X22报告|第2721集: 美联储控制什么? 为什么这与此有关

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X22报告|第2721集: 美联储控制什么? 为什么这与此有关

Ep. 2721a – What Is The Fed?, What Does The Fed Control? Why Is This Relevant?

Ep. 2721a-什么是美联储? 美联储控制什么? 为什么这是相关的?

Ep. 2721b – [FF] Alert, [DS] Bio Labs Revealed In Ukraine, Leverage > Panic, Old Guard Destruction

Ep. 2721b – [[FF]警报,[ DS ]生物实验室在乌克兰被揭露,利用杠杆作用 > 恐慌,破坏保守势力



The Biden administration, [CB] are now lost in their own narrative, they were forced to push the Green agenda and it was to soon and the people are calling them out on this. As it gets worse the people will demand real answers. Trump and the patriots are in the process of bringing down the [CB] system.

拜登政府,[ CB ]现在已经迷失在他们自己的叙述中,他们被迫推动绿色议程,而且很快就推动了,人民正在呼吁他们这样做。随着情况变得更糟,人们会要求真正的答案。特朗普和爱国者们正在推翻[ CB ]系统。


The [DS] is panicking, the leverage belongs to Trump and the patriots. Patriots have been meeting with foreign leaders and not one corrupt politician is talking about the logan act. The [DS] can’t get into the war so they are forcing other countries, but they are not going along with the [DS] plan. The [DS] is desperate for a World War. We are witnessing the destruction of the old guard, Bio labs are revealed and the narrative is building, the [DS] will resort to a [FF], patriots know the playbook.

[DS]陷入恐慌,影响力属于特朗普和爱国者。爱国者们一直在与外国领导人会面,没有一个腐败的政治家在谈论洛根法案。[ DS ]不能参战,所以他们强迫其他国家参战,但他们不同意[ DS ]的计划。 [DS]迫切需要一场世界大战。我们正在见证旧势力的毁灭,生物实验室被揭露,叙事正在建立,[ DS ]将诉诸于[ FF ] ,爱国者知道剧本。


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