X22报道|第2764集: 假新闻保护中央银行,你正在见证旧势力的系统性毁灭

2022年5月2日16:06:49最新动态X22报道|第2764集: 假新闻保护中央银行,你正在见证旧势力的系统性毁灭已关闭评论4591字数 1358阅读4分31秒阅读模式

DS 现在正在竭尽全力阻止即将到来的一切。达勒姆正在搜寻,现在我们知道[ JB ]使用了一个代号为“猎杀红色十月”的名字。进攻即将开始,开球即将开始。

X22报道|第2764集: 假新闻保护中央银行,你正在见证旧势力的系统性毁灭

Ep. 2764a – The Fake News Is Protecting The [CB], They Know What’s Coming

Ep. 2764a –假新闻在保护[ CB ] ,他们知道接下来会发生什么

Ep. 2764b – You Are Witnessing The Systematic Destruction Of The Old Guard, ’Kick-Off’ The Offensive

Ep. 2764b-你正在见证旧势力的系统性毁灭,“开球”进攻

X22 报告发表于2022年5月1日


The Great Reset, Green New Deal has failed, scientists from around the world are now saying that climate change does not exist. The [CB] are panicking, they never expected to pay for oil using other currencies. Billions have been sent to Ukraine when it could have been used here in the US. The fake news is now ready to get ahead of the story by protecting the [CB].



The [DS] is now doing everything in its power to try to stop what is coming. Durham is on the hunt and now we know that [JB] used a coded name which refers to Hunt For Red October. The offensive is about to begin, the kick off is happening. The information weapon is locked and loaded. Targets are painted and the command to fire the information is about to be given.

DS 现在正在竭尽全力阻止即将到来的一切。达勒姆正在搜寻,现在我们知道[ JB ]使用了一个代号为“猎杀红色十月”的名字。进攻即将开始,开球即将开始。信息武器已锁定并上膛。目标被绘制,即将发出发射信息的命令。


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