齐塔人之声通讯|第735期 十月惊喜,一级防范禁闭,水中毒等

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October Surprise


The term October Surprise comes from a maneuver by the Herbert Bush campaign in 1980 to destroy the Carter campaign.Carter's attempts to free hostages held by Iran were delayed until after the election,then freed by Bush.The phrase applies because the scalding scandal held on the Hunter Biden laptop,retrieved by the FBI in late 2019 from a laptop repair shop where it had been abandoned,was held by Giuliani until this month,just weeks before the 2020 election.

齐塔人之声通讯|第735期  十月惊喜,一级防范禁闭,水中毒等

"十月惊喜"这个词来源于1980年赫伯特·布什竞选团队摧毁卡特竞选团队的策略。卡特试图解救被伊朗扣押的人质的行动被推迟到大选之后,然后被布什释放。这句话之所以适用,是因为2019年末,美国联邦调查局(FBI)从一家被遗弃的笔记本电脑修理店取回了亨特拜登(Hunter Biden)的笔记本电脑。直到本月,也就是2020年大选前几周,这台笔记本电脑上的滚烫丑闻一直被朱利安尼扣押。

Hunter Biden Emails Under Investigation by Senate Homeland Security Committee after Hard-Drive Report Emerges




The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee is investigating newly released emails which revealed that Hunter Biden introduced his father,former Vice President Joe Biden,to a top executive at Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma Holdings in 2015 at Hunter's request.Biden,at Hunter's request,met with Vadym Pozharskyi in April 2015 in Washington D.C.Meanwhile,the Post reported the emails were part of a trove of data recovered from a laptop which was dropped off at a repair shop in Delaware in April 2019.

美国参议院国土安全和政府事务委员会正在调查最新公布的电子邮件。这些邮件显示,亨特·拜登在2015年应亨特的要求,把他的父亲、前副总统乔·拜登介绍给了乌克兰天然气公司 Burisma Holdings 的一名高管。20154月,拜登应亨特的要求,在华盛顿特区会见了瓦迪姆·波扎尔斯基。同时,《华盛顿邮报》报道称,这些电子邮件是从一台笔记本电脑上恢复的大量数据的一部分,这台笔记本电脑于20194月被送到特拉华州的一家修理店。

Smoking-Gun Email Reveals how Hunter Biden Introduced Ukrainian Businessman to VP Dad


October 14,2020



The blockbuster correspondence—which flies in the face of Joe Biden's claim that he's"never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings"—is contained in a massive trove of data recovered from a laptop computer.The computer was dropped off at a repair shop in Biden's home state of Delaware in April 2019,according to the store's owner.The shop owner couldn't positively identify the customer as Hunter Biden,but said the laptop bore a sticker from the Beau Biden Foundation,named after Hunter's late brother and former Delaware attorney general.A federal subpoena shows the computer and hard drive were seized by the FBI.

齐塔人之声通讯|第735期  十月惊喜,一级防范禁闭,水中毒等

这些轰动一时的通信记录包含在从一台笔记本电脑恢复的大量数据中。这些记录与乔拜登(Joe Biden)声称自己"从未与我儿子谈论过他的海外商业交易"的说法背道而驰。据拜登家乡特拉华州一家修理店的老板说,这台电脑于20194月被送到这里。店主不能肯定这位顾客就是亨特·拜登,但是他说这台笔记本电脑上有一张来自美国拜登基金会的贴纸,该基金会以亨特已故的哥哥和前特拉华州司法部长的名字命名。一份联邦传票显示,这台电脑和硬盘已被联邦调查局没收。

Dems Brush off Rudy's Warning that there is'Much More to Come'on Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal

民主党人对鲁迪的警告置若罔闻,称亨特拜登(Hunter Biden)笔记本电脑丑闻还有"更多内幕"

October 14,2020



Giuliani gave the contents of the laptop over to The New York Post,which wrote a report saying it contained a'smoking-gun'email revealing that Hunter Biden had introduced his father to an adviser at his Ukrainian gas firm.Joe Biden had said he never spoke to his son about his overseas business dealings.A MacBook Pro believed to be owned by Hunter Biden-because it had a Beau Biden Foundation sticker on it-turned up at a computer repair shop in Delaware,where the owner turned over a copy to the feds and also made a copy of the harddrive for Giuliani.Giuliani said the FBI had investigated it and produced a grand jury summons as evidence.

