查理•弗瑞克:一些你可以信任的和多么精彩的表演!(解码 Kat)

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我觉得这很重要的原因是因为 Charlie 在 YouTube 和 Twitter 上列出了几个他和 Colleen 认为值得信赖的人。他们认为那些视频和推特上的信息来自 q 团队或者特朗普团队的人。

Source:Dinar Chronicles|By Kat

Enclosed is my partial transcription of a video chat between Charlie Freak and Rice Crypto recorded on 10-14-20.

随信附上我在10-14-20录制的 Charlie Freak Rice Crypto 视频聊天的部分内容。

The reason I felt it was important is because Charlie lists several people on YouTube and Twitter that he and Colleen believe are trustworthy.People they feel whose vids and Tweets have information that are coming from either Q-Team or Trump-Team.

我觉得这很重要的原因是因为 Charlie YouTube Twitter 上列出了几个他和 Colleen 认为值得信赖的人。他们认为那些视频和推特上的信息来自 q 团队或者特朗普团队的人。

In these fascinating days of unceasing revelations of corruption,it becomes essential to separate true information from disinfo or downright li_es.There are many who will put out a bunch of hooey and it's difficult to tell what is fact.


CASE IN POINT:This New York Post article has been making the rounds.Apparently no one can re-Tweet this article without getting suspended:


查理•弗瑞克:一些你可以信任的和多么精彩的表演!(解码 Kat)

Here is the link to the 10-14-20 New York Post article on Bid_en-gate:

以下是纽约邮报10-14-20关于 Bid_en-gate 的文章链接:

查理•弗瑞克:一些你可以信任的和多么精彩的表演!(解码 Kat)

Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad


It seems like a legit article,right?Guess not.THIS was posted on q-anon.pub about it:


查理•弗瑞克:一些你可以信任的和多么精彩的表演!(解码 Kat)

So before we start believing EVERYTHING we read now,if it's in the Mainstream Media chances are it's STILL disinfo or misinfo or li_es because the MSM is still owned and programmed by the ca_bal propaganda machine.

因此,在我们开始相信我们现在读到的一切之前,如果这些信息出现在主流媒体上,那么它们很可能仍然是虚假信息、错误信息或谎言,因为 MSM 仍然被秘密宣传机器所拥有和编程。

Before I get to the Charlie/Rice Crypto transcription—Holy Smokes.WHAT A SHOW!!


查理•弗瑞克:一些你可以信任的和多么精彩的表演!(解码 Kat)

Colleen and Charlie Freak have always said that when the TRUTH started to be revealed,everything would fall like dominoes.


That it would be one reveal after the other,after the other,after the other.Holy Moly were they spot on.I can't catch my breath these days.


What has Q maintained from Day One?"WE HAVE IT ALL."

Q 从第一天开始就坚持了什么?"我们拥有一切。"

They certainly do,thanks in great part to the NSA and the Patriot Act that backfired on the deep state de_mons.The White Hats reversed it and spied on THEM.

的确如此,这在很大程度上要归功于美国国家安全局和《爱国者法案》(Patriot Act),它们在深层恶魔状态中产生了适得其反的效果。白帽子颠倒过来,监视他们。

Who started this month off with BIG INTEL?Our amazing Santa Surfing when she announced on 10-1-20 that Hil_lary would be the first BIG NAME to go public.And so it was.

谁在这个月开始使用BIG INTEL?我们惊人的圣诞老人冲浪时,她在10-1-20宣布,希拉里将是第一个上市的大名字。事实也的确如此。

查理•弗瑞克:一些你可以信任的和多么精彩的表演!(解码 Kat)

It's just been one amazement after the other every day.


I've often wondered how POTUS and Q were going to let the truth out?As usual,they're GENIUS.

我经常想知道总统和 q 是如何让真相大白于天下的,像往常一样,他们是天才。

By now,A-nons/Digital Warriors/Midnight Riders/Truthers/and IDC readers know about the 13 Phoenician de_mon Blood_line Families that lived in Venice,who were controlling the dar_kest,most ev_il,rev_olting empire in all Creation.

