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To answer the many questions I am receiving about Dorian,I decided to take a short break from finishing the very exciting Part 3 article on the G7 victories and go through the hurricane updates provided by the Maestro.


What if I told you that solving a riddle made of 5 tweets posted on September 4 2019 would give you everything you need to know about Hurricane Dorian?


Would you believe me if I told you that these 5 tweets can provide enough material to write an entire book about geoengineering and the current war opposing Trump to the Satanic Cabal?Here is the riddle..



In this article,I told you the meaning of Dorian and its relation to Q ANON and to the multidimensional war we are engaged in.In these images link1link2 taken from this article,I told you that the geoengineering war had begun.Based on this information,many of you have certainly read between the lines and identified Dorian's real purpose.The fact that DORIAN is sharing the value of 61 with Q ANON is an indication that it is a weapon in the hands of the White Hats.

在这篇文章中,我告诉你道林的意义和它与 Q ANON 和我们正在从事的多维战争的关系。在这些文章中链接link1link2的图片中,我告诉你地球工程战争已经开始。根据这些信息,你们中的许多人肯定已经从字里行间读出了道林的真正意图。多里安与 Q ANON 分享61的值这一事实表明,它是白帽子手中的一件武器。



On July 4h 2019, we witnessed a digital weather batle in DC in real time.
Black Hats were so angry and eager to sabotage the Salute to America event, that they carried out a major attack at the risk of uncovering themselves and raising thequestion from the public:"is this a coincidence? Isn't this man made?"
Fortunately White Hats were able to clear the sky rapidly and protect DC from what the Black Hats were hoping to be a successful weather attack with devastative consequences.







The Cabal and Family Y have lost control.
The earthquake in California and the rain in DC on July 4h was their attempt to sabotage the SALUTE TO AMERICA event and display leverage through the geoengineering weapons they still have.
The attacks were contained by the Military.
The geoengineering war between White Hats and Black Hats has begun.
Black Hats have to find ways to clear the sky from what they know is being sprayed over them without being able to publically address it.
Geoengineering warfare is one of these ways.
The more attacks from Black Hats, the more they will expose their troops and chain of command. Enjoy the show.










Let's solve the riddle and we will clearly see what Dorian was designed for and what it has accomplished.As usual,we'll go through the pieces of the puzzle first and will assemble them at the end.




We start by pulling tweet 2 and watch the Maestro's update on Dorian:tweet.We put tweet 1 and 2 side by side,pull their Q drops and this operation provides the first clue:Img1

我们从推特2开始,观看大师在多里安上的更新:tweet。我们把 tweet 1 tweet 2并排放在一起,拉出他们的Q点,这个操作提供了第一条线索:Img1

Knowing we are in autist zone,to start solving,we need to go back in time.Watch:video.. What do we do next?Yes,we calculate the time difference between the day the Maestro talked about the storm and the day he updated us about it:Img2


Then,we notice Ivanka tweeted from Colombia at 1:27 PM.We analyze the delta with her father's retweet timestamp,find confirmations and the puzzle starts to come together:Img3

然后,我们注意到伊万卡在下午127分从哥伦比亚发推特。我们用她父亲的转发时间戳来分析 delta,找到确认信息,然后谜团就开始出现了:Img3



The Plan had lanka Trump tweet from Colombia to confirm the700 day delta between the Calm Before the Storm meeting and POTUS' update on Dorian. Her tweet comes 56:29 after the Maestro's re-tweet to confirm the CALM phase has come to an end and that the world is now going to change for the better.




Next,we should identify the logical link between the NHC retweet and the Oval Office update:Img4

接下来,我们应该确定 NHC retweet 和椭圆形办公室更新之间的逻辑联系:Img4

Peruvian Coffee for those with visual skills and who saw the NHC image looked like a golf club hitting a ball or a turntable cartridge on a vinyl record!These visuals are confirmed by the Maestro's speech!He warned you:"where are the autists?"

秘鲁咖啡为那些具有视觉技能和谁看到 NHC 的形象看起来像一个高尔夫球杆击中球或转盘磁带在黑胶唱片!这些视觉效果都被大师的演讲所证实!他警告你:"自闭症患者在哪里?"

