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Starship Earth: The Big Picture 星际飞船地球: 大局
 February 6, 2022 2022年2月6日


The promise of a wild ride and a clown show in February seems to be coming to fruition and observations made by the patriots indicate a significant uptick in activities of many kinds.


Flight tracking is one of note. Link to Telegram for map.


6AM EST 2/6/22

美国军用飞机和盟国美国东部标准时间上午6点东部标准时间2/6/22许多大型军用飞机从欧洲忙碌地飞往中东(冰岛航班也是如此) * 我以前从未见过这样的情况。.


The cleanup and exposure of unworthy characters in our governments is underway and in some cases a revolving door is spinning in a tornadic vortex.


Peru president sacks Prime Minister accused of domestic violence


Montenegro’s Pro-Serbian Government Collapses In No-Confidence Vote


As a result of our work, We, the REAL news community, a lot of people are waking up to the truth or at least asking questions about their “government”. Fear seems to have erased the common sense we once had for dealing with cold and flu.



Guess who has the Kung Flu now!


JUST IN - Turkey has started to arrest citizens for "insulting posts" on social media over President Erdoğan's COVID infection, reports the state news agency Anadolu.

His days are numbered as the military will “vaxxxinate” him if necessary.


Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and wife test positive for Covid-19

土耳其总统 Recep Tayyip Erdogan 和妻子2019冠状病毒疾病检测呈阳性

The hypocrisy couldn’t be more blatant. It’s beyond obvious it is not about a pandemic. It’s about control. The People have to start using common sense and stop jumping through the hoops. Mandates are not about science they’re about manipulation.


Ohhh, REALLY!!???? pic.twitter.com/9hZt8nPVZA

The mob families running the world know all the tricks. If you recall, Hillary Clinton’s mobsters used Gmail drafts to communicate. Even the CCP had the logins for the mail accounts and could log in and see the information in the draft versions which the criminals believed would be “safe” since they had not pushed the “send” button. Wrong. Whether it’s Gmail, Twitter, anything electronic—that NSA/Space Force—they have it all. NOTHING is secret or able to be hidden or deleted. Treason charges have already been laid, confirmed, and penalties delivered. Capital punishment, in some cases.

掌管世界的黑帮家族知道所有的把戏。如果你还记得,希拉里•克林顿(Hillary Clinton)的黑帮成员曾使用 Gmail 草稿进行沟通。甚至中共也有邮件账户的登录,可以登录并查看草案版本中的信息,犯罪分子认为这些信息是“安全的”,因为他们没有按下“发送”按钮。错了。无论是 Gmail、 Twitter,还是任何电子产品——美国国家安全局(NSA)和太空部队(Space force)——他们都有。没有什么是秘密的或者可以被隐藏或者删除的。叛国罪的指控已经提出,得到证实,惩罚已经发布。在某些情况下,死刑。

Dr. Malone: Tony Fauci & Other ‘Experts’ Used Burner Phones To Plot Cover Up COVID Wuhan Lab Leak [VIDEO]

马龙博士: 托尼 · 福奇和其他“专家”用一次性手机密谋掩盖武汉实验室的渗漏[视频]


Look at this aerial from the Coutts, Alberta/Sweetgrass, Montana border blockade. It goes on, and on, and on, and on.


So many freedom fighters at Coutts and tripled at least by the evening. Its incredible. They aren't leaving until our freedoms are restored. ???❤ (Vid credit - Peter Fehr) pic.twitter.com/QFMZtbaCuR

We can see from the comments on social media that either the trolls are out in full force, or a lot of people still have their heads you-know-where, but once people wake up—and it’s happening every day—they go through a phase of anger and that righteous anger can prompt them to take action. They may also come to the realization that if the entire system is corrupt and controlled, the only ones they can trust to do anything are themselves.


Some founding documents and constitutions state that it is the right and DUTY of those living in a nation to remove those who threaten the well-being of the People and their country.


In New Zealand, citizen arrests may follow as they initiate steps to remove Andrew Little. Link to Telegram.

在新西兰,公民逮捕可能接踵而至,因为他们开始采取措施删除安德鲁 · 利特尔。

This post explains a little fine print behind Canadian law and citizens arrests. Link to Telegram.


