2021年11月22日: 正义对人类是强制性的|星际飞船地球

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 November 22, 2021 2021年11月22日

2021年11月22日: 正义对人类是强制性的|星际飞船地球

Every day is chock full of insanity and extreme events and headlines. Today…


A rooftop fire at the Rockefeller Center in New York City.


I doubt if you missed the disgusting attack in Waukesha, Wisconsin at a Christmas parade on Sunday. It’s all people are talking about now—just when President Trump was scheduled to do an interview on Fox. His new book sold like hotcakes and made a lot of money. We had a heads up to be sure to listen very carefully to what the President had to say and then boom!  Due to the attack and deaths of multiple people and many injuries, Fox postponed the interview until 11 pm—when few would be awake to watch/listen. What a Qincidence!


Waukesha Christmas parade attack: 5 dead, 48 injured, Darrell Brooks named as suspect: LIVE UPDATES

沃基肖圣诞节游行袭击: 5人死亡,48人受伤,达雷尔 · 布鲁克斯被列为嫌疑人: 实时更新


The Waukesha police, however, have made a point of saying it was categorically NOT a terrorist attack—because nut jobs do this kind of thing every day, don’t they? It’s normal. What constitutes a “terror attack”, exactly?


This is just another side-show, folks. Step right up. I’m expecting someone to toss us the gematria/numerology of the event any time now.


We know who we’re dealing with. We can see from the past events in Wisconsin that it’s a corrupt state and we trust no one. I would be very surprised if this guy just happened to commit that crime, despite his record. VERY surprised. It fits the cabal’s MO to a tee.


The fact that he was already involved in crimes, court cases, bail, etc. means he was, “known to authorities”. Another Qincidence? Police confirmed he was a “person of interest”. And where was the  CCTV footage? Lt. Col. Wendy Rogers was asking when the identity of the perp was not forthcoming. Isn’t it odd that so often cameras are turned off or malfunctioning when a cabal op is underway?

事实上,他已经参与了犯罪,法庭案件,保释等,意味着他是,“知道当局”。另一个问题?警方证实他是一个“嫌疑人”。监控录像在哪里?中校温迪 · 罗杰斯询问罪犯的身份何时公布。当一个秘密行动正在进行时,摄像头经常被关掉或者出现故障,这难道不奇怪吗?

Who is the person if interest in the Wisconsin terrorist attack? Why don’t we know who he/she is but the January 6th peoples’ faces were plastered all over the news within seconds?

The patsies are always “known to authorities” because they give their man the guns, bombs, knives, access, etc. to commit the crimes and they’re often jacked up on drugs so between that and the programming they don’t know what they’re doing. No one cares that their lives are ruined because they got mixed up with the feds and fell for their scams. They outright weaponize Humans to create pain, suffering, and to further their agenda.


2021年11月22日: 正义对人类是强制性的|星际飞船地球

I find the Christmas event there a very compelling distraction from important developments. They love to hit us at Christmas, don’t they? How many attacks or threats have there been related to Christmas? They always make sure “Christmas” is in the headline and they want us afraid all the time. They want to drive the anxiety level and fear factor through the roof.


Christmas is also about their satanic rituals. Massacres are very popular, it seems.


2016 Berlin, Germany:


Aftermath of the Terror Attack on Breitscheid Platz Christmas Market: Germany’s Security Architecture and Parliamentary Inquiries

布莱施德广场圣诞市场恐怖袭击后果: 德国的安全架构和议会调查

2017 Bonn, Germany


Suspicious Package Prompts German Police to Clear Christmas Market


2018 Strasbourg, France:


2 dead in Christmas market attack in Strasbourg, France; gunman still at large


2019 London, UK – preventive strategy engaged to avoid a threat:


Liverpool Christmas markets security update after Women’s Hospital terror attack


Vienna, Austria 2019: foiled attempt

奥地利维也纳2019: 挫败的企图

Austrian authorities foil IS-inspired terror attack on Christmas market


Like clockwork? You see the pattern, right? Someone did.

