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Starship Earth:The Big Picture




Earth is on the fast track to the stars.If you thought President Trump's news about the"Space Force"was a grandiose,pie-in-the-sky concept or a campaign promise that wouldn't materialize for years,think again.


The controlling members of the New World Order have enjoyed those space-age technologies for decades and don't share with us,the lowly Humans.


Dr.Michael Salla recently provided perspective on a mainstream news piece denigrating India's Narendra Modi and his plans to put India back into the stars with their ancient technology of vimanas,and others.

迈克尔·萨拉博士(Michael Salla)最近在一篇主流新闻报道中提供了一些观点,这篇报道诋毁了印度的纳伦德拉·莫迪(Narendra Modi),以及他用古老的维曼拿斯(vimanas)技术让印度重返星空的计划等等。

How does Salla know?He has allegedly been reporting certain doses of truth as allowed by the"Secret Space Program"after a faction broke away from the cabal's regime because they wanted to bring Humanity up to speed and end the secrecy.


I think it's safe to say that when all the truth comes out,none of us will ever view our planet or space the same way again.We wukk see what the world outside our"planet"really looks like.


Not only is space travel coming,but mag-lev trains,med-beds,free energy,and other suppressed technologies.Life will be unrecognizable as we launch into our"Golden Age".


Narenda Modi&Restoring India's Ancient Vedic Science:Vimanas&Genetic Supersoldiers



They told us the truth a long,long time ago.We thought it was entertainment.



Simon Parkes did a brilliant update video for us yesterday and tells us he's been very busy.In the public eye,he says,it doesn't seem like much is happening because it's mostly behind the scenes.It's the calm before the storm,as many have alluded.He says a string of visitors has been to the"winter white house"in Florida speaking with President Trump,got their marching orders and off they went to execute the Plan.


He clarifies that NESARA/GESARA is only ONE ASPECT of the Quantum Financial System.There's far more to it and the intricacies need to be recognized.He tells us more about it,as very few know.Fascinating stuff.

他澄清 NESARA/GESARA 只是量子金融体系的一个方面。还有更多的内容,这些错综复杂的东西需要被认识到。很少有人知道,他告诉了我们更多关于它的事情。有趣的东西。

Don't fret if you don't understand as it's nothing we've ever been taught and the concept seems way out there.It's spiritually based,involves energy,the speed of light,DNA,and the 5th Dimension.Believe it—or not.It's coming—and high time as the QFS is impossible to cheat or manipulate the world's banking system.It goes far beyond that,as well,since money makes the world go'round.

如果你不明白,不要烦恼,因为这是我们从来没有被教过的东西,而且这个概念似乎太离谱了。它是以精神为基础的,包括能量、光速、DNA 和第五次元。信不信由你。这一时刻即将到来ーー而且正是 QFS 不可能欺骗或操纵全球银行体系的时候。它还远远超出了这个范围,因为金钱使世界运转。

He says the cabal may not believe the Earth Alliance will be strong enough to actually activate the system,but they will,and tremendous blow-back is expected from the dark ones when they do,so it will be an interesting year.It will mean a change to the value of Humanity,Simon says.


Personally,I believe we can't keep delaying.We must move forward regardless of the cost.There will be costs incurred if we do NOT go forward.Look at the carnage within Humanity since 2001 when they originally planned to do this.Simon explains that there are two camps as to whether President Trump needs to come back before or after the QFS is activated.

就我个人而言,我认为我们不能再拖延了。无论付出什么代价,我们都必须向前迈进。如果我们不进行下去,就会有成本。看看2001年以来人类最初计划这样做的大屠杀。西蒙解释说,关于特朗普总统是否需要在 QFS 启动之前或之后回来,有两个阵营。

He also speaks of the accounts he has received of encounters in the tunnels and DUMBs involving non-Humans—just so you know.


He says disclosure is coming,that even people who believe they are read in on everything will be shocked at what's coming.Don't miss this update.Thanks ever so much,Simon.



I doubt if many of our readers have"thrown in the towel"because they're more savvy than that,but you may want to hear what this"anon"is saying.This is FAR from over.Just be patient.And positive.Juan O'Savin is telling us by April 1st…major developments will come to light.This is from Gab.


