2022年2月1日: 加速革命ー加拿大|星际飞船地球

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Starship Earth: The Big Picture 星际飞船地球: 大局

 February 1, 2022 2022年2月1日

2022年2月1日: 加速革命ー加拿大|星际飞船地球

Newsflash—it’s no longer only Canada riding the rigs to freedom. The Canadian truckers were the catalyst to unite the world and this is now world news.


Look what is happening in Holland.


Go Holland pic.twitter.com/sZ63z5iS6c

Link to live stream in Ottawa.


That was awesome. The horns never stop. So many placards zip-tied to fences and benches and flags waving—some of them distress flags.


It’s been a fascinating process over the past five or six years to watch President Trump and the Earth Alliance via the Q Movement wake up Humanity to the existential threat and get them to take action and it’s so gratifying that the research, analysis, and chronicling I’ve been doing for nearly 11 years on this blog is seeing the anticipated results after all this time.

在过去的五、六年里,看着特朗普总统和地球联盟通过 q 运动唤醒人类意识到存在的威胁,并让他们采取行动,这是一个非常有趣的过程。

2022年2月1日: 加速革命ー加拿大|星际飞船地球

A little review…


As a result of the Military Intelligence back channel communications via the Q Team on Internet message boards with those who would listen, Americans grasped the subtle, almost imperceptible infiltration of their government and the erosion of their freedoms and throughout that process, thanks to social media many others in nations across the world also saw the truth and what had happened in their own back yard.

由于军事情报部门通过 q Team 在互联网留言板上与愿意倾听的人进行沟通,美国人抓住了他们政府微妙的、几乎察觉不到的渗透,以及他们的自由受到侵蚀的整个过程,感谢社交媒体,世界各地的许多其他国家也看到了真相,以及在他们自己的后院发生了什么。

Efforts to vilify the Q Team and Donald Trump failed. It was laughable, really. Why did the Canadian media lie about Trump and try to turn Canadians against him? Figure it out. The media always shows us who their enemies are. Their enemies are our friends. “Think mirror.”

批评 q 团队和唐纳德 · 特朗普的努力失败了。这真是太可笑了。为什么加拿大媒体对特朗普撒谎,试图让加拿大人反对他?自己想办法。媒体总是告诉我们谁是他们的敌人。他们的敌人是我们的朋友。“想想镜子。”

Trump told the truth and it resonated loud and clear with thinking people. In this 2016 campaign video below that still gives me chills, candidate Trump told what had happened in the past, what was currently unfolding, and what the future would hold. The corrupt shadow government hated him for it. The People loved him for it. Love rules. Every time.


This debate might be considered the beginning of the end for the deep state psychopaths. As Q said, “They never thought she would lose.” If you will recall… five long years ago in this war… fortunately enough American people voted for Trump and enough voting machines were spitting out real votes rather than switching them to Clinton that we had a win that would change the history of Earth forever and help to liberate Humanity.

这场辩论可能被认为是深度精神病患者终结的开始。正如 q 所说,“他们从没想过她会输。”如果你还记得... ... 五年前在这场战争中... ... 幸运的是,足够多的美国人投票给了特朗普,足够多的投票机投出了真正的选票,而不是把选票投给克林顿,我们的胜利将永远改变地球的历史,并有助于解放人类。

As a result of that brilliant strategy, the American People regained their civic and national pride, realized they are equipped to fight without their guns, and decided they are willing and deserving to take back their country and their freedom.


That set the tone for Humanity and the initial small pockets of patriots have exploded into massive movements of hundreds of thousands engaging in whatever way they can to confront the enemy and reverse the damage—or at least hold it at bay temporarily while the control structures are dismantled and replaced.


Canada was watching, and it’s now their turn. I pointed out several months ago that “Watch CA” was probably referring to Canada, being the cesspool that it has become.

加拿大一直在观察,现在轮到他们了。几个月前我指出,“ Watch CA”可能指的是加拿大,它已经变成了一个污水坑。

Dec 12, 2018 7:08:08 PM EST

Anonymous ID: 1bd9f2 No. 4281387 

1bd9f2 no. 4281387

>>4280189 > > 4280189
Will voter fraud in CA ever be brought to light? 加州选举舞弊会被曝光吗?
>>4281387 > 4281387
Yes. 是的
WATCH CA 观察加州” was deliberate. 是故意的

Was there voter fraud in Canada? Do you think the “fringe minority” currently in the streets voted for Trudeau?