Here is the solution:Img5


We now have the sub puzzle:music-charts-grazed.Can you solve?The key was to know some Hip Hop and remember the word"grazed"was used by the media to describe how Suge Knight survived Tupac's murder:Img6


As you can see,with multiple confirmations,the Maestro is clearly pointing at Rap Music and Hip Hop.


In case you have doubts,let's read the drop pulled by the original WH tweet timestamp 12:26 PM.Look at these spectacular confirmations:Img7

如果你有疑问的话,让我们来看看 WH tweet 原始时间下午12:26的时间戳。看看这些壮观的确认:Img7

Are you enjoying the beauty of this?From the Maestro's tweet,we went from FLOOD to HURRICANES through the Q board staying in the context of Hip Hop!


Now that we are certain of the relevance of Hip Hop in the riddle,we go through our music collection and try to find matches with the 5 tweets of the riddle.Here is the first confirmed match and it connects Arrested Development to Ivanka's tweet 4:Img8




The capital letters in the vertical line of lvanka's tweet pull the digits 3,5 and 2, which appear inArrested Development's album title. Coincidence?
The capital letters of the tweet add up to 152, value for SEPTEMBER FIFTH, which is a hint we should investigate what happens the next day.
By doing so, we find the 6:48 AM tweet starting with in the days of Q ANON' has capital letters confirming twice ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT.
We are also advised not to stop the music!





通过这样做,我们发现这条早上6点48分的推文以“Q ANON的日子”开头,大写字母确认了两次发展停滞。


Next?We happily follow the Maestro advising us not to stop the music and we play the hit song of the album:video..


[Archiver's note:SerialBrain linked a video which has been removed.I believe the link to the video is here:]


Did you catch the message?They wanted to go the"nigga route disrespecting my Black Queen".Does this ring a bell?Did you notice PEOPLE EVERYDAY=174=EYE OF THE STORM?Here is the solution:Img9


Now why did the Maestro pull a group called"Arrested Development"?To solve this,you needed to take a closer look at Ivanka's picture in tweet 5 and notice the symbolism connected to the Q board.Then,you needed to identify the message hidden behind the WGDP acronym and see how the song title and artist name confirmed the acronym.Read very carefully:Img10

为什么这位大师要组织一个叫做"发展受阻"的组织呢?为了解决这个问题,你需要仔细看看伊万卡在 tweet 5上的照片,并注意到Q版上的象征意义。然后,您需要识别隐藏在 WGDP 缩写背后的消息,并查看歌曲名称和艺术家名称是如何确认缩写的。仔细阅读:Img10



They are sitting on flowers to signify the trade of children and slaves. The link is water and they are perfectly lined up tosymbolize the shipping lanes, the international port network and logistics used for their nefarious activities. The DP World Group is used as an example to illustrate the type of

The Q ANON Storm named DORIAN marks the ' Arrested Development of the port infrastructure and logistics that were used to conduct children and human trafficking.
Trump's effort is worldwide but he started at home, on the east coast in particular. It's over. They will all be wiped out.
Ivanka's WGDP meets more than the eyes.



他们坐在花上以示买卖儿童和奴隶。 连接是水,他们是完美的排列,以象征航线,国际港口网络和物流用于他们的邪恶活动。 以 DP World Group 为例说明

被命名为 DORIAN 的 q ANON 风暴标志着港口基础设施和物流的发展受阻,而这些基础设施和物流是用来引导儿童和人口贩卖的。


伊万卡的 WGDP 不仅仅是眼睛。

Now you understand why the Maestro said at the end of his update:"Mostly WIND.And we're going to have a REPORT on that."WIND=50=DPGW and REPORT connects to PORT.

现在你明白为什么这位大师在更新的最后说:"大部分是 WIND。我们将就此做一份报告。" WIND=50=DPGW报告与港口连接。

If you also notice that WGDP=50=EVER and look around,you'll access the Clinton Foundation variation of the Dubai Port model through the Witch's Secret Service code name EVERGREEN.Read very carefully:Img11

