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ECETI 新闻|特朗普与拜登的辩论


Trump Biden Debate


From once an un-bias observer,


Last night's debates were clearly bias,rigged in Bi_den's favor.It was as if Trump was debating with Chris Wall_ace the moderator who has a track record of anti-Trump remarks.He never acknowledges any of Trumps accomplishments and his comments align much more with the left's media supported false narratives.Wallace was neither fair or un-bias considering the fact that he and he alone came up with the questions that were front loaded with a false statement.Now pictures of Wall_ace are surfacing from Epstein Island.Go figure?Trump delivered the hard-hitting questions Wallace was afraid to ask.The debate presented itself as a set up?Bi_den's handlers agreed to no earpieces or teleprompters.Moments before the debate they disagreed and if you look closely you can see his ear filled with a lot of makeup no hole.What was under the makeup Joe?There also is a wire that pops out of his jacket and a weird device under his sleeve.We also observed Joes eyes going black.This is common with possession.This is not conspiracy this is observation and a strong knowledge base of healing unseen negative influences.Black eyes are never good.I would strongly suggest searching the internet for other pictures of politicians and leaders with black eyes.


Under the circumstances Trump did well considering the fact that he was up against a whole team feeding Bi_den answers and numbers which he could not get straight and had to keep correcting himself.We were confused as to which statistics were right.The only advice I would give Trump is to not interrupt as much yet in retrospect the interruptions were necessary to throw Bi_den off his scripted program,challenges to the false narrative and accusations presented by Bi_den.Where are the fact checkers when it comes to Bi_den?The bias fact checkers get it wrong intentionally anyway.We cannot deny Trumps passion and intolerance for BS.Many of the charges made by Trump against Bi_den and the Ob_ama administration have been verified despite Joe's disclaimers.Biden's own son admitted to the charges of accepting millions if not billions from Russia,China and the Ukraine.Most of Bi_den's charges against Trump are unverified or proven to be false unless of course you listen to the lame stream media.Biden even tried to bring up the Russian Hoax then tied the same charges to China.Classic case of accusing others of what you yourself have done or are doing.Bi_den claimed the Buy America slogan?What's next America First?Biden's Cov-19 response was in direct opposition to Trumps,called him a xenophobe for closing the boarders.Bi_den says he would have acted sooner,now wants to close everything,mask up shut down America making a comeback impossible for political gain only.Then he has the audacity to blame it all on Trump,notice he will not speak ill of China where the virus originated.To anyone possessing any critical thinking Biden is bat_hit crazy.Does he even remember what he has said and done?Does he actually be lie ve the things he is saying?


Any researcher knows there is big money,Sor_os and other illum_inati factions funding the democrats,_Antifa,Black Lives Matter,even the gender wars.The lame stream media is also complicit in this.It is an orchestrated plan to divide and conquer,take down America.America stands in the way of their plans for world domination and control.The democrats which have now become the chosen party of the tyrants accuse Trump of what they themselves have a long history of and are now doing.Democrats have a horrible history concerning African Americans and women's rights.The problem is hardly anyone knows the real history,nor will they call them out.


Lincoln was a Republican,the Democrats as a whole were against equal rights,women's suffrage,and yes they were the party of the KKK.In fact Byrd was Hill_ary's mentor a leader in the KKK.Ob_ama also paid tribute to Byrd.Between the Clin_tons and the Ob_amas more African Americans were locked up than any other regimes.Why didn't a black president follow through with prison reform?Why would Trump do it if he was a racist?As a counselor I would say the African Americans within the democratic party are suffering from Stock Holmes syndrome.They march for and do the bidding of their oppressors.This is why the Blexit move is gaining awareness the truth is coming out.Google Candace Owens,listen to her she is brilliant.