就像钟表一样? 你看到规律了,对吧? 有人看到了。

Terror warning issued for Christmas markets destinations across Europe


Recently unfolding we’ve seen the election rigging exposées, the Kyle Rittenhouse trial verdict fallout, the brutal treatment of January 6 innocent patriots, the fact that the highly controversial vaxx mandates are being rescinded, and scientific revelations about the safety and efficacy of the jabs and boosters, the worldwide humongous protests with hundreds of thousands of people in the streets, day and night, AND the Ghislaine Maxwell trial about to convene; huge news they want everyone to ignore.

最近我们已经看到了选举操纵的曝光,凯尔 · 里滕豪斯审判的余波,1月6日无辜的爱国者遭受的野蛮对待,极具争议的疫苗命令正在被撤销的事实,关于疫苗和支持者的安全性和有效性的科学发现,世界范围内成千上万的人日夜在街头举行的巨大抗议,以及即将召开的吉斯莱 · 马克斯韦尔审判; 他们希望每个人忽略的重大新闻。

I don’t recommend ignoring it. You can download the court documents and read them at the link below, thanks to QAnon+ on Telegram:

我不建议忽略它。你可以下载法庭文件并在下面的链接中阅读,感谢 QAnon + on Telegram:

Here is the link to the official court document of the Epstein and Maxwell trial with all nameable co-defendants. It is an astounding piece of information. Read it carefully. Elite names and corporations are listed.



Jeffrey Epstein And Ghislaine Maxwell Are Blessed By The Pope In Shocking Resurfaced Photos

杰弗里 · 爱泼斯坦和吉斯兰 · 麦克斯韦尔在令人震惊的重新浮出水面的照片中受到教皇的祝福

2021年11月22日: 正义对人类是强制性的|星际飞船地球

We continue to hear crazy stuff on the whole Rona psyop. Link to Telegram.

我们继续听到关于罗纳精神病学的疯狂故事。链接到 Telegram。

BREAKING: Former FEMA Whistleblower Celeste Solum explains that the Corona PCR “test” is implanting a microchip.
So the Nasopharyngeal Covid19 PCR “tests” were never tests at all. They are implanting chips, inserting Nanobots called Nanites with a bioweapons payload for the brain, while at the same time harvesting DNA.

爆炸性新闻: 前联邦应急管理局告密者塞莱斯特 · 索拉姆解释说,科罗娜 PCR“试验”是植入一个微芯片。因此,鼻咽 Covid19 PCR“试验”根本就不是试验。他们植入芯片,将纳米机器人植入大脑,同时收集 DNA。

The PCR swab is inserted straight to the Nasopharynx behind the nose and forehead where your eyes are. It’s at the blood brain barrier and next to your pineal gland. I believe they are knocking out people’s senses with these Bioweapons and killing human intuition and your ability to cognitively see what they are doing to us. They’re knocking out our senses and targeting the brain with Nanites that carry a payload as Celeste spoke about in previous videos. This is war. Serious warfare.

PCR 棉签直接插入鼻子后面的鼻咽部和眼睛所在的前额。它位于血脑屏障旁边的松果体。我相信他们正在用这些生物武器摧毁人们的感官,扼杀人类的直觉和你的认知能力,看看他们对我们做了什么。正如塞莱斯特在之前的视频中提到的那样,他们正在摧毁我们的感官,并用带有载荷的 nanite 来瞄准我们的大脑。这是战争。严重的战争。

Before anyone gets caught in a web of despair or suicidal, let’s play the “What if…?” game for a minute.

在任何人陷入绝望或自杀的网络之前,让我们玩一分钟“如果... ... ?”的游戏。

Many of Q’s remarks float back to me, circling the memory hole but never going down. They also bring to mind certain things other insiders have told us that are not verifiable… but feel very plausible.