到目前为止,A-nons/Digital Warriors/Midnight Riders/Truthers/and IDC 的读者已经知道了生活在威尼斯的13个腓尼基人血统家族,他们控制着所有创造物中最黑暗、最邪恶、最古老的帝国。

That they ensl_aved us all in Maritime Law.That we're not Human Beings but"corpse-orations"i.e.commodities they trade on the Stock Market.


By now Digital Warriors know about their endless hor_rorific crimes.Their unspeakable dis_gusting global adren_ochrome trade,their rev_olting sa_tanic rituals,about the MILLIONS of ca_ged children and babies in DUMBs,their rampant pe_do-philia,the gro_tesque Ep_stein island,the Bi_den crime families'Child Tra_fficking,the vile video of Hil_lary and Hu_ma on Wein_er's laptop that made seasoned Police Detectives vomit…we know all this.


查理•弗瑞克:一些你可以信任的和多么精彩的表演!(解码 Kat)

But the sleepers don't know ANY of this yet.So I've been wondering,how are the Alliance going to let this information out?


As usual,the Alliance are brilliant.They're starting with documents.Things that sleepers can understand."Tr_eason.""Li_es.""Corr_uption."


Let peeps begin to deal with that BEFORE we get to the grisly,gn_arly,gut-wren_ching stuff with the children.Oh Lord.


查理•弗瑞克:一些你可以信任的和多么精彩的表演!(解码 Kat)

I believe the truly hor_rofic is coming AFTER the election.POTUS is so wise.This is the right way to do it.


查理•弗瑞克:一些你可以信任的和多么精彩的表演!(解码 Kat)

I've always advocated a rip-the-band-aid-off approach,but Q and POTUS are smarter.They're going gradually,thoroughly,legally and with zero latitude.The collective ca_bal goose is cooked and it has been cooked for a long time now.Years.

我一直提倡一种简单的方法,但是 q 和总统更聪明。他们逐步地,彻底地,合法地,没有任何自由。集体鹅肉已经煮熟了,而且已经煮了很长时间了。很多年了。

As POTUS said on 9-29-20@the Bi_den debate:"We've caught'em.We've caught'em all.We've got it all on tape.We've caught'em all."

正如美国总统在9-29-20@Bi_den 辩论中所说:"我们已经抓住他们了。我们把他们都抓住了。我们都录下来了。我们把他们都抓住了。"

Santa Surfing(and Charlie and Colleen)maintain that everything has already been done.That Hi_lary and gang are either ankle-braceleted,Git-Mo'd,tried and/or execu_ted.


查理•弗瑞克:一些你可以信任的和多么精彩的表演!(解码 Kat)

We KNOW from POTUS himself that by September 12,Joe and Hun_ter Bi_den were gone.



9-12-20@POTUS'Reno rally,President Trump said,"Sleepy Joe Biden surrendered...Joe is shot.Let's face it.He is shot."


9-19-20@POTUS'Fayetteville,North Carolina rally,President Trump said,"Joe is dead."

9-19-20@POTUS'FayettevilleNorth Carolina rallyPresident Trump said"Joe is dead"



So I ask myself,"Is POTUS really running against a clone?!?A body double?Both?"


I guess so.Q and the Alliance are literally putting on a show and seen from this perspective they're having too much fun.

我想是的。Q 和联盟正在进行一场表演,从这个角度来看,他们玩得太开心了。

Charlie Ward sometimes says,"There are those on the Trump-team who are a little naughty.Like having Bi_den fall asleep in an interview.They took 2 batteries out of that clone."

查理·沃德(Charlie Ward)有时会说:"特朗普团队里有些人有点淘气。比如在一次采访中让拜登睡着。他们从那个克隆人身上拿走了两节电池。"

Or having Bi_den declare he is proud to be running for……the Senate(!?!)Or that he couldn't remember Mitt Ro_mney's name,or that he has dementia,etc.


查理•弗瑞克:一些你可以信任的和多么精彩的表演!(解码 Kat)

I'm a little confused about the censorship issue,which is totally out of hand now.Santa Surfing reported today that even Craig's List is censored.Seriously?!?Yes.


What I'm not clear about is that Charlie Ward said POTUS and the Alliance are in total control of youtube,Twitter,Instagram and FB.

