2021年5月5日: 这是动荡之年的五月五日|星际飞船地球

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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

May 5,2021 202155

2021年5月5日: 这是动荡之年的五月五日|星际飞船地球

In the current war we wait with bated breath to see what each new day will bring.Some events are predictable,some not.We see victories as well as temporary defeats which only make us more determined to surmount the obstacles and find ways around them.


Ron DeSantis and Kristi Noem are offering opportunities to police in their states.In Florida,police,EMTs,etc.will get$1000 bonus.Noem is asking police officers laid off to come to South Dakota.Brilliant strategies.They will have law and order in their jurisdictions.


The return of Il Donaldo Trumpo on Twitter was short-lived as@Jack nixed the new account within hours—and right before Cinco de Mayo!

伊尔·多纳尔多·特朗普(Il Donaldo Trumpo) Twitter 上的回归是短暂的,因为@jack 在几个小时内就否决了这个新账号——而且就在五月五日节(Cinco de Mayo)之前!

2021年5月5日: 这是动荡之年的五月五日|星际飞船地球


That was just mean and they're going to pay,big time.


Facebook,a cabal operation,of course,has levied its decision on the Trump account.No surprise here.

当然,Facebook 是一个阴谋集团,它已经对特朗普的账户做出了决定。这并不奇怪。


Facebook Is Keeping Trump Off Its Platform 

特朗普不再是 Facebook 的竞选平台

Simon Parkes brought us a"quickie update"on the Audit AZ situation.As we know,there are not any official results permitted to the public until it's over,so we appreciate this very much.I think you know what this means.


Arizona counting staff on NDA's.


Preliminary audit showed Trump ahead by 250,000.


Now as it nears completion nearly 950,000 ballots are declared illegal.


Nearly all for Biden.


Biden's victory in AZ was 10,200.

拜登在 AZ 的胜利是10200人。

Mark Finchem,the Republican who fought for this audit said the following in an email I received:

支持这次审计的共和党人 Mark Finchem 在我收到的一封电子邮件中说:

Biden won Maricopa County by about 45,000 votes,and he won the state by about 10,000.


If just a few votes are proved to be invalid,Trump WINS!And then,once we are done with Arizona,our movement will spread like wildfire!


This audit is a catalyst;a spark for fuses that run to multiple states.We have to show the People—including Democrats—that elections have been rigged in many ways and change must be adopted for future elections.




BREAKING:Settlement Agreement Reached In AZ Democrats'Lawsuit Against State Senate/Cyber Ninjas Audit/Recount


Soros-backed SoS Hobbs warns@ArizonaAudit of 13 concerns identified by her observers.Just-filed settlement agreement gives Bennett/Senate GOP 48 hours to correct.

索罗斯支持的 SoS 霍布斯警告@亚利桑那州对她的观察员发现的13个问题的审计。刚刚提交的和解协议给了班尼特/参议院共和党48小时的纠正时间。

?Hobbs Letter to Ken Bennett(https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/20698739-hobbs-5521-letter-to-ken-bennett)

?AZ Dem Settlement Agreement(https://arizonaslaw.blogspot.com/2021/05/breaking-settlement-agreement-reached.html)

霍布斯给 Ken Bennett 的信(https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/20698739-Hobbs-5521-Letter-to-Ken-Bennett)AZ Dem 和解协议(https://arizonaslaw.blogspot.com/2021/05/breaking-Settlement-Agreement-reached.html)

The response to the above...


2021年5月5日: 这是动荡之年的五月五日|星际飞船地球

I listened to a discussion with the people running the audits and there are many,many states that are under examination now.I think people will be surprised how organized this is.Lower down in this post I talk about this more and give the link to an online meeting with some very upbeat and involved players who say we've got this.


Some people say the loonatic left will never go for a straight switch after the audit results come out,putting Trump in the White House so a new election will be the result.We know what that will bring because now that the QFS is in place,I suspect the QVS for voting is also operational.Red tsunami!!!(again)This time it will be there for all to see and there will be no way to contest it.That doesn't mean there won't be violence from the psychos,however.It will be an interesting summer;possibly sizzling hot.Wow,what an upset.