许多 q 的评论浮现在我的脑海中,围绕着记忆的空洞,但从来没有下降。他们也让我们想起其他内部人士告诉我们的一些无法证实的事情... ... 但是感觉非常可信。

For instance… Yellow Rose for Texas has told us in numerous videos that our souls were hijacked and trapped. Others concur. She has stated [this is from memory] that the real us is actually lying in stasis until such time as our soul can return to that physical vessel where we belong. These avatars we now occupy are interim vessels.

例如... ... 德克萨斯州的黄玫瑰在许多视频中告诉我们,我们的灵魂被劫持和困住了。其他人对此表示赞同。她说(这是来自记忆) ,真实的我们实际上处于停滞状态,直到我们的灵魂可以回到我们所属的物质容器。我们现在使用的这些化身是临时的船只。

Rose has spoken of our souls having chosen our destination for the time of Ascension or the Rapture, and says that when the essential frequency/sound is emitted, our souls will respond accordingly, “stand up” as she calls it, and leave this construct to return to our final destination; our “real” life. Crazy, eh? Jetson White has also explained the science behind this future event. It’s fascinating to contemplate.

罗斯谈到我们的灵魂已经选择了扬升或被提时代的目的地,并说当基本的频率/声音被发出时,我们的灵魂将作出相应的反应,“站起来”,就像她所说的那样,离开这个结构,回到我们的最终目的地,我们的“真实”生活。很疯狂,是吧?杰特森 · 怀特也解释了这个未来事件背后的科学原理。这是一个令人着迷的想法。

When we consider that Q said, “You and your families are safe” and that we are watching a “movie”, and “it had to be this way”… much of the horrors we are watching simply cannot be real from my perspective and interesting possibilities arise.

当我们想到 q 说,“你和你的家人都很安全”,我们正在看一部“电影”,“必须这样”... ... 从我的角度来看,我们所看到的许多恐怖事件根本不可能是真实的,有趣的可能性也随之产生。

Phil G recently confirmed a subscriber’s question, “Are they showing us past events?” with an affirmative. I’m thinking that because we could not ascend organically and Divine Intervention had to take place, that we may be witnessing this horror show to facilitate our spiritual development in the only way possible. We are being shown what would happen if we did not stop the insanity, stand up for our rights, and ensure that consequences are delivered for crimes against Humanity; that crime doesn’t pay.

Phil g 最近证实了一位订阅者的问题: “他们是在向我们展示过去的事件吗?”肯定的。我在想,因为我们不能自然地提升,而且不得不发生神圣介入,所以我们可能正在目睹这种恐怖的表演,以唯一可能的方式促进我们的灵性发展。如果我们不阻止这种疯狂,不捍卫我们的权利,不确保危害人类罪的后果得到惩罚,我们将会面临怎样的后果。

We’re told that normally the only way out of this artificial construct is Ascension. That is planned for every what—six thousand years?—and anyone who doesn’t learn their lessons, make the grade, earn their stars would typically remain in the construct for the next level of spiritual university until the next opportunity to exit. Something like that.


There have been endless discussions about timelines, tweaking them, ending the negative ones so that only one positive one remains… that sort of thing. So… “What if…” this “movie” is our lesson plan? What if they’re using it to advance us spiritually [or not] so that we can have a fair shot at exiting the matrix?

关于时间线的讨论无休无止,不断地调整它们,结束消极的时间线,只剩下一个正面的时间线... 诸如此类的事情。那么...”如果...”这部”电影”是我们的课程计划呢?如果他们用它来提升我们的精神(或不) ,这样我们就可以有一个公平的机会走出母体?

Jetson White is one of those souls who seems to have access to far more knowledge than the average bear and he has spoken of multiple ways to exit, depending on our spiritual bent and other factors—using star gates set up for this purpose. These things were never taught to us because we are prisoners of the psychopaths. They had all the knowledge, and therefore all the power. We were easy prey and willing slaves!