One day our education system will teach us valuable information we can use rather than useless fluff that will probably never serve us. “We stand on guard for thee” sounds great but let’s face it—most Canadians were never prepared to do that. Even the military have been brainwashed.


It’s nasty weather but the Dutch truckers got the pedal to the metal and they’re headed for Rotterdam.


WATCH: Hundreds of Dutch trucks head to Rotterdam for a major demonstration for freedom. https://t.co/SxEpnZdc1H

Check out the action in Finland this weekend. Considering the weather, they’re as hardy as the Canucks.


And the movement goes viral. Finland's Freedom Convoy tonight in Helsinki.pic.twitter.com/ydB7VsM7Pr

The Swiss convoy.


SWISS CONVOY FOR FREEDOM???? pic.twitter.com/jdYOqDFXmg

It isn’t looking like the New World Order in Canada have many friends. Like we said, you have to pick a lane and either support the People and the republic, or the criminals.


Military tells Ottawa to find someone else to evict the truckers


The terrorists continue to threaten and obstruct in Ottawa. Link to Telegram.


As of midnight tonight, police will be cutting off the fuel supply to convoy/occupation supporters. Anyone bringing gas, diesel &/or propane will be charged with “assisting an illegal activity.”


The truckers, on the other hand, have many friends and supporters around the world.


A single donor just gave $215,000 to the Truckers fundraiser Never seen anything like this

I hope you stocked up on fish. We’ll see what happens.


We are getting word from supporters in the maritimes upset with #JustinTrudeau smears & the aggressive tone of local Ottawa officials targeting #CanadianTruckers. Rumour of a potential fisheries blockade are being considered. More to come. #TruckerforFreedom #FreedomConvoy2022

We know that the “media” as we know it, is all but done. Everything is changing, and I don’t buy the “affair” excuse at CNN. This is the theatre involved with the cascade of changes we will experience everywhere. It was planned long ago. Just as elements of Fox News are telling the shocking truth about many things, we will see more and more truth everywhere. Link to Telegram.

我们知道,我们所知道的“媒体”几乎已经完成了。一切都在改变,我不相信 CNN 的“婚外情”借口。这是一个我们将在任何地方体验到的一连串变化的剧院。很久以前就计划好了。正如福克斯新闻的一些元素揭示了许多令人震惊的事实一样,我们将在各地看到越来越多的真相。链接到 Telegram。

Billionaire Trump Donor Is Taking Over CNN, Says It Needs ‘Actual Journalists’

特朗普捐款人收购 CNN,需要“真正的记者”

CNN’s left-wing lickspittle may become a thing of the past when it is spun off to Discovery later this year.

今年晚些时候,CNN 的左翼马屁精可能会被《发现》杂志剥离出来,成为历史。

Cable TV pioneer John Malone, a billionaire Trump donor and Discovery’s largest shareholder, has said he’s eager to restore the network to impartiality. He retains a 25 percent voting share in Discovery, which will take control of WarnerMedia and its assets – including CNN – later this year.

有线电视先驱约翰 · 马龙是特朗普的亿万富翁捐赠者,也是《发现》杂志的最大股东,他说他渴望恢复该网络的公正性。他持有发现频道25% 的投票权,发现频道将在今年晚些时候接管沃纳传媒及其资产,包括 CNN。

“I would like to see CNN evolve back to the kind of journalism that it started with, and actually have journalists, which would be unique and refreshing,” said Malone. “I do believe good journalism could have a role in this future portfolio that Discovery-TimeWarner’s going to represent.”

马龙说: “我希望看到 CNN 回归到最初的那种新闻业,并且真正拥有记者,这将是独一无二的,令人耳目一新的。”。“我确实相信,好的新闻报道可以在《发现》和《时代华纳》未来的合作中发挥作用。”

With Jeff Zucker gone, that seems more likely than ever. Deadline reported last night that it was Malone who insisted on Zucker’s departure after learning of the affair.

