xekleidoma|2020-04-16: 是时候为所有人提供无条件的基本收入了

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I want to give a brief update on where we are in the liberation process.Cobra was unable to specify what progress has been made exactly in his Ascension Timeline mass meditation report for reasons of confidentiality,but rest assured there is great progress especially in clearing the higher dimensions of negative entities.The clearing of underground bases is a more tedious job due to fierce resistance from the Cabal troops,they rather die instead of surrendering and being held accountable for the unspeakable atrocities they have committed.The light forces and White Hats are doing what they can to limit the economic damage from the coronavirus pandemic;whereas China has understated their figures of Covid-19 cases and deaths,the United States seem to be overstating theirs although that is a local phenomenon and not directed by the federal government.The medical establishment in the West is still being controlled to a great extent by Cabal agents.


Speaking of that,Cobra confirmed the involvement of Bill Gates in the bioweapon attack on humanity as well as other billionaire honchos with familiar names such as George Soros,Warren Buffett,Michael Bloomberg,Ted Turner and Oprah Winfrey.Before too long they will be forced to use their great wealth in order to compensate for the financial and economic damages that so many citizens and companies suffer.Mind you,I agree with them that the planet is overpopulated given the current methods of food production and the impact they have on nature and the environment.But there are other ways to tackle the issue:either you intensify food production even more(think of five story farms powered by free energy growing food crops under artificial lighting,sea water being desalinated and used for irrigation,meat being artificially grown under laboratory conditions;obviously this would involve the release of suppressed technologies)or you implement more acceptable ways of population control:voluntary sterilization,mandatory sterilization for murderers,rapists and other violent criminals,taxing the third child,capping the number of children to three per couple,and most importantly an unconditional basic income for every adult.



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