Jan 26·

PATRIOTS!Don't give up.I'll let you in on a a little something:remember the how the lights went off at the Washington Monument a few days ago?That wasn't an accident.You may be a bit discouraged and perhaps have thrown in the towel,but I can assure you that would be a very big mistake because our National Guard troops need your support.


Except for President Trump,who told his hotel in DC that our National Guard troops could stay at his hotel FREE of charge so that they weren't sleeping out in a Parking Garage in the FREEZING ASS WASHINGTON DC COLD DEAD OF WINTER(Look up the temperatures and you'll see what I mean.)or on the floor in the Capitol Building,the DEMONCRATS have been treating out National Guard Troops like shit,and it's SAD.These men and women are doing a job that NONE of them wanted to do or stay doing as whats shameful as many DEMONCRATS have served in the United States Military.

除了特朗普总统,他告诉他在华盛顿的酒店,我们的国民警卫队可以免费住在他的酒店,这样他们就不会睡在寒冷的华盛顿特区的一个停车场里或者在国会大厦的地板上,DEMONCRATS 对待国民警卫队就像对待狗屎一样,这是 SAD。这些男人和女人正在做的工作是他们中没有人愿意做的,也没有人愿意像 DEMONCRATS 在美国军队中服役时那样继续做可耻的工作。

Despite the mistreatment,the 5,000 men and women that are helping to run the Government right now as the military are in charge right now were putting your tax dollars to MIGHTY GOOD use when the lights when out at the monument.I promise.

尽管受到了虐待,但是当纪念碑熄灯的时候,5000名正在帮助管理政府的男男女女正在把你们缴纳的税款用于 MIGHTY GOOD。我保证。

There are no coincidences.


Soon,the World will know,but because of the brainwashing that has been done to by the Government,approximate 40%of the truth will be known.It is all so ugly that those IN POWER who ACTUALLY do care don't want mass suicides and for people to have health problems.It was bad enough when we all learned that the majority of the Republicans are RINOS and have been spineless this entire time because they're on the same pay roll the Democrats are.

很快,全世界都会知道,但是由于政府已经进行了洗脑,大约40%的真相将会被知道。这一切是如此丑陋,以至于那些真正关心这一问题的当权者不希望大规模自杀,也不希望人们有健康问题。当我们得知大多数共和党人都是 RINOS,而且因为他们和民主党人在同一个工资名单上,所以一直以来都是懦弱的时候,这已经够糟糕的了。

HANG IN THERE.Hold the line.The Feds are slow AF when it comes to making a case but that's because they don't lose.They will sit on people for YEARS all the while collecting evidence and once that rat trap springs,IT IS OVER.


This is what is currently happening.In order to cover one's ass and substantiate treason for A LOT of people,it takes time.Patriots are in control,and so is President Trump.Did anyone notice his new offices lol?That's no accident either.Stay tuned.



Here's LT's update from And We Know for February 18.


2.18.21:The TRUTH is Chipping into the DS ARMOR!Spiritual WARFARE!PRAY!

2.18.21:真理正在切割 DS 的盔甲!属灵的战争!祷告



We may see progress here in Arizona with respect to the election rigging that put Creepy Joe Biden in the Oval Office.


Arizona Senate Passes Bill Strengthening Its Investigative Powers Amid Maricopa County Vote Audit Dispute 亚利桑那州参议院通过法案,加强马里科帕县投票审计纠纷中的调查权力

Back to the most important aspect of our lives at the moment…


One source(I think it was Dr.Vladimir"Zev"Zelenko in NYC)relayed fantastic success with Covid patients using this SAFE,proven regimen.Other doctors have been using it,as well,including one in Texas.Ask your doctor for this if you come down with something you can't handle on your own.If this meme below doesn't come through due to censorship,it reads:

一个消息来源(我想是纽约市的 Vladimir"Zev"Zelenko 医生)向我们展示了使用这种安全、有效的疗法治疗冠状病毒病人所取得的巨大成功。其他医生也在使用,包括德克萨斯州的一名医生。如果你感染了自己无法处理的疾病,向你的医生咨询。如果下面这条文字没有通过审查,它会这样写道:

200mg 2X daily Hydroxychloroquine


500mg 1X daily Azithromycin


220mg 1X daily Zinc sulphate


It worked for 350 patients,fast,effective,safe,no intubation(respirators etc.)or hospitalizations.ZERO DEATHS.Patients were safe and comfy at home and well in no time.Learn more about Dr.Zelenko's protocol here.

