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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

July 2,2021 202172


It happened again!It's Friday already.It's getting freaky.Every three days we have Friday now according to my personal timeline.The days in between get compacted or something.


And what else is weird…we had a thunder storm last night.Came out of nowhere.And now it is steamy,hot and cloudy so we'll hope this is the advent of a significant and old fashioned monsoon season with torrential rains to slake the thirst of a long-parched desert and replenish the reservoirs,lakes,and canals.The palm trees around here have suffered immensely despite being on drip systems.


Below is the link to President Trump's rally in Sarasota,Florida on Saturday.Clearly,he's back,and so is America.The People tell the story.


RSBN begins live streaming the crowds,doing interviews,and capturing the energetic flavour of the event at 1 pm EDT/10 Pacific.You can set a reminder to watch,if you wish.The video of the Ohio rally posted on Trump's Rumble channel has almost 1.25 million views.The whole world is watching.

RSBN 开始直播的人群,做采访,并捕捉活跃的味道的事件下午1时东部夏令时/10太平洋。如果你愿意,你可以设置一个提醒来观看。特朗普的"轰隆"频道上发布的俄亥俄州集会视频点击率接近125万。全世界都在关注。

President Donald Trump Rally LIVE in Sarasota,FL–7/3/21 


RT is reporting on widespread cyber attacks today.Obviously these events have subtle meaning but you can probably speculate about the significance.


GLOBAL Cyberattack in over 1,300 locations!Guardicore,an Israeli research company,says it has discovered a massive worldwide series of cyberattacks which targeted the servers of over 2,000 companies and organizations that specialize in the fields of health,tourism,communications,and education primarily in the United States.The attacks were focused on Microsoft's SMB protocol.The hackers reportedly exploited a vulnerability that gave them access to user data to sell on the dark web.The wide-scale scope of the attack initially made it difficult for the researchers to locate the hackers.(RT)

全球网络攻击超过1,300个地点!以色列研究公司 Guardicore 表示,他们发现了一系列全球性的网络攻击,这些攻击针对的是2000多家公司和组织的服务器,这些公司和组织主要在美国从事医疗、旅游、通信和教育等领域的研究。这些攻击集中在微软的 SMB 协议上。据报道,黑客利用一个漏洞获取用户数据,然后在暗网上出售。由于攻击的范围很广,最初研究人员很难找到黑客。(RT)

The following might be considered an addendum to my wrathful report yesterday of a THIRD mass grave of indigenous children reported in Canada in June.Go,Kevin!He provides a tool for the People everywhere to advance the agenda to oust the murderous churches and their satanic habits from our land.Go to the ITCCS Updates at http://murderbydecree.com/

以下内容可视为我昨天关于6月份加拿大报告的第三个土著儿童乱葬坑的愤怒报告的增编。加油,凯文!他为世界各地的人们提供了一个工具,来推动将凶残的教会和他们的邪恶习惯驱逐出我们的土地的议程。请访问 http://murderbydecree.com/ ITCCS 更新

Genocidal Canadian Churches evicted and banished by nine indigenous nations 


Perhaps you question Kevin's statement that these atrocities continue today.The following is an open letter from a band member speaking from experience,who says…


There are currently three times more Indigenous children in various Canadian"care systems"than there were children enrolled at the height of residential schools in the 1940s.


When in this"care"an Indigenous child dies every three days.This is more Canadian history in the making.This is the continuing legacy of Canada's genocidal policies.


And,because their burial ground was desired for a golf course…


As a teenager at the time,I had the profound experience of being surrounded by Canadian soldiers and officers from Sûreté du Québec and having a semi-automatic weapon held to my right temple.I was with my family,all six of us had those guns pointed to our heads because of who we were.



Raven Kanatakta Polson-Lahache

乌鸦 Kanatakta Polson-Lahache

How can we hold our heads high as Canadians when the shame of these crimes should be weighing heavily upon us?Canada is not the land of kind,polite people we believed it was.Not really.That was a façade and it is crumbling rapidly.


the government stopped our food and water supply and the police were ramming our boats and tipping them as we tried to get supplies and food from across the rapids of the great St.Lawrence River in Montreal.


As I said would happen,there is news of even more sites being excavated and the death toll climbs.


As this goes to print,I receive the unholy news that 751 more children have been found in Saskatchewan.There is also news of 104 potential graves at former residential school sites in Manitoba,and another 180 in Ontario.


So who are the real savages,my friends?


Read the rest of his brutally honest and disturbing missive at the link below.


An open letter to Canadians on Canada's residential schools shame 


This isn't a revelation just now coming to the attention of Canadians.I reported the findings of Kevin Annett and band members in 2012 when unmarked graves were unearthed at the Indian Residential School in Brantford,Ontario.At that time the murderers went to work attacking Kevin.Even the First Nations people attacked him because they were compensated to keep it all quiet.They betrayed their own people for money.

这不是刚刚引起加拿大人注意的新发现。我在2012年报道了 Kevin Annett 和乐队成员的调查结果,当时布兰特福德的印第安寄宿学校出土了无名坟墓。当时,杀人犯开始攻击凯文。甚至第一民族的人也攻击他,因为他们得到了保持沉默的补偿。他们为了钱背叛了自己的人民。


mass grave excavation at Indian Residential School,Brantford,Ontario Canada





Can you imagine how long this overall liberation operation would take if time went as slowly as it did decades ago?As I've said,there are so many things happening behind the scenes and in other realms and other countries that the choreographed production must be coordinated to perfection before some aspects can go to the next step.We only get one shot,and failure is not an option so we just have to go with the flow and trust The Plan.Every piece on this 5D chessboard must be in place to go forward.