朱利安尼把笔记本电脑的内容交给了《纽约邮报》(New York Post),后者在一篇报道中称,其中包含一封"确凿证据"的电子邮件,透露亨特拜登(Hunter Biden)曾把他父亲介绍给他乌克兰天然气公司的一名顾问。拜登说他从来没有和儿子谈过他的海外生意。一台 MacBook Pro 被认为是亨特拜登(Hunter Biden)——因为上面有一张 Beau Biden Foundation 的贴纸——出现在特拉华州的一家电脑修理店,店主把一份拷贝交给了联邦政府,还为朱利安尼复制了一份硬盘。朱利安尼说,联邦调查局已经对其进行了调查,并出示了一份大陪审团传票作为证据。

10/31/2020:Why is Giuliani bringing forth this information,providing it to the New York Post,at this time?The FBI was aware of the content of the laptop's hard drive almost a year ago,but resisted prosecuting candidate Biden to avoid the appearance of meddling in politics.We have confirmed the
Todd Starnes insider leak about the White Hat Biden Double likely to withdraw from the campaign.This would instantly invalidate all the mail-in ballots for Biden,the majority of which are fraudulent.This would be most effective if done close to November 3.


The scenario painted by Todd Starnes would require the Biden persona to have a serious'life changing'medical condition.Certainly even the original Biden had senility problems,but the Double has perpetuated this image.Senility is an excuse that a Biden could use if accused of lying about his knowledge of Hunter's Burisma business.This would allow him to avoid prosecution,and once President he could not be prosecuted during his term.The new Biden laptop revelations would force the Biden senility to be openly admitted,thus force a withdrawal from the campaign.

托德·斯塔恩斯(Todd Starnes)描绘的情景需要拜登这个人物有一个严重的"改变生活"的健康状况。当然,即使最初的拜登也有衰老的问题,但是这个替身让这个形象永存。如果有人指责拜登对亨特的缅甸生意知情不实,他可以用衰老作为借口。这样他就可以避免被起诉,一旦成为总统,他就不会在任期内被起诉。新的拜登笔记本电脑曝光事件将迫使拜登公开承认自己的衰老,从而迫使他退出竞选。

In that the Biden persona is at present a White Hat Double,under the direction of the US Junta,the outcome is a given.But the steps between the current explosive revelations and a Biden withdrawal from the campaign might be many.Meanwhile,the polls should be expected to tilt toward a win by President Trump,and more material from the laptop hitting the press.The debate will include so much material that the Biden camp could not recover.But it will only be at the point where the Biden persona fears prosecution that a senility admission and withdrawal would occur.Meanwhile,enjoy the show!

齐塔人之声通讯|第735期  十月惊喜,一级防范禁闭,水中毒等


Lockdown Frenzy


The world seems to be going into a lockdown frenzy.Primarily in Europe where the UK and France and the Netherlands are frankly draconian.Yes,a 2nd Wave of the Covid-19 has appeared,as expected when herd immunity was resisted in most of the world due to lockdowns and quarantines.But is it really that bad?Or are there ulterior motives afoot?The rise in new cases is attributed to more testing.The rules in France imposing masks on women in labor,depriving them of oxygen,has even caused emergency C-Sections.Per the Zetas,Europe fears the public becoming aware of Nibiru and is imposing a type of Martial Law.

齐塔人之声通讯|第735期  十月惊喜,一级防范禁闭,水中毒等

整个世界似乎都进入了封锁狂潮。主要是在欧洲,英国、法国和荷兰都非常严厉。是的,2019冠状病毒疾病的第二波已经出现,正如人们所预料的那样,由于封锁和隔离,世界上大部分地区的群体免疫力受到抵抗。但它真的那么糟糕吗?还是别有用心?新病例的增加归因于更多的测试。法国规定,分娩中的妇女必须戴口罩,剥夺她们的氧气供应,甚至导致了紧急剖腹产。根据齐塔人的说法,欧洲担心公众开始意识到 Nibiru,并正在实施一种戒严法。

UK Lockdown Map:Almost a Third of Britain under local Lockdowns or Tough Coronavirus Rules–so Where's Next?




Britain could be heading for another national lockdown with almost a third of people now living under tightened new restrictions.About 20million people are now in regions slapped with new rules in a bid to halt the rising number of coronavirus cases.


