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Gold and Silver many Multiples Higher


Unprecedented level of new money printing


Major spike in food prices create social unrest


Debt is at an all-time high


Your Freedom is at stake


United we are;our mass awakening is the Deep State's greatest fear


New channel move


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Fake Wealth


接下来是恶性通货膨胀|最后的警钟The central bank stimulus policies,of hundreds of trillions in fake money added to the global monetary base,has destroyed all markets.Fake money has financed far more real estate and factories than ever is needed.It has driven the real estate and stock market prices up tenfoldand created fake wealth.Today's paper money wealth is just an illusion that eventually will blow-up.


Most people in the world experience significant inflation in food and energy prices.Food inflation is in many cases between 10–20%.However accurate figures are not published.Because,the truth is kept hidden from the public.


Importantly,the tens of trillions of printed dollars,euro's and yen have not gone into the real economy.They were meant to prop up the banks´balance sheet so that money remained in the banks.Actually these trillions were used for the bankers own profitable benefit.


An important thing to understand is,that asset markets as stocks and bonds are not measured in the inflation figures.However,these markets have seen trillions of fund inflows.So when told that the newly printed money was to bolster the economy is a complete lie.That money always was intended to save the banks to the benefit of bankers.All these assets–stock and bonds–are in tremendous bubbles.Contrary,precious metals and energy is the only asset category,which comes to mind that are not in bubbles.


If these assets are included into the inflation numbers,then inflation is far more significant and made visible that only has benefitted a small minority,but even worse these created bubbles in stocks and bonds are totally unsustainable and without benefitting the world economy.While in accordance to real honest accounts,to day more people are out of work than in the work force.


Gold and Silver many Multiples Higher


接下来是恶性通货膨胀|最后的警钟From a wealth preservation point of view,this period in time is the last opportunity for investors who don't have enough physical gold and silver to stock up.In the next few month gold and silver,that have been manipulated down,will shoot up many thousands papercurrency units an ounce and should be critical part of each investment group in order to protect other held assets from total destruction.As gold and silver markets go up,the massive suppression through paper selling of gold and silver,done by bullion banks and governments to depress these prices,will come back as a boomerang.


This will push gold and silver many multiples higher in price.In my view,precious metals such as silver,palladium,platinum,and gold,present the most unique opportunity of a lifetime for investors.


Unprecedented level of new money printing


Governments around the world don't have money to actually pay for all this.But that's not a problem.The Central Banks are happy to print more!They have funded this entire operation with near-zero interest rates,and an unprecedented level of money printing.Essentially,



Fictitious money printing machine with 100 dollar bills.Monetary expansion concept.


handing the Treasury a blank check.The prices of many basic goods are noticeable rising,too.For instance:Gas prices are up more than 25%since last December–and experts predict it could soon soar even more.Lumber prices are up more than 180%in the past year.Copper and other industrial metals have skyrocketed,and are now at the highest level in a decade.It's even starting to hit healthcare.The cost of insulin recently soared to more than$2,000.


That's especially frightening news,considering tens of million have diabetes.And another close to 100 million are pre-diabetic.But what scares most,is rising food prices.According to Bloomberg:


Global food prices have soared to a six-year high,and are likely to continue soaring even higher this year.So far,food prices have jumped 50%since the COVID hysteria began.Now,the head of the World Food Program predicts 2021 could be even worse.Potentially resulting in"famines of biblical proportions."


It sounds like an exaggeration.But right now,we're seeing rising diesel prices skyrocketing fertilizer costs and a massive move higher in the price of animal feed.


This almost guarantees people could be paying more at the grocery store in the coming weeks and months.Which,in turn,guarantees government stimulus will continue for the foreseeable future.Bottom line:If food prices continue soaring,things are about to get downright scary for millions of people.


Major spike in food prices create social unrest


Study after study has shown that,throughout history,social unrest and violent rioting inevitably follows a major spike in food prices.So please,as a citizen of this world pay attention to what your government is doing right now.


接下来是恶性通货膨胀|最后的警钟The people in governments all over the globe are living in a fantasy world.If you are not careful,you could be the one who pays the price.A few experts that predicted the collapse of the housing bubble,recently pointed out this is the 1920s German route to hyperinflation,almost identical to what's happening today:It started by not paying adequately for its war,on COVID and the Great Financial Crisis bailout,that sacrifices the people–taxes–and covered its deficits with war loans by issuing of new paper Reichsmarks,today dollars.The only difference is that Germany had an actual war,and today it is a war on a fake virus.Which is nothing else than a collective breakdown organised by the DS-masters to bring the world intentional down on its knees through lock downs and COVID19 death shot called vaccine.