The reality of the lifestyles of the"rich and famous"is coming to the surface and their predatory nature laid out for all to see.



And on we go.Drip.Drip.Drip.Finally,the predators are no longer protected and the truth is coming out,but in a painfully slow way for those who know.


  • Judge Loretta Preska ruled Thursday that dozens of documents about Ghislaine Maxwell's personal affairs should be unsealed in the next two weeks 


  • The judge said that unsealing the documents would not impact Maxwell's right to a fair trial in November as her lawyers have claimed 


  • Among the documents will be Maxwell's efforts to quash requests from Virginia Roberts Giuffre to obtain her financial records 


  • Giuffre's lawyers demanded documents from Maxwell,including'funding received from the Clinton Global Initiative and the Clinton Foundation'

律师要求 Maxwell 提供文件,其中包括从克林顿全球倡议和克林顿基金会基金会获得的资金

  • Clinton flew on Epstein's plane dozens of times and photographs show the former president with the financier and Maxwell 


EXCLUSIVE:Judge rules to unseal dozens of documents about Ghislaine Maxwell's personal affairs,including those that reveal her and Jeffrey Epstein's relationship with the Clintons 


These sub-Humans can no longer hide in the dark.They are being flushed from the fetid sewers where they dwell.The difference now is,we are not seeing the rivers running red as we did a couple of times in the past so it's not as apparent.



On the brink of Independence Day,Americans may wish to participate in this survey.


The following is a link to a high quality,succinct video from Info Wars encapsulating the facts about the"vaxxxine"remedy for the imaginary,engineered pandemic and the fraud and greed-based activity of Anthony Fauci and friends.The terminology"gene therapy"sounds so benign,doesn't it?


We'll see how many enjoy being genetically modified organisms.There is no precedent for this that we know of;no clinical trials,no rules,no warnings until it was too late.Fear fuelled the hysteria and had unsuspecting people lining up to be lab rats.Some experienced negative side-effects from the first shot and still went back for a second.That takes a special kind of stupid,if you ask me.


Smoking Gun Proof That The Covid Pandemic Is A Scam 


We're told this is villagers attacking vaccine pushers.The narrator uses strong language.


Steve Inman on Twitter: "Villager's Fight Back Against Vaccine Shots pic.twitter.com/9FpHJQLtb4 / Twitter"

Villager's Fight Back Against Vaccine Shots pic.twitter.com/9FpHJQLtb4

W.H.O Flips Decision On Recommending The C19"V"To Children!Not Enough Evidence!

世界卫生组织撤销向儿童推荐 C19"v"的决定!证据不足!

Hot off the press.The World Health Organization says:


Children should not be vaccinated for the moment.
There is not yet enough evidence on the use of vaccines against COVID-19 in children to make recommendations for children to be vaccinated against COVID-19.Link to Telegram.

儿童暂时不应接种疫苗。目前还没有足够的证据表明在儿童中使用2019冠状病毒疾病疫苗来建议儿童接种2019冠状病毒疾病疫苗。链接到 Telegram

Gareth Icke was a guest on Charlie Ward's show recently and I enjoyed their informed réparté.32 min.


The Difference Between Conpiracy&Truth 



The Arizona Election saga rolls out to keep us informed of the status of the audit in this battleground state where nine more state delegations will examine the practices of the investigation today here in AZ.This train is officially a runaway and nothing can stop the results of that rigged election from going public.These idiots on the left are parked on the tracks at the crossing thinking they can prevent this beast from getting to the next state.You know what's going to happen.

亚利桑那州大选的传奇故事将在本摇摆州继续向我们通报审计的进展情况,另外9个州的代表团将于今天在 AZ.对调查的实践进行审查。这列火车正式失控,没有什么能够阻止那次被操纵的选举的结果公之于众。左边的这些白痴停在十字路口的铁轨上,以为他们可以阻止这头野兽进入下一个州。你知道会发生什么。


Ballots,Machines Moved Out Of Coliseum As AZ Audit Nears Completion 

选票,机器搬出体育馆,AZ 审计接近完成

Here's the latest from LT at And We Know.

这里是 LT 的最新消息,我们知道。

7.2.21:The BURDEN is HEAVY on us all!Stay together and PRAY for protection!


About those fires in Lytton,BC…Queen Romana asked for help from multiple fronts and this is what happened:


It's raining!In Lytton,Kamloops and the rest of interior BC where we need it the most.It's pouring,with massive thunder and lightning…the works!Thank you,Romana,and to all of you who sent us your prayers.This should help stop all the new fires,especially the ones near the evacuation centres from where evacuees had to flee earlier this evening


Ask and ye shall receive.I did,and did it smell amazing here in Phoenix last night in our storm.


Romana also posted this announcement but for some odd reason the lying,treasonous media isn't sharing the news with the public.


The state of emergency in British Columbia regarding the scamdemic has been cancelled.See the release from the BC government here.


Here's some fun trivia for a Friday afternoon via Telegram in a dynamic poll that updates as you respond.


TRUMPINTEL,[02.07.21 14:35]


FEMA and FCC Plan Nationwide Emergency Alert Test for Aug.11 Test Messages Will be Sent to TVs and Radios Along with Select Cell Phones That Have Opted-in to Receive Test Messages 


The showdown is in progress,and coming to a head.


And we're closing for this Friday afternoon.It will no doubt be an exciting weekend.Every day is exciting and eventful,however subtle in nature.


Ciao for now,possums.Stay safe.~BP





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