如果你还注意到WGDP=50=EVER,环顾四周,你会通过女巫的秘密服务代号 EVERGREEN 获得迪拜港模型的克林顿基金会。仔细阅读:Img11



Evergreen is the integrated shipping infrastructure sharing HRC's secret service code name and participating in the Clinton Foundation's international trafficking of children.
It's protected by Fake News operators like J. Tapper(Q1279)
and expands its tentacles through local subcontracting.
For example, in Haiti, SAMAR was named its local agent and was in charge of shipping the children out of Haiti.
HRC did not pick the name Evergreen randomly.
It symbolizes prolonged youth/life and is another illustration of the Cult of the Dead Queen discussed in my chemtrail article.
The name Evergreen refers to the consumption of children blood and adrenochrome made possible by the activities of companies like Evergreen Aviation and its partner network.
In addition to the blood and children supply component, Evergreen has also played a major role in the Cabal's international mind control agenda through its chemtrail dissemination component.
Coded articles illustrating these bloody realities and explicitly mentioning ' Monarch' or heads' going ' south' for winter' can be found on Evergreen's website.



Evergreen是一个综合航运基础设施,共享HRC的特勤局代号,并参与克林顿基金会(Clinton Foundation)的国际儿童贩运活动。

它受到J. Tapper等假新闻运营商的保护(Q1279)








Now that you know about the Witch,her love for green,Evergreen,what it's all about and its connection to the Clinton Foundation,you are equipped to discover the Satanic Blood Road along our East Coast that they'll never tell you about in geography class:Img12


Let's stay in the gulf area and solve the golf component of the riddle and why the Maestro said after mentioning Florida:"it was going toward the Gulf":Img13


As you can see,we have another strong confirmation on RAP music but there's a new item coming from golf and it's PAR.Can you solve this?Take a minute and try to find how PAR relates to the Maestro's war against the Cabal and where it gets you to.

正如你所看到的,我们有另一个强有力的确认说唱音乐,但有一个新项目来自高尔夫球和它的 PAR。你能解决这个吗?花一分钟时间,试着找出 PAR 如何与大师对抗阴谋集团的战争联系起来,它会把你带到哪里。

Peruvian Coffee for those who remembered how Skull and Bones had a Greenpeace paraglider fly over Trump's property in Turnberry,Scotland to deliver the WELL BELOW PAR message accompanied with the death of Secret Service Agent Remagen!video.I decoded this tragic event in detail in this article.If we notice the Skull and Bones message was sent 419 days before the Maestro's update on Dorian,we access amazing information.Read very carefully:Img14


Did you solve the name of the strawberry farm Ivanka visited being El Salero?I told you in this article that the day the Antichrist sees Christ,he will melt like salt in water…

你知道伊万卡参观过的草莓农场的名字是 El Salero 吗?我在这篇文章中告诉过你们,敌基督看见基督的那一天,他会像盐水一样融化.....

I pray I am allowed to meet very soon my Brothers and Sisters who understand these things…


For now let's continue gathering the pieces of the puzzle.


We have Illuminati,PAR=35=RAP and the Blood Road.If you notice 35 is also the value for CHINA and that it's the current location of the Cabal's tent,Tweets 3 and 4 pull an unexpected guest from Puerto Rico:Img15


Now you know why Fat Joe and other similar operators have been so vocal about hurricane relief efforts:it's the Clinton foundation Haiti play.They want to be part of the controlled chaos to make their money and move ALL THE WAY UP the food chain.Watch,he told you right here:video


You thought I pulled this Fat Joe video randomly?No no no.Frames 2:41 and 3:20 are connected to the riddle's tweets in a strong and spectacular way:Img16

你以为我随便看了这个胖乔的视频?不不不。框架2:413:20以一种强烈而壮观的方式与这个谜语的 tweets 相连接:Img16

Next?We analyze the video further and discover it's a crash course on the history of the Blood and Drug Road,how it operates,who provides,who distributes,how Flynn was targeted very early on for knowing and how operators aspire to climb the ladders of this bloody,invisible and parallel society:Img17


Let's end where we've started.The Maestro begun by saying this:"We thought we'd give you an update on the hurricane.We got lucky in Florida-very,very lucky indeed".Can you solve?


Do you like Daft Punk?Here is their biggest hit,it's called Get Lucky:video.


Do you like Tupac?Let's listen to his song entitled Pain:video.