世界各地的政府官员都生活在一个幻想的世界里。如果你不小心,你可能是那个付出代价的人。一些预言了房地产泡沫破灭的专家最近指出,这是20世纪20年代德国通向恶性通货膨胀的道路,几乎与今天发生的情况一样:它开始时没有为战争、COVID 和大金融危机的救助支付足够的费用,牺牲了人民的利益——税收——并且通过发行新的纸币来掩盖其赤字,也就是今天的美元。唯一不同的是,德国发生了一场真正的战争,而今天这是一场针对假病毒的战争。这只不过是 ds 大师们组织的集体崩溃,通过封锁和 COVID19死亡注射(称为疫苗)让世界跪倒在地。

Debt is at an all-time high


Are things better today for anyone than they were a year ago,when the virus first appeared?Look at the facts;Despite trillions in government stimulus,last year brought the biggest spike in poverty since the 1960s.In fact,tens of millions are still on some form of unemployment.And many more of those are in danger of losing their homes.According to official data:"1 in 5 renters is behind on rent,and just over 10 million homeowners are behind on mortgage payments."


接下来是恶性通货膨胀|最后的警钟The situation is no better for small businesses.Keep in mind,small businesses are the backbone of the economy.They drive nearly half the nation's economic activity,and createtwo-thirds of new jobs according to a 2019 study.A recent report declares 88%of small business still have not returned to pre-COVID levels.


Many companies borrowed money to stay afloat in 2020.So corporate debt is at an all-time high.The lockdowns have also taken a serious toll on people's mental health.Many admit struggling with mental health problems,nearly 50 million are taking anti-depressants.Things have gotten so bad;a huge spike in suicides are seen across the country,especially among young people.


Your Freedom is at stake


But none of these facts matter the'elected'officials,who are quick to react with easy-money hand-outs.To them,this health scare is a convenient opportunity to steal even more of people's God-given Constitutional freedoms.


接下来是恶性通货膨胀|最后的警钟The world is set for an alarmingly socialist future.The CDC's recent guidelines about how vaccinated people can resume their lives,are none the better,only the MSM rejoiced at the announcement,saying:"Vaccinated people are allowed to taste freedom."However,freedom doesn't come from the CDC,or Dr Fauci!And for sure it does not come from your government either.But,it shows how twisted our understanding of freedom has become in the past year.


Conclusion;the hysteria surrounding COVID has been overblown and governments'response has been troubling.In fact,many politicians have used the created panic for political profit.It is time to pay attention to what your government is doing and take action accordingly by buying as much gold and silver as possible.

结论:围绕Covid 的歇斯底里被夸大了,各国政府的反应令人不安。事实上,许多政客利用这种制造的恐慌获取政治利益。现在是时候关注你的政府正在做什么,并采取相应的行动,购买尽可能多的黄金和白银。

The problem with government debt growing so fast and so large now is that when the time comes and Central Banks have to raise interest rates,they will be very reluctant to do so and so inflation will start to accelerate.Hyper liquidity becomes hyperinflation via the increasing velocity of money,in a crisis of confidence in the dollar,euro or yen.That is why hyperinflation is always an event caused by currency manipulation.


Consumer purchases have declined,which means the money is not yet in circulation,and is therefore being used to pay back debt or is being saved,as it's obvious no one is investing.Sooner rather than later,the money shall have to come back into circulation,and to all intents and purposes this will enter a period of hyperinflation,implicating;lots of money chasing a few goods.The Deep State Establishment is afraid of people's movement,like'End the Fed',in fact;to end all central banks.And that is just what is going to happen,by no one other the banking system itself.Making way for the implementation of the people controlled QFS money system.The policy is to let the enemy destroy it selves and that is happening now in real time in front of our eyes.Take care to have water,food and essentials in your storage for a couple of weeks.

消费者购买量已经下降,这意味着钱还没有进入流通领域,因此被用来偿还债务或被储蓄,因为很明显没有人在投资。货币迟早会重新进入流通领域,从各方面来看,这都将进入一个恶性通货膨胀时期,暗示着大量的货币在追逐一些商品。深度政府机构害怕人们的行动,事实上,就像"终结美联储",即终结所有的中央银行。这就是将要发生的事情,不是别人,而是银行系统本身。为人民控制 QFS 货币系统的实施铺平道路。政策是让敌人自我毁灭,而这正在我们眼前实时发生。在几个星期里,注意在你的储藏室里要有水,食物和必需品。

United we are;our mass awakening is the Deep State's greatest fear


接下来是恶性通货膨胀|最后的警钟Our expansion on TELEGRAM is going very well,in just over a month we have 600 plus followers.Thank you for your support,and a special thanks to our hostesses Astrid and Peggy who are coordinating and successfully running the site.In order to provide a better service and allow for future expansion,now our FWC site has been adapted into a real channel,creating space for separate commenting and chat room facilities.

