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泰勒斯的阿达玛|美妙的事情即将到来,要兴奋Greetings to all who are reading this message,I bring this through this one who is channeling for the first time in an open recording.This is brave and we respect this,and so we do with all channels.And we commend those who are stepping forward,to allow us to bring our message,through to the people on the surface of this beloved planet of Gaia.


There is great turmoil at this time,but there is great hope to.Great hope in the knowing and the heart centered feeling that something tremendous is about to open for you all.Please do not take these times as a sign of things,as how they actually are.This is not so.For there are things that have to play out,they must play out,in your outer world.For these are clearing,as they clear,you see them.The key is to be the observer,not to get involved,not to identify,simply to observe,love,forgive,let go,allow…Allow things to pass and they will.


All that you see,is millennia upon millennia of repressed trauma,pain,feelings of anguish and an entire trove of negativity and ill feelings toward others as all part of the game of separation.You see as you experience separation,you became lost in a sense.You didn't really get lost,your connection to source was always there,it will always be there,it can never not be.But it appeared to you that it was.And so began the generation of all the different feelings and the experiences from that seed point of loneliness,fear,lostness,abandonment,feeling unsafe,scared and all the other things that you don't like to feel.And these have been the layers of your experiences over millennia,many,many millennia.And they are all,ALL of them,being cleared now.Do not re-identify with them.Do not identify with them at all.Simply allow them to pass,observe and send love to those who are caught up in them,who are identifying with them.Who believe that these experiences,these energies are their truth,when the opposite is true.


And in truth,nothing can be further from the real truth,because you are source energy beings,you can never not be.You can never be anything other than source energy love light.but because of this game you are allowed to temporarily fool yourselves into believing you are otherwise.That was the game.It was meant to be that way.It was designed to be that way,for how else could you experience the illusion of separation?It had to seem real.And this is why it is so difficult for so many to release themselves from the identity.but this will change.


The energies coming in in this June solstice and that will be coming in in future days will break away those chains.Will encourage those caught up in this to release themselves.for they are holding themselves,no one is holding them there.And this is where compassion is so important.Compassion and the understanding that they are gripped by themselves,in their own fears.And they have yet to awaken to that truth.To awaken to that concept that it is they who are holding themselves there.And it is they that have the power to release themselves.And they will dear ones,they will.Some may come kicking and screaming(laughter).But they will have that opportunity,they will have that revelation,that realization,that they can release themselves at any moment they choose.they only need to choose to do so.And that is the great power,the great gist from source that is ever present,always there,never dimming,always reminding them that one day they will allow themselves to awaken to this truth.And they will choose to act upon it.
You the awakened ones have already chosen this.you are going step by step,through the layers,releasing yourselves of the bondage.That you have held to yourselves and know that you have the power to release yourselves from.


You are doing a splendid job!!!Those here in Telos and those there of the Galactics assisting you are in awe of what you are doing and what you are about to do!This is an amazing time beloveds,dear brothers and sisters of the surface population.Please hold faith in your hearts.And know that everything is as it is meant to be.And what is about to unfold is the most glorious…We cannot tell you yet exactly what,we only ask you to hold a faith and the heart centered feeling of love and belief,the knowingness,because you can feel this when you feel in your heart center,when you allow yourselves to open and feel that peace,that calm,you know what is about to unfold.You may not be able to assign words to it,or describe it fully,but you know,you can feel it.Something amazing,as this one would say,'something awesome',is about to unfold.

你做得很好!!!那些在 Telos 的人们和那里的银河人协助你们的人们对你们正在做的事情和你们将要做的事情感到敬畏!亲爱的弟兄姐妹们,这是一个令人惊异的时刻。请在你们的心中保持信念。要知道一切都是命中注定的。即将展开的是最辉煌的......我们还不能确切地告诉你们,我们只是要求你们保持一种信仰和以心为中心的爱和信仰的感觉,知道,因为你们可以感受到这一点,当你们感受到你们的心灵中心,当你们允许自己打开并感受到那种平静,那种平静,你们知道即将展开的是什么。你可能无法给它赋予词语,或者完整地描述它,但是你知道,你可以感觉到它。一些令人惊奇的事情,就像这个人会说的,一些令人敬畏的事情,即将展开。

We bid you farewell now,we love you all,and we are so excited to see what is about to unfold,the love and compassion that is about to enfold upon this world.It is simply awe inspiring.We cannot wait,here in Telos,for you to experience this.for you to feel this,to feel the love,to feel the compassion,the sense of brotherhood and sisterhood.

我们现在向你们告别,我们爱你们所有人,我们非常兴奋地看到即将展开的一切,即将笼罩在这个世界上的爱和同情。这简直令人敬畏。我们不能等待,在 Telos,让你们体验这一切。让你感受到这一切,感受到爱,感受到同情,感受到兄弟姐妹情谊。

Be well,go in peace,we are with you our brothers and sisters,we are here holding the candle light for you and with you,our love is ever present.Let our excitement inspire you,let your excitement inspire you.


Until the next time,our beloved family of the surface population,the dear lightworkers,the dear unawakened,yet to awaken,we love you all,equally and so much.


Farewell for now and be at peace,we love you all.


Adama of Telos.

Telos 的阿达玛。




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    • 宇宙骑士
      宇宙骑士 9

      文末尾“Farewell for now and be at peace,we love you all.”我觉得翻译过来应该是“暂时再会,保持和平(心态),我们爱你们所有人”,不知道为什么会翻译为“永别了,安息吧,我们爱你们所有人。”

      With sincere greetings, Thales, do you and those people connive at the prevalence of evil in this world, acquiesce in the trafficking of surface human beings by evil organizations, ignore the oppression, enslavement, torture and killing of surface brothers and sisters, and do not provide any real help, do you think you will not bear karma? You have karma that belongs to you……

        • zhunbeizhuanbian

          @ 宇宙骑士 是的,已经更改,谢谢!

          • 创造者
            创造者 4

            @ 宇宙骑士 泰勒斯,你和那些纵容邪恶在这个世界盛行的人,默许邪恶组织贩卖地表人,无视地表兄弟姐妹的压迫、奴役、折磨和杀戮,不提供任何真正的帮助,你认为你不会承担业力吗?你有属于你的业力……