Teri Wade|即将到来的革命…更高维度的振动现实…

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Tesla:"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe think energy,frequency and vibration."


The Law of Vibration means all the energy in the Universe vibrates at a certain frequency,so it's always in a constant state of motion which can never be destroyed only transformed.


So this means everything that vibrates at a certain frequency is going to attract that certain frequency...the Law of Attraction meaning...you create your own reality with your vibrational frequency.You get back what you put out.Our society has been effected by a parasitical virus one that has negatively affected our consciousness.Humanity is being negatively pulled away from the natural state of being through our consciousness and attracting us to an unnatural vibration that replicates itself towards its own self-destruction.Are you seeing this yet?


This comes from the top down control of the vibrational energy field on our planet.There is a central frequency that has been given out to humanity on this planet,and if you deviate from that central frequency you are ridiculed,left out,and looked at as strange and that's the whole intention of this Matrix.This is what they're trying to do with the internet censorship meaning corral mankind into this one central frequency.It's called mass programming!


But,many of us are waking up and tuning back to our core frequency realizing this has all been an illusion,we're going through a deprogramming.Pretty wild huh??.We're making that shift from fear to love and returning to a healthy state.So,what this Revolution really means is humanity needs to tune out of this low frequency system of fear,because our society has been set up so in order for you to exist you have to participate in this certain frequency.


Humanity is going to have to rebuild our planetary frequency instead of trying to change the old one,that's not going to work,out with the old in with the new.Tear it all down...this is what's happening right now.Humanity needs to take direct ownership over their energetic attraction so we don't keep feeding this parasite.This is called the"Law or Resonance"we directly affect what reality we attract.It's time to"Wake Up"because we humans are incredibly powerful!


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