在加拿大有选举舞弊吗? 你认为目前街头的“边缘少数派”投票给了特鲁多吗?

Watch this video on Telegram of the drone footage from many cities of truckers and people who did NOT go to Ottawa. Ottawa is the bull’s eye but the other towns and cities mirror that effort on a smaller scale. Unbelievable and exhilarating! Go Canada!

在 Telegram 上观看这段视频,可以看到许多城市的卡车司机和没有去过渥太华的人的无人机录像。渥太华是靶心,但其他城镇和城市在较小规模上也反映了这种努力。难以置信,令人振奋!加拿大加油!

And then watch this one. Wow. Just wow. Can you imagine what the US convoy will look like? Link to Telegram.

然后看这个。哇。只是哇哦。你能想象美国车队会是什么样子吗?链接到 Telegram。

Number One tells me that in London, Ontario the store shelves were bereft of baking supplies because so many people prepared food for the truckers when they rolled through there on the 401 on Thursday.


2022年2月1日: 加速革命ー加拿大|星际飞船地球



The call went out to Truckers last night to return to the Ottawa core. Misleading comms went out telling the truckers there were special areas designated for them to park and the organizers are saying disregard that and return to the rest immediately. You must all stick together and don’t allow yourselves to be cut from the herd. Remain together for safety and maximum impact. Link to Telegram.

昨晚卡车司机接到电话,要求返回渥太华核心区。有人误导卡车司机,告诉他们有专门的停车区域,组织者说不用理会,立即返回其他地方。你们必须团结在一起,不要让自己被孤立。为了安全和最大的影响,请保持在一起。链接到 Telegram。

February marks the month for love and love of country, and our species takes centre stage. We can’t experience fear and love simultaneously—it’s one or the other—and Humanity has chosen.


2022年2月1日: 加速革命ー加拿大|星际飞船地球

On Fox news this morning they used two terms that we Patriots know well. “Tippy top” and “calm before the storm”, suggesting it’s almost time for “it” to go down. Link to Telegram.

今天早上在福克斯新闻上,他们用了两个我们爱国者很熟悉的词。“TIPY TOP”和“风暴前的平静”,表明几乎是时候“它”下降。链接到 Telegram。

Unfortunately I got a “504” when I tried to access Gematrix.org to check on those again but you can try it.

不幸的是,当我再次尝试访问 gematrix 的官方网站时,我得到了一个“504”,但是你可以试试。

We heard that Bell Canada was having issues in Ottawa. That might not be what it seemed, either. The crew linked the Truckers’ Freedom Convoy to “The Event”. Interesting observation. And what if the Earth Alliance is using this gridlock and the comms issues to their advantage and making mass arrests in the capital? Just, what if? Link to Telegram.

我们听说加拿大贝尔公司在渥太华遇到了麻烦。这可能也不是看上去的那样。机组人员将卡车司机的自由车队与“事件”联系起来。有趣的观察。如果地球联盟利用这种僵局和通讯问题,在首都进行大规模逮捕呢?只是,如果呢?链接到 Telegram。

Now Bell is apparently having issues in Ottawa?
They really are trying anything and everything to stop the disrupt Truckers Convoy!


Rogers, too.


Rogers Communications
Are doing anything to stop Cellular Wifi Communications in Ottawa!

罗渣士通讯集团正在采取一切措施阻止渥太华的蜂窝 Wifi 通信!

Do you suppose the special forces, etc. might use the convoy distraction to swoop in undetected?


2022年2月1日: 加速革命ー加拿大|星际飞船地球

Meanwhile back in the USSA…


This news is interesting as we heard the prisons are full of mind-controlled people the psychopaths programmed to do whatever would suit them when the time came. We also heard they were planning to release many violent inmates as weaponized tools to wreak havoc. Perhaps this move is to prevent that from happening? I doubt if it’s what it seems. The timing is too coincidental and there are no coincidences.


Federal prisons remain locked down from coast to coast after deadly fight in Texas


Phil G discussed the newly installed military traffic lights in Las Vegas and is confident that martial law will be declared at some point in this process of liberation. His Q&A last night gets into that a little. He is on vacation in Mexico but still did his livestream. That’s dedication.

