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The Bilderberg Group is the Nazi connection


Nazified traitors


Puppet masters identified


Inevitable collapse


The end justifies the means


The Central Banks are the cause of evil.They are bad for every single country.Because the problem,is that politicians and every group or entity,like hospitals,doctors,police and so on have become corrupted by bribes,as they fall for the money.Allowing the central bankers to manipulate 纳粹的联系|最后的警钟society with fresh printed paper money,as they feel necessary to maintain the fake Covid pandemic alive.All thosecorrupted will fight till the bitter end,thus we the patriots need to fight back till the end too,to make sure we take back control.


Under the Biden administration,the world has arrived in a period of time where distortions and misallocations liquidate capital.Where the business cycle is manipulated by currency debasement,better known as inflation that will be brought to a climax.Inevitably resulting in high unemployment,business failures,uncompleted construction projects,bond defaults,stock market crashes,and the like.


In reality,the world is governed through secret societies like the Counsel on Foreign Relations(CFR),the Trilateral Commission(TC)and the Bilderberg Group.All can be traced back to much earlier societies,such as the Knights Templar and Rosicrucians,that converted into the Bavarian Illuminati and the Freemasons.


It was the right-wing German Thule Gesellschaft,or Thule Society,an offshoot of the Teutonic Knights,that formed the nucleus of the fledgling Nazi Party,which adopted the infamous Illuminati credo;"the end justifies the means",that lives on in the hearts of the corporate owners,called globalists,who favour the blending of state and corporate power,known as fascism.

右翼的德国极北之地协会(Thule Gesellschaft),或称极北之地协会(Thule Society),是条顿骑士团的一个分支,形成了羽翼未丰的纳粹党的核心,该党采纳了臭名昭著的光明会信条;"目的决定手段",这种说法一直存在于被称为全球主义者的企业主心中,他们支持国家和企业权力的融合,即法西斯主义。

The organisation that provides the connective network between these various secret societies is the Shadowy Bilderberg Group,entailing powerful men and women,including many of the European royalty,who meet in secret each year to discuss the ensuing issues.This reclusive group is considered by many researchers to be at the centre of the world's social and economic manipulations.


纳粹的联系|最后的警钟Founded in 1954 by Lord Carrington and cofounder Dutch/German Prince Bernhard,this group is the inner-core elite of the CFR and TC.Prince Bernhard was the primary motivator for the Bilderberg meetings.He was a former member of the Nazi Schutzstaffel,–Waffen SS–or Elite Guard,and an employee of Germany's IG Farben.In 1937 when married to Princess Juliana of the Netherlands,Prince Bernhard became a major shareholder and officer in the Royal Dutch Shell Oil Company,along with Britain's Lord Victor Rothschild.Together they were the two prime Deep State controllers,of that era.

1954年,卡林顿勋爵(Lord Carrington)和德国王子伯恩哈德(Prince Bernhard)共同创立了这个组织,它是 CFR TC 的核心精英。伯恩哈德王子是彼尔德伯格会议的主要动机。他曾是纳粹党卫队的成员,也就是精锐卫队,也是德国 IG 法本集团的雇员。1937年,当伯恩哈德王子与朱丽安娜女王王妃结婚时,他和英国的维克多·罗斯柴尔德勋爵一起成为了壳牌公司石油公司的主要股东和官员。他们一起是那个时代的两个主要的深层国家控制者。

Bernhard,the prince of the Dutch people deliberately killed 10.000 young soldiers,and created the severest hunger winter in western world history in the northern part of The Netherlands,during which hundreds of thousands innocent people starved from lack of food,water,shelter,and heating.It may blow your mind,It may surprise you,but you can be sure that this has been thoroughly verified.And is reported by me as a witness to this aerial spectacle.These facts should convince everyone of us that our authorities cannot be trusted,neither past nor present!


It is highly recommended,especially to Dutch citizens,to use this opportunity for first-hand learning,to become convinced through facts and evidence that the Dutch Royal House of Orange,the Dutch government of premier Rutte and all others in places of authority notoriously betray the populace.The Netherlands is classified as the test lab for the Deep State cabal.Where new ideas and rules are first tried out in practice.

