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特朗普现在正在发动和平进程。记忆中从来没有哪位总统像唐纳德·j·特朗普(Donald j.Trump)那样试图扰乱以战争为目的的经济。如果换成其他任何一届政府,我们现在就会与朝鲜和伊朗开战。


In a shouted question on the White House lawn about the Nobel Peace Prize,President Trump's response was:


"Peace is the prize."


Trump is now waging peace.No President in memory has ever attempted to disrupt the war-for-profit economy the way Donald J.Trump has.In any other administration,we'd be in a war with North Korea and Iran right now.And not the kind you watch comfortably on TV.And yet,he refused to be pushed into war with Iran because of an unmanned drone being shot down.And became the first US President in history to cross the line into the DMZ in North Korea to broker peace with that nation.

特朗普现在正在发动和平进程。记忆中从来没有哪位总统像唐纳德·j·特朗普(Donald j.Trump)那样试图扰乱以战争为目的的经济。如果换成其他任何一届政府,我们现在就会与朝鲜和伊朗开战。而且不是你在电视上看得舒服的那种。然而,他拒绝因为一架无人驾驶飞机被击落而被迫与伊朗开战。并成为美国历史上第一位越过边界进入朝鲜非军事区与该国进行和平斡旋的总统

President Obama did win the Nobel Peace Prize.He also bombed the Middle East for 8 straight years,often with inaccurate drone strikes that killed civilians,while somehow managing to strengthen terrorism in that region instead of curbing it.It was a record number of bombs.In that sense,his name suited him.It also created a refugee crisis that Europe is still reeling from.


It's no secret that the vast majority of the mainstream media,not just the"News,"but all facets of the entertainment industry complex in general,is pot committed in the war against Donald Trump.And anyone who understands multi-national mega-corporations and the Federal Reserve system of creating money,could tell you that the 6 corporations that own 90 plus percent of the media are comprised of the same players on the board of the Fed,as well as the ones who stand to profit the most in international war games.They also own the Big Tech companies,which play a gigantic role in how news and information reaches people.The fact that they have all of these chips,and all of those game board assets,and yet still are losing to Team Trump should tell you something very big about what's really happening here,behind the scenes.

众所周知,绝大多数主流媒体——不仅仅是"新闻",还有整个娱乐业的各个方面——都在与唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)的战争中表现得淋漓尽致。任何一个了解跨国大公司和美联储创造货币体系的人,都会告诉你,拥有90%以上媒体的6家公司,都是由美联储董事会的同一批人组成的,同时也是那些在国际战争游戏中获利最多的人。他们还拥有大型科技公司,这些公司在新闻和信息如何传达给人们方面扮演着巨大的角色。事实上,他们拥有所有这些芯片,所有这些游戏板资产,但仍然输给了特朗普团队,这应该告诉你一些非常重要的事情,关于这里,幕后到底发生了什么

War is not simply a matter of money.After all,their money is not based on any hard assets such as gold(that era is long gone)but,in fact,created out of thin air.The more important aspect is control.And nothing keeps that game running like a finely oiled machine like non-stop war,with an occasional break every few years to reboot the system.


Donald Trump is a game changer the likes of which we have never seen,but he is not acting alone.Surprisingly,after what I've just written,a great deal of his insider support comes from both military and intelligence patriots who swore an oath to the Constitution of the Republic of the United States and took that oath seriously.No military man or woman who has seen the horrors of combat wants to send their troops into a war that serves no purpose,or worse yet,has a corrupt motive at its core.


Trump's supporters know that the Old World Order will fight tooth and nail to maintain power.We also know that the citizens railing against Trump watch the MSM's non-stop attacks on Trump and take it all to heart.They truly believe that Trump is a horrible human being,dead set on doing awful things,or at the very least a raging out-of-control egomaniac.Racism,sexism,etcetera,etcetera.It's been repeated so often,it has to be a fact at this point.And if you offer evidence to the contrary,you're a Nazi,a fascist,or a white supremacist;even if you're black,you're now a black white supremacist,how's that for a twist?Or at best,you're just a dumbass Christian,which by the way,is the only religion you're encouraged to disparage,if you say anything at all negative about any other religion you are a total racist bigot.

特朗普的支持者知道,旧世界秩序将竭尽全力维护权力。我们也知道反对特朗普的公民们看着 MSM 不停地攻击特朗普,并把这一切都放在心上。他们真的相信特朗普是一个可怕的人,一心要做可怕的事情,或者至少是一个愤怒的失控的自大狂。种族歧视、性别歧视等等。这样的事情经常发生,在这一点上它必须成为事实。如果你提供了相反的证据,你就是一个纳粹分子,一个法西斯主义者,或者一个白人至上主义者;即使你是黑人,你现在是一个黑人白人至上主义者,这是一个怎样的扭曲?或者至多,你只是一个愚蠢的基督徒,顺便说一句,这是你唯一被鼓励贬低的宗教,如果你说任何关于其他宗教的负面的话,你就是一个彻头彻尾的种族偏执狂

After all,the TV did say all the smart people were against Donald Trump.The fact that he fills stadiums everywhere he goes,full of Americans from all walks of life?That's just an optical illusion.It was the Russians that made 2016 happen.Not voters.


It's got to be true.Trump just HAS to be bad.But what is he really doing that is so bad,bad enough that every late night comedian in the land has to attack him around the clock as if their paycheck depended on it?Which it does.


