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从3D到5D的路径曾经是一个提升和个人光明的孤独旅程。现在这是一条集体之路: 人类共同崛起。

Jennifer Crokaert channelled this message from the Divine Mother. I completely resonate with it. I feel much better realizing that it is the AWARENESS of my little 'slips' into 3D attitudes that matters. The awareness allows me to raise my vibration again into 5D. Enjoy.

詹妮弗 · 克罗卡尔特从神圣母亲那里引导了这个信息。我完全同意这个观点。我感觉好多了,因为我意识到了自己在3D态度上的小小失误。这种意识允许我再次将自己的振动提升到5维。请慢用。


Have you found yourself sliding between worlds, from 5D to 3D and back? Have you felt saddened or disappointed that you were triggered? Regretted that you weren’t able to hold on to love, peace, compassion and understanding?

你有没有发现自己在世界之间滑动,从5D 到3D再回来?你是否因为被激怒而感到悲伤或失望?后悔你没能坚持爱,和平,同情和理解?

Let your regret go! What if sliding between the worlds is part of the divinely orchestrated plan? What if that is part of your soul journey, your spiritual contribution to humanity’s ascension?


Let me explain. At present there are two different worlds operating side by side on your planet. There is a world of fear, order, control and reduction, where disempowerment is the overriding framework. There is also a world of love, wisdom, compassion and expansion where sovereignty is the overriding framework.


Light workers are firmly in this second world, in the 5D world or society. Until they aren’t; until someone shreds your last nerve, until you no longer can take the pressure around you, until an ancient wound explodes for healing, triggered by a seemingly innocuous event.

光之工作者坚定地生活在这个第二世界,在5维世界或者社会中。直到他们不是; 直到有人撕碎你最后的神经,直到你不再能承受你周围的压力,直到一个看似无害的事件触发了一个古老的伤口爆炸以愈合。

When that happens, most of My Beautiful Children fall into disappointment, regret and even shame. There is no need. Those are wounded responses, they are not the truth of you and your relationship with Me. We are beyond those old programmes: I love you unconditionally. I love you every time you fall and I love every fall you experience, just as much as I love every success you experience. That is My promise of unconditional love for You.

当这种情况发生时,我美丽的孩子们大多陷入失望、遗憾甚至羞愧之中。没有必要。这些都是受伤的反应,它们不是你和你与我的关系的真相。我们超越了那些老节目: 我无条件地爱你。我爱你每一次的坠落,我爱你每一次的坠落,就像我爱你每一次的成功一样。这就是我对你无条件的爱的承诺。

What you see as lapse or a stumble, I see as part of the Divine Expansion. Every time you get lost in the lower vibrations of pain, fear, anger, disappointment, revenge, gossip, retaliation, greed… and notice where you are, you contribute to the Divine Expansion. That moment of noticing, of awareness and shifting back to compassion, forgiveness, understanding and eventually love and peace is crucial. It doesn’t even matter how long it takes to re-center yourself: it only matters that you undertake the journey to re-center in love.

你所看到的失误或绊倒,我看到的是神圣扩张的一部分。每次当你迷失在痛苦、恐惧、愤怒、失望、复仇、流言蜚语、报复、贪婪等较低的振动中时,注意你在哪里,你就为神性扩展做出了贡献。那一刻的注意,觉知,并转回到同情,宽恕,理解,最终爱与和平是至关重要的。重新找到自我中心需要多长时间都无关紧要: 重要的是你踏上了在爱中找到自我中心的旅程。

Every time you move from a lower emotion to a higher emotion, you strengthen the pathway from the 3D to the 5D. Every time you move from fear to love, you reinforce the portal between the 3D and 5D. Every time you move from powerless to sovereign, you download codes, templates to transition between the 3D and 5D.

每当你从低级情绪转移到高级情绪,你就加强了从3D到5 D 的路径。每次你从恐惧转移到爱,你就加强了3D和5D之间的传送门。每当你从无力到主权,你下载代码,模板到3D和5D之间的转换。

The pathway from the 3D to the 5D used to be a solitary journey of ascension and personal illumination. Now it is a collective path: humanity rise together. Millions of you volunteered to be the way showers, not by getting it right all the time, but by getting it ‘wrong’, and showing the pathway from the darkness to the light.

从3D到5D的路径曾经是一个提升和个人光明的孤独旅程。现在这是一条集体之路: 人类共同崛起。成千上万的你们自愿成为淋浴的方式,不是通过一直正确的方式,而是通过错误的方式,展示从黑暗到光明的道路。

You are dancing between worlds My Beautiful Children, embrace the journey, even while you look forward to the destination, because the journey is your gift to humanity and the destination is your gift to your self.


(c) Jennifer Crokaert 2022 www.jennifercrokaert.com

Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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