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The November 11 Timeline Correction Meditation had a strong and multipronged effect,even though the critical mass was not reached;according to my information some 125,000 people participated.The reservoir of quantum anomaly foam that the Chimera use to replenish their ranks with new spiders that they create in the manifestation chambers that Cobra mentioned is now at around 30%of the level it was at just after the Draco fleet was fully cleared.So progress is being made continually and the light forces don't give the Chimera any time to catch their breath.


The Cabal representatives on the surface have been acting really intolerably and subversively lately,seeking to tighten the straightjacket of the matrix even more.So excuse me if I am at times very irritated by them and condemning of them,it has been tough for all of us even more so because part of the members of the Army of Light have forsaken their mission leaving the rest to do more than their fair share in very difficult circumstances.But beyond all this temporary drama is a much more fundamental reality that can help us cope with things if we connect with it.There are quite a few spiritual gurus out there with their websites and channels,some of whom have departed from the physical plane;personally I resonate a lot with Bentinho Massaro and he has a series of recent podcasts out which I want to advertise:Mirror Talks on YouTube and Bentinho Massaro's website.One reader asked me what inner work is;well,see and hear for yourself.

最近,阴谋集团的代表们表面上的行为确实令人难以忍受且颠覆性强,他们试图进一步加强黑客帝国的束缚。因此,如果我有时对他们感到非常恼火并谴责他们,请原谅我,这对我们所有人来说更加困难,因为光之军的一部分成员已经放弃了他们的使命,留下其他人在非常困难的情况下做他们应该做的事情。但是除了所有这些暂时的戏剧性事件之外,还有一个更为基本的现实,如果我们与之联系起来,它就能帮助我们应对各种事情。有相当多的灵性大师在他们的网站和频道上,其中一些人已经脱离了物质层面;我个人与本蒂尼奥马萨罗产生了很大的共鸣,他最近有一系列播客,我想做广告:镜像谈话在 YouTube 和本蒂尼奥马萨罗的网站上。一位读者问我什么是内在工作;好吧,你自己看看,听听。


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