林肯是共和党人,整个民主党人都反对平等权利,反对妇女参政权,而且他们是三 k 党。事实上伯德是希尔瑞的导师,也是三 k 党的领袖。奥巴马也向伯德致敬。在克林顿政权和奥巴马政权之间,被关押的非裔美国人比其他任何政权都多。为什么一个黑人总统没有坚持进行监狱改革?如果特朗普是个种族主义者,他为什么要这么做?作为一名顾问,我认为民主党内的非裔美国人患有斯托克·霍姆斯综合症。他们为压迫者而游行,听从他们的命令。这就是为什么 Blexit 的举动正在引起人们对真相的认识。谷歌坎迪斯·欧文斯,听她说她才华横溢。

To make a point on how socially engineered and uniformed people are many in the LGBT community are calling for Sharia Law.Why,because a few women wearing burkas are anti Trump.Did you know under Sharia law they would be put to death?This is how insane things have become.The social engineering has worked so well people are calling for and signing up for their own demise.It gets even crazier._Antifa and Black Lives Matter are funded by an openly admitted Na_zi sympathizer George Sor_os.Their flag is a duplicate of the Na_zi flag.They claim to be anti-Na_zi or fascist,yet their actions are beyond fascism and they are funded by a Na_zi.Try to educate or reason with them.They want socialism,now communism.They state openly they are Marxist.History has proven Socialism,Communism and Marxism end terribly.We have done all of this before,Socialism is the preferred system of the tyrants.Every attempt to centralize the power and wealth into the hands of a few has created tyranny escalating to genocide.Genocide mainly because they gave up their guns and tried to fight tyranny with pitch forks and shovels.The far-left professors teach the benefits of Socialism in school ignoring the fact that Hitler was a socialist.Then these enlightened professors use European countries that have left socialism leaning more toward capitalism as successful examples.Socialism failed which is why they are leaning towards capitalism.

为了说明社会工程师和穿制服的人在 LGBT 群体中有多少,他们呼吁伊斯兰教法。为什么,因为一些穿着长袍的女性反对特朗普。你知道根据伊斯兰教法他们会被处死吗?事情已经变得如此疯狂。社会工程已经运行得如此之好,人们正在呼吁和注册他们自己的死亡。还有更疯狂的。反法和黑人的生活问题是由公开承认的纳粹同情者乔治·索罗斯资助的。他们的旗帜是纳孜旗的复制品。他们声称自己是反纳粹分子,但他们的行动超越了法西斯主义,他们的资金来自纳粹分子。试着教育他们或者和他们讲道理。他们想要社会主义,现在是共产主义。他们公开宣称自己是马克思主义者。历史证明,社会主义、共产主义和马克思主义的结局都很糟糕。这些我们以前都做过,社会主义是暴君们喜欢的制度。每一次将权力和财富集中到少数人手中的企图都会导致暴政升级为种族灭绝。种族灭绝主要是因为他们放弃了枪支,并试图用沥青叉子和铲子反抗暴政。极左的教授们在学校里教授社会主义的好处,却忽略了希特勒是一个社会主义者的事实。然后,这些开明的教授用那些更倾向于资本主义的社会主义的欧洲国家作为成功的例子。社会主义失败了,这就是为什么他们倾向于资本主义

The double-speak and duplicity of the democrats is epidemic.John Kennedy was the last democratic president that showed honor and integrity,truly a people's president.Trump sounds a lot more like Kennedy than most democrats.John and Robert Kennedy were the law and order party.They stood up to the mob,the Russians and any other country that did not have our highest and best good in hand.Today's democrats have become the lawless and disorder party of no consequences for riots,burning cities,even murder.The take down America party.They make saints out of violent criminals,people with a long history of drugs and violence because they perpetuate their agenda.Kam_ala Har_ris stated openly the protests and riots need to continue.How many democrats have condemned the riots?How many will condemn_Antifa,BLM admitted Marxist.How many want to defund the police during these violent times?Who do they call on when the riots or violence comes to their door?Maybe we should put the politicians and Hollywood stars names into a do not respond list.The sorry we cannot take your message or respond due to the lack of funding and trained officers the wait time is 3 days,call your nearest counselor.How about a free home and food sign at their mansions?