我不清楚的是查理·沃德说总统和联盟完全控制了 youtube Twitter Instagram FB

If that's true,then why is the censorship of Q-An_on_s so rampant?Santa Surfing has had at least 6 Twitter accounts that keep getting shut down.Charlie Ward's videos are now off youtube and on BitChute or his own website.

如果这是真的,那么为什么对 QAnons 的审查如此猖獗?圣诞老人网上已经有至少6 Twitter 账户被关闭了。查理·沃德的视频现在已经从 youtube BitChute 或他自己的网站上撤下。

Are Q and POTUS orchestrating this?I don't know the answer.I'm only posing the question:


查理•弗瑞克:一些你可以信任的和多么精彩的表演!(解码 Kat)查理•弗瑞克:一些你可以信任的和多么精彩的表演!(解码 Kat)

If you read this Twitter thread,it basically sums up POTUS'2017 timeline from Charlie and Colleen Freak's video"The Q-Team's Takedown of the Ca_bal from A-Z":

如果你读过这个推特帖子,它基本上总结了美国总统2017年的时间表,来自查理和科琳·弗莱克的视频《q 小队从 A-Z 拿下 阴谋集团:

查理•弗瑞克:一些你可以信任的和多么精彩的表演!(解码 Kat)


Or you can read my transcription of Colleen and Charlie Freak's podcast with Mark Devlin.It outlines the fascinating journey POTUS took from country to country with huge NSA files in tow.

或者你可以阅读我对 Colleen Charlie Freak Mark Devlin 的播客的抄写。它概述了总统带着巨大的国家安全局文件从一个国家到另一个国家的迷人旅程。

In each country POTUS told government leaders,including the EU and Vatican,that they either worked for Trump or the NSA files and DVDs would go public.

在每个国家,总统都告诉包括欧盟和梵蒂冈在内的政府领导人,他们要么为特朗普工作,要么将 NSA 的文件和 dvd 公之于众。

Since the DVDs contained vivid HD images and video of hor_rific acts,which frightened the daylights out of everyone,they all,including the Pope,capitulated to POTUS.

由于 dvd 包含生动的高清图像和恐怖行为的视频,吓坏了每个人,他们所有人,包括教皇,向总统投降。

I highly recommend the transcription or Twitter thread as a refresher because it's brilliant,and in the enclosed video transcription with Charlie Freak and Rice Crypto,Charlie said that several members of Q-Team declared his POTUS timeline accurate:

我强烈推荐抄录或推特帖子作为一个提醒,因为它是辉煌的,在所附视频抄录与查理怪胎和 Rice Crypto,查理说,几个成员 q 团队宣布他的总统时间表准确:

Video:The Q Team's Takedown of the Cabal from A to Z-July 20,2020

视频:2020720日,q 小组从 a z 将阴谋集团拿下

The Charlie Freak Podcast,Colleen,Mark Devlin,Filipe Alexander videographer

Charlie Freak 播客 Colleen Mark Devlin Filipe Alexander 摄影师

"Video:How Trump,the NSA,Q-JFK Jr.,Against all Odds,Took Down the Cabal,Part 1"by Kat-7.30.20

中文链接:"视频:特朗普,国家安全局,Q-JFK Jr.,如何克服重重困难,拿下阴谋集团,第一部分",at-7.30.20

"Video:How Trump,the NSA,Q-JFK Jr.,Against all Odds,Took Down the Cabal,Part 2"by Kat-7.30.20

中文链接:"视频:特朗普,国家安全局,Q-JFK Jr.,如何克服重重困难,拿下阴谋集团,第二部分",at-7.30.20

Here is my brief transcription of Charlie and Rice Crypto where Charlie mentions several people one can have faith in.

以下是我对 Charlie and Rice Crypto 的简短记录,其中 Charlie 提到了几个值得信赖的人。

As well,Charlie explains how he and Colleen came to be so accurate in their brilliant videos about the Genius Q-Team Takedown of the Ca_bal.

