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August 20,2021 2021820

There are innocent brave Trump supporters who have been wrongly imprisoned since the 6th January Capitol incident.I agree with Andrew Torba,CEO of Gab-release them now.

16日国会大厦事件以来,有些无辜勇敢的特朗普支持者被错误地关进了监狱。我同意安德鲁托尔巴,首席执行官 Gab-释放他们现在


After today's reporting that the FBI found scant evidence of any planned or organized"attack"on the Capitol on Jan 6th every single political prisoner should be immediately released and compensate​d for their troubles.


Cue(Q)always said two things'We cannot tell the people.We have to SHOW them...'August is traditionally a very HOT Month'.

Cue(Q)总是说两件事: "我们不能告诉人们,我们必须让他们知道..... "八月是传统上非常炎热的月份"

Th e current situation is neatly summed up in those two Cue statements.We must hold tight while the movie plays out.Major Patriot on Gab.


Steve Cortez just said between the worst consumer confidence in US history,210,000 illegals crossing the border and the Afghanistan debacle,August has been the worst month for any President in US History.--#BannonWarRoom


August has been hot AF.


Pepe Lives Matter on Gab does a great little summary of the current situation.Stock up the popcorn-this movie is about to get VERY interesting.

Pepe Lives Matter on Gab对当前的情况做了一个很好的小结。囤积爆米花-这部电影即将变得非常有趣。https://gab.com/PepeLivesMatter17

In summary:


Many in the mainstream media appear to be turning on the vaccines with the rise of booster shots,Joe Biden left countless American hostages in Afghanistan and is looking at impeachment/25th amendment,those who are awake are absolutely wide awake,and nothing can stop what is coming.

许多主流媒体似乎随着注射疫苗的增多而打开了疫苗,乔·拜登(Joe Biden)把无数美国人质留在了阿富汗,正在研究弹劾/25修正案,那些清醒的人完全清醒,没有什么能够阻止即将到来的事情

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.


Are you looking forward to the Trump rally tomorrow?I am...!The forecast is for rain-what better way to spend a rainy lockdown day than cosied up with a pot of green tea and watch my favorite President in action.I will be doing a partial transcript so stay tuned.


A meme that says it all.Either you are a Light Warrior fighting in this spiritual war-or you are being protected by one as you maintain your sleepy stance.M3thods on Gab.

一个说明一切的迷因。要么你是一个在这场灵性战争中战斗的光战士——要么你在保持你昏昏欲睡的姿势时受到一个光战士的保护。3 thods on Gabhttps://gab.com/M2Madness


I have a brave Light Warrior friend who is tackling the mask mandate at her local supermarket.In the course of her activism she has be-friended a local policeman who is against the jab.We Light Warriors are everywhere.


My own activism has changed tact.Instead of engaging the I Am Wearing A Mask On My Beach Walk Because I am Terrified Of Getting A(Fake)Virus people,I am engaging the mask-less people.I am congratulating them on their refreshing common-sense approach to the current Level 4 lockdown madness in NZ.Thank God the mask-less people far outnumber the idiots-around 90%.

我自己的行动改变了策略。我没有参与"我在海滩上戴着面具因为我害怕染上病毒"的活动,而是参与了那些没有面具的人。我要祝贺他们对 NZ 目前的4级防范禁闭疯狂采取了令人耳目一新的常识性做法。感谢上帝,没戴面具的人比白痴多得多,大约90%

Meanwhile,I am blessed to enjoy wonderful phone and Skype calls with lovely Light Warrior friends.This is a WAR,and these are my fellow digital soldiers.

与此同时,我很幸运能和可爱的光战士朋友们享受美妙的电话和 Skype 通话。这是一场战争,这些是我的数字战友



Thank you for reading this post.You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety,including the link to my blog site.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light





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