You thought I pulled these 2 songs randomly?No no no.Add the value of the 2 titles,what do you get?Yes:PAIN,GET LUCKY=144=WELL BELOW PAR and here is the decode with the successful test on my Daft Punk jukebox pick:Img18

你以为这两首歌是我随便选的吗?不不不。加上这两本书的价值,你会得到什么?GET LUCKY=144=WELL BELOW PAR 和这里是解码与我的朋克点唱机选择成功的测试:Img18



On July 13 2018, the Cabal sent a threat to POTUS by killing SecretService agent Remagen and flying a paraglider over his property in Turnberry, Scotland with the message: WELL BELOW PAR=144.
The message was code for: we have strengthened China and have infiltrated America, you will never be able to defeat us.
419 days later, POTUS, while giving an update on Dorian, coded his response with: PAIN, GET LUCKY=144 pointing to 2 music videos detailing his thoughts and letting them know recess is over. Dorian is designed to wipe out the infrastructure and personnel they have been using for children abuse, human trafficking, drugs etc..…
Like in the days of Noah, the world is ready for a new beginning and the phoenix is rising from the ashes..…







Before the riddle closed with tweet 5 at 2:47 PM,the Maestro provided an update at 2:17 PM.We know it's a real time update because it's connected to Q1417 where we read'Updated'.We add this video to the ones released within the riddle time frame,add up their respective lengths and Bingo!Barry Soetero comes out of his hiding place:Img19

在下午247分以 tweet 5结束谜语之前,这位大师在下午217分提供了最新消息。我们知道这是一个实时更新,因为它连接到 Q1417,我们阅读更新。我们添加这个视频发布的谜语时间框架内,加上他们各自的长度和宾果!巴里·索特罗从藏身之处出来了:Img19



Like in the days of Noah.
The Flood is designed to remove from the face of the earth all criminals and entities that are not divinely allowed to stay.
The removal process has geographical, social and metaphysical components.
Geographically, the process ascends from the Virgin Islands and goes all the way up along the East Coast.
Socially, it will ascend on the ladder and will spare no royal or politician, whether he is in office or is a
"retired"C_A agent like Barry Soetoro.
Metaphysically, it will spare no entity that has illegally immigrated to this planet. Noah... The End Days..…










With HUSSEIN joining the riddle through this update,we are equipped to solve the current feud about Alabama.Let's first enjoy it:video..


As a response,the Maestro pinned a video vindicating him and showing CNN repeating ALABAMA 9 times:tweet

作为回应,这位大师转发了一段视频来证明他的清白,并且显示 CNN 重复了阿拉巴马9:tweet

Did you solve the link between Obama and Alabama?Since OBAMA=32 and ALABAMA=31,Dorian hitting Alabama symbolizes the diminution or progressive destruction of Obama,the Satanic Cabal's most valuable pawn on the chessboard.

你解决了奥巴马和阿拉巴马之间的联系了吗?OBAMA=32 and ALABAMA=31,多里安击中阿拉巴马象征着奥巴马的衰落或渐进式的毁灭,奥巴马是撒旦阴谋集团在棋盘上最有价值的棋子。

Why 9?Are you familiar with the flood of the river Lo in Ancient China,magic squares and the Lo Shu grid?? Here is a summary:Img20

为什么9 ?你熟悉中国古代的罗江洪水、魔方和罗数网格吗?以下是总结:Img20

We can now use the Lo Shu grid with its geomancy feature and decode the Maestro's tweet about Alabama,the Fake News lying about it and why he responded:"I don't know"to the Fake News:Img21




With Dorian, the Maestro attacked the TOP SHELFof the Chinese Lo Shu grid and its square 4 in particular: wealth. All the blood/drug personnel and infrastructure in the South East of the US is beingdecimated by our troops while Dorian is giving them the cover needed to operate.
The illegal money hidden in tax havens is being seized without any criminal being able to claim it.
As Dorian progresses towards the right on the Lo Shu grid, the South and Fame in square 9 are targeted and the Obama counter decrements to approach Alabama: this is the dynamics of DECLAS getting us from Barack Obama to Barry Soetoro.
Can the Cabal handle this?
The Maestro alternates between WRATH and CALM to achieve major political positions domestically and globally and inverts WRATH OF THE LAMB withIDONT KNOW when the Fake News challenges him.
Pure beauty.