2021年5月5日: 这是动荡之年的五月五日|星际飞船地球

Patrick Byrne has a website where future updates will be published from various sources and they won't be so likely to censor it.You can sign up quickly for free and the site looks like Twitter but it's private.Use the link below:

有一个网站,在那里未来的更新将从各种来源发布,他们不太可能审查它。你可以免费快速注册,这个网站看起来像 Twitter,但是它是私人的。使用下面的链接:


Patrick reported the following on that page yesterday:


We have the absolute proof of the vote switching being done from foreign nations,exactly which precincts,the IP addresses,everything!

我们有绝对的证据证明投票权转换是在外国进行的,确切的选区,IP 地址,所有的一切!

More stuff like the following is coming in the future.Expect it.This is war when the masses don't know there is one.Unconventional warfare like bioweapons and freak events are the tactics.Preventing them creates interesting scenarios,as well,like the Nashville Christmas bombing.


Shelter in place issued for portion of Texas City due to industrial alarm 


I didn't hear about this until I saw the above.Is it really an accident?


Mexico City metro overpass collapses onto road,killing at least 24


Q Storm Rider says this is the Plan for America:

Q Storm Rider 说这是美国的计划:

Trump pumps up the Movement
Flynn ext do the same
Flynn Ext也这样做。
[MSM] plants MASSIVE FALSE story on Trump [DS] try to take down Trump _/STOP the HYPE
>>were back to my post below<<

It's too easy for Americans and other patriots to sit around in front of their gadgets every day,gleaning information and getting informed while waiting for the real heroes to"do it".It will take someone like General Flynn,Mike Lindell,Patrick Byrne,and the few politicians and legal eagles to get them to actually DO IT themselves.


We'll see how long that takes.Hopefully they got the fluoride out of the water.Perhaps Trumps rallies will do the trick.What we're seeing is that the people with young children are fired up about what the school board is doing and they are beginning to unify and hand them their asses and replace them.


Here is today's update from LT at And We Know.1 hr.

这里是今天 LT 的更新,我们知道。1小时。

5.5.21:These"TRUTHS"should INTENSIFY your LONGING to TAKE back FREEDOM.PRAY!5.5.21:


In my travels on the Internet there are morsels of truth that not everyone may be aware of and when they appear in the form of a meme,I can't resist.Some are certain that Devon Island is"Mars".Some may take that to mean we never went to Mars or can't,but from what we're hearing,Mars has its own battles to fight with the dark fleets so perhaps they keep up the theatre here on Earth/Terra.NASA is not a government agency and the Space Force is keeping everyone grounded.


2021年5月5日: 这是动荡之年的五月五日|星际飞船地球

James Gilliland had'Gene Decode'on his As You Wish show recently and space travel was a topic they discussed.Gene is always interesting regardless of the topic.1 hr.


Gene Decode–As You Wish Talk Radio


I think it's obvious we are now exposing corruption in the education system.Teachers'unions are under the microscope and after over a year of this Wu Flu nonsense they are striving to keep schools closed,kids at home,and parents out of work.Anything that brings life to a grinding halt for as many as possible is the goal.


Of course,parents of children who are back in school are complaining because in some cases the children are forced to wear masks.Damned if you do,damned if you don't.Parents will have to take the teachers and their unions to task and end this maniacal situation.


Teachers'Union Caught Influencing School Reopening COVID Guideline.GOP Rep Calls for CDC Director To Resign

 教师工会被发现影响学校重新开放Covid 指南,共和党代表要求疾控中心主任辞职

Is the election process keeping corrupt politicians in lower offices than the White House?Oh,yeah.How many mayors,city officials,and even judges have we seen arrested in the past couple of years?The People are angry enough now to take action.It needs to continue and this New Hampshire town is a beginning.Video at the link.


BREAKING:Windham Residents STAND WITH BACKS TURNED on Board As They Railroad Audit Process—SCREAM AND CHANT"RESIGN!"(VIDEO)


I listened to a great live conversation on the AZ Audit channel on YouTube this morning and it's obvious the People are getting more informed and involved.Jovan Pulitzer and Dr.Frank were there as well as Marilyn from Windham NH and IT specialists and YouTubers who can get this information out at the proper time.

