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阿斯塔|以我们胜利的喜悦振动Dear Brothers of the Earth!I AM ASHTAR SHERAN!


I want to bring calmness and joy here today.In difficult times this is how we bring you back into balance again;this is how we take your minds off the focus of problems,take your minds off the focus of things that seem to be hopeless.


Every day in your world,for those of you who only have eyes for the negative,everything seems to get worse,everything seems to be slipping out of what little balance you still had.Unfortunately,I cannot tell you that it will stop there,on the contrary,more and more you will see the world in a total imbalance;because it is the last attempt,a desperate attempt by those who have already lost the war.The only thing they can do now,against you is this,is to incite the hearts of those who resonate with them,to produce chaos,to produce little wars.Not armed wars,but wars made with their own hands.


So again,as I said at the beginning,I want to bring joy here.I am not here bringing more worry.And why bring joy?Because the moment is one of extreme joy.There are no more risks for you in terms of the military,or the weapons of the Dark Ones;and even your weapons,the weapons of men that could hurt this planet,will achieve nothing more,because with each attempt,this too will be eliminated.So it is with joy,yes,it is with great joy that we are all vibrating around your planet for the victory achieved.A long victory,coming from a long battle.And why is it long?Because from the first moment we started the fight,victory was always ours.


So it was a victory that was growing with each new combat,because it was so determined by God the Father/Mother.Those who were here would no longer have the strength to stay on this planet the way they were doing.So,yes,I come to speak of joy,and I want very much for your hearts now,as you listen to me,to be filled with joy as well.As much as everything seems chaotic,as much as everything seems senseless,lost,aimless,I tell you this:look the other way around,look at how your planet is doing.


Today,unfortunately not everyone,but a good percentage of humans have started to respect this planet.And every day more supporters join.More people stop consuming animals,more people start respecting the earth,more people start looking at themselves,trying to find a path for their evolution.So how can you not be happy?If you look back a few years ago,I,Ashtar Sheran,being here speaking to thousands would be impossible,untrue,unbelievable.It would be untrue,it would be unbelievable,because the commanders of this environment would not accept it.However,even though everything has been manipulated,contaminated by them,this is our environment,it is of the Light.So they cannot silence our voice;if they could,they would have done it already.


And every day,more and more people engage in the multiplication of these messages.Unfortunately,concomitantly,many people also use these messages to preach the opposite.But each one will find their own way in due time,this does not hinder us.Because our voice,our messages,reach where we want them to reach.When each one of you,who has never heard,is led to hear a message from us,the time for your awakening has come,the time has come to show you the truth.


Now the choice is yours:accept the invitation or decline it.But I can tell you that the vast majority accept the invitation.But they are not as conscious people as you are,but I would say,that the time has come for you to welcome them with open arms,to show them the way.That is all.We don't ask you to carry anyone on your lap,we don't ask you to take someone's hand and walk them.No,the path has to be walked by each one,by each one's heart.So just show the way and that person,by himself,will have to seek the answers,to ask for help.


So it's a lot of joy,yes,a lot of joy.We are all recovering from a long and difficult battle,but one that we already knew we would win,and so nobody ever gave up.Now a new stage will begin:the cleansing of those on the surface.When?Wait for it.Everything happens at the right time.So it will not happen before or after the time we have already planned for.So,just keep the focus on joy,the focus on Victory.Don't get carried away by the chaos.That's what chaos is there for,to take you out of hope,to take you out of balance,to cause fear.


Realize that the pandemic no longer strikes so many,it is no longer so threatening,but they insist that it still is;but reality no longer shows this.So the weapons will be different now.What risk do you run?I would say none;because those who vibrate high,who are on the path,who make themselves available to the Light,do not attract chaos;therefore,they run no risks.Now,those of you who are still doubting,those of you who are still doubtful about which side you are going to follow,be very careful,because chaos can absorb you.


So it's very simple:vibrate loud,vibrate love,vibrate harmony,peace,say only positive things.Don't comment on the negative,keep your mouths shut if you are not going to say positive things.Learn to be quiet,this is also a learning process.


I would say that now is the moment for each one of you;it is the moment for isolation,for each one of you to find your way.Not to seek your path in the opinion of others,not to seek your path the same as that of others,not to seek your path through the experience of others.Understand,the path is each one's own.Each human being on this planet has a soul,and each soul has a path.So,don't mirror the path of another,you have to respect your own path.So the time is not to look at the other;it's not to follow what the other does.Look at your own feet,nobody walks on the feet of others,


you walk on your own feet,so look at your own feet.Each soul has its own way;so don't imitate,don't copy,don't envy,don't compare the other's way;it is your way.If it is stonier,more full of obstacles,it is because your path made it that way.Don't compare yourself with the one whose path is flowery and easy.Follow your feet.


This is the moment,and by making this isolation,you are able to stay balanced,vibrating high;and chaos,it passes very far,it passes extremely far.So don't give importance to the chaos.Don't give importance to the more news.Vibrate only joy,because The Light has Won,the victory is ours.Why vibrate the opposite?Why vibrate fear?Why vibrate negative feelings?What you wanted has happened;we are victorious,The Light has totally Won.So,why not vibrate joy?Why not vibrate only love?It is up to you to vibrate loudly.


If many times,things don't happen,it is because the vibration of the planet doesn't allow it;but this vibration comes from you.So,you always think:"Oh,I am one.If I vibrate low today,it doesn't hurt anything."This thought of yours reverberates,and you will have another,who will think the same way,and this spreads across the grid of the planet.And how many will vibrate low,just because they are unique?What happens?The vibration of the planet drops.And then what you expect to happen the next day takes a little longer,because we need a quantum of high vibration of energy,of frequency on the planet,for everything to happen.


So do your part.Don't just because you think you are unique and isolated,that you don't mess with the Whole;that is unreal.Each one of you who vibrates below reverberates it throughout the Whole.So be part of the group that raises the vibration,don't hold the hand of the group that lowers it.The time has come for you to take a course,to take a path.And this path is isolated,it is not leaning against or based on anyone.The path is each one's own.Each one has to find his own path.The other's path is good for the other,maybe not for you.So don't follow the other's path;it's your feet,you don't walk on his feet.


So once again:vibrate joy,lots of joy.All the joy we are feeling is being reverberated on your planet.We are doing our part,wrapping this planet in so much light,in so much love,in so much joy,so that it reverberates,and you can feel that same joy and you can amplify it.This is what we expect from you,nothing different.


But I insist again:follow your path.If your way to be joyful is to go up on the roof of your house and vibrate really loud,so be it.And that will be your way,and nobody will have to imitate you.Let each one do it his or her own way.Learn to be yourself,not others.Then a Divine and powerful Being doesn't depend on anyone,it depends only on your desires,and your choices.


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