我们在 TELEGRAM 上的扩展进行得非常顺利,仅仅一个月的时间我们就有了600多个追随者。感谢您的支持,并特别感谢我们的女主持阿斯特丽德和佩吉,她们协调并成功地运行了这个网站。为了提供一个更好的服务,并允许未来的扩展,现在我们的 FWC 网站已经改造成一个真正的渠道,创造了独立的评论和聊天室设施空间。

The Awakening is breaking out all over the world.Awakening comes with a price.Going through the stages of awakening may have been difficult and painful;convincing others to see the challenging circumstances and conditions by opening the eyes and minds of the sheeple is even more so.It is a struggle against time and to see the injustices that could have been avoided.The sheeple are tossed to and fro,having no idea of what is really going on,but eagerly waiting in line for their free poisonous Covid injection,which has already predestined a third of the population for an early departure from life.

觉醒正在全世界爆发。觉醒是有代价的。经历觉醒的阶段可能是困难和痛苦的;通过打开人们的眼睛和思想来说服他人看到具有挑战性的环境和条件更是如此。这是一场与时间的斗争,看到本可以避免的不公正。这些羊被扔来扔去,不知道到底发生了什么,但是急切地排队等待免费的有毒的 Covid 注射剂,这已经预先注定了三分之一的人口早早地远离生命。

When the truth is known,it is the awoke who must share it fervently and passionately.Not always pleasant,but a"must do"duty.The hour is late and the time frame in which we live is outrageous.The need demands maximum awareness and quick action.There is no alternative.


We urgently need more awake patriots to spread the message and open eyes.FWC on Telegram was founded as an international community for patriots who envision a truly united world.So far we have actively integrated 5 different languages that participate in the conversation.An important language,French,is still missing.Like our Italian patriot,we would appreciate,if a translator for French would join us.

我们迫切需要更多清醒的爱国者来传播信息和睁开眼睛。FWC on Telegram 成立时是为了展望一个真正统一的世界的爱国者的国际社会。到目前为止,我们已经积极整合了5种不同的语言参与到对话中。一种重要的语言----法语----仍然缺失。就像我们的意大利爱国者一样,如果法语翻译能加入我们,我们将不胜感激。

The human subconscious has been conditioned to see only what sets us apart rather than what binds us.Believe it or not,we are all very similar in every way.We may have different backgrounds and cultures,but we all have the same basic values in life.We all want to be free,healthy,educated,live together peacefully and have access to basic necessities to sustain ourselves.That pretty much is it,wherever we live in the world.All we really want,is to be happy and healthy together.


New channel move


Our rapid waking up expansion force is the power behind the move to our new channel.


Don't worry,all important previous published information has been moved onto this new channel site.You won't miss anything from earlier issued articles.Hope you'll enjoy our expansion and will contribute with our further dynamic growth.Thanks for your understanding and help to spread these essential communications.


Motivate every awake to join and become a true patriot for our new world order,owned and governed by we the people.Be an active independent and innovative thinking patriot.And join the new FWC channel to fire up or reveal inspiring ideas.

激励每一个觉醒者加入我们的新世界秩序,成为一个真正的爱国者,由我们的人民拥有和管理。做一个积极、独立、创新的爱国者。加入新的 FWC 频道,激发或揭示鼓舞人心的想法。

Our freedom must be fought for from below by ourselves,not from above.All of us together must reject our government and their rules,they are the puppets of the DS puppet masters.Remember:if we do not start this liberation process ourselves,freedom has no value and will not last!
我们的自由必须由我们自己从下而上为之奋斗,而不是从上而下。我们所有人必须一起拒绝我们的政府和他们的规则,他们是 DS 傀儡主人的傀儡。记住:如果我们自己不开始这个解放进程,自由就没有价值,也不会持久

接下来是恶性通货膨胀|最后的警钟Stay informed become member of The Final Wakeup Community on TELEGRAM founded to bring readers and participants around the world closer together.It is the awakened who have become patriots,to join the fight to remove the Global Mafia from planet Earth once and forever.Planet Earth is ours,we will decide for ourselves how our world will be run in harmony and perpetual peace and prosperity.To which each individual contributes according insight and ability.Keep following FWC on Telegram for your daily updates about developments,in our battle against the Deep State.

保持知情成为成员的最后唤醒社区电讯成立,使读者和世界各地的参与者更加密切地联系在一起。正是那些已经成为爱国者的觉醒者,加入到了将全球黑手党从地球上永远清除的战斗中。地球是我们的,我们将自己决定我们的世界将如何在和谐、永久和平与繁荣中运行。每个人都根据自己的洞察力和能力为之做出贡献。继续关注 FWC 的电报,为您的每日更新有关发展,在我们的战斗对深州。

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