菲尔 · g 讨论了在拉斯维加斯新安装的军事交通信号灯,并相信在解放进程的某个时刻会宣布戒严令。他昨天晚上的问答有点过火了。他在墨西哥度假,但仍在直播。这就是奉献精神。

The regime changes all over the world are happening more rapidly now. Out with the old, in with the new.


Military Coup in Guinea Bissau: President Emballo arrested by the military.
ECOWAS Communiqué.

Guinea Bissau 军事政变: Emballo 总统被军方逮捕。

This would be the 5th African country to fall under military rule in 6 months


Coup d’état en Guinée Bissau : Le président Emballo a été arrêté par les militaires.
Communiqué de la CEDEAO.

Guinée Bissau 总统发动军事政变: 中东和非洲经济和发展会议公报。

Ce serait le 5ème pays Africain à tomber sous la coupe des militaires en 6 mois


2022年2月1日: 加速革命ー加拿大|星际飞船地球

Simon Parkes shows us the “tie comms” from BoJo at his blog. Green is usually connected to the new Quantum Financial System lurking stage right for the perfect moment to be announced to Humanity. It can also stand in for a “green light”. What do you think?

西蒙 · 帕克斯在他的博客上向我们展示了 BoJo 的“ tie comms”。绿色通常与新的量子金融体系有关,潜伏的阶段正是向人类宣布的完美时刻。它也可以代表“绿灯”。你觉得怎么样?

In tonight’s live broadcast Prime Minister Johnson wore the Green Tie!!!


This was during his conference with Ukrainian deep state puppet Zelensky.

这是在他与乌克兰深层国家傀儡 Zelensky 的会议上。

What could it mean?


Green for go, hurry up Russia and invade Ukraine?


Or green for go, I’m getting out of this job as British Prime Minister?


Or something else?


And we have dog comms AND Queen comms simultaneously. Will they finally tell the world the lizard queen is dead?


2022年2月1日: 加速革命ー加拿大|星际飞船地球

Royal Family: The Queen has a new dog despite rumours she wouldn’t get any more pets

皇室: 女王有了一只新狗,尽管有传言说她不会再养宠物了

The masses have some tough truths to swallow and difficult days lie ahead for many. When Q told us “these people are sick” and “these people are stupid” they told it true. Anything electronic—be it emails, photos, etc. is forever. It’s stored, and it’s accessible. The Wayback Machine is child’s play compared to the technology the NSA and Space Force possess. Don’t waste your money on BleachBit. Link to Telegram for this story.

群众有一些难以接受的事实,艰难的日子摆在许多人面前。当 q 告诉我们“这些人有病”和“这些人很愚蠢”时,他们说的是真的。任何电子产品ーー电子邮件、照片等等ーー都是永恒的。它被储存起来,并且可以访问。与美国国家安全局和太空部队拥有的技术相比,Wayback 机器简直就是小儿科。不要把钱浪费在 BleachBit 上。本文链接到 Telegram。

nsa employee used spycraft to steal 16 MILLION “dick pics” from private phones and computers….. she didn’t get them from a website, she was using top secret tech to lift pictures people were sending… the nsa masturbates to all your selfies…

国家安全局雇员使用间谍手段从私人电话和电脑上窃取了1600万张“阴茎图片”... ..。她不是从网上得到的,她用最高机密技术偷取人们发送的照片,国家安全局对着你所有的自拍手淫。

And if they don’t, they sell it to someone who does. Perverts.


The appalling truth is that the world has been run by evil, satanic pedovores and their bribed and blackmailed minions. The level of evil is immeasurable and unimaginable for ordinary Humans. Unspeakable things have been done to millions of us.


We’ve all had our hearts broken a million times over as our lives unfolded at the hands of the monsters running the world. Our skies have been sprayed with toxic chemicals, contaminants and pathogens, our bodies poisoned with drugs they told us would make us feel better; we’ve been cut, burned and poisoned at the hands of doctors who claimed it was to make us well, stripped of our civil rights and privacy for the sake of safety from terrorists, and most recently locked down, masked up, ostracized and separated from our families in the name of our health. We’ve lost our loved ones to diseases the New World Order created and watched our beloved suffer until death—often destitute. We also know many died alone because we were forbidden to see them during this engineered plandemic.