Rutte:"Partial Lockdown,"Mandatory Masks to Soften Second Wave of Covid

吕特:"部分封锁",强制性口罩,以软化第二波 Covid



The Netherlands will enter a partial lockdown for a period of four weeks in an attempt to reduce the impact on the healthcare sector,so that care unrelated to coronavirus and Covid-19 can continue."We do not want a repeat of what we experienced in the Spring,"Rutte said.


French Govt says Curfews on the Table as Ministers mull New Covid-19 Measures




French ministers are scheduled to meet to discuss further measures as cities across the country register record levels of positive Covid-19 tests.Macron is expected to give a televised address announcing any decisions made during the meeting.

齐塔人之声通讯|第735期  十月惊喜,一级防范禁闭,水中毒等


9/30/2020:Despite the hysteria about Covid-19,statistically it has proven to be no worse than a bad flu.Historically,the world did not go into draconian lockdowns over a bad flu,so why is Covid-19 any different?It is being used to control the populace for the panic that the establishment fears is coming when the public becomes aware of Nibiru.Those countries that have high ground away from the coastlines and can anticipate a temperate climate after the crustal shift will likely use Russia and China as models to copy,perhaps confiscating farmland inland and establishing work camps to grow food.Martial law is expected to be implemented everywhere.It is those countries without these resources that will truly panic.Draconian lockdowns are being continued in Europe,despite empty hospitals and obvious herd immunity to Covid-19.Tens of thousands are protesting.Rather than oppressing their citizens,Germany and the UK should develop survival site plans.

齐塔人之声2019930日评论:尽管 covid-19引起了人们的歇斯底里,但统计数据显示,它并不比一场严重的流感更糟糕。从历史上看,世界并没有因为一场严重的流感而进入严格的封锁状态,那么2019冠状病毒疾病又有什么不同呢?它被用来控制民众的恐慌,当公众开始意识到 Nibiru 时,当权派担心恐慌即将来临。那些拥有远离海岸线的高地,并且能够预见到地壳移动后气候温带的国家,可能会以俄罗斯和天/朝为榜样,也许会没收内陆的农田,并建立工作营地来种植粮食。预计戒严法将在各地实施。那些没有这些资源的国家才是真正的恐慌。尽管医院空无一人,而且对2019冠状病毒疾病有明显的群体免疫力,欧洲仍在继续进行严格的封锁。成千上万的人在抗议。与其压迫他们的公民,德国和英国应该制定生存地点计划。

So why is the World Health Organization suddenly reversing their stance on lockdowns,saying they are not the best route?Certainly this stance was not taken at the start of the pandemic.Just when Europe is claiming a 2nd Wave mandates a draconian lockdown,the WHO is taking a contrary position.Other countries like China and Russia,who have a response to a Nibiru panic,are not reacting in this manner.Russia will direct its people to the Far East,and China will direct its people to the inland Ghost Cities.The Zetas explain.

齐塔人之声通讯|第735期  十月惊喜,一级防范禁闭,水中毒等

那么,为什么世界卫生组织突然改变了他们对封锁的立场,说封锁不是最佳途径呢?当然,这种立场并不是在大流行开始时采取的。就在欧洲宣称第二波疫情要求进行严厉的封锁时,世界卫生组织却采取了相反的立场。其他国家,如天/朝和俄罗斯,对 Nibiru 恐慌做出了反应,却没有采取这种方式。俄罗斯将把人民引向远东,而天/朝将把人民引向内陆的鬼城。齐塔人解释道。

Dr.Marc Siegel:"I'm so Happy to See WHO Warning against Coronavirus Lockdowns

Marc Siegel 博士:"我很高兴看到世界卫生组织对冠状病毒封锁的警告



Dr.David Nabarro,the WHO director general's special envoy,said last week that the global body"do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus."The only time we believe a lockdown is justified is to buy you time to reorganize,regroup,rebalance your resources,protect your health workers who are exhausted,but by and large,we'd rather not do it".


Lockdown Reversal Shows that when Science Conflicts with Politics,WHO Chooses Politics




After pushing lockdowns around the world for months,the World Health Organization has reversed course.WHO's special envoy on COVID-19 said"We really do appeal to all world leaders:stop using lockdown as your primary control method."Our guess is that growing public opposition to the lockdowns,and news of a return to normal in places like Sweden,made WHO's support for the measures untenable.There's never been good evidence that lockdowns work.Yet only now has WHO decided to admit this.


