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我们正处于过渡阶段。许多正在经历这种我称之为”两个不同世界的脚”的人,总是在3D 结构和更高的多维现实之间乘着剃刀的边缘。和那些没有经历过类似现实的人在一起会导致自我怀疑。这种自我怀疑对你来说是毒药,消除它,摆脱恐惧。

Teri Wade|扬升运动..Those who get the idea that we are multidimensional beings understand very well that when living in this 3D structure it's like having a foot in two different worlds.Meaning,it's real tough holding onto that experience of the multi-dimensional world when we live in a structure that supports enslavement,restriction and limitation.We're in a transitional phase.Many people who are experiencing this"foot in two different worlds"as I call it are always riding that razor's edge between the 3D structure and the higher multi-dimensional reality.Being around those who are not experiencing this similar reality will cause self doubt.This self doubt is poison to you,eradicate it,get rid of the fear.You must be disciplined to follow the guidance of your higher intuition.It really is simple but existing in a structure that doesn't support it makes it real tough.

那些认为我们是多维生物的人非常清楚,当我们生活在这个三维结构中时,就好像脚踏入了两个不同的世界。也就是说,当我们生活在一个支持奴役、限制和局限的结构中时,保持这种多维世界的经验是非常困难的。我们正处于过渡阶段。许多正在经历这种我称之为"两个不同世界的脚"的人,总是在3D 结构和更高的多维现实之间乘着剃刀的边缘。和那些没有经历过类似现实的人在一起会导致自我怀疑。这种自我怀疑对你来说是毒药,消除它,摆脱恐惧。你必须遵守纪律,跟随你更高直觉的指引。它真的很简单,但是存在于一个不支持它的结构中,这使它变得很难

Basically,we're fighting to stay awake when everybody is asleep.But,we all know that is changing and we're finding those who we resonate with and that is no coincidence.If the system has you completely exhausted pull yourself out of it,take a breather.We are being taken to our absolute limits.Hang in there and surround yourself and connect with those who keep you in check as much as you can.Just remember we're in a learn as you go process and it's not easy navigating between these two worlds.Be easy on yourself.


Many of you are here to ascend this planet,yes,but we are also here to experience density and living in a matter world.But,this particular group experiencing this higher consciousness will bring in this higher reality,this Ascension shift.The resistors will have absolutely no impact on this transition whatsoever.


Again,we are all from one source but humanity is infused with many different extraterrestrial traits and genetic makeup.Meaning,we all have a particular lineage and origin.We all have different extraterrestrial encodments and again that is no coincidence.


We need to understand that the human body,to an extent,was created as a rehabilitation center of extraterrestrial genetics this is why there is so much extraterrestrial genetics in us and why we are so popular by those who observe and abduct.The humans that have a contract with Earth to bring in this higher reality usually/not always are the ones being abducted and monitored.You are emissaries of Light and you are making way for this new paradigm.Look back 20 years ago this stuff that I'm talking about,that you all talk about was incredibly woo woo.


What I mean is look how much has changed and this is because of frequency and you who are anchoring it.Meaning,Doreen Virtue,Sylvia Browne,David Ike I could go on and on who all have been on the best sellers list.Again,this is no coincidence.But,within this spiritual awakening movement you must use discernment.Remember,things get infiltrated.


But,what's changing is we are becoming part of the life force instead of the anti-life force this is a major game changer.Instead of looking to the external,the addiction matrix which is energetic vampirism,parasitic we're beginning to trust the internal,our intuition.We need to understand that everything is about energy,everything is vibration and the external is either feeding on something which is parasitic...an emotional or energetic vampire if you will.This is why it is so challenging to exist in this reality.Meaning,it's key to listen and connect to your inner directive.


We're constantly deflecting the external world.But,the more we grab that higher frequency and absorb it,it will come forth through experience and that's how we learn.We evolve through experience.Also,we are beginning to understand the difference between the New Age movement let's say 20 years ago which,in my opinion,was candy coated meaning rainbows and butterflies to we must have accountability,responsibility to what we energetically pull in and that's all within us.It's not about the guru,it's not about the information,it's all about us.WE are bringing in this new reality period!!In a sense this view has been a little unpopular because like I said 20 years ago the Light movement was somewhat candy coated,but in my opinion,the whole movement back then just hadn't delved into the monumental effect frequency and vibration has on our reality.Hence,rainbows,unicorns and butterflies.

我们不断地偏离外部世界。但是,我们越是抓住更高的频率并吸收它,它就会通过经验而出现,这就是我们学习的方式。我们通过经验进化。此外,我们开始理解新时代运动之间的差异,让我们说20年前,在我看来,是糖果包裹的意思是彩虹和蝴蝶,我们必须有责任,责任对我们积极拉入,这就是我们的一切。这不是大师的问题,也不是信息的问题,而是我们自己的问题。我们带来了这个新的现实时期!!从某种意义上说,这种观点有点不受欢迎,因为就像我20年前说的那样,光运动多少有点糖衣炮弹的味道,但在我看来,当时的整个运动只是没有深入研究对我们的现实所产生的巨大影响频率和振动。于是就有了彩虹、独角兽和蝴蝶Teri Wade|扬升运动..Teri Wade|扬升运动..Teri Wade|扬升运动..

You have to admit it's a much different movement now.What I mean is we are beginning to look at the shadow and what you don't look at manipulates you.I've said this many times the Dark needs to be revealed and that's what's currently happening because if we don't reveal it,it continues to manipulate and control.If it stays hidden it remains in power.Basically,we need an informed aware population to understand the agenda of what has been going on in order to effectively deal with it.I believe this has been a serious issue within this New Age movement and some of us are here to change that.It is not about propagating fear because we will be more effective in our communities,groups and organizations if we understand this basic law of energy.Remember,when you're a pillar in your own Light you create the foundation of your house.


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