盖亚的黄金时代:不是演习|Steve Beckow

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盖亚的黄金时代:不是演习|Steve Beckow

Source: Golden Age of Gaia  |By Steve Beckow 


The mainstream media are pillorying anything associated with the Alliance–Q,Trump,Melania,etc.


The military are not accepting defeat.They refused to release sensitive military information to President B*iden on a Saudi aircraft sale and denied him access to the Pentagon.With these actions and others,the dice are cast.


In the halls of power,how you feel about it may depend on where you sit.If you're in the deep state,this is treason;if in the military,this is saving America.


Meanwhile bits of commentary and symbolic acts are filtering through.


The National Guard stationed along the route of the B*iden cavalcade turned their backs on him as he passed by.



A National Guard soldier is quoted on Jan.17 as saying:


"I am a National Guard soldier from the District of Columbia Army National Guard.Rumor going around for days is we aren't here[in DC]for B*iden.We are here to seize power for the real president,President Trump.My commanding officer just confirmed it.


"The order will come in the dead of night on[Tue-Wed]the 19/20th.When you wake up on[Wed]the 20th we will have seized all the organs of power in DC for President Trump and B*iden and his cabinet along with TONS of senators and reps will be in cuffs.Everyone I have talked to is ready to go.We are ready to save America."(1)


Even if it didn't go forward,that was the plan.


Of this report intel guru Nick Fleming said:


"Our guy said the transition to arrests HAS ALREADY STARTED BEHIND THE SCENES as of today Thu 21 Jan,and this transition will not be as public as this soldier[above]was led to believe,because the military overseers want to minimize D*eep State retaliation through dirty bombs,and through Antifa/BLM violence and bloodshed,and they want the public to feel SAFE even though we are in the midst of a low profile necessary military coup against the D*eep State[memes deleted]govt under B*iden in DC;he said also the military will be neutralizing,arresting or removing D*eep State Dem&RINO GOP governors and mayors etc who control states and cities across the country over the next 30-60 days—those are the current plans.…

"我们的人说,从今天121日星期四开始,向逮捕的过渡已经在幕后开始,这种过渡将不会像这名士兵(上图)所认为的那样公开,因为军事监察官希望通过脏弹和 Antifa/BLM 暴力和流血来尽量减少深层国家的报复,他们希望公众感到安全,即使我们正处于针对深层国家政府的一场低调的必要军事政变之中,他还说,军方将在未来30-60天内压制、逮捕或驱逐控制全国各州和城市的深州民主党和RINO共和党州长和市长等,这是目前的计划…

"Our guy said again this timing was delayed by 36 hours by the D*eep State bomb threats described above but all is AGAIN on track now going forward"(2)


RINO=Republican in Name Only.


On Wed.Jan.20,a National Guard flag officer spokesman in DC said in an ABC News Good Morning America interview that he was"proud of the almost 25,000 National Guardsmen who have come in from all 50 states and territories to help support the Secret Service and the police departments with a peaceful transition to Military Power."(3)


The military could not be more honest about their intentions.


Now brave soul"Joe M."texts this message to Telegram,Jan.22,hoping to reassure us:现在勇敢的人"Joe m"122日发给 Telegram 的短信中,希望能让我们安心:

"White Hats wouldn't take millions of blissfully unaware ordinary citizens,wake them up to the reality of the great reset,and then yank it away for months.That is uncharacteristic of a benevolent force.This ends in weeks at most,not months.The plan is real.You know it is."(4)


"The great reset"could be the fall of the cabal or it could be the Reval.No way to know.


We aren't presented at this time with anything like a complete picture.There's no transparency when people's lives are at stake.The Madrid explosion is a foretaste of what the cabal could rain down on the world's population to remain in power.


The cabal can maim and kill but the Alliance has to proceed by the law.Things go slower for the law-abiding.


Nevertheless,this is not a drill.It's my hope that,by the actions underway around the globe,all corruption on the planet will now or soon stop.All Alliance forces are fully committed to that outcome.And our support would be a massive help to them.




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