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The Canary island of La Palma is still rumbling and spewing out lava.According to the Unknown Lightwarrior it is related to the volcanoes on Iceland that were energetically blocked from releasing geological tensions by a higherdimensional dome that the dark forces had placed over it and which has now been removed.The dark forces are playing with fire,that is for sure.Yesterday Australia had a 5.9 magnitude earthquake and a series of aftershocks near Melbourne in an area that is not prone to large earthquakes and doesn't have major fault lines as all of the country is lying on the same tectonic plate.This is in part an expression of the tensions Australians have been experiencing due to the severe restrictions that the government imposed and even people being shot in the streets for resisting restrictions.It would be good if people can do some meditation with pink light and the violet flame on the affected areas.


From Benjamin Fulford's latest newsletter something can be gleaned from what is going on behind the scenes,but it is rather fragmentary.The light forces unfortunately need to maintain the current uncertainty among the population,because everything we know the Cabal knows and many people will only get moving when other options are depleted.If overpowering the Cabal with blazing laser guns and stardust technology and taking over the mass media right now would be the optimal solution,the Galactic Confederation would do so,but it isn't.The Cosmic Central Race knows the timing of the Event,but they are not going to tell anyone as that would alter the timelines in ways that don't help the situation.

从本杰明·富尔福德(Benjamin Fulford)最新的时事通讯中,我们可以从幕后发生的事情中收集到一些信息,但这些信息相当零散。不幸的是,光明势力需要维持目前人口中的不确定性,因为我们所知道的一切都是阴谋集团所知道的,许多人只有在其他选择耗尽的时候才会行动起来。如果用耀眼的激光枪和星尘技术压倒阴谋集团,现在接管大众媒体是最好的解决方案,银河联邦会这么做,但事实并非如此。宇宙中央种族知道这一事件的时间,但他们不会告诉任何人,因为这会以无助于形势的方式改变时间线。

Regarding the graphene oxide(one of the unhealthy substances that is also in the Covid vaccines)that is in face masks,if you need to wear a face mask washing it in warm water gets rid of most of the graphene,and washing it three times should get rid of practically all of it.There is a wide variety of natural remedies that can help the body break down and flush out graphene particles,among which are CBD oil,MSM(methylsulfonylmethane),chlorine dioxide and shikimate which is in pine needles.


I have added a page titled 'Important documentaries',some of which documentaries you may already know.I have also included a link in the index to the page I wrote earlier about the legal system,its foundations and terminology and how you can go about breaking free from it.




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