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A newly-released book is set to drop a gigantic truth bomb upon humanity. It is titled 'RED-HANDED - How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win' by Peter Schweizer. Could this be part of the RED wave referred to in Q drops?
一本新出版的书准备向人类扔下一颗巨大的真相炸弹。这本书的标题是彼得 · 施韦泽的《美国精英如何致富帮助中国获胜》。这可能是 q 滴中提到的红波的一部分吗?
The red-hot book stormed up the Amazon charts in the first 24 hours - Amazon froze their data in a blind panic. A bit like trying to stop an avalanche with a teaspoon, wouldn't you think...?
这本红热的书在亚马逊排行榜的前24小时内风靡一时——亚马逊在盲目恐慌中冻结了他们的数据。这有点像用茶匙去阻止雪崩,你不觉得... ... ?
Spiritual channellings from years ago predicted that when the truth came out, it would be from all directions, all at once, at a speed that would be completely bewildering, even for Light Warriors. We are about to step over that threshold, friends. Here is the cool Aussie guy in the red singlet who tells the truth about the massive fallout when the jabbed people realize what they have done. Hey, just realized - red singlet, Red Pill. Very cool.多年前的灵性通灵预测,当真相出来时,它将是从四面八方,同时,以一个完全令人困惑的速度,甚至对于光明战士来说。朋友们,我们即将跨过这个门槛。这是一个穿着红色汗衫的酷酷的澳大利亚人,当被注射的人们意识到他们所做的一切时,他讲述了关于大规模后果的真相。嘿,刚想起来-红色背心,红色药丸。非常酷。
I was thinking about the Aussie guy while I was standing at the kitchen sink (I get a lot of downloads there). The Alliance is forcing the [D]eep [S]tate THEMSELVES to tell the truth about what they did to humanity. That's why the UK government is publishing the truth, and many other governments are declaring the Scamdemic to be over. It may be why there is potentially no need for an EBS - the DS is doing the job of broadcasting the truth. It makes sense that the jabbed people's anger is directed at the genocide perpetrators, not President Trump and/or the Alliance.
当我站在厨房水槽边的时候,我想到了那个澳洲人(我在那里得到了很多下载)。联盟正在迫使为深州HEMSELVES 说出他们对人类所做的事情的真相。这就是为什么英国政府正在公布真相,许多其他政府也宣布骗子流行病已经结束。这可能就是为什么没有潜在需要 EBS 的原因—— DS 正在做广播真相的工作。人们愤怒的矛头直指种族灭绝的肇事者,而不是特朗普总统和/或联盟,这是有道理的。
Remember, if there is a WW3 scare event, it is part of the scripted Alliance-controlled movie. It's NOT real. They are war games being played out to awaken humanity. Russia was always destined to be at the heart of this operation. Blog reader Faith reminded me that seventy years ago, Edgar Cayce prophesized that a Russian leader would save humanity from WW3. Bingo.
记住,如果有第三次世界大战的恐怖事件,它是联盟控制的电影脚本的一部分。这不是真的。它们是为了唤醒人性而进行的战争游戏。俄罗斯一直是这次行动的核心。博客读者费思提醒我,七十年前,埃德加 · 凯西曾预言一位俄罗斯领导人将从第三次世界大战中拯救人类。答对了。
I agree with this post about Putin playing war games to expose the [D]eep [S]tate, especially [B]iden and the global media. Q: 'You can't tell the people; you have to show them...' What did we do before Q..???
我同意这篇关于普京通过玩战争游戏来揭露深州秘密的文章,特别是拜登和全球媒体。Q: “你不能告诉人们,你必须让他们知道... ...”在问之前我们做了什么。???
Further proof that the Scamdemic is nearly over. The WHO European director says the continent is 'moving towards an end game scenario' for the virus. BOOM.
Another win for the Light - the US Supreme Court ruled NYC mask mandates as 'unconstitutional'. 
This comes at a time when Horseface (our NZ PM's popular nickname) has tightened mask mandates here. I believe the Alliance is forcing her to do it to WAKE KIWIS UP...!! The number of mask-wearers in this country is...well, quite frankly, I don't have the words. 
这是在马面(我们新西兰总理的昵称)已经收紧了面具的要求的时候。我相信联盟强迫她这么做是为了唤醒新西兰人... ! !这个国家戴面具的人数... 嗯,坦率地说,我不知道该怎么说。
This example of the heinous evil of the [D]eep [S]tate must never be forgotten.
Another short video of the Canadian truck convoy. A reminder, this convoy is 70 kilometres long and involves around 50,000 trucks. Goosebumps - and not from the cold.
A Canadian woman police officer honors the truckers in a short video - she will be in Ottawa to meet them.


Interesting. What is Melania Trump communicating with this new pic of her famous stunning White Hat..??

有意思。梅拉尼娅 · 特朗普(Melania Trump)和这张她那令人惊艳的白帽(White Hat)新照片的交流是什么?

揭发者手册: RED-HANDED|星际之门通讯
Blog reader Deb asked me to talk about Ascension symptoms. Happily. Here is an update of my current list...
博客读者 Deb 让我谈谈扬升的症状。令人高兴的是。这里是我目前列表的更新..。
Still totally disinterested in food - if I develop a small interest in some food item, I get excited. Becoming even more sensitive to scented products, scratchy fabrics, loud noises. Dizzy spells out of nowhere. Occasional heart palpitations for no reason. Ravenously hungry late at night when about to head to bed. Time perception non existent. Huge downloads from Upstairs that send me rushing to the phone to share with close Light Warrior friends. And lots of other things I will remember after I publish this post - because many thoughts disappear before they even get a chance to form fully. Memory, what's that...??
仍然对食物完全不感兴趣——如果我对某种食物产生了一点点兴趣,我会很兴奋。对有香味的产品、粗糙的面料和噪音变得更加敏感。不知道从哪里冒出来的眩晕。偶尔无缘无故的心悸。深夜,当你准备上床睡觉的时候,饥饿难耐。时间知觉不存在。从楼上下载了大量的资料,让我赶紧打电话与光武士的密友们分享。在我发表这篇文章之后,我还会记得很多其他的事情——因为很多想法在有机会完全形成之前就消失了。记忆,那是什么... ? ?
Finally, I have two Light Warrior friends with new kittens. This little video is for them (and you if you like cute kittens).
Keep smiling, Light Warriors. The Alliance Plan delights me anew every day. There is so much about the Plan that we don't know - that we may never know - but one thing is crystal clear: WE ARE WINNING.
保持微笑,光武士们。联盟计划每天都让我感到新鲜。这个计划有太多我们不知道的东西——我们可能永远不会知道——但有一件事是非常清楚的: 我们正在取得胜利。
Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.
Where We Go One We Go All.
Love and Light 
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