behind its outer form through the sun, the supreme force behind all existence.


The sun is the visible representation of divinity, the true face of the gods. The sun is the great symbol of the self, the spirit or divine presence in the world (Aman). For many cultures it is a living divine being and for many others it is the ultimate God of the universe!


Experienced sun yoga practitioners often combine other ascension methods and tools like meditation, movement, mantra, nature and crystals with sun yoga!


We invite you to review and consider this ascension technique to experience how powerful it really is! Learn from the masters the correct procedure for receiving solar information through the eye!


After ten minutes of direct solar yoga, you will immediately have an activation and experience an expanded state of consciousness, to find yourself in a higher dimension, exactly where you want to go!


The great ancient divine races of the earth spoke highly of this modern age!


They said that “on a special morning, at the dawn, the sun will pierce the darkness, rise through the mountains and shine brighter than ever! They said that “on this great day, mankind will live in peace, freedom and goodness forever!

他们说: “在一个特别的早晨,在黎明时分,太阳将穿透黑暗,从山上升起,照耀得前所未有的明亮!”!他们说: “在这伟大的日子里,人类将永远生活在和平、自由和善良之中!

地球自由行动-第二部分|最后的警钟The great beings of the past called this “the dawn of a new day“! Indeed, a great light has entered this world to awaken the beings on planet Earth, more and more with each passing day! Know that you will see what you were looking for and will reach the magical goal! That is how it will be, on Earth!


With great thanks and honour to you!


Keep up the good work to create a better world! We do it all with you, and beside you! You are the light of the world! Feel free to share how you are doing on your evolutionary journey.


Good luck to you,


Michael and the Pléiadiens


The Transformation Of The World Has Begun!


Special honour and recognition for the Earth Alliance, the Alta-Ra, the great white brotherhood. From the 5D Earth Project ascension blog,



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