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最新时事通讯: 2020/11/4| James Gilliland ECETI 新闻

Last night was one of the roughest nights I have experienced.There was an astral war for America occurring using everything from black magic to rituals to bind the soul of America to some very dark forces.We can live in denial,worship,Lady GaGa,Abramovich and those in Hollywood and the music industry who have sold their souls for fame and wealthtraveling withand supportingthe Biden's or we can go within as every master,saint and sage to make our own personal God/Creator/Great Spirit connection.The truth has always been within,that small voice from the heart that tells you something just is not right.That voice is going to get louder despite the fake news and lame stream corporate owned,MK Ultra media.The truth has been revealed as to the democratic agenda and the corruption replete within the party.The socialist,communist,anarchist agendas all tying into Marxism have been made very clear.It seems we have historical amnesia when it comes to how these regimes turned out.When ever you centralize the power and wealth into the hands of a few,"Billionaire Narcissist"to govern every aspect of your life freedom pays the price.If you do the research you will find most are eugenicists,megalomaniacs and have maniacle plans to either totally enslave you or eliminate you all together.This is what is at stake in your present election.If you knew of their real plans disguised as saving the environment you would realize your not in them,nor was it ever their intention to save the planet.Their desire is to enslave the planet,control every aspect of your life and nature.It is your true nature to be free,free thinking,awake,eventually making your own personal connection with God/Creator/Great Spirit.Universal Law is the law of Spirit.Universal Peace.Brother/Sisterly Love,Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All.Universal Law is colorblind,it transcends all cultural and religious boundaries.Those aligned with Universal Law have an extreme distain for those who trespass on these basic rights.Just as the dark hearts are calling on their unseen negative entities unknown to the socially engineered"woke"we can call on the legions of light to bring the light and truth to any situation.You don't have to judge,know who is who and what they have done all you have to do is go within,make your own personal connection with Source and ask that this all be revealed and healed.These next few mornings and evenings it is imperative to pray and meditate on just that.Ask the higher dimensionals,the legions of light no matter what religion or belief and ask that anything that does not align with Universal Law the highest and best good of Humanity and the Earth be revealed and healed.We can reset America and the World together.Our future depends on it.

昨晚是我经历过的最难熬的夜晚之一。美国发生了一场星际战争,使用从黑魔法到宗教仪式的一切手段将美国的灵魂与一些非常黑暗的力量捆绑在一起。我们可以生活在否认、崇拜、Lady GaGa、阿布拉莫维奇以及好莱坞和音乐产业中那些为了名利和财富而出卖灵魂与拜登同行并支持他的人中,或者我们可以以每一位大师、圣人和圣人的身份去建立我们自己的个人上帝/创造者/伟大的精神联系。真相一直存在于内心,那个发自内心的微弱的声音告诉你某些事情是不对的。尽管有假新闻和蹩脚的流媒体公司,MK Ultra 媒体,这种声音还是会越来越响亮。关于民主议程和党内腐败现象的真相已经暴露出来。社会主义者、共产主义者、无政府主义者的议程都与马克思主义联系在一起,这一点已经非常清楚。当谈到这些政权是如何变成现在这样的时候,我们似乎有历史健忘症。当你把权力和财富集中到少数人手中时,"亿万富翁自恋狂"就会控制你生活的方方面面,自由就会付出代价。如果你做了这个研究,你会发现大多数人都是优生学家,妄自尊大的人,他们有着疯狂的计划,要么完全奴役你,要么一起消灭你。这就是你目前选举的利害关系。如果你知道他们真正的计划伪装成拯救环境,你会意识到你不在他们之中,也不是他们意图拯救地球。他们的愿望是奴役这个星球,控制你生活和本性的每一个方面。自由、自由的思考、觉醒,最终与上帝/创造者/伟大的灵魂建立个人联系,这是你的真实本性。普遍的法则是灵性法则。世界和平。兄弟姐妹之爱,个人自由,共同繁荣。宇宙法则是色盲的,它超越了所有的文化和宗教界限。那些与普遍法一致的人对那些侵犯这些基本权利的人有着极端的鄙视。正如黑暗的心灵正在召唤它们那些未知的看不见的负面实体,那些被社会工程"唤醒"的实体,我们可以召唤光的军团来为任何情况带来光明和真理。你不必去评判,不必知道谁是谁,也不必知道他们做了什么,你所要做的就是进入内在,建立你自己与源头的个人联系,并要求这一切都被揭示和治愈。在接下来的几个早晨和晚上,祈祷和冥想就是当务之急。请求更高的维度,无论什么宗教或信仰的光的军团,并请求任何与宇宙法则不一致的东西,人类和地球的最高和最好的善被揭示和治愈。我们可以让美国和世界重新团结在一起。我们的未来取决于此。



James Gilliland 詹姆斯·吉利兰



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