我们强烈建议,尤其是对荷兰公民来说,利用这个机会进行第一手的学习,通过事实和证据使他们相信,荷兰皇家橘子宫(Royal House of Orange)、荷兰首相吕特(Rutte)领导的政府,以及当权地区的所有其他政府,都出了名地背叛了民众。荷兰被列为深州阴谋集团的测试实验室。在那里,新的想法和规则首先在实践中尝试。

Prince Bernhard was born into a'insignificant'German aristocracy.He joined the Nazi party at university–then the SS.When he married into the Dutch royal family,he shelved his black SS uniform before the second world war started.Then,his old Nazi friends invaded his newly adopted Holland in 1940,which he fled to Britain with the Dutch Queen Wilhelmina.His wife,Princess Juliana,with the gold stockpile actually owned by the Dutch populace and their children,took refuge in Canada.


纳粹的联系|最后的警钟As a former SS officer,the Admiralty's wartime spymaster,Ian Fleming(MI5)who scrutinised Bernhard,signed him to the British army as a trusted Dutch liaison officer.Nonetheless,Prince Bernhard betrayed the Dutch people in his most important job in 1944 as a liaison officer for the pending liberation of Arnhem.He also supervised the Dutch resistance underground organisation in the run-up to be freed from German occupation.But then again he abused his authority when he ten days in advance leaked to the Germans the details of this operation named Market Garden.Informing the Nazis how to prepare their counter attack-fighters to confront the western allies moving to the Rhine Bridge in Arnhem.The result was that many British and allied paratroopers lost their live in what the Nazis called the'Hexenkessel',of Arnhem's suburb Oosterbeek.

作为前党卫军军官,英国海军部的战时间谍头子,伊恩·弗莱明(军情五处)仔细审查了伯恩哈德,签署他作为一个值得信赖的荷兰联络官加入英国军队。尽管如此,在1944年,作为即将成立的荷兰阿纳姆解放战的联络官,Prince Bernhard 在他最重要的工作中背叛了荷兰人民。他还指导了荷兰抵抗地下组织的准备阶段,以便从德国占领下获得自由。但是,他又一次滥用职权,提前十天向德国人透露了这次名为"市场花园"的行动的细节。通知纳粹如何准备他们的反击战士,以对抗向阿纳姆的莱茵河大桥移动的西方盟友。结果,许多英国及其盟军伞兵在纳粹所谓的阿纳姆郊区奥斯特贝克的"六面墙"中失去了生命。

The consequences were catastrophic for the allied armed forces but worse for the Dutch civilian population.In the subsequent'Hongerwinter'–Hunger Winter-,because the Germans had cut off all food supplies to the region,an estimated 22,000 Dutch civilians starved to death.The week-long battle resulted in thousands of dead soldiers on both sides.Read more,here.


纳粹的联系|最后的警钟Winston Churchill at that time premier of the UK,had ordered not to finish the war as there were not sufficient deaths.He ordered the RAF to bomb the town of Dresden in Germany,where only women,children and elderly lived as all others were drafted in the army.They killed up to 600.000 innocent civilians,but it didn't meet the set quota of one million more casualties.The Hunger Winter should bring the balance as was stated.


Ten years later in 1954,Bernard with Lord Carrington chaired the foundation of the Bilderberg Group on the same spot in Oosterbeek,in Hotel Bilderberg where up to 10.000 allied soldiers had lost their live.


In 2010 the Nazis were accused by Italy's most senior judge Ferdinando Imposimato,of working together with international organised crime;of using far right agents in the NATO intelligence structures to kill hundreds of European citizens in operation'Gladio'through terrorist attacks,from the 1970s to 1990s,which incorrectly consistently has been blamed on Moscow.


The Bilderberg Group is the Nazi connection


The list of American institutions involved in the Bilderberg Group,reads like a list of pre-war financiers of Hitler.These are the six major American Banks,Ford Motor Company,Standard Oil–Exxon,and DuPont.


The common denominator of these societies is getting hold of assets and money,in other words power.The biggest asset in today's world of politics and wealth is money,to influence and control people and media through bribery,as clearly is shown over the last year with the Covid pandemic restrictions.


纳粹的联系|最后的警钟Their power derives from vast covert intra-governmental infrastructures and their direct connections with private industries,mutual funds,investment houses,universities,and the news media,includingpublishing houses.To these associations belong also the Nazis that formed the military-industrial-complex(MIC)after WW2.The United States with their war on terror became worldwide the principal violator of human rights and freedom,as outlined in a report from Amnesty International,of which a copy was produced by Vladimir Putin.