同时,查理解释了他和科琳是如何在他们精彩的视频中如此准确地描述了天才 q 小组拿下谋集团的过程。



Charlie Freak Visits with Rice Crypto~Walking Upon the Water to Seek the Truth 10-14-20



Partial transcription by Kat

Kat 部分转录

45:31 Charlie Freak:There are 3 people out there for those of you who want to look up their work…cuz it's good work and it's work that,we feel,you can trust…there are 3 people that the Q-Team do deal with…that does not mean that these people are on the inside…it's just that the work that they share is being directed to them from Q-Team…we're certain about this…

查理弗瑞克:3个人在那里,你们谁想查看他们的工作......因为这是很好的工作,这是工作,我们觉得,你可以信任......3个人的 q 小组处理......这并不意味着这些人是在内部......这只是他们分享的工作是指导他们从 q 小组......我们确定这一点.....

46:06 One would be a really wonderful lady by the name of Jennifer Mac…she is hosting these conversations with a gentleman by the name of Juan O Savin…1-0-7…in Gematria the zero doesn't count so it's 1-7,which is 17,which is the letter Q,17th letter of the alphabet…so Juan O Savin,imo without a doubt is JFK Jr…

46:06一位名叫詹妮弗·麦克的好女士,她正在和一位名叫胡安··萨文的先生主持这些对话,1-0-7,在 Gematria 0不算,所以是1-7,也就是17,字母表中的第17个字母 q 所以胡安··萨文,我毫无疑问是小肯尼迪。.


46:33 Why would he do a show with Jennifer who isn't hard-hitting…deep down the rabbit hole truth…it's just because the Trump family and the Kennedy family…this entire process is begin done very very tight,very close and very narrow…it is a very small group of people who are involved with this and whom they are trusting…and they are right to do that…


47:00 Because who can you trust in a system that is based on monopoly money?...cuz anybody can be bribed because all you have to do is print more monopoly money…they'll just find the amount you can be bought and sold at…


47:16 So this is a family oriented program…this movement…The Trumps,the Kennedys and they're all in on it,they're all working together…and it's a very narrow group…


47:33 So they work with Jennifer Mac…if you go to her channel you'll see all of those conversations with Juan O Savin,they're brilliant and they're very important to listen to…


48:21 Another one is Santa Surfing…she puts out what she is given.She's a wonderful,wonderful lady.She does a good job with very deep stuff….Who is giving you first glimpse at EVERYTHING that is the biggest releases?It's always coming from Santa Surfing…



49:00 I would suggest she's probably in that family…whoever she is she's someone very very close to them just as Jennifer Mac is very very close to this family,part of this group…

49:00我认为她可能在那个家庭里...不管她是谁她和他们的关系非常非常亲密就像 Jennifer Mac 和这个家庭非常非常亲密,这个群体的一部分..

[Kat Note:Santa recommends@LawNuse and I second that recommend.She's awesome.]


49:20 The third one is Kelli Ann…her youtube channel is KelliAnnHubNews…

49:20第三个是 Kelli Ann...她的 youtube 频道是 KelliAnnHubNews..


49:27 Charlie cont.:She does a lot of decoding of the messages…the numerology,symbology…she doesn't have the Spiritual aspect to this…but she does a great job…she's very smart…and there are definitely comms back and forth…even from Trump himself…to her work and her videos…


49:54 If you're looking for 3 people[Jennifer Mac,Santa Surfing
Kelli Ann]that you can reach out and embrace that you can TRUST…and gain some truthful information from…we would recommend those 3…


50:05 Colleen and I…we're not connected to anyone…we're just 2 kids from Canada,very humble beginnings…our work has been recognized…by a lot of people cuz it's different from everybody else because we deal with the holistic innerstanding…the holistic comprehension of things…what we would say that's what truth is…it's holistic in Nature…it's not a bit and a piece…

50:05 Colleen 和我。.我们和任何人都没有联系...我们只是两个来自加拿大的孩子,非常卑微的开始...我们的工作已经被很多人认可...因为它与其他人不同,因为我们处理的是整体的内在理解...整体的理解事物...我们会说什么是真理是什么...它是整体的自然...它不是一点和一块..

51:00 We did a couple of shows with Mark Devlin about the takedown of the ca_bal…and I did a lot of research into it and I did a lot of meditation into it and I put together,basically,a Timeline and an idea in my head of how this would have to be…

51:00我们和 Mark Devlin 一起做了几个关于抓捕秘密警察的节目,我做了很多研究,也做了很多冥想基本上,我整理了一个时间线和一个想法在我的脑海里,这将会是怎样的..

