X22报道|第2755集: 美联储和政府越挖越深,达勒姆释放了 MOAB

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X22报道|第2755集: 美联储和政府越挖越深,达勒姆释放了 MOAB

Ep. 2755a – [CB]/[JB] Are Digging The Hole Deeper And Deeper, No Way Out

Ep. 2755a-[ CB ]/[ JB ]越挖越深,没有出路

Ep. 2755b – Durham Is Releasing The MOAB, Ready To Play, America Will Be Unified Again


X22 报告发表于2022年4月19日


The economy is imploding, the people are realizing that the Biden administration is responsible, no matter how many times they say Putin. The IMF cuts the global growth rate. The [CB]/Ds are trying to keep it all together by the mid terms, but they keep digging the hole deeper and deeper.

经济正在崩溃,人们开始意识到拜登政府是负责任的,不管他们说多少次普京。国际货币基金组织降低了全球经济增长率。[ CB ]/Ds 正试图在中期选举前把所有的问题都解决掉,但是他们越挖越深。


The [DS] is now trapped in their lies, Durham is releasing the MOAB, the [DS] is scrambling to keep certain docs out the public realm, this will not work. The [DS]/Big Pharma tried to keep the pandemic going but they failed, the travel mask mandate has been lifted, the [DS] is panicking. As the treasonous crimes are exposed the people are going to see it all, America will be unified again. 



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