它用于350例患者,快速、有效、安全,无需插管(呼吸器等)或住院。零死亡。病人在家里很安全,很舒服,很快就康复了。点击这里了解更多关于 Zelenko 博士的协议。

You can also consult the website set up by America's Frontline Doctors who the media have also viciously attacked.They risked everything to stand up and speak out on video(since removed from YouTube)to the world along with many European doctors.Some lost their jobs,some were arrested,some may lose their license to practice medicine.That is how badly the evil,satanic globalists want to win this information war.Do your research and don't be mislead.Informed people know the truth and can protect themselves and their loved ones.

你也可以查阅由美国前线医生建立的网站,媒体也对其进行了恶意攻击。他们冒着一切风险站起来,与许多欧洲医生一起,通过视频( YouTube 上删除)向全世界发表演讲。有些人丢了工作,有些人被捕,有些人可能会失去行医执照。这就是邪恶的、撒旦的全球主义者想要赢得这场信息战争的迫切程度。做好你的研究,不要被误导。消息灵通的人知道真相,能够保护自己和他们所爱的人。


Dr.Vernon Coleman tells us the BBC et al claim people dying after Covid vaccinesare dying of Covid—couldn't be the vaccine—they're safe!Bill Gates told us so.



Good grief—is this update from Germany true?Or is it a movie?Is this a"scare event"to wake up the population?I can't tell any more.Since Dr.Coleman was overcome with grief in a previous video while reading about all the deaths and horrific side-effects from the Covid vaccines,it certainly seems real and extremely disturbing.What a disgusting way to treat the elderly.No wonder people are pulling their loved ones out of care homes.

天哪,这个来自德国的最新消息是真的吗?还是一部电影?这是一个唤醒人们的"震惊事件"吗?我不能再多说了。由于科尔曼医生在之前的一个视频中读到了所有的死亡和可怕的 Covid 疫苗副作用时,悲痛欲绝,这看起来确实是非常令人不安的。对待老年人的方式真恶心。难怪人们会把他们所爱的人从养老院里救出来。

Is it not clear that we are better off without a vaccine?We don't need one.We have an immune system.The elderly need to be supported and protected by strengthening their immune systems with vitamins,Vitamin D,sunshine,fresh air,and put on a maintenance dose of HCQ with zinc and if necessary for lung conditions,Azithromycin.That is what honest,caring doctors have told us.







Disclosure of many things is on the horizon.Canada—you're in for a rude awakening since you have your own skeletons in the closets of the New World Order.


One response to the Tweet above is very telling.Whether it's already fact or not…it's probably true.The"Royal Family"may already be toast.If not,they soon will be.The thought of tea and crumpets with the Queen will be something that makes aware people gag.Commonwealth nation patriots want none of it.


Alberta pastor remains in jail for defying lockdowns


You may wish to explore this Canadian Patriot website shared by the crew.The wild rose is the official flower of the province of Alberta.



I try to end the post with something light to ponder and satire often stands in for straight humour.This view of our Covid society hits it home if you have a sense of humour over the grotesque nature of life on Earth under the iron fist of tyranny.All they needed to do was tell people they were in danger and they gladly abandonned life as they knew it.


That was over a year ago—over a friggin'flu.The fact that nearly everyone is walking around without any symptoms whatsoever doesn't seem to matter.The new common core math worked.2+2=6—or anything you like.No more critical thinking.No more facts.Whatever the media says is true.Believe it.That's their message.



This one's funnier.Bill Gates is going to get his comeuppance if he hasn't already.Your kids are next,Bill.We can't have you all spreading the plague.



I need to go so I'll leave you with a reminder to check out the links and info the crew adds via the comments below each post.


You may also want to check out this Gab account.I haven't even had time to get on Telegram for awhile.We seem to have a lot of personal deadlines these days and I'm scrambling to keep up.Rest up,as it sounds like March may see the next"storm".~BP

你可能也想检查这个 Gab 帐户。我甚至有一阵子没有时间上 Telegram。这些天我们似乎有很多个人的最后期限,而我正在争先恐后地跟上。好好休息吧,因为听起来三月份可能会出现下一场"风暴"~BP



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