随着杰夫 · 朱克的离去,这种可能性似乎比以往任何时候都大。截止日期昨晚报道说,是马龙在得知这件事后坚持要求朱克离开。

Read more Daily Mail (https://mol.im/a/10476079), Newsmax (https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/johnmalone-cnn-warnerbros-discovery/2021/11/21/id/1045596/)
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更多内容请见《每日邮报》、《新闻快讯》、《 https://mol.im/a/10476079 https://www.Newsmax.com/newsfront/johnmalone-cnn-warnerbros-discovery/2021/11/21/id/1045596/相关的 Facebook 股市崩盘创造历史》、《电讯报》超越推特(《 https://t.me/libertyoverwatchchannel/6418》)


The crew tells us that Yellow Rose for Texas has a new video. It’s not going to be for everyone, as you would need significant background with Rose and the information she has brought in the past or the equivalent about the construct in which we find ourselves for it to have much meaning. She does include some talk of the AI controlling the construct and the mind control and evil spells that interfere with our free will. For what it’s worth…


Pray for Eve’s Daughter 


Dr. Ryan Cole says he’s ready to bring more truth around the jabs. Join his channel on Telegram for more information.

莱恩 · 科尔医生说他已经准备好为疫苗注射带来更多的真相。加入他的电报频道获得更多信息。

Hello Telegram,


I’m Dr. Ryan Cole and I’m here to STOP the NEEDLE RAPE that the government is doing to us.

我是莱恩 · 科尔医生,我来这里是为了阻止政府对我们实施的针头强奸。

So if you all know me I would like to start with a patern “If everybody’s thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinkig!”
I am trying to share the REAL TRUTH and data information which unfortunately it’s been labeled as disinformation and I am always banned and cancelled.
I am joining Telegram to be able to finally SPEAK UP and make you aware of the real trouble we are all facing!
But first, I would like to ask you to share my account so that as many people possible can gather here.

所以,如果你们都认识我,我想以一个家长式的句子开始: “如果每个人的想法都一样,那么就有人不这么想!”我试图分享真实的真相和数据信息,不幸的是,它被标记为虚假信息,我总是被禁止和取消。
我加入 Telegram 是为了能够最终大声说出来,并让你意识到我们所有人都面临的真正的麻烦!

It’s not about a virus anymore it’s about POWER and GREED.


My mission is to take our FREEDOM back. Let’s do it together!
In 1 WEEK I will start sharing SECRET documents, human trials and everything Pfizer Inc. has been hiding from the public.


If you are ready for the truth JOIN this channel and SHARE this post everywhere you can.



Telegram (https://t.me/Ryan_Cole)
Dr. Ryan Cole
Doctor in Garden City, Idaho Anti-Vaxxer, STOP the needle rape

来自爱达荷州加登城的 https://t.me/ryan_cole 医生 Ryan Cole 在电报中呼吁停止针头强奸

And with that, I will close for today. This week will be exciting, I’ve no doubt.  ~ BP

说到这里,我今天就到此为止了。毫无疑问,这个星期将是令人兴奋的。 ~ BP

P.S. A late edition… in case you want to join the channel and keep tabs on the “new Q channel”. Link to Telegram.

附:。一个最新的版本... 如果你想加入这个频道,并保持对“新 q 频道”的标签。链接到 Telegram。

Since they call it “QAnon”, however, it seems suspect as it’s either just Q or it’s the Anons who make bread from the crumbs Q drops.

然而,由于他们称之为“ QAnon”,这似乎是可疑的,因为它要么仅仅是 q,要么是 Anons 用面包屑制作面包。

Hello, world.
Let’s meet.
Not personally, this world is dangerous.
We will tell you something about our mission on Telegram.
We chose Telegram because this is the secret way that we can reach you and reveal the hidden truth.

我们选择 Telegram 是因为这是我们能够接触到你并揭示隐藏真相的秘密方式。

We need 1 thing from you. You give us your support by sharing this Channel, and we will give you 17 more reasons to follow our Telegram  2022年2月6日星期日文摘|星际飞船地球  Q!!!!!!!

我们需要你做一件事。您通过分享这个频道给予我们您的支持,我们将给您17个更多的理由来关注我们的 Telegram q!

Join our family: QAnon (https://t.me/Q_Anon_Power)

加入我们的家庭: QAnon ( https://t.me/q_anon_power )


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