当我们的生命展现在掌控世界的怪物手中时,我们的心都碎了无数次。我们的天空被有毒化学物质、污染物和病原体喷洒,我们的身体被他们告诉我们的药物毒害,这些药物会让我们感觉更好; 我们被医生割伤、烧伤和毒害,医生声称这是为了让我们好起来,为了安全而剥夺我们的公民权利和隐私,最近还以我们的健康为名,把我们关起来、戴上面具、排斥我们、与我们的家人分开。新世界秩序制造的疾病让我们失去了亲人,我们眼睁睁地看着我们的爱人遭受痛苦,直到死亡---- 通常是一无所有。我们也知道许多孤独地死去,因为在这个工程化的植物学期间,我们被禁止看到他们。

2022年2月1日: 加速革命ー加拿大|星际飞船地球

We now see light at the end of the tunnel. Finally—FINALLY! Humanity is getting it. They are finally having their eyes pried open and see the reality we have been trying to show them for decades. They couldn’t conceive of an evil so foul, so cruel, so unfeeling; Beings so soul-less.

我们现在看到了隧道尽头的光明。终于 -- 终于!人类正在得到它。他们终于睁开了眼睛,看到了我们几十年来一直试图向他们展示的现实。他们无法想象一个如此邪恶,如此残忍,如此无情的人。

They were so mesmerized by the hypnotic trance induced by the media they didn’t want to leave it. They didn’t realize their very existence was threatened and slated for eradication. It’s a bitter pill to swallow.


The”dark winter” that was predicted hasn’t been what the psychopaths wanted, but it has yielded events that created a lot of raw emotion. You must watch this 2 minute video that had a trucker in tears. This is an indicator of just what this movement means, folks. It’s so much more than a convoy of trucks showing the corrupt government they’re pissed. So much more. Again, it’s about the children. Link to Telegram.

预测的“黑暗的冬天”并不是心理变态狂们想要的,但是它产生了一些事件,创造了许多原始的情感。你一定要看看这个2分钟的视频,里面有一个卡车司机哭了。这就是这场运动意味着什么的指示器,伙计们。这不仅仅是一个卡车护送队,向腐败的政府表明他们被激怒了。不仅如此。再说一次,这是关于孩子们的。链接到 Telegram。

There will be drama in Ottawa, of course, but not everything is what it seems. The more drama there is, the more eyes on and the greater the chances of the unaware becoming influenced and informed. We want everyone to be safe and don’t want ANY violence at all. We can resolve this peacefully and effectively if cool heads prevail and our hearts beat for peace and unity.


2022年2月1日: 加速革命ー加拿大|星际飞船地球

The powers that were have tried to keep the evidence of the Great Awakening quiet but have not succeeded. There is nothing they can do to cover up the truth any more.


Ontario has shut off 90% of the traffic cams. pic.twitter.com/gPyivDHhaX

The situation on the Alberta/Montana border is a little rocky. Let’s hope it fizzles out and the People win. Link to Telegram for video.

阿尔伯塔省和蒙大拿州交界处的情况有点不稳定。让我们期待它最终结束,人民获胜。视频链接到 Telegram。

@news.rebel BREAKING: Look west. A group of truckers parked across the Canada-US border between Alberta and Montana have been given a police SWAT team ultimatum to move. They just voted to refuse. We have two reporters on site.

@ 新闻。反叛者突破: 向西看。一群停在亚伯达省和蒙大拿州之间的美加边境的卡车司机已经收到警方特警队的最后通牒,要求他们离开。他们只是投票拒绝。我们有两个记者在现场。

Surrounded and forced to make a difficult decision. Motion has passed, they are staying. Stay tuned. More at http://ConvoyReports.com

动议已经通过,他们将继续坚持,请继续关注,更多内容将在 http://convoyreports.com 时刻揭晓

Remarkable things are reported every day from Canada’s capital.


I saw some video footage of what appeared to be Ottawa police taking boxes of hot food to the truckers.


Billy Joyce did a video update that is mostly a montage of video he collected and very little narrative from him—mostly segues. Billy is in Nova Scotia and is one of the best “red pillers” we have. He has the organizers of the truckers here telling us that the alleged freezing of the GoFundMe account was pure lies on the part of the Canadian corporate media. Didn’t happen.