10/31/2020:Lockdowns were effective early in the Covid-19 pandemic because there were not enough ventilators in hospitals for those that needed them.In the early months,
proven antivirals were not available,and any vaccine months away.Now all that has changed.The key in a viral infection such as the flu,of which Covid-19 is a variant,is herd immunity.This is why the annual flu disappears after a few months.Herd immunity has been delayed in most countries because of lockdowns.

齐塔人之声洞察10/31/2020:2019冠状病毒毒疾病大流行的早期,封锁是有效的,因为医院里没有足够的呼吸机来满足那些需要它们的人。在最初的几个月里,没有经过验证的抗病毒药物,任何疫苗都需要几个月的时间。现在一切都变了。2019冠状病毒毒疾病的变种是流感,其中的关键是群体免疫。这就是为什么每年的流感在几个月后就消失了。由于封锁,Herd 的免疫力在大多数国家被延迟了。

Sweden is the model showing what would happen if the world had not used lockdowns.Antivirals and ample ventilators were not available to Sweden,nor had they deployed a vaccine.They compare favorably to the other European countries,showing that lockdowns are only delaying herd immunity,not changing the spread or lifespan of Covid-19.Limited lockdowns or quarantines to slow the infection rate so that hospitals are not overwhelmed have been effective in this regard,but also only slowed the arrival of herd immunity.


Now with numerous effective antivirals available and many vaccines already deployed,and with an abundant inventory of ventilators,why have lockdowns?As we explained last month,those countries that are going into draconian lockdowns at this time are not doing so to limit Covid-19 infections,they are doing so to impose Martial Law because they were warned that the Nibiru cover-up would soon fail.The elite in Europe never prepared for this,caring only for their own safety while they lied about Nibiru.

现在有许多有效的抗病毒药物可用,许多疫苗已经部署,并且有大量的呼吸机库存,为什么要封锁?正如我们上个月解释的那样,那些在这个时候进入严格封锁的国家并不是为了限制2019冠状病毒疾病的感染,他们这样做是为了实施戒严法,因为他们被警告说 Nibiru 的掩盖行动很快就会失败。欧洲的精英们从来没有为此做过准备,他们只关心自己的安全,却在 Nibiru 的事情上撒谎。

In the US,lockdowns are occurring in Democrat states trying to make President Trump look bad.The Democrats and Satanists who have infected them with their Moloch practices control the media and the pollsters.That Biden is winning is one big lie,a whopper.WHO is finally admitting the truth about lockdowns,reversing their stance,because they learned that President Trump will win by a landslide,and because the lack of US dollars,the 500 million withdrawn from WHO by President Trump,is hurting their operation.Why else would they reverse their stance?

齐塔人之声通讯|第735期  十月惊喜,一级防范禁闭,水中毒等


Russia Reports Record High daily Coronavirus Cases and Deaths




Russia reported record high daily coronavirus cases and deaths,pushing total infections to 1,326,178,but authorities said they do not plan to impose lockdowns across the vast country.


New Lockdowns from China to Europe as Virus Trials Stumble




China meanwhile rushed to test an entire city of nine million within days after a minor coronavirus outbreak in the sprawling country,and Europe struggled to tackle a new surge of infections.


China Invasion


Are China troops being housed on an island off shore from Vancouver?A recent video of these troops marching down a road on Salt Spring Island near Vancouver would indicate that.The reports from the locals,reported by Hal Turner,likewise indicate they are being allowed to stay in Stanley Park,reserved only for the People's Liberation Party(PLA),with Canadians excluded from this military camp!Per the Zetas,all true,due to an agreement Trudeau signed with China.

齐塔人之声通讯|第735期  十月惊喜,一级防范禁闭,水中毒等


Arm Yourselves and Prepare;China Massing"Tens-of-Thousands"of Troops in Prince Rupert and Vancouver Canada.Invade USA?




Under a Treaty signed in late 2019 with Canada,the People's Liberation Army of China has been quietly massing military troops in Canada since the beginning of 2020 and those troops are believed to be readying for an actual military invasion of the United States.While it has long been rumored that China began massing troops and armor in southern Mexico for a similar invasion goal,word of such troops appearing in Canada only began this year.Those rumors were pretty much laughed off until video emerged this week of Chinese troops on a back road of Salt Spring Island,near Vancouver,British Columbia.