51:21 Then I began to research…and I'm like,WOW…I'm 5 countries into it…and then I'm oh my gosh this is correct…we did 2 shows with Mark…


After that we were contacted by somebody we don't know…no way of getting a hold of this person…they have a YouTube channel that doesn't lead anywhere or go anywhere…they wanted to know if they could help us…

在那之后,我们被一个我们不认识的人联系上了,没办法联系上这个人,他们有一个 YouTube 频道,没有任何线索,也没有任何线索,他们想知道是否能帮助我们。

The video is 3 hours,lots of images…this person offered to help…and this person had these images…where are they getting them from?Proving this story…that's what that person did…it all seems like a dream now…it's an important podcast and it's become our defining podcast…


53:34 The ONLY connections that Colleen and I have to the Q-Team are these random people…these are people that are these super agents for the Q-Team within the Social Media…on Twitter,Instagram,FB,youtube…these are people putting out the most detailed information…how are they getting their hands on this stuff if it's not coming from Q?It's impossible…

科琳和我与 q 小组唯一的联系就是这些随机的人,这些人是社交媒体上 q 小组的超级特工,在推特,InstagramFByoutube 上,这些人发布了最详细的信息,如果不是来自 q 小组,他们是怎么得到这些信息的?这不可能..

54:10 Talking about people like@3Days3Nights,@QohnG,@John_F_Kennedy….

谈到像@3Days3Nights@QohnG@John_f_kennedy 这样的人..

查理•弗瑞克:一些你可以信任的和多么精彩的表演!(解码 Kat)

Charlie Freak cont.:There's about 5 or 6 names…they've developed a sporadic but consistent relationship with Colleen…a lot of the messages are"you nailed it,""right on the mark,""good work"…or you might want to look at this…that's it,that's the ONLY contact…whomever those people are that's the only contact to the Q-Team that we have…but their stuff is genius,it's brilliant,and they've helped us so much…

查理•弗瑞克:大概有五六个名字...他们和 Colleen 建立了一种零星但一致的关系...很多信息都是"你做得很好""很好""干得好"...或者你可能想看看这个...就这样,这是唯一的联系人...不管这些人是谁,这是我们和 q 小组唯一的联系人...但他们的东西很天才,很聪明,他们帮了我们很多..

55:16 That video that person"out of the blue"helped me with,that video has had 2.5 MILLION views…how did that come about?Because I did an radio show with Mark Devlin…I talked about this Diving miracle that came through me about how Trump would have done this…

55:16那个"出人意料"的人帮助我制作的视频,那个视频已经有250万的点击量了...这是怎么发生的?因为我和 Mark Devlin 一起做了一个广播节目......我谈到了这个潜水奇迹,它让我想起了特朗普如何做到这一点.....

56:01 So out of the blue,this person contacts me,they can't be verified,and they're offering to help and they helped me put this together…I thank them so much…it's a great video…



Kat note:This is my transcription of the video Charlie is talking about.I have always felt in my bones that Charlie and Colleen were spot on and now we have that verified.I encourage ANYONE who wants to know the TRUTH to read the transcriptions,or watch the vids:

Kat 注意:这是我对 Charlie 所说的视频的抄录。我骨子里一直觉得查理和科琳是对的现在我们已经证实了这一点。我鼓励任何想知道真相的人阅读记录,或者观看视频:

Right Here,Right Now:The Takedown of the Cabal's Evil Plan,July 9 2020


"Charlie and Colleen Freak,Part 3:The Takedown of the Cabal's Evil Plan(Part 1)"by Kat-8.6.20

中文链接:"查理和科琳弗瑞克,第三部分:摧毁阴谋集团的邪恶计划(第一部分)"作者 Kat-8.6.20

"Charlie and Colleen Freak,Part 3:The Takedown of the Cabal's Evil Plan(Part 2)"by Kat-8.6.20