今天早上,我在 YouTube 上的 AZ 审计频道上收听了一个很棒的现场对话,很明显,人们越来越了解情况,越来越参与其中。约万·普利策和弗兰克博士以及来自温德姆新罕布什尔州的玛丽莲、IT 专家和 youtube 用户都在那里,他们可以在适当的时间获得这些信息。

We hear that the liberal states are cross-coordinating the managing of the situation and sharing what they're doing to swing the situations their way.These people on the panel are spunky and having fun as they discuss the strategies in this AZ audit and what will happen elsewhere to correct the steal.

我们听说,自由主义国家正在交叉协调对局势的管理,并分享他们正在做什么来改变局势。小组中的这些人在讨论 AZ 审计中的策略以及在其他地方会发生什么来纠正这种偷窃行为时,非常有活力并且乐在其中。

It's a peek at some of the"behind-the-scenes"activities we don't see in the headlines.One expert says there are a hundred ways to meddle with the Dominion voting machines that do NOT involve meddling by foreign interests.Dr.Frank says they have all the evidence and know who did it.Hands down.It's in the bag.


They say as Mike Lindell has come forward with"teasers"about what is coming,more and more people who don't want to go to prison are coming forward and spilling their guts.They have far more proof than they need.

他们说,当迈克·林德尔(Mike Lindell)就即将发生的事情提出"难题"时,越来越多不想进监狱的人站出来说出他们的内心。他们拥有的证据远远多于他们所需要的。

Here's the shocking part:Facilitator for the canvassers Liz Harris said what the lawyers the demonrats sent to Arizona are after is the canvassers.They even put ads on TV telling people not to cooperate and the phone number for people to call with information is no longer working.

这是令人震惊的部分:游说者的服务商 Liz Harris 说,那些恶魔派到亚利桑那州的律师要找的是游说者。他们甚至在电视上投放广告,告诉人们不要合作,让人们打电话提供信息的电话号码也不再有效。

Dr.Frank tells us Mike Lindell hired a whack of"Mission Impossible"secret agent-type guys who went to the machines and downloaded the proof that there were people there doing the heist at the time.They've got it all and he said he can't believe how stupid these criminals are.They didn't hide it.We heard that the Maricopa Board of Supervisors are really dirty.


This headline just popped up,too.



BUSTED:Implant Found In Voting Machines 


In Ohio Dr.Frank says the volunteers are using Google street view to find the empty lots where ballots supposedly came from.When this all goes public what these psychopaths did,America will be in an uproar.Until then,it's"mum"but this was a great peek behind the curtain.


This update just came in on Telegram on the Drain the Swamp channel.


GUILTY!—JUST IN:Maricopa County Board Of Supervisors Decided Not To Provide Routers Requested By Auditors Of County's 2020 Election Results

(Routers mean network equipment to connect devices to servers)


The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors is obviously trying to hide something HUGE.


The X22 Report website was down for a couple of days but it's up now and this is Dave's latest update.



2021年5月5日: 这是动荡之年的五月五日|星际飞船地球

North of the 49th,the Patriots are organizing to take down the Nazi regime imposing stricter and repeated lockdowns.See more at Link to Telegram post.



File complaints against Teresa tam and Dr Deville.Link on linktree


We did not elect these medical doctors.They need to go.


Things are crazy and violent in Colombia as this video on Telegram shows us with ongoing protests against the establishment.


Internet Disrupted in Colombia as Protesters Killed During Rally Against Iván Duque Márquez 


In a change of topic…


Michael Salla interviewed Elena Danaan again recently and it was fascinating.1 hr.10 min.



An overview of Human-looking extraterrestrials&their agendas–4th Interview with Elena Danaan 

人类外表的外星人及其议程概述——第四期 Elena Danaan 访谈

Here's a message from Whiplash347.

这是 Whiplash347发来的消息。

Chinese rocket made it in the MSM today.


We are starting to see slow crumbs released to the public.This slow drip is essential for the acceptance of the events about to take place.




With multiple drops from 2018 relating to this,including the May 10 3 year delta.


Do you not think we have the technology to stop something like this?

Pre planned.




Israel is in a bit of turmoil as well.


Israel's president gives centrist Yair Lapid mandate to form government after PM Netanyahu misses deadline 


And finally,Part 4 of a series from Jetson White on our ascension from this construct.


Synopsis of This Channel's Message–Part Four



That's our update for today,my friends.It's quite the roller coaster ride,isn't it?


Thanks to the crew for the shares and insights.~BP




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