X22报道|第3206集: 世界经济正在崩溃,特朗普和人民将获胜

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德国推动一切绿色环保的努力正在摧毁这个国家。爱国者需要向人民展示真相,而唯一的办法就是让他们亲身体验[ DS ]的计划。

X22报道|第3206集: 世界经济正在崩溃,特朗普和人民将获胜

Ep 3206a – Green Push Failed, World Economy Is Crumbling & Installed Politicians Are Trapped

Ep 3206a-绿色推动失败,世界经济崩溃,政治家被困

Ep 3206b – Change Of Batter Coming, At Dawn Trump & The People Will Win, Trump Card Coming

Ep 3206b-更换击球手,黎明时分 Trump & The People Will Win,Trump Card 未来

X22 Report
Streamed on: Nov 7, 6:45 pm EST

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Germany’s push to make everything green is destroying the country. The people will not be able to take this much longer. Trudeau is in trouble in Canada, the economy is imploding. Battery bus lost power and crashed into cars. The people are waking up and they are no longer believing Biden, game over.


X22 Report
Streamed on: Nov 7, 7:15 pm EST

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The patriots needed to show the people the truth, and the only way to do this was to have them experience the plan of the [DS]. As the people walk through it more and more are waking up, the final battle is around the corner. Trump will protect the vote, he is talking about paper ballots with watermarks. Scavino sends a message that at dawn the people and Trump win. Trump sends a message, the Trump card is coming.

爱国者需要向人民展示真相,而唯一的办法就是让他们亲身体验[ DS ]的计划。随着越来越多的人从中醒来,最后的战斗即将来临。特朗普会保护选票,他说的是带有水印的纸质选票。Scavino 传达了一个信息,黎明时分,人民和特朗普赢了。特朗普传递了一个信息,特朗普的牌就要来了。


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