"查理和科琳弗瑞克,第三部分:摧毁阴谋集团的邪恶计划(第二部分)" Kat-8.6.20


56:18 Charlie cont.:We did 3 in the series…one of them has been taken down from youtube…but the other 2 are still up there…Basically it's just showing you in plain sight how Trump did this starting in 2017 and it all relates to the NSA…and the NSA has everything on these people…

查理·:我们在这个系列中做了三个,其中一个已经从 youtube 上撤下来了,但是另外两个还在上面,基本上它只是在显而易见地向你展示特朗普是如何从2017年开始做这件事的,这一切都与国家安全局有关,国家安全局掌握了这些人的所有信息。

57:07 So that's our connection to the Q-Team…our work gets noticed…cuz I'm telling you right now,it's the truth…everything good comes out of the truth…Love comes out of the truth…

57:07这就是我们和 q 小组的联系,我们的工作被注意到了,因为我现在告诉你,这是事实,一切美好的事物都源于事实,爱源于事实。

End Kat partial transcription

结束 Kat 的部分转录


These are the days I've been praying for.It feels like all my life but actually it's only been since 2005 when I first learned about NESARA from Sheldan Nidle.

这是我一直在祈祷的日子。这感觉就像我的一生,但实际上这只是自从2005年我第一次从 Sheldan Nidle 那里了解到 NESARA

Over the years,bit by bit,with information from here and there,a picture emerged of the de_ep state de_mons/the Phoen_icians,/the dia_bolic 13 bloodline families/and why Humanity,Gaia and her blessed Kingdoms have lived in pollution,poison and filth,in perpetual war,in unceasing poverty and debt,in disease,cruelty,depravity and hardship,in death/rebirth,death/rebirth,constantly in harm's way,and slav_ery……in every sense of that word.


On October 6,2020,Q asked the question:"How close did we come to losing it?"

2020106日,q 问了这样一个问题:"我们离失去它有多近?"

查理•弗瑞克:一些你可以信任的和多么精彩的表演!(解码 Kat)

Charlie and Colleen and Gene Decode each said we were basically one tenth of a second from total annihilation.If Hil_lary had become POTUS,it was game over for Humanity,Gaia and her Kingdoms.Without a doubt.

CharlieColleen Gene Decode 都说我们离横扫千军只差十分之一秒。如果希拉里成为了美国总统,那么人类、盖亚和她的王国就玩完了。毫无疑问。

Here is how they answered Q's question from two separate transcriptions:

下面是他们如何从两个不同的抄本回答 q 的问题:


Gene Decode and Charlie Ward 9-18-20 Transcription by Kat

Gene Decode和查理沃德9-18-20转录 Kat

19:14 Gene Decode:In 2014 in Colorado I was watching…and I was getting frantic by that time cuz I was watching the choke points being put up on the main freeways coming in and out of Colorado on the borders…at Toll Pass they had tanks up there with Foreign Troops dressed in Military Uniforms like all Turkish and Vietnamese at that time…as well as on the border of 1-70 where 1-70 crosses out of Colorado on both sides and 1-25 where it goes into Cheyenne…

Gene Decode:2014年在科罗拉多州,我一直在观察,那时我已经疯了,因为我看到进出科罗拉多州的主要高速公路在边界上设置了路障,在 Toll Pass 他们有坦克,外国军队穿着军装,就像当时所有的土耳其人和越南人一样,还有在1-70的边界,1-70在两边穿过科罗拉多州,1-25进入夏安。

19:50 Then just North of me in Longmont,Colorado they had a FEMA camp that used to be a Walmart and I watched it be turned in…and then they put in the incinerators underground there…


20:02 And the DIA[Denver International Airport]was built and I watched that with fences pointing in…and watched ships…big huge Aurora Class and Dragon Class ships[Space battleships]…launch off of the frontier…


20:17 I would sit out on Tower Blvd.at night and squinch down in my car and throw a tarp over me so if Police came up to shine a light they wouldn't see me…


20:26 When I would watch 2 or 3 of the runways come down and the big ships come up on it…like an aircraft carrier…and zap off into space…I was like…we're so done!!!...our goose is cooked…this is it…there's no way out…


20:43 And to see it all coming to an end now it's just amazing…


31:30 Gene Decode:Let'em see how close the ca_bal came…to what they came close to…which was literally wiping out 11 out of every 12 people on Earth and enslaving everybody else…and everything they know would have been gone…