He has improved the economy by taking the US tax rate from one of the least competitive in the world to one that has motivated companies to return their manufacturing to this country,thus creating more jobs.Basic math.It used to be that a company could outsource everything to a place with a better tax rate and cheap labor costs and sell it all back into the US with no tariffs.Meanwhile,all US made products are tariffed in other countries.


Our international trade deals were broken and now they are fixed.Other deals like the Paris Accord,were not designed to actually solve the problem of"climate change,"but to loot the US,while funneling money to unelected bureaucrats.They didn't do this because they were stupid.They knew exactly what they were doing.They wanted to cripple the US economically and create a pathway to greater control worldwide,with the model of the EU and the UN as their stalking horse for a new order and system of control.


The US,with its determination to remain sovereign,was the last beachhead to conquer.Had the Clintons re-taken the White House,it would likely have been fait-accompli.But the Spirit of the country had other ideas in mind.


Now the EU model is collapsing in Europe,as countries no longer wish to be beholden to their crooked game.They want to determine their own destiny.The populations of these countries had their good intentions used against them.Now many of them want their own Donald Trump,not as a personality,but as someone with the wherewithal to protect the citizens of the country,while providing opportunity and prosperity.


The EU,with the help of the Obomb-a-thon and international manipulators like George Soros,forced the migrant crisis on countries like Sweden,France and the UK,without taking the preservation of those cultures into any account.Naturally,Obama did not act alone.In many ways,he was just a well-spoken pawn in a much bigger game.His parents and grandparents were both involved in the CIA.That should give you an idea who he really represented,and it wasn't We the People.But he sure could give a rousing politically correct speech.Almost made you forget the other stuff.But history doesn't forget.

欧盟在Obomb-a-thon和乔治•索罗斯(George Soros)等国际操纵者的帮助下,将移民危机强加给了瑞典、法国和英国等国,却没有考虑到对这些文化的保护。当然,奥巴马并不是单独行动。在很多方面,他只是一场更大的游戏中一个说得好听的棋子。他的父母和祖父母都参与了中情局的工作。这应该会让你知道他真正代表的是谁,而不是我们这些人。但他肯定能在政治上发表一篇振奋人心的正确演讲。差点让你忘了其他东西。但历史不会忘记。

Immigration is great,when people come into the country legally and with a desire to assimilate into their new adopted homeland.There will always be a certain amount of non-documented immigration we can look the other way at.Someone wants to go around the system so they can work here to send some money back to their family?I get that.But when a country is bombarded with immigrants beyond their capacity to deal with systematically,with the majority sent into a welfare system the citizens must pay for,at a certain point that becomes how you crush an economy and demoralize a populace.


That hasn't happened in the United States,though some people naively seem to be rooting for it,though they don't fully understand what it means.Being for open borders doesn't make you a nice and spiritual person.It means you don't understand how a successful country that people want to immigrate to functions.


Yes,the US has a checkered past in some respects,partly because of the war-profiteering of political criminals like the Bushes and their like.But never forget that the Clintons were the proteges of the Bushes.The Republican/Democrat divide is often subterfuge.Though now that Trump is a Republican it has a bit more meaning as far as the in-fighting goes.The US is going to regain its good name going forward.


Were the Native Americans treated terribly when a new culture came here to set up shop in a land they were already living on?Absolutely.And in many respects,their way of life was a model for how to honor Mother Nature and live in tune with the earth,though they did have their issues with war amongst the tribes.And they were a warrior culture,which was not unusual for that time period.But the truth is,the modern world was coming to this continent and nothing could stop it.If it wasn't Europe,it would have been China,or another empire.It was an impossible situation for the Native Americans,but one that in some fashion or another was going to happen.


It is right to mourn the loss of that way of life.I'd rather be in a teepee right now than typing these words and working up another movie,but you have to live in the time you are in.The United States has had its birth pains,with things such as slavery.But we fought an internal war and passed laws to end that in Western Civilization.Meanwhile,slavery still exists in far greater numbers than the 1800's in other civilizations that didn't take those same steps and make those sacrifices to end it.


The European refugee crisis got kick started because of unnecessary wars for profit&control in the Middle East.The Trump administration is now here to end that model.


But you can't just end war without promoting its prosperous alternative.And look what has happened under Trump.The economy is running smoothly,minority unemployment is at an historic low and the stock market at an historic high.A strong economy under a free market that promotes innovation is also the avenue to new energy technologies being introduced,on a platform of the old energy,of course.There has to be a transition and it doesn't happen overnight.Not because the sky is falling,Green New Deal style,but because petroleum is a finite resource that will eventually run out.


Eventually also,the monetary system will be reformed.And the players that funded all sides of every war in memory,will be taken off the game board and out of power.That process is happening now.But it's happening in a manner that keeps outright chaos in check.We aim for a smooth transition.But nevertheless,it can not be stopped.


You can still listen to their programs&broadcasts,and maybe if you have eyes to see and ears to ear,sense the galactic frustration that comes from losing the puppet master strings of a hustle they thought would never end.


And maybe you can even pretend for a hot minute that someone else might win the 2020 election,despite the historic great progress under Trump.But deep down,you know and you know and you know,that he's going to win again.Bigly.


And that's a good thing.


Donald Trump doesn't need one of the Old World Order's fake honors,like a Wizard of Oz wind-up clock substitute heart:

唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)不需要旧世界秩序(Old World Order)的虚假荣誉,就像《绿野仙踪》(Wizard of Oz)上发条的时钟代替心脏:

The Nobel"Peace"Prize.


Peace is the Prize.



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