Canada Today–Invaded by Chinese Troops




Under the terms of the Foreign Investment Protection Act(FIPA),a bi-lateral treaty ratified with China by the Trudeau government in 2019,Chinese security forces can be stationed on Canadian soil to protect vital Chinese investments,without the knowledge or consent of local authorities.Canadian Independent Press Review,January 15,2020


Canada China Promotion and Reciprocal Protection of Investments Agreements



The Canada-China Promotion and Reciprocal Protection of Investments Agreement or Canada China FIPA is a bilateral investment treaty between Canada and China which came into force on 1 October 2014.The Foreign Investment Protection Agreement(FIPA)or Foreign Investment Protection and Promotion Agreement(FIPPA)are Canadian names for BITs.Corporations that engage in bilateral trade,can use FIPAs to protect against public policies that interfere with their operation's revenue.

《加拿大-/朝促进和互惠保护投资协定》是加拿大和天/朝之间的一项双边投资协定,于2014101日生效。《外国投资保护协定》(FIPA)或《外国投资保护和促进协定》(FIPPA) BITs 的加拿大名称。从事双边贸易的公司,可以使用 fipa 来保护自己免受公共政策的干扰。

10/31/2020:Did Trudeau grant China permission to station Chinese troops on Canadian soil,under the guise of protecting Chinese investments?In that China buys agricultural products from Canada,this could be considered an invasion of Canada.Recent reports from Canada's west coast,supported by video evidence,would indicate that troops are already stationed on Canada soil,on a permanent basis.Trudeau has been replaced by a Double,as we noted in 2019,and selling Canada out for personal gain was one of his crimes.


Does any of this mean that China intends to invade the USA?The coming Pole Shift will offer many opportunities,one of them being the disproportionate population between China and the N American Continent.China hold 1.3 billion people,the US 320 million,Canada 37 million,and Mexico 130 million.The Bering Straits will be on the new Equator,a short jump into the virtually uninhabited Alaska and Northern Canada lands.Thus both Canada and the US should be on guard for a land grab after the Pole Shift.


Indeed,Trudeau's appearance changed in August,2019 when he started sporting a beard.The Zetas at that time said that Trudeau had been removed by the UK Marines due to"theft of public funds".Presumably allowing the Chinese to establish their military on Canadian soil will not help his case.

齐塔人之声通讯|第735期  十月惊喜,一级防范禁闭,水中毒等


3/31/2020:The use of a Double may signal an ongoing court action,such as Trudeau's new look,which does not bode well for Trudeau.His crime?Theft of public funds,a type of treason.


Khalaktyrsky Beach


What caused the lovely black sand beaches of Khalaktyrsky to become deadly to the sea creatures that live there?Octopus,seals,sea urchins,stars,crabs,fish all turned up dead and burned by the acidic water.Reports showed a yellow discharge dumping into the sea from a river outlet nearby.Surfers reported fevers,sore throats,and burning eyes.No oil spill or pollution can be found,leaving the obvious conclusion–the volcanoes did it.

齐塔人之声通讯|第735期  十月惊喜,一级防范禁闭,水中毒等

是什么原因使得 Khalaktyrsky 可爱的黑色沙滩对生活在那里的海洋生物变得致命?章鱼、海豹、海胆、星星、螃蟹、鱼类都死于酸性海水中。报告显示,一个黄色的排泄物从附近的河流出口流入大海。冲浪者报告说他们发烧,喉咙痛,眼睛灼热。没有发现任何石油泄漏或污染,留下了显而易见的结论——是火山造成的。

Ecological Disaster with Hordes of Dead Sea Creatures,Toxic Smell,Surfer Burns and Yellow Waters Plague the Pacific Coast of Kamchatka




Excessive amounts of phenol and oil products were detected in sea waters near the Khalaktyrsky Beach,a touristic hotspot in Kamchatka,where hordes of sea creatures have been washing ashore since a few days.Surfers raised alarm about three weeks ago after once pristine waters caused major problems with eyesight,fevers,throat aches and and gave them a feeling of losing eyesight after getting out of the water.Now,the black volcanic sand of Khalaktyrsky beach–one of the gems of the Kamchatka peninsula near its largest city Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky–got littered with hundreds of dead sea animals,from deep-sea Giant Pacific octopuses,to seals,sea urchins,stars,crabs and fish.Several local residents published satellite pictures shared by Greenpeace Russia,showing a yellow-coloured river flowing into the Pacific Ocean.There is a military training ground upstream.

