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December 14,2021 20211214

A blog reader asked what will happen if the Event does not happen this month.This is an interesting question.Those of us who expected the Event to happen on 21st December 2012 already know the answer-we carry on.Yup.It is no more exciting than that.We carry on.


Humanity was destined to ascend on 21st December 2012.It was decided by the awakened collective to postpone Ascension until more people had awakened.At the time,it seemed like a very painful decision.We were hugely disappointed.And of course those of us who were awake back then have experienced some pretty torrid times since then.Lots of opportunities for soul growth!


I can see now,in hindsight,that humanity was NOT ready to ascend in 2012.It's a fact.So here we are again,on another turn of the spiral.Phew.


What are my thoughts on the timing of the Event?Firstly,I see this month as being a strong timeline for the Event to happen.There is a powerful sense of anticipation from the incoming energies-much more than we have had up until now.However,if for any reason the Event does not happen this month,it just means that Divine timing wasn't in place.That's all.It is not personal!


Now,something has just happened that reminds me of the immense importance of keeping a light joyful attitude as we sprint down the final straight.I am expecting a new fridge to be delivered in a few minutes.I have just been joking with the delivery man on the phone-he was kidding me that he sold my new fridge to another customer,sorry.We had a good laugh.Suddenly,on this gloomy rainy day(it's been raining for many days here),a bolt of light flashed into my life.Humor,joy,laughter.These qualities are vital to our current situation.

现在,有些事情发生了,这提醒我在冲刺最后的直道时保持轻松愉快的态度是非常重要的。我在等一台新冰箱几分钟后送来。我刚才在电话里和 The Delivery Man 开玩笑--他开玩笑说他把我的新冰箱卖给了另一个客户,对不起。我们大笑了一场。突然,在这个阴沉的雨天(这里已经下了好几天的雨),一道闪电闪进了我的生活。幽默,欢乐,笑声。这些品质对我们目前的处境至关重要。

Another tip-keep your expectations low.Keep your faith and trust in the Divine plan extremely high,yet at the same time keep your expectations low.Many lightworkers crashed emotionally after Ascension did not eventuate on 21st December 2012.I was not one of them.On reflection,it is because I had plenty of faith and trust-yet I also knew there was the possibility it might not be the right timing.So my expectations were balanced.


Finally,there is a massive wave of Light coming from our off-planet friends.It is being greeted by a fast-growing wave of Light coming from Light holders on Earth.This combined Light is focused on 21st December-that something wonderful may happen then,if not before.Can you see how our faith and trust is CREATING the Event...?


Hold your Light beacon high.There is nothing that matters more now.As you may be experiencing(I certainly am...),3D life is increasingly less interesting.Mundane pastimes that were a welcome distraction even a few weeks ago have suddenly become boring and meaningless.I see it as a sign that we know on a soul level that big change is coming-SOON.

把你的灯塔高高举起。现在没有什么比这更重要了。正如你可能正在经历的(我当然是...)3D 生活正变得越来越无趣。即使在几个星期前,平凡的消遣还是一种受欢迎的消遣,但现在突然变得无聊和毫无意义。我认为这是一个信号,我们知道在灵魂层面上,大的变化即将到来。

Thank you for reading this post.You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety,including the link to my blog site.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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