杰特森 · 怀特是那种似乎比普通熊拥有更多知识的灵魂之一,他谈到了多种出路,这取决于我们的精神倾向和其他因素ーー使用为此目的设置的星门。这些东西从来没有教给我们,因为我们是精神变态者的囚徒。他们拥有所有的知识,因此拥有所有的力量。我们是容易的猎物和心甘情愿的奴隶!

2021年11月22日: 正义对人类是强制性的|星际飞船地球

Have you ever wondered why our star brethren never came to rescue us? From what I hear, the only way to get inside this construct called Terra is to portal in or come as pure energy without a physical vessel. Star gates or portals are needed for travel. That dome or firmament is locking us in, and that is how it was designed. It was for our safety, but unfortunately the marauders found a way in and have had their way with us for far too long but we’re about to blow this pop stand terrarium.

你有没有想过为什么我们的星际兄弟从来没有来拯救我们?据我所知,进入这个被称为 Terra 的构造的唯一方法就是作为纯粹的能量入场,或者作为没有物质容器的纯粹能量入场。星际之门或传送门是旅行所必需的。那个穹顶或苍穹把我们锁在里面,这就是它的设计。这是为了我们的安全,但不幸的是,掠夺者找到了一个进入的方法,他们已经和我们在一起太久了,但是我们要炸毁这个流行的玻璃容器。

Did you ever wonder why rockets never go straight up through the atmosphere? Why is the trajectory always an arc? Because they can’t get past the “glass ceiling”.


2021年11月22日: 正义对人类是强制性的|星际飞船地球

Melding Jetson’s interpretations with those of Yellow Rose for Texas births very interesting possibilities, and anything is possible.


Will we be going to ships belonging to the Space Force or the Star Nations to exit? I’ve no idea. Some say we will exit with our physical bodies. We can’t confirm anything because it’s all hearsay so I guess we’ll have to wait to see what happens, but it certainly seems like our coaches and professors—and there have been and are many—are going to deliver a spectacular finale for this massive psyop.


The many statements by Q and Trump ring in my ears and I believe they are accurate. The Plan will culminate in a remarkable scenario where the souls trapped in here by the predators will see their escape so they have the same chance as other souls to develop and progress, lifetime after lifetime, with their faculties intact, rather than suppressed as they are now.

Q 和特朗普的许多言论在我耳边回响,我相信它们是准确的。这个计划将在一个引人注目的场景中达到高潮,被捕食者困在这里的灵魂将看到他们的逃脱,这样他们就有与其他灵魂一样的机会发展和进步,一生一世,他们的能力完好无损,而不是像现在这样被压制。

I do believe we WILL love how this movie ends—because it’s possible we’re not truly experiencing this; that it’s an alternate world designed to get as many Humans to awaken as possible for their shot at Ascension—despite not knowing anything about it. The goal is to get us to “remember”.

我确实相信我们会喜欢这部电影的结局ーー因为我们可能并没有真正经历这一切; 这是一个替代的世界,旨在让尽可能多的人类为他们的阿森松之旅而觉醒ーー尽管他们对此一无所知。我们的目标是让我们“记住”。

2021年11月22日: 正义对人类是强制性的|星际飞船地球

It IS biblical in scale, and we ain’t seen nothin’ yet, is my interpretation. If we get a passing grade because we woke up, paid attention, opened our minds, expanded our thinking, and have come to the realization even partially as to who we are, why we’re here, where we really are, and how important spiritual advancement is, the future will be glorious.


We understand most decent people will move on with us. “Where we go one, we go all.”


2021年11月22日: 正义对人类是强制性的|星际飞船地球

Only the dregs of hell will be separated and sink to the bottom of the swamp once and for all; never to torment anyone again; never to poison and destroy the beauty of Creation again.