Moreover,Queen Angela Merkel,Germany's and the EU's treacherous leader is also part of the Nazi World Order conspiracy going all the way back to her father,Adolf Hitler.Which makes it darker than can be imagined.–Q Anon even exposed the relation to Barry Soetoro,–also known as Obama;of whom Trump once said"When we're done,it'll be like you were never even here."

此外,德国和欧盟背信弃义的领导人安吉拉·默克尔女王也是纳粹世界秩序阴谋的一部分,这一阴谋可以追溯到她的父亲阿道夫·希特勒。这使得它比我们想象的还要黑暗。——q Anon 甚至曝光了他与巴里·苏托罗(Barry Soetoro)的关系。苏托罗也被称为奥巴马。特朗普曾经说过,"当我们结束这一切的时候,就好像你从未来过这里一样。"

The Nazi German Bush Files were recently presented to all members of the U.S.Congress as well as the U.S.Military Joint Chiefs of Staff.These files clearly prove that the Bush Crime Cartel had plans to destroy western civilisation that begun in the United States of America early on with the assassination of Franklin Delano Roosevelt who had already ordered the U.S.Military Tribunal the execution of Nazi German puppet and traitor Prescott Bush.


Moreover,the then CIA Director John Foster Dulles,along with Nazi German George Herbert Walker Bush helped to recruit Nazis and brought them into the United States,as part of the plot to assassinate President Franklin Delano Roosevelt(FDR)and make Vice President Harry Truman U.S.President who had already agreed to create the Central Intelligence Agency–CIA that FDR and his U.S.Secretary of State Cordell Hull vehemently opposed!


Nazified traitors


纳粹的联系|最后的警钟And today,the not legitimate elected thus fraudulent President Joseph Biden and'queen'Kamala Harris are with Victoria Nuland high treason traitors.They are in the process to start world war 3 in support of Nazified elements in the nation of Ukraine so as to maintain the use of the Ukraine as an outpost for the continuing embezzlement of funds,that went on for the last thirty years.


Another,High treason traitor is Nazified General Mark Milley committing crimes against humanity on a daily basis as he and FBI Director Christopher Wray are using U.S.Military satellites to illegally spy on the entire population.


Nazi General Mark Milley had already committed high treason in his cover up of Bush fraudulent 9/11 black operation attack on the American People and in 2018 Milley refused to turn over a U.S.Military report to Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi(D-CA)that the United States had blatantly lied into the War in Iraq using a bogus forged British Intelligence dossier created for them by British Prime Minister Tony Blair with as author Stefan Halper,an American foreign policy scholar,who also wrote the bogus report over Donal J.Trumps concerning the Russian collusion.

纳粹将军马克·米利在掩盖布什欺诈性的9/11黑色行动袭击美国人民时已经犯下了叛国罪,2018年米利拒绝向民主党众议院议长南希·佩洛西提交一份美国军事报告,报告称美国公然利用英国首相托尼·布莱尔为他们伪造的英国情报档案,与美国外交政策学者斯特凡·哈尔珀合作,哈尔珀还撰写了关于 dj.特朗普与俄罗斯勾结的伪造报告。

Fixing presidential election in their favour supported by massive child,sex,drug,organ trafficking operation are all tied to the Nazi German Bush-CIA Crime Cartel.And also is involved in'Operation Evergreen'that just takes place now in the Suez Canal.The container ship Ever-Given,now stripped of all dangerous weaponry,will not be released until US$4.5 billion in damage compensation is paid to the Suez Channel Authority.

大规模的儿童、性、毒品、器官交易行动都与纳粹德国布什-中央情报局犯罪卡特尔有关。同时也参与了刚刚在苏伊士运河发生的"长荣行动"。集装箱船 Ever-Given 现在已经没有了所有的危险武器,除非向苏伊士海峡管理局支付45亿美元的损害赔偿金,否则不会放行。

Inevitable collapse


Remember,the Iraq War was staged to cover up 9/11 that occurred two days before the New York Times was about to de-legitimise the younger Nazi German Bush as an illegitimate White House occupant.


