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Epstein secured.More was revealed in the following tweets.Read very carefully:Img1





There were extreme efforts from the Cabal to eliminate Epstein and the evidence/information he is currently injecting in the legal system. All criminals involved in child trafficking and abuse, human sacrifice, drugs, blood, money laundering etc wanted him dead.
He was moved to a highly secured location to ensure his safety and the one of the current legal process that falls under the scope of the Dec 20 2017 EO on Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption. As we progress with the unsealed documents, more people from Politics, Finance, Big Tech, Fake News or Entertainment will show signs of great nervousness... Think Hussein, Clintons, Mueller, Comey, Shifty,E. Schmidt, Scaramucci,B. Maher,J. Legend etc..…
A good way to recognize them; those who are the loudest..
Pop corn. Enjoy the show.



阴谋集团极力消灭 Epstein 和他目前在法律系统中注入的证据 / 信息。 所有涉及贩卖和虐待儿童、人祭、毒品、血液、洗钱等的罪犯都希望他死。

他被转移到一个高度安全的地点,以确保他的安全,以及目前属于2017年12月20日《关于严重侵犯人权或腐败行为的道德操守条例》范围内的法律程序之一。 当我们处理未密封的文件时,更多来自政治、金融、大科技、假新闻或娱乐的人会表现出极度紧张的迹象... ... 想想侯赛因、克林顿、穆勒、科米、西夫提、 e·施密特、斯卡拉穆奇、 b·马赫、 j·里奇等等... ..。

一个辨认他们的好方法; 那些声音最大的人。


Q drops interrupted but they are now terrified by the comms.


Those who are familiar with my writings and everything I have shared about the comms and my insistence on learning them as stated multiple times by Q,understand the following drops very well:

那些熟悉我的作品和我分享的所有关于通讯的东西,以及我坚持学习它们的Q 多次陈述的人,非常了解以下几点:

Q993 Learn how to archive offline.The streets will not be safe for them.Q


Q679 You have so much more than you know.SO MUCH!Future proves past.News unlocks map.


Q is describing a situation where the enemy manages to interrupt the live and continuous flow of drops that would have no impact on the ability for Anons to get the truth about the news.Why?Because,through the comms,the news will continue to unlock what has already been dropped by Q and safely archived by Anons.

Q 描述了一种情况,在这种情况下,敌人设法中断了连续不断的空投,而这对于匿名者了解新闻真相的能力没有任何影响。为什么?因为,通过通讯,新闻将继续揭开Q已经丢弃并由 Anons 安全存档的秘密。

So?We already have more than we know and Nancy can continue trying to block Q as described here:


Q3370 We are back online(Pelosi attempted block).Q


and she will continue to miserably fail because:


Q1127 Our comms must be this way.Refer back-the'Why?'NAT SEC laws.

Q1127我们的通讯器一定在这边。回顾一下——"为什么?" NAT SEC laws

You got it?Q made sure the comms are in compliance with National Security laws.Have fun with the structure and the trip codes Nancy!Hahaha!

明白了吗?Q 确保通讯符合国家安全法。享受结构和旅行代码的乐趣,南希!哈哈哈!

You triangulated that Q was the real target of all the recent false flags right?Just like he was the ultimate target of the Christchurch attacks.Every time you hear"manifesto"or see a failed effort to profile their mind controlled attackers to establish a link with POTUS,you should know that Q is the real target and be prepared.


Q told you about this play right here,after Christchurch:


Q3114 https://twitter.com/infinitechan/status/1106894519859974144 Who is the real intended target?Q

Q3114 https://twitter.com/infinitechan/status/1106894519859974144谁才是真正的目标?Q

Knowing this,why are they working so hard to interrupt the drops for a few days?Answer:


Q2108 Desperate people do desperate things.


They look at the polls and the real numbers and they are devastated.They assess the impact of their Fake News and realize they lost control.Beside Russia Russia and the latest local bar fight,they don't have anything to report while Q feeds us with scoops after scoops and real intel.So?They get what they can:if they can interrupt Q for a few days,they'll take it.


Let's now head to the zoo and watch the snakes.


Species 1:Chemtrelus Conspiracius

种类1:chemtrellus Conspiracius

As more truth is revealed,are you seeing the horns of the devil coming out slowly?Do you see Satan's minions getting more and more nervous?


I told you here that now that POTUS has reversed the chemtrails,their next move to survive on our planet will be to accept chemtrails are not a conspiracy theory.It didn't take long:2 weeks after my article about POTUS confirming the chemtrail reversal,Harvard announced Louise Beworth will lead an advisory panel supported by Bill Gates and aiming at injecting chemicals into the atmosphere to block sunlight!Not kidding,here's the link and here is Zero Hedge astonished that Harvard validates what was once believed to be a"conspiracy theory":link.

我在这里告诉过你们,现在美国总统已经逆转了化学痕迹,他们为了在我们的星球上生存下去的下一步行动将是接受化学痕迹不是阴谋论。没过多久,我发表了一篇关于美国总统的文章,确认了化学痕迹的逆转,两周后,哈佛大学宣布,路易丝·比沃斯将领导一个由比尔·盖茨支持的顾问小组,致力于向大气中注入化学物质以阻挡!不是开玩笑,这里是链接,这里是 Zero Hedge,哈佛大学证实了一个曾被认为是"阴谋论"的理论:链接。

You got that?That's how they kill us through academia.