随着多里安在罗书网格向右移动,南方和9号广场的名声成为目标,奥巴马的对手也在向阿拉巴马进军:这就是DECLAS 将我们从巴拉克·奥巴马带到巴里·苏托罗的动力。




We have gathered all the pieces of this amazing puzzle.We can now assemble them.Here is the final decoded message:Img22Img23




Promises Made, Promises Kept.
On October 5 2017,I announced what I said could be the Calm Before the Storm.
The conditional form of my statement was justified by the hope that the Cabal andits network of bad actors engaged in child abuse, human sacrifice and trafficking, organ, blood and drug trafficking would acknowledge the meaning of my election and put an end to their illegal and atrocious activities.
That was without counting the visceral attachment they have for their satanic rituals and their constant desire to control, humiliate and deceive mankind.
Instead of showing signs of reform, they have, on the contrary, shown fierce opposition to the ideals of human dignity and freedom that founded America, and which I promised to defend and strengthen.
To continue their activities and hide their crimes, they have engaged in a vast treasonous plot to prevent me from governing by using conspiratorial methods ranging from the biased Mueller probe to attempted murder and intimidation.
When it became clear to me that hoping for a positive change on their part was a lost cause,I patiently waited for the right moment to launch the operation calledDorian to eradicate the infrastructure and neutralize the personnel allowing them to conduct their activities on our East and South East coast.
Epstein's arrest and the information he provided made it possible to accurately determine the targets on a trajectory from Little St James through the Bahamas and along our east coast.
Dorian is the first phase of the Storm I announced and is the conjunction of multiple military tools, the most visible part of which is what is commonly referred to as Hurricane Dorian.
Under the auspices of my December 21 2017 Executive Order on Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption, our Military is moving in concert with Hurricane Dorian to target the ports, logistics, personnel and other resources used by the Cabal to conduct their illegal activities.
As illustrated in Q3451, the Fake News is one component of the huge virus feeding on this satanic machine set up under Clinton's presidency and reinforcedby tools such as the Clinton Foundation, Evergreen with its network of affiliatesand a deliberate policy of outsourcing ownership of our ports to limit scrutiny.
Other components include the entertainment industry, banking, transport, etc...
The Fake News is well aware of the link I have established between Dorian and the Lo Shu Grid to make my warfare communications clear with the Cabal and China. They are aware but will cover it with lies because they are Fake News.
It does not matter.
Behind the scenes, things are moving as planned and great positions of leverage are being collected domestically and globally.
Our economy is strong, robust and continues to display outstanding numbers, I am confident Congress will soon ratify the USMCA and that the UK will soon return to true freedom and prosperity by leaving the EU.
The link I established between Dorian and the Lo Shu Grid is not fortuitous. It is intended to reflect the metaphysical and spiritual aspect of the war between us and the Satanic Cabal: For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against theauthorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Epheslans 6:12
As you know, since Cain killed Abel, Cain's descendants have organized themselves through this Cabal to continue to fight mankind with the help of Satan and they have infiltrated China to use it as the current location of their headquarters.
Q382 SATAN has left the WH.
It was therefore appropriate to convene the Flood of the River Lo legend to illustrate the first active phase of the Storm aiming at removing from our planet all physical and metaphysical entities engaged in the Cabal's satanic activities: As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.
Matthew 24:37
The Satanic Cabal knows these things very well. Trust me. They know.
I will place on his shoulder the key to the house of David; what he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open. Isaiah 22:22








当我清楚了,希望对他们来说是一个积极的改变失去了事业,我耐心地等待正确的时机启动操作called Dorian根除基础设施和中和人员允许他们进行他们的活动在我们的东部和南部东海岸。



在我2017年12月21日发布的关于严重侵犯人权或腐败的行政命令的支持下,我们的军队正与多里安飓风(Hurricane Dorian)协同行动,打击阴谋集团用于从事非法活动的港口、后勤、人员和其他资源。

正如Q3451所示,假新闻是这台邪恶机器上巨大病毒的一个组成部分。这台机器是在克林顿担任总统期间建立的,并得到了克林顿基金会(Clinton Foundation)等工具的支持。






我在多里安和罗舒网格之间建立的联系并不是偶然的。它的目的在于反映的形而上学和精神方面我们之间的战争和邪恶的阴谋:为我们的斗争并不是反对有血有肉,但反对统治者,职权,对这个黑暗世界的权力和对邪恶的精神力量的领域。Epheslans 12








Q571 FEAR the STORM.没有人玩这个游戏会得到免费通行证。没有人。Q

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