31:30 Gene Decode让他们看看秘社离他们的目标有多近,他们的目标实际上就是消灭地球上12个人中的11个,奴役其他所有人,他们所知道的一切都将消失。

"Charlie Ward and Gene Decode:Alliance Victorious,Wondrous World Incoming"by Kat-9.18.20



Colleen and Charlie Freak,Part 3 Transcription by Kat 8-6-20

Colleen Charlie Freak 第三部分由 Kat 8-6-20转录

28:38 Charlie Freak:I think we were down 11:59:59…I think we were down to our last second,our last breath…


Had the"Cue"-team not unleashed,unrolled everything that they did on the back of the coronavirus we would've been down for the count…


34:20 Colleen:When Trump calls it the swamp he really means it…the slimy things that live in the swamp…


34:46 Charlie Freak:"Cue"said there's probably no more than 10 people who know what's gone on or how deep their e_vil runs…


1:52:48 To recap the cabal's plan:


Stage 1–chem trails with smart dust and nano-particles


Stage 2–vaccine with microchip,lowering immune system,causing sterility


Stage 3–5G with 440 hertz of causing our thoughts to create chaos and pain

阶段3-5G 440赫兹造成我们的思想制造混乱和痛苦

Stage 4–FEMA camp then body bag disposal


"Charlie and Colleen Freak,Part 3:The Takedown of the Cabal's Evil Plan(Part 2)"by Kat-8.6.20

"查理和科琳弗瑞克,第三部分:摧毁阴谋集团的邪恶计划(第二部分)" Kat-8.6.20

End Kat partial transcription

结束 Kat 的部分转录


Think of it—were it not for the Genius Q-Plan we were one fraction of a second down for the count.

想想看,如果没有天才的 q 计划,我们的计数就会下降几分之一秒。

What we owe the brave,extraordinary,brilliant,multi-dimensional galactic chess masters that are Q,POTUS,loyal Generals,magnificent Militaries in the USA and around the world,Presidents,Prime Ministers,Crown Princes and the thousands of highly specialized personnel of the mighty Alliance—what we owe them is our lives and the life of this beautiful planet and her glorious Kingdoms.

我们欠那些勇敢的、非凡的、才华横溢的、多维度的银河象棋大师们,他们是 q、总统、忠诚的将军、美国和世界各地伟大的军队、总统、首相、王储以及强大联盟的数千名高度专业化的人员——我们欠他们的是我们的生命以及这个美丽星球和她辉煌的王国的生命。

There are no adequate words of thanks for our very existence,but God bless you,Alliance.Godspeed.


Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.Remembering to take every bit of info with suspicion until it can be CONFIRMED by trusted sources.And buckling up.


查理•弗瑞克:一些你可以信任的和多么精彩的表演!(解码 Kat)

No matter what unfolds in the coming weeks and months regards the cor_ruption-that-was,I always keep in mind the beautiful,glorious post-RV,GCR,NESARA,GESARA,miraculous Quantum pristine world that is manifesting and that is,for all intents,prayers and purposes,practically here now.

无论在接下来的几个星期和几个月里发生了什么关于腐败的事情,我总是记得美丽的,辉煌的后 rvGCRNESARAGESARA,神奇的量子原始世界正在显现,也就是说,所有的意图,祈祷和目的,实际上现在就在这里。

When the dusty old is totally disintegrated and swept away,all will be 5D+shining,new,and Divinely gorgeous again.


With blessings of Peace,Health,Happiness and Abundance for all–we are Goddess,Sovereign,Free,



P.S.To those who were so kind and gracious to Email me over my JC Kay decode,thank you so much.I wanted to share with you that we(my'Anonymous Starseed Friend'and I)got a thumbs up from the lady herself!

附注,感谢那些用我的 JC Kay 解码器给我发邮件的人们,非常感谢。我想和你们分享,我们(我和我的"匿名星种朋友")得到了这位女士本人的赞许!

I did make a mistake,hafta admit,but it must not have been too big:)XOX


查理•弗瑞克:一些你可以信任的和多么精彩的表演!(解码 Kat)


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