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I'd like to explore some topics relevant to the Covid-19 pandemic that's happening today,in a question-and-answer format,for quick release.



Q:Are the people behind these pandemics Illuminati?


Matthew Ward:Yes,indeed they are Illuminati,and they still wield strong influence in clinical medicine,medical research and drug approval bodies–in short,they have been creating diseases by one means or another and manipulating health care systems and medications around your world.(1)


Q:How do they operate?


SaLuSa:Fear is the weapon of the dark Ones,and it has crept into all aspects of your life.The threat of Swine Flu is grossly exaggerated,and the vaccine can be every bit as dangerous as the flu itself.We see a major revolt against it,and the imposition of its mandatory use will engender a great backlash from the public.Like a number of earlier flus,it is man made,and intended to keep you in a state of panic.


That you have woken up to how you are being used and abused has stalled the progress of the Illuminati plan to hold you all in their grasp.We also have some input into such matters,and we are allowed to limit the extent to which such plans are successful.Total interference is not allowed,as a karmic situations exist that must be followed through.(2)


Q:How are we to meet the threat posed by pandemics?


Matthew Ward:We are aware that this new flu is the peak concern of many who have heard the media's dire warnings and who do not know that neither the disease nor martial law can come to fruition if they choose otherwise.Enough of you DO understand the universal law of manifestation and know that focusing on health in mind,body and spirit for all of Earth's peoples will create this instead of the goals of the dark minds.


A comparative handful of people knew that thought forms about SARS not being a real threat would prevent its materializing as such,and that thought forms to diminish hurricane Rita's force would reduce that storm's velocity,yet both of those results came from the collective energy put out with those intentions.The same is true in this case of bird flu,and we are immensely heartened by the numbers of you who feel no fear at all about it.(3)


Q:Some are still so not ready to wake up to what's going on.


Federation of Light:Yet,with what is to come…they will have the opportunity to do so…And that is when,for all of you who have felt so frustrated and out of sorts,not feeling you are doing enough…will find it a time to be'All systems go!'


So,perhaps may we suggest to use this'quiet'time'…this'calm before the storm'…to prepare your Beings for the onslaught that is to come.In this we mean…and please know it is difficult as always to put this into words…that the'outburst/outbreak'of news…when it comes…will hit most of you like a ton of bricks.


You may take a little time to come around…yet,because of this preparation,you are in NOW…you will be more than ready to deal with it and do what you have to do.


There will be a time…and we are not talking years and years away,we are talking.(4)


Q:Please don't say'soon'


FOL:We understand…we are expressing of'in a short while'…when'an Occurrence'takes place that will shock the world.And we are not speaking of the Event at this point.


There shall be an announcement made that sends everyone into a spin.It will not be able to be kept out of your mainstream media for it will be in accordance with the Divine Plan and it will not be able to be swept under the carpet.


It will also put your media into a new position…for many that'present news'will have their thoughts turned upside down and feel they have to follow the Truth.


The days are numbered,Blossom.…






FOL:Such turmoil,havoc and confusion.Such media hype taking you this way and that.Such obvious misunderstanding from so many and you feel there is no way for you to get through to them.


ALL OF THIS we have spoken to you about.All these things we have said will be'in your face'and much discernment will be needed.


Yet,now do you see?Not only discernment about what you hear and read and watch,yet,discernment in these times,as to what you feel reasonable to say to those who do not understand what is going on.(6)


FOL:We have told you that your world will become Topsy Turvy,yet far more so than now.


In order for change to take place…many things must come to a halt as opposed to a'ticking over.'


Much disruption must be endured by everyone on many,many levels,due to the need and necessary adjustments to take their place in this Game.


Yes.It will get much more serious.Yet,the'illness'will subside,yet,not be forgotten in the'Once upon a time'story.(7)


Q:What are to be some of the positive outcomes from the pandemic?


Jesus through John:The pandemic has led people to question more freely and deeply the motivation of those in authority,and has given them the time and the opportunity in which to do so.Much of a nefarious nature is being revealed daily as investigative journalists,who are not directly employed by any of the main media organizations,academics,and whistle-blowers make their inquiries and then make the resultant findings available to all on the world wide web.(8)


I have shifted the energy and the purpose of this Covid-19 pandemic so that all of you would stop and remember that you are Angels-in-form,experiencing and expressing love.(9)


Seraphin through Rosie:We would ask you to treasure this period of stillness(Those of you who are not involved in emergency situations),for Divine Timing has provided it for your present growth before the bell rings.


The bell will ring at the end of the lesson.Then it will be time for a break while the"teachers"discuss which subject you will be taking next.


Do not underestimate this very important period;the process is taking place on a global scale,and is unprecedented,as is the evil which preceded it,and the bounteous abundance which will follow.We wish you strength through this final stage.(10)




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