Species 2:Demonus Infiltratus


This species is easy to catch.It's recognizable through its inexpressive dark eyes,extremely high blinking rate and an inability to crawl coherently.Listen to Tucker describe the amazing one he caught:until 2:22.. Frank Figliuzzi is pretty creepy but he was assistant director of the FBI's Counterintelligence Division under Mueller and is in the know.He therefore deserves our attention.

这个物种很容易捕捉。它的黑眼睛表情呆滞,眨眼频率极高,无法连贯地爬行。听塔克描述他捕捉到的令人惊奇的鱼:直到2:22。弗兰克·菲格里尤兹(Frank Figliuzzi)相当令人毛骨悚然,但他曾是穆勒手下FBI反情报部门的助理局长,而且知情。因此,他值得我们注意。

It's true 8/8=H/H appears coded in the date when POTUS tweeted about lowering the flags until 08/08/2019.However,what Figliuzzi fails to tell his audience is that this tweet was posted on Aug 4 at 2:49PM and was a response to Comey's tweet dated July 28th 2019 where he shared Coats'resignation letter and where 8/8=H/H was already coded.In this this article I told you how Coats coded"THIS IS IT"in his letter along with the distress message RENEGADE and MICHELLE.A few hours after this letter made all the headlines,Gilroy happened and you already know why.Here is Comey praising his divinities and coding 8/8=H/H:Img2

201988日之前,美国总统在推特上发布了关于降旗的消息。然而,Figliuzzi 没有告诉他的观众的是,这条推文是在84日下午2:49发布的,是对科米2019728日推文的回应。科米在推文中分享了科茨的辞职信,而8/8=H/H已经被编码了。在这篇文章中,我告诉您 Coats 是如何在他的信中编写"THIS IS IT"以及求救信息 RENEGADE MICHELLE 的。在这封信登上所有头条的几个小时后,吉尔罗伊的事情发生了,你已经知道为什么了。下面是科米赞扬他的神和编码8/8=H/H:Img2



Comey inserted an extra space between two occurrences of the letter H to extract the code H/H and 88 confirmed by the timestamp 9:07 elliptically pulling the number 8.
By referring to Hitler, it seems Frank Figliuzzi knows very well what that H/H means and who really owns it: Q1941 Was ' Nazism' ever truly destroyed?
Q938 The continued Nazi ideology is relevant. Events will clarify. Think subgroup.
Q2206 DEFINE PROJECTION.Q Thank you for the free decode on H/H Frank!
On 88, Queen Elizabeth I and her secret cult described in a previous article appears in the form of ELIZABETH andGOD QUEEN. It is confirmed by the capital letters adding up to 62=QUEEN.88 is also the value for CALIFORNIA, where Gilroy is located. Coincidence?
We already knew from previous decodes that Comey was a hardcore Satanist. The Secret Cult of the lmmortal Queen is a Deep State byproduct of Satanism and Comey confirms he's also a member along with his friend Coats.
Q189 AlIl that you know to be right is wrong. The ' cult' runs the world. Fantasy land. The world is fighting back(&
destroying the cult).











Are you enjoying the brilliance of the Maestro lowering the flags until 08/08/2019?The trap was in the tweet and poor Frank Figliuzzi jumped with his feet together:Img3




Hold the date. Do the Math.
Like clockwork, Frank Figliuzzi fell into the trap and did exactly what the Maestro told him to do.
He went on national TV, held the date 8/8 and did the math for everybody to hear.
He gave us a free decode on what 8/8 means for Satanists and stupidly threw his buddy Comey under the bus by confirming his 8/8 that preceded the Maestro's by 6 days!
Q1000 These people are stupid.Q Q1001H'Q They are exposed. Who can now deny they have been using gematria to covertly communicate?
The Maestro took their weapon and returned it against them. They are terrified that we know their comms.









In case you missed it,here is the decode of the secret message Comey hid in the image of his May 28 2019 WaPo op-ed.It confirms Comey is a Satanist and passionately fights for his religion:Img4




Like most real Satanists, Comey has a strong belief system.
He's not playing. He really believes Satan is God and that his religion is the religion of truth.
He calls the Gospel the Godspell and believes those who spread it should be punished. Inversion.
He believes people should have the right to chose Satan as their God and that the 6 million Satanists with their affiliated psychopaths should not be deleted from existence as indicated by POTUS. He is working to appear as a victim and a martyr and thinks POTUS will be hated for bringing him to justice. He's therefore challenging POTUS to dare arresting him. He's calling his brothers and sisters to be faithful to Satan who he believes will save them.
Sorry Comey, Satan has already ran away from the battlefield.
That's what he does. He's not saving you guys. Haven't youever wondered why he always stays behind and never leads the charge?...
Now we know why Comey's book is entitled 'A Higher Loyalty'
and who he's loyal to. These people are stupid.
POTUS is perfectly right to delete from existence any being whose religion is based on killing children, sacrificing them, abusing them and eating them. Thank you POTUS. No Deal.