比利 · 乔伊斯(Billy Joyce)做了一个视频更新,大部分是他收集的蒙太奇视频,很少从他那里讲述故事——大部分是接续。比利在新斯科舍,是我们最好的“红色药剂师”之一。他让卡车司机的组织者告诉我们,所谓冻结 GoFundMe 账户纯粹是加拿大公司媒体的谎言。没有发生。


揭露特鲁多和媒体关于 # 自由护航和支持者的谎言! 视频证明

Queen Romana is presiding in Canada and on Telegram she says…


I have ordered the Kingdom of Canada’s Military and Special Forces to keep the Peaceful Truckers Convoy Safe and to arrest and charge under domestic terrorism anyone who intentionally creates chaos and destruction…


I remind you all, the penalty is death for domestic terrorism/ starting Civil War – upon conviction – in the Kingdom of Canada.


And carried out within 24 hours of Conviction.


It won’t matter if you are a teenager, young adult, middle age or a Senior…

无论你是青少年、青年、中年还是高年级... ..。

I AM aware of the alledged payout of $45 million to certain groups to create chaos and blame the Peaceful Truckers for it.


But then again, isn’t their (Payor) Bank Accounts Frozen?


2022年2月1日: 加速革命ー加拿大|星际飞船地球

Here’s a typical tactic by the controllers to influence people. When cruising social media, THINK before you buy into this stuff. Research… or ignore. The same message goes out automatically on multiple platforms, multiple times, and they hope no one will notice. We’re on it. Link to Telegram.

下面是控制员影响人们的一个典型策略。当你浏览社交媒体的时候,在你购买这些东西之前要三思。研究... 或者忽略。同样的消息会在多个平台上自动发出多次,他们希望没有人会注意到。我们这就去。链接到 Telegram。

It’s growing… Italy and Mexico have now joined the Truckers alliance. Link to Telegram.

它正在成长... 意大利和墨西哥现在加入了卡车司机联盟。

Check out this report on Queen Romana and her role in the convoy on Before It’s News.


Queen Romana Didulo Of The Kingdom Of Canada Comes Rolling Into Ottawa February 3rd, To Give Speech And Hoist Kingdom Of Canada Flag!! Ottawa Trucker’s Convoy Just Got A Whole Lot More Interesting!!

加拿大王国的罗曼娜 · 迪杜洛女王2月3日来到渥太华,发表演讲,升起加拿大王国的国旗! !渥太华卡车运输队变得有趣多了! !

It’s increasingly clear that at this point you have to pick a lane. There is no more time for fence-sitting. Either you’re with the People or you’re against us. It’s that simple.


This is great. Apparently when the mayor of Ottawa called towing companies to tag and remove trucks they said they couldn’t oblige because they all have Covid.  ;0)   Video on Telegram.

这太棒了。很显然,当渥太华市长要求拖车公司给卡车贴上标签并把它们拖走时,他们说他们不能帮忙,因为他们都有 Covid。0) Video on Telegram.

All the tow truck companies in Ottawa have “covid”… At least that’s what they’re saying when called.

渥太华所有的拖车公司都“很生气”... ... 至少他们打电话的时候是这么说的。

You can follow the action in Ottawa via this live streaming on the Ottawalks channel as he walks the streets of the city to show us what’s happening and who is there. Ah… the sounds of the city. Who is imposing the lockdown now? The truckers are in control. “The Patriots are in control.”

你可以通过 Ottawalks 频道的直播来关注渥太华的动态,他走在城市的街道上,告诉我们发生了什么,谁在那里。啊... 城市的声音。现在是谁在实施封锁?卡车司机控制着局面。“爱国者队控制了局面。”

2022年2月1日: 加速革命ー加拿大|星际飞船地球

And for those who bought into the medical terrorism and tyranny… read this. We won’t say, “We told you so.” It was a case of bye-bye influenza and hello Covid. The overall death statistics by nation never changed notably over those 5 years prior to 2020. They were just reallocated. Link to Telegram.

对于那些相信医疗恐怖主义和暴政的人来说,读读这个吧。我们不会说: “我们早就告诉过你了。”这是一个与流感告别的病例,也是一个与考维德打招呼的病例。在2020年之前的5年里,各国的总体死亡统计数字从未发生显著变化。他们只是被重新分配了。链接到 Telegram。

Direct from UK Lawyer Anna De Buiscuit

突发新闻来自英国律师 Anna De Buiscuit
“分享分享! ! !