民主党人的口是心非是一种流行病。约翰·肯尼迪是最后一位表现出荣誉和正直的民主党总统,真正的人民总统。特朗普听起来比大多数民主人士更像肯尼迪。约翰·肯尼迪和罗伯特·肯尼迪是法律和秩序党。他们勇敢地面对暴徒、俄罗斯人和任何其他没有掌握我们最高和最好利益的国家。今天的民主人士已经成为无法无天的政党,对暴乱、焚烧城市、甚至谋杀毫无影响。打倒美国派对。他们把暴力罪犯和有长期毒品和暴力历史的人塑造成圣徒,因为他们使他们的计划永久化。卡马拉·哈里斯公开表示,抗议和骚乱需要继续。有多少民主人士谴责了这次骚乱?有多少人会谴责《反法案》,BLM 承认马克思主义者。有多少人想在这样的暴力时期减少对警察的资金投入?当暴乱或暴力来到他们家门口时,他们会找谁?也许我们应该把那些政客和好莱坞明星的名字放进一个不回应的名单里。对不起,我们不能采取您的消息或回应,由于资金和培训人员的等待时间是3天,致电您最近的顾问。在他们的豪宅里设置一个免费的家和食物标志怎么样?

We are now finding the democrats claim Trump was in bed with Russia was the pot calling the kettle black.They were themselves in bed with Russia.Remember Uranium 1,where a large portion of our uranium was sold to Russia signed off by Hill_ary and company?Mueller was the mule who carried the samples to Russia to be tested.Twenty Eight million dollars later paid by you the taxpayer for the Mueller Investigation,"A Failed Co_up"we find there was no there,there.Clin_ton and the DNC financed an extremely unreliable Russian dossier full of lies and deceptions written by a Russian agent to take down Trump a duly elected President.The participants in this coup went all the way to the top,Bi_den/Ob_ama.How is that not Treason?High level officials in the FBI,DOJ were complicit in the coup.They Politically weaponized the IRS and all the alphabet agencies in a two-tiered system.If you are a democrat you can destroy computers,cell phones,under subpoena wipe them clean with no consequences.You can lie to the FBI and Congress with no consequences.You can leak classified information to the lame stream media also complicit in the coup.Now you can riot,destroy businesses,burn down neighborhoods and now forests if you are in a democratically run city or state.The latest news is Hill_ary gave the order to create the false narrative about Russians hacking the DNC to distract from the illegal servers in her care that allowed any novice hacker access to top secret classified information.Remember Seth Rich?He was the one who accessed the DNC computers,downloaded incriminating evidence on a device,there was no hack from outside sources.For that he was shot and never heard from again.This is all coming to the surface.Grab your popcorn.

我们现在发现民主党人声称特朗普与俄罗斯同流合污是五十步笑百步。他们自己与俄罗斯同流合污。还记得铀1吗,在那里我们的大部分铀被卖给了俄罗斯,由希尔·阿里和他的公司签字同意?穆勒是把样品带到俄罗斯进行测试的骡子。两千八百万美元后来由你纳税人支付的穆勒调查,"一个失败的 Co__up"我们发现没有那里,那里。克林顿和民主党全国委员会资助了一份极不可靠的俄罗斯卷宗,其中充满了谎言和欺骗,这份卷宗是一名俄罗斯特工为了推翻一位正式当选的总统而写的。这次政变的参与者一路走到了最高处,拜登/奥巴马。这怎么能不算叛国呢?联邦调查局和司法部的高级官员参与了这次政变。他们在政治上把国税局和所有字母机构武器化成了一个两级系统。如果你是一个民主党人,你可以摧毁电脑,手机,在传票下把它们擦干净,不会有任何后果。你可以对联邦调查局和国会撒谎而不承担任何后果。你可以把机密信息泄露给蹩脚的流媒体,也是政变的同谋。现在,如果你是在一个民主管理的城市或国家,你可以暴动,摧毁商业,烧毁社区,现在还可以烧毁森林。最新消息是希尔·阿里下令编造俄罗斯黑客攻击民主党全国委员会的虚假故事,以转移人们对她所关心的非法服务器的注意力,这些非法服务器让任何新手都能接触到绝密的机密信息。还记得 Seth Rich 吗?是他进入了民主党全国委员会的电脑,在一台设备上下载了犯罪证据,没有外部来源的黑客。因此,他中了枪,再也没有音讯。这些都浮出水面了。拿上你的爆米花

Schumer another with black eyes bragged if you mess with the agencies,they have 7 ways to Sunday to take you down.Is this the regime you want to live under?The latest special report states Bi_den's son took millions if not billions from China followed by 3+million from Russia.He also was paid millions to sit on the Board of Burisima,a corrupt Ukrainian oil company with no knowledge base whatsoever.The democrats want us to be lie ve there were no strings attached.With the Bi_den's and the majority of the dems America is for sale not giving a dam about how it affects the American People.Including their jobs exported overseas to the lowest bidder.Many of these lowest bidders are slave and child labor camps.All of this extremely damming information concerning the Russia Hoax,the coup,the bribes,and who sold out America with the elites,the take down America campaign,right to the very top which includes Bi_den/Ob_ama and their elite handlers will come out for everyone to see in the very near future.