在堪察加河的旅游热点 Khalaktyrsky 海滩附近的海水中发现了过量的苯酚和石油产品,几天以来,成群的海洋生物一直在这里被冲上岸。大约三个星期前,冲浪者发出了警告,因为一度纯净的水域造成了视力严重问题,发烧,喉咙疼痛,并让他们感觉在离开水面后视力下降。现在,Khalaktyrsky 海滩的黑色火山沙——堪察加彼得巴甫洛夫斯克附近最大的城市堪察加半岛的瑰宝之一——散落着数百只死亡的海洋动物,从深海巨型太平洋章鱼,到海豹、海胆、星星、螃蟹和鱼类。一些当地居民发布了绿色和平组织俄罗斯分享的卫星图片,显示了一条黄色的河流流入太平洋。上游有一个军事训练场。

Poison in the Water




The Kamchatka authorities also spoke about the"natural"pollution of coastal waters.Regional Governor Vladimir Solodov named three possible reasons for the incident:man-made pollution(a spill of toxic substances),a natural hazard(the accumulation of toxic microalgae),or"seismic activity linked to volcanic manifestations."Scientists later called the third scenario unlikely.

堪察加河当局还谈到了沿海水域的"自然"污染。地方长官弗拉基米尔·索洛多夫(Vladimir Solodov)列出了事故发生的三个可能原因:人为污染(有毒物质的泄漏)、自然灾害(有毒微藻的积累)"与火山表现形式有关的地震活动"科学家们后来称第三种情况不太可能发生。

10/31/2020:The Khalaktyrsky Beach disaster was not caused by an oil spill,nor was it a result of a recent military training op.Oil spills will cover sea life in an oil slick,and there is no evidence of this.The Kamchatka Peninsula has a volcanic history,as can be seen from the black sand on the beaches and the active volcanoes in the area.Volcanoes can spew into the air or can seep into the ground water in a mountainous region,and it is the latter that poisoned the beach.Fish kills and lack of oxygen and acidic water have been recorded from underwater volcanoes.

齐塔人之声20201031日结论:Khalaktyrsky 海滩的灾难不是石油泄漏造成的,也不是最近一次军事训练行动的结果。石油泄漏将覆盖浮油中的海洋生物,目前还没有证据证明这一点。堪察加半岛有火山历史,从海滩上的黑沙和该地区的活火山可以看出这一点。在山区,火山可以喷发到空气中,也可以渗入地下水中,正是后者毒害了海滩。水下火山已经记录了鱼类死亡、缺氧和酸性水的情况。

The Kamchatka Peninsula is indeed riddled with volcanoes,as a black sand beach would imply.And sea life death from underwater eruptions turning the water acidic are also on record.Oxygen disappeared,the water became acidic,and everything in the vicinity died.

齐塔人之声通讯|第735期  十月惊喜,一级防范禁闭,水中毒等


Underwater Eruption Strews Ocean Surface with Dead Fish




Over the crater,the water heated up by as much as 65 degrees Fahrenheit(18.8 degrees Celsius),the researchers found.Dissolved oxygen in the water all but disappeared,decreasing by 90 percent to 100 percent in places.Meanwhile,carbon and carbon dioxide values shot up,and the pH of the water went down by 2.8,meaning it became more acidic.Fish died or disappeared in the wake of the underwater eruption,which also killed a massive amount of plankton in deep waters.

研究人员发现,火山口上方的水温升高了65华氏度(18.8摄氏度)。水中的溶解氧几乎全部消失,有些地方下降了90%100%。与此同时,二氧化碳和二氧化碳的含量急剧上升,水的 pH 值下降了2.8,这意味着水变得更酸。鱼类在水下喷发后死亡或消失,这也杀死了大量深海浮游生物。

Volcanoes of Kamchatka



The volcanoes of Kamchatka are a large group of volcanoes situated on the Kamchatka Peninsula,in eastern Russia.The Kamchatka River and the surrounding central side valley are flanked by large volcanic belts containing around 160 volcanoes,29 of them still active.



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