Breaking news. share on all platforms: FDA document admits “Covid” PCR test was developed without isolated samples for test calibration, effectively admitting it’s testing something else.

突发新闻。在所有平台上分享: FDA 文件承认“ Covid”PCR 检测是在没有用于检测校准的分离样本的情况下开发的,实际上承认它在检测其他东西。

A document just released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) openly admits that the infamous PCR test for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) was developed not with actual samples, but rather with what appears to be genetic material from a common cold virus.

美国食品和药物管理局(FDA)刚刚发布的一份文件公开承认,对武汉冠状病毒的臭名昭著的 PCR 测试(2019冠状病毒疾病)并不是用实际样本开发的,而是用一种普通感冒病毒的遗传物质开发的。

In the FDA document, it is clearly stated that ordinary seasonal flu genetic material was used as the testing marker in the PCR test kits because the authorities knew that many people would test “positive” for it, thus allowing them to use these results to create the “Covid” narrative.
It is somewhat of a lengthy read, but have a look for yourself and see the deception in plain sight. There is no legitimate test out there that accurately identifies the presence of SARS-CoV-2. From the document:

美国食品和药物管理局的文件明确指出,普通季节性流感遗传物质被用作 PCR 检测试剂盒中的检测标记,因为当局知道许多人会检测出“阳性”,从而允许他们利用这些结果来编造“ Covid”叙述。这本书读起来有点冗长,但是你自己去看看,就会发现其中的欺骗。目前还没有合法的测试能够准确地识别 sars-cov-2的存在。摘自文件:

“Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV were available for CDC use at the time the test was developed and this study conducted, assays designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA (N gene; GenBank accession: MN908947.2) of known titer (RNA copies/µL) spiked into a diluent consisting of a suspension of human A549 cells and viral transport medium (VTM) to mimic clinical specimen.”

“由于在测试开发和这项研究进行的时候,没有可供 CDC 使用的2019-nCoV 病毒的量化分离株,为检测2019-nCoV RNA 而设计的分析测试用特征库存的体外转录全长 RNA (n 基因; GenBank 登录号: MN908947.2)已知滴度(RNA 拷贝/μL)刺入由悬浮的人类 a549细胞组成的稀释液和模拟临床标本的转运培养基(VTM)进行测试。”

Another revelation in the document is the admission by the FDA that test results are “pooled” together to produce numbers that are inaccurate. The FDA is quite literally manufacturing data to support a false narrative.

文件中的另一个启示是 FDA 承认测试结果被“汇总”在一起以产生不准确的数字。美国食品和药物管理局实际上是在制造数据来支持一个错误的说法。

We are now at a crossroads worldwide. The time is upon us to decide if we are going to allow this type of medical fascism to persist, and impact upon the futures of our children. Or if we are finally going to say no to tyrannical government policy.


You can DOWNLOAD THE DOCUMENT HERE: https://www.fda.gov/media/134922/download
www.fda.gov (http://www.fda.gov/)
fda.gov (http://fda.gov/)
www.fda.gov (http://www.fda.gov/)
fda.gov (http://fda.gov/)

你可以在这里下载这份文件: https://www.fda.gov/media/134922/DOWNLOAD 食品药品管理局 www.fda. gov ( http://www.fda.gov/)
Fda. gov (http://fda. gov/)
Www.fda. gov ( http://www.fda.gov/)
Fda. gov (http://fda. gov/)

A lot of people aren’t buying into the fear and propaganda any longer and are taking their governments to task. The crew points this out.


Austrian Constitutional Court Puts Gov’t on Notice: ‘Prove Pandemic Is Not a Scam or END Restrictions’

奥地利宪法法院提醒政府: 证明大流行不是骗局或终止限制

Our demands are having a positive effect and the dominoes are falling. When you read “going into their third year” [below] it should poke you in the eye and make you ask—how could we be so stupid? How did I not see it?


The entire world shut down for two years over a fabricated cold virus promulgated by the fake news media and validated by a test that cannot detect that virus. The psychopaths convinced everyone their immune system was suddenly useless. Logic vanished and after two years of the psychological abuse some are so fearful and brainwashed they want to continue to do all the things that never worked.