"We are living in a world of socially engineered opposites."


The last thing I would like to leave you with is what happens if the elite and the democrats are successful.Imagine a socialist world where law and order are in the hands of_Antifa,Black Lives Matter the rioters the much wants more entitled narcissists running the country not willing to work for anything expecting everyone else to take care of them.From what well will they draw from when the take from others well runs out?A world where freedom is lost.If you want an example of where the democrats want to take you,try Portland,San Francisco or Seattle.The streets are filled with the homeless,hit and needles everywhere.

我最后想告诉你们的是,如果精英和民主党成功了,会发生什么。想象一下这样一个社会主义世界:法律和秩序掌握在 Antifa 手中,黑人的生命对暴乱者至关重要,暴乱者更希望有更多权利的自恋者统治这个国家,他们不愿为任何希望别人照顾他们的东西工作。当他们从别人那里得到的好处用完时,他们从哪里得到好处呢?一个失去自由的世界。如果你想要一个民主党想要带你去的地方的例子,可以试试波特兰,旧金山或者西雅图。街上到处都是无家可归的人,到处都是被打的人和针头

All lives matter,all businesses matter,the forests matter as well as wildlife that were burned alive and driven from their habitats.Not from Global Warming but by arson,the perpetuators of which are supported by the global elite and the democrats.One_Antifa member lit 80 of them.One was caught,released and then caught again starting 8 more fires.The elite in unison with most democrats will burn down your cities,your forests,create total chaos for power.Many politicians have openly admitted it and have been exposed carrying out the plans of the elite in their plan to take down America.Socialism,"Marxism"is the first step to tyranny.Say goodbye to Freedom.I would strongly suggest talking with someone who has fled a socialistic country.Here their story first hand not second hand.


Is your distain for Trumps personality quirks worth going down this path?Think long and hard on this one,yours and the planets future depend on it.Why do the corporate owned lame stream press hate him?Why do the crooked politicians hate him?Why do the drug and child traffickers,pedophiles hate him?Why have they pulled out all stops,spending billions to be rid of him?




If you want to protest why not demand Universal Law?Universal Peace,Brother/Sisterly Love,Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All.Demand that it be taught in the schools.Make the Constitution and the Bill of Rights mandatory.Call out those who have made millions,some billions after entering politics then call themselves champions of the poor.Call out the social engineers for their lies and deceptions,let's not forget shadow banning and censorship.Support the African Americans and all races that speak of healing and unity.Better yet install a Council of Grandmothers from every nation to heal America.That is change you can believe in.


If this newsletter offends you most likely you are critically thinking and research impaired,socially engineered and rely on the lies and deceptions perpetuated by the corporate owned lame stream media to form your opinions.We find that offensive and an insult to our intelligence the lack of which will determine the destiny of the"woke"."Not the awakened or enlightened".This is a test of the loving detachment and discernment emergency system.If your buttons have been pushed they needed to be pushed.How have you enjoyed the last few years brought to you by the global elite and their morally and integrity challenged puppets?The latest is the sick and twisted comments coming from the dems and social media after the President and First Lady Melania came down with covid.They are actually publicly saying serves them right,we hope they die.They do not care how they get their power back they just want it back.These people,"so called leaders,"are holding some of the highest offices and need to be weeded out.


Trump did very well in the debate considering he was up against a cyborg with an earpiece and a whole team of statisticians and psychologists with the end goal to take him down.Despite all the external help Bi_den still blew it.Ponder this,who do you want with their finger on the red button.Imagine Joes wife saying dear we are having bread and mutton tonight then Bi_den going oh you want me to press the red button okay dear.The End.


James Gilliland


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