纳粹的联系|最后的警钟Stupidity is an unwitting tendency towards self-destruction.It's why operations run by bad people always go bad.It is why,since the Deep State is run by bad people–sociopaths are actively drawn to it–guaranteeing its inevitable collapse.Over hundreds of years ago the Protocols of Zion described all what is happening now;


"The Media will create discontent and be made indispensable.Through the Press we will gain the power to influence,while remaining"in the shadow.Thanks to the Press,the Deep State cabal has accumulated gold out of oceans of blood and tears.


"Chaos,poverty and bankruptcy will be universal.The constitution scales will break down.Forces will be set in opposition to one another.We have armed all parties".


"Poverty is our weapon of choice.All people are chained down to heavy toil through poverty,believing that one day,with enough dedication to hard work,they may free themselves.For this reason,we have included in the constitution fictitious,not actual rights".


"We are fascists and we covertly promote communism,under the guise of solidarity.We appear as saviours,but our power is derived through the perpetuation of chronic food shortages and the consequent physical weakness of the worker.He is hence made the slave of our will,while he will not find the strength or energy to go against our will.Hunger creates the necessary power to rule over and oppress the worker".


"There will be a global widespread economic crisis.Stock exchanges will shut down.Industry will be brought to a standstill.We shall throw the mobs of workers onto the streets en masse in all European countries and they will loot and kill.Hatred will be magnified by the economic crisis.We will use cruelty wisely,knowing how to calm all unrest and shut off the freedoms in all institutions."


Puppet masters identified


纳粹的联系|最后的警钟By cleverly manipulating and enslaving the people,the Deep State cares less and less whether we fall for their carefully cultivated fake illusion of the 3rd dimension or not.The enslaved people are less and less concerned about the fact that in this theatre of illusion,we,the awake,are increasingly discovering the holes in the illusory decor,which was once thought to be real,as it slowly crumbles around us.


The house of cards behind the curtain is starting to crumble.Then there's more and more of us in the audience detecting the strings attached to the stage puppets,most prominently our'elected'politicians.Many can now see their strings getting pulled by the puppet masters who are no longer hidden in the shadows.


纳粹的联系|最后的警钟The old European power structure responsible for slavery and crime also invented the banking system that moves money–currency,like wires connecting an electric circuit,where dollars,euros,yen,and other"currencies"function as electrons aka currency,which is now being disconnected from the real world money system,and collapses the central bank world economy,to make way for the introduction of our QFS money system.

旧的欧洲权力结构负责奴隶制和犯罪,也发明了银行系统,移动货币,就像电线连接电路,其中美元,欧元,日元和其他"货币"功能电子又名货币,现在正断开从现实世界的货币系统,并崩溃中央银行世界经济,为我们的 QFS 货币系统的引进让路。

The time has arrived in which evil destroys itself.It is a painful process,especially for those of us who are awake and observe.But actually,it is even more painful for the afflicted,who experience the misery they have inflicted on themselves,having slipped into it as a result of gullibility and indifference.


Only mass awakening can stop these criminals who are destroying us in real time.Open your eyes and fight for your live!


纳粹的联系|最后的警钟If you found this information interesting,explanatory,valuable,and/or insightful,please share it with everyone you know to help them awaken and prepare.And,don't forget to put up your national flag showing the world you are awake,to further motivate the silent majority to follow suit.The more flags out show the world that the cabal is losing their grip of power over us.There is much more enlightening information to follow!You are invited to subscribe free of charge.


Unity is Power


纳粹的联系|最后的警钟Our liberation process cannot be stopped anymore.Uniting with others who are like minded people creates and shapes our best reality.Worldwide networks of awakening people are being created,such as in Spain in the Marbella/Malaga area,which attracts an increasing number of participants.In just a few months of existence,the group has grown to over 530 members.If you would like to apply or learn how to start your own regional or local group,please contact FWC via email. Our future lies in our own hands specifically in small communities that become the foundation of our self-managed society.

我们的解放进程再也不能停止了。与志同道合的人团结起来,创造和塑造我们最好的现实。正在建立世界范围的觉醒人民网络,例如在西班牙的马尔韦利亚/马拉加地区,吸引了越来越多的参与者。仅仅成立了几个月,这个组织的成员就超过了530人。如果您想申请或学习如何开始自己的区域或当地团体,请通过电子邮件联系 FWC。我们的未来掌握在我们自己手中,特别是小社区,它们成为我们自我管理的社会的基础。

Stay tuned there is more to follow…


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