They didn’t tell us the virus can cause our IQ level to plummet. When you trust the media to tell you what to think for so many years, I suppose you might lose the ability to do so. Some are recovering, however.


PM Marin: Finland to lift all Covid restrictions in FebruaryPM

马林: 芬兰将在二月解除所有对 Covid 的限制

The Covid Narrative Falls Apart in South Africa


2022年2月1日: 加速革命ー加拿大|星际飞船地球

Canadian province of Québec scraps tax on Covid unvaccinated



The hardest thing for the public to accept will be the global trafficking of children. The Alex Collier video I shared yesterday on Telegram spelled it out in no uncertain terms and I believe that information to be very accurate. Suggest you join this channel on Telegram. It’s excellent.

对于公众来说,最难接受的事情就是全球儿童贩卖。我昨天在《电讯报》上分享的亚历克斯 · 科利尔视频清楚地说明了这一点,我相信这一信息是非常准确的。建议你加入电报这个频道。太棒了。

Wow!!!!Sky News has been massively covering the Child sex abuse report today. Saying it’s bigger than we’ve been told and that the police have been covering a lot of the abuse up. Then I’m going through various online newspapers, and many are either reporting arrests of paedophile rings and individuals or cases that are being investigated.


Good news continues to flow. The face of the legacy media is changing. Rachel Madcow (another farm guy pretending to be a woman) is stepping down. Thank heaven for small mercies. How can they expect us to have any respect for the media when everything about them is fake; their sex, their employer, the information they present as facts…  Clowns in America [CIA] is done.

好消息源源不断。传统媒体的面貌正在改变。Rachel Madcow (另一个假扮成女人的农场男人)要下台了。感谢上帝赐予我们小恩小惠。当他们的一切都是假的,他们的性别,他们的雇主,他们提供的信息都是事实,他们怎么能指望我们对媒体有任何尊重... 美国的小丑[中央情报局]已经完蛋了。

Looks like she needs it. https://t.co/4dxJIhWzxq

I like the way this whole thing is unfolding. There is so much irony.


https://t.co/ToyNdsFHY2 just donated $42,000 to the #FreedomConvoyCanada2022 Go Fund Me.https://t.co/ToyNdsFHY2 is owned by Elon Musk. https://t.co/ToyNdsFHY2 now redirects to the Wiki page of @JustinTrudeau LOL pic.twitter.com/hRunlW4f5F

“Trucker” Carlson on Fox is helping educate the world on Justin Turdeau in this hilarious satire below.

福克斯电视台的“卡尔森卡车司机”正在用这部滑稽的讽刺作品帮助世界了解贾斯汀 · 图多。

I don’t think I need to point out that as Q Military Intelligence predicted, these psychopaths can no longer walk down the street. The hunters become the hunted, and don’t think for a moment that we don’t have the ability to find out where the Trudy puppet really is. He has zero power. This is a puppet show.

我不认为我需要指出,正如 q 军事情报部门所预测的那样,这些精神病患者再也不能在街上行走了。猎人变成了猎物,不要以为我们没有能力找出楚蒂木偶到底在哪里。他的权力为零。这是一场木偶戏。

TUCKER CARLSON: "Justin Trudeau is a master of disguise. Any place in the world, Justin Trudeau could blend in and you wouldn't know it was him.""To prove it, here are a series of photographs..." pic.twitter.com/L5av6mdBBk

Oh look—when I searched on “walk down the street” I got the two year delta!



Jan 31, 2020 12:22:57 PM EST
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: ef52a4 No. 7978436 
1jq13jv6 ID: ef52a4 no. 7978436
What happens when people learn the TRUTH? 当人们知道真相时会发生什么?
What happens when people WAKE UP? 当人们醒来时会发生什么?
They will not be able to WALK DOWN THE STREET他们不可能做到走在街上.
2022年2月1日: 加速革命ー加拿大|星际飞船地球
For a snort or a chortle, you might want to take in the fake news awards made available by brilliant Canadian journalist in Japan, James Corbett.
如果你想哼一声或者哈哈大笑,你可能想看看由杰出的加拿大记者詹姆斯 · 科比特在日本提供的假新闻奖。

The 5th Annual Fake News Awards!


Signing off for now. Remember to check the comments below each post for valuable information shared by the crew.  ~ BP

现在结束。记得检查每个帖子下面的评论,以获得团队共享的有价值的信息。~ BP

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