只有地狱的渣滓才会被分开,并且永远沉入沼泽的底部; 永远不再折磨任何人; 永远不再毒害和破坏造物的美丽。

So I guess if you’re reading this, you don’t need to worry about the Wu Flu, the jab, the microchips, etc. It’s not really happening, it’s our university curriculum. Like a holodeck. Seems larger than life, but it isn’t.


It had to be dramatic and frightening to reach deep enough into the frozen psyches of those under the spell to shock them awake. As Juan O’Savin stated, it will take the precipice of an extinction event to rescue some of those souls; something we experience [or think we experience] that is so traumatic and monumental that we can’t come back from it.

它必须是戏剧性的和可怕的,以达到足够深入到冰冻的心灵下的咒语,以震惊他们醒来。正如胡安 · 奥萨文所说的那样,将会有灭绝事件的悬崖来拯救其中的一些灵魂; 我们所经历的(或者认为我们所经历的)是如此痛苦和巨大,以至于我们无法从中恢复过来。

In the early days of the scamdemic I said it was too ridiculous to be real. Using logical thinking, if the White Hats/Earth Alliance knew what the parasites had planned, would they allow them to murder millions of people? Of course not. I said I don’t believe we need to worry about the “clot shot” and I am not.


Some how, some way, if The Plan worked—any time now I think we’ll pop out the other side of the looking glass into another world. Exit holodeck, stage left.


And that’s my, “What if…?” fantasy for today. It’s your move.

这就是我今天的”如果... ?”幻想,该你了。

2021年11月22日: 正义对人类是强制性的|星际飞船地球

Our understanding is that we were all mind-wiped when we left the enemy’s “soul trap” where we were enmeshed at the point we died and left our former avatar, and now we have scientists telling the world they can remove the memories of mice.


“Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.”


If they can do that with mice, aren’t they really telling us they probably did it to us?


And they’re doing it with a flash of light? What kind of treatment are we getting in front of our televisions, folks? Our computer monitors? Movies? How subtle could it be and still hypnotize us? If light beyond the spectrum we can see with our eyes and register in our brain can be used to manipulate us, how free are we?


Here come the mice in black! Kyoto University experiment removes mouse memories with light

黑色的老鼠来了! 京都大学实验用光移除老鼠的记忆

New optical technology spotlights how memories move in mouse brains during sleep


We know very well it’s an old practice of the psychopaths to implant memories, fracture the psyche of their victims so they’re basically schizophrenic, and programme aspects of their brain to play a role, complete a task, assume a role, that they will later have no recollection of.


The memories are so real that the subject believes one hundred percent it was actually their experience and they can recite intricate details which make it that much more believable to those who don’t know what happened. Too much detail, however, sets off the BS alarms for me.

这些记忆是如此真实,以至于实验对象百分之百地相信这就是他们的经历,他们能够背诵复杂的细节,这些细节让那些不知道发生了什么的人更加相信。太多的细节,然而,触发了我的 BS 警报。

That’s also how they programme their patsies to commit horrific crimes such as ploughing into a crowd of people with a car or truck; or ignite a bomb, or shoot someone, etc. They will do anything they are programmed to do. The programming overrides their sense of Human decency and right and wrong. This practice is not breaking or cutting edge news if you’ve been around for awhile.


Most false flag/terror events involve programmed victims who are often eliminated at the scene so they cannot remember anything incriminating and point the finger at the CIA or whomever set them up to do it.


The New World Order can’t keep up the terror attacks and unconstitutional persecution forever. The truth will be told, and order will be restored so justice can prevail and Humanity can be free.


Here in Arizona the election rigging is history, yet too many are unaware—thanks to the cabal’s lying, treasonous media but volunteers and involved citizens are telling us what they experienced during the 2020 election.


Truth Tellers Town Hall-AZ Election Fraud Exposed Part 1 of 3


You and I have reached the end of this post. It’s late, and Mica is waiting for me to bake cookies so until next time…  ~ BP

你和我已经达到了这个职位的终点。已经很晚了,Mica 正在等我烤饼干,所以下次见... ~ BP

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