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We are fast approaching a socialist banana republic unless the people wake up,stand up,and hold those accountable for acts that fall under the category of sedition and treason.We are seeing a plan 20 to 50 years in the making to take down America,the Constitution and the Republic.It began years ago with the school system which literally brainwashed the children about the benefits of socialism also using the environment something everyone loves who still possesses an ounce of humanity to manipulate them into joining the anti-America campaign.They have left out historic facts,especially the fact that almost all genocidal dictators of the past were socialist or communist dictators.Hitler,Stalin,Mussolini,Lenin,***,Pol Pot,all began promising free stuff,no need for arms to defend yourself so they confiscated all weapons,confiscated and centralized all the power and wealth into the hands of a few with them having total control.They used censorship and mind control methods to socially engineer,"Mind Control",the masses into believing giving up their freedom was for the good of the masses utopia is just around the corner.Is this sounding familiar?Their promise is we will solve all the environmental problems just give us total control of your lives and create carbon credits generating billions which will go to the global elite responsible for the problem in the first place.Do you know how many Grettas fell for that?


The *C*P ***arty is heavily invested in American politicians,vote counting technology along with the democrats,universities and school curriculum to the point where many people have been indoctrinated into believing socialism/communism is a good thing,the path to utopia,freedom,health and wellbeing.The proof is in the pudding.Show me utopia in socialist or communist countries,how much freedom do they have,are they abundant.Their form of censorship usually consists of a bullet,poison,a van with a few thugs that grab you and do a little organ harvesting.Reality check.


I do agree some countries do have a better health care system there is a lot of work on this issue yet without incentive there is little innovation.When people profit on disease,the cures will often be withheld or those with the cures are dealt with severely,a flaw in western medicine.How about profiting on the cures and making those cures available to everyone?There are herbs,formulas,energy medicine,med beds etc.withheld from the masses only available to the elite.A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.


Tyranny needs control,control of the media,where you get your information,control of the power and wealth,control of your currency,control of the food supply,and most important a way to silence and disarm any opposition.


Have you been paying attention?Who controls the main stream media?Who controls social media?Is there a large investment by hostile socialist/communist governments?Have politicians with socialist agendas accepted large donations from China?How about Russia?Which politicians want to eliminate free speech,the right to bear arms,protect yourself,infringe on other rights as well?


One of the main Marxist tenants is accuse others of what you have done or are doing.This is the democratic playbook.It is also said,"I care not who votes,I care who counts the votes.Very soon the monumental election fraud will be made known,who was behind it yet many will continue with denial and hold on to their socially engineered be lie fs.The ballot stuffing,elimination and electronic tampering is what is beyond belief.


Have you noticed DNC has accused Trump of treason,taking bribes,Russiagate,Chinagate,stealing the election,abuse of power and other abominable actions all of which they have done and are still doing.Marxism at its best.Spygate is real,so is pizzagate the laptops of Weiner and Hunter the FBI has had for years will verify all of this with videos and pictures so horrible they drop seasoned police to their knees.Wonder why you have not seen them?Wonder why the mainstream news will not cover what is in them?What about Epstein Island which politicians were on the Lolita Express,who in the global elite,royal families,what major newscasters and media moguls visited the island?Wonder why social media is censoring anyone who mentions these people or these topics?

你有没有注意到,民主党全国委员会已经指控特朗普叛国、受贿、俄罗斯门、中国门、窃取选举、滥用权力和其他令人憎恶的行为,所有这些都是他们过去和现在所做的。马克思主义的最佳状态。间谍门是真实的,所以也是 pizzagate 笔记本电脑韦纳和亨特的联邦调查局多年来将证实这一切与视频和图片如此可怕,以至于让经验丰富的警察屈膝。想知道你为什么没有看到他们吗?想知道为什么主流新闻不报道它们的内容吗?那么爱泼斯坦岛哪些政客上了《洛丽塔快报》,哪些全球精英,哪些皇室家族,哪些主要新闻播音员和媒体大亨访问了这个岛屿呢?想知道为什么社交媒体要审查任何提到这些人或这些话题的人?

Have you figured it out yet?The real question is why does the global elite,corrupt politicians,the mainstream news and social media hate Trump?Why do the drug and child trafficers,pedophiles being arrested in record numbers,those involved in Satanic/Luciferian child torture and sacrificing children which operated with impunity in the last administrations hate Trump?Why does Hollywood and the Music industry replete with drugs,pedophilia,other decadent behavior hate Trump?The answer is starring you in the face.


He is not one of them.In fact,he came to put an end to all this,restore the Constitutional Republic,clean up the agencies and the justice department and give the power back to the people.He was well on his way to doing this which is why the dark hearts have pulled out all stops to take him down.


It is Trump against the global elite,the main stream news and social media moguls,the deep state,corrupt politicians,drug,sex and child trafficking as well as other behavior to decadent for most people to believe in.Hard pill to swallow?Look behind the curtain.Unfortunately,there are a lot of socially engineered,critical thinking and research impaired people that actually be lie ve the lame stream news,social media,the false utopia and promises made by bought and sold politicians.Some will never look behind the curtain until their world comes crashing down,their freedom gone and end up in a world of abject poverty.


Personally,I would like to skip that reoccurring lesson and take a different path.A path where people are judged by character not color or belief.A world where incentive and motivation drives innovation and reward.I would rather live in a civilization where Universal Law is first and foremost best exemplified in a Constitutional Republic a work in progress.A world where tyranny,service to self before humanity and the Earth becomes unfashionable.These are divine rights don't let them steal them from you.We are going through a quantum leap in evolution.Universal energies are behind it,a transition no man/woman,seen or unseen entities can stop.Tyranny is not frequency specific to this transition,the tyrants and their empires will collapse upon themselves.Action/Reaction or Karma will be amplified and accelerated during this process.Time to forgive,release the past,get out in nature and focus on the higher frequencies of love,joy,bliss,and service to others.This is what is sustainable.Love the internal God with all your heart,see the Creator in all Creation,act accordingly.


Be well,


James Gilliland





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