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Me:You're around?


Soren:I have some time to talk to you,Sharon.


Me:We've been asked to help with the underground Chimera wars.I guess there are reports that they're using Pleiadians to create loosh by killing them and incarnating them over and over,as well as Resistance members who may or may not be Pleiadian.


Soren:They're also from other planets,Sharon.The Resistance is about 50/50 earthling versus other races.


Me:Thanks for that.Nobody knows much about them.


Where are you located right now?


Soren:I'm in my ship.We're focusing our energy on China.


Me:Where the earthquakes have been?


Soren:Well,it's a larger area than that.China is a big country and it has a large underground population,as you may know many Chinese are abducted and used as slaves underground.


Me:I saw many people of many races.


Soren:There's a large kidnapping business going on in China.They take them into bases around Zhang-Xi.


Me:Sorry,I'll have to look that up.Hang on.I've got Zhang-Xi yan.Oh,on the coast south of Shang-hi.That makes sense.Coasts are great places to have bases as well.

:对不起,我得查一下。等等。Zhang-Xi yan.哦,在上海以南的海岸。这是有道理的。海岸也是有基地的好地方。

Soren:Well,they're all over.


Me:Can you give us an update on what's going on there?


Soren:Of course.There is a large Chimera population there in China and a few other spots around the world.


Me:I'm sensing Iceland.We were also told by AA Michael about Johannesburg and the Drakensberg mountains.


Soren:There too.But Sharon,these creatures all have hierarchies.When you go for the top of the hierarchy,the rest don't know what to do with themselves.They tend to surrender more easily when the main hierarchy is taken out and arrested.


Me:Oh,that makes sense.Like if someone arrested the bosses,we'd all have a day off.LOL


Soren:They really don't know what to do with themselves when their bosses are gone,that's how much they depend on their top echelons.


Me:Hmm.Says a lot for independent thinkers,doesn't it?We don't give up so easily.


Soren:Which is a good point,Sharon.Everything in their army rests on the top levels.When these levels are gone,the armies don't know what to do,especially since they follow instructions given and have no prior notice of what they're to do next.They really don't think for themselves at all.That's our advantage.If we were to lose Ashtar,and we won't,but hypothetically,were that to happen,another would step up to replace him but his commanders would know what to do.We would still be united in thought and would work congruently.


That's our advantage.And we have systematically taken advantage of their weaknesses.


We have their top echelons surrounded.There are a few other smaller pockets but the main ones were under China.


Me:Awesome!Now what about the poor Pleiaidans and Resistance members?We're sending them light.


Soren:This is great,Sharon.Because we don't have the full compliment of earth energies to direct in our efforts via Gaia,we need your help.You're the ones plugged into your solar suns and you have the energies of these suns at your disposal.The ones from Alcyone are particularly helpful.


Me:The central sun,yes.


Soren:It's possible to protect these Pleiadians from the reincarnation process they keep putting them through.They're worn down and of low frequency again.If they can gain your energy,they would be able to fight for themselves.


Me:Would it be possible for anyone to go down into the bases and help them?


Soren:Physical removal?Yes,but difficult because the bases are so well defended.


Me:I saw a ship near my house today,a saucer.It just showed itself for a split second then disappeared.You guys are that close to earth's surface right now.Are you like that in China too?


Soren:So close?Yes.We've breached all their levels of defense so now we're dealing with the underground and these bases can be well defended.


Me:I just had a crazy intuition,Soren…one of us could merge with a Pleiadian or other Resistance member that's being held hostage by the Chimera,and then when we merge with them,we would give them our energy and they would be able to free themselves.We'd also be able to get a look at the bases and see what's going on for ourselves.


Anyone game to do it?


Soren:You would be strong enough to do this Sharon.I can give you names of some of the hostages.


Me:That's cool,yeah!


Soren:Okay,names are Tirona(a female),Yelandra(a female),Corwin(a male),Drakyl(a male).These are Pleiadians.If they were all freed,then it would be possible to release the remaining members.

索伦:好的,名字是 Tirona(女性)Yelandra(女性)Corwin(男性)Drakyl(男性)。这些是昴宿星人。如果他们都被释放了,那么就有可能释放剩下的成员。

Me:How many are there?


Soren:About twenty or so,we think.


Me:How long have they been captive,and how did they get there?


Soren:Yes,some for 50 years.They have downed their ships,or captured them on the surface.There was a war going on for many years that ended in Project Mjolnir,and in this war some hostages were taken.As for Resistance members,many of them are either earthlings or Pleiaidians on the surface working in espionage as well as other acts of sabotage against the dark alliance.


So they've been kept for this time,a time when the Chimera and others of the Dark Alliance need to resort to efforts they haven't made before.


Me:We've liberated a few people from the bases.I have a report from Pleiadian Tamara and her son,as well as earthling Dayla who was used as a breeder.Why am I hearing the name Dara?


Soren:She wants to merge with you so you can liberate her from the base.


Me:Oh,okay.I'll work on that tonight.We've got to move those people out of there.




Me:Thanks for your intel,Soren.We don't hear much up here these days.


Soren:You have enough to contend with,I hear,but thank you for your help.


Me:I'll put this out on Monday.You should start getting help Sunday night because of Archangel Michael's request but with more people focused on it through hearing this video,you should get a higher light quotient headed your way.


Soren:Thank you.


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