No wonder previous administrations could not do anything significant against Epstein,drugs,child abuse,pedophilia and human sacrifices:those who were in charge of protecting us against this evil were at the top of the very satanic pyramid they claimed to fight.This has been going on for decades with the active complicity of politicians,the Fake News,Wall Street,Hollywood and academia.To be part of the club and get the bucks,all you needed to do was to show you agree that Satan is the boss and wait for Santa to show up with campaign donors,a show,investors,a movie deal,a record deal or a Nobel prize and its byproducts.


The third species will illustrate this reality perfectly.


Species 3:Scaramucus 666(also called Scaramucus Often Firus)


Did you know Scaramucci turned his hedge fund Skybridge from a$666 million fund to a$7.2 billion within 5 years as proudly reported here?You caught the first 666,but did you catch the second one?Yes:7.2=0.6+6.6.Coincidence?How about his first hedge fund Oscar Capital Management he founded in 1996 after he left Goldman Sachs?Did you catch it?O=15,C=3 which leads to 18=6+6+6.Coincidence?How many illuminati bloodlines?Yes:13=M.Mooch coded in his company's initials:"Hey guys,Satan is the boss and I'm ready to play ball for the 13 families,please send Santa ASAP".You thought he stopped there?You know Mooch right?Not very subtle…What was OCM's address in NY?Yes:666 Fifth Ave 34th floor link You know what that 34=32+2 stands for right?And just to make sure everybody is on the same page,the value for total asset managed by OCM was$684 Million.And of course,you caught 684=666+6+6+6.Coincidence?

你知道斯卡拉穆奇在5年内把他的对冲基金天桥从一个6.66亿美元的基金变成了一个72亿美元的基金吗?你抓到了第一个666,但是你抓到第二个了吗?是:7.2=0.6+6.6。巧合?他离开高盛(Goldman Sachs)后,于1996年创立了自己的第一家对冲基金——奥斯卡资本管理公司(Oscar Capital Management)?你抓到了吗?O=15,C=3,通向18=6+6+6。巧合?有多少光照派的血统?是的: 13=M.Mooch 用他公司的缩写写道:"嘿,伙计们,撒旦是老板,我准备好为13个家庭打球了,请尽快派出圣诞老人。"你以为他就停在那儿了?你认识穆奇吧?不是很微妙...OCM 在纽约的地址是什么?是的:666 Fifth Ave 34th floor link 你知道34=32+2代表什么吗?为了确保每个人都在同一页,OCM 管理的总资产价值为6.84亿美元。当然,你得到了684=666+6+6+6。巧合?

His belly dance for the Cabal worked and he got tipped.Forbes reported OCM was sold to Neuberger Berman in 2001 for an"undisclosed sum".If you know bragging about the amount of a transaction in Wall Street is like proudly introducing your new girlfriend to your parents,reconcile why even Forbes does not know the amount of that transaction…

他为秘社跳的肚皮舞奏效了,他还得到了小费。《福布斯》(Forbes)报道称,OCM 2001年被纽伯格伯曼(Neuberger Berman)收购,交易金额"没有披露"。如果你知道在华尔街炫耀一笔交易的金额就像是骄傲地把你的新女友介绍给你的父母,那么请想想为什么连福布斯都不知道这笔交易的金额.....

Mooch is a Harvard Law graduate.Not a very brilliant one.He was first hired by Goldman Sachs in 1989 in the Investment Banking division,was fired a year later and,thanks to a friend,was rehired 2 months later in sales:until 6:11..


We gather from this that Moloch is not really good at numbers or assessing markets but is definitely better at PR.He's so good at it that he had no problem serving as fundraiser for HUSSEIN in 2008,then as national finance co-chair for Mitt Romney in 2012,endorsing Scott Walker and later Jeb Bush in 2016 and joining the Trump Finance Committee in May 2016 when Jeb was sent home and after tweeting that he hoped the Witch would be the next president!Mooch,'gotta give to you:you gooood,realy good.But there's more.He tweeted several times he has"always been for strong gun control laws"and that"Republicans should support gay marriage"and,channeling his Trump-hater wife Deidre Ball,he called Trump a"hack politician"on Fox in 2015.

我们从中得知,摩洛克并不真正擅长数字或评估市场,但肯定更擅长公关。2008年,他为侯赛因担任筹款人,2012年又担任米特·罗姆尼(Mitt Romney)的国家财政联席主席,2016年支持斯科特·沃克(Scott Walker),后来又支持杰布·布什(Jeb Bush)20165月,杰布被遣送回国,在发推特表示希望女巫成为下一任总统后,他加入了特朗普财政委员会(Trump Finance Committee)!穆奇,我得告诉你:你真棒,真的很棒。但还有更多。他多次发推称自己"一直支持强有力的枪支管制法律",并表示"共和党人应该支持同性婚姻"2015年,他在福克斯电视台称特朗普是"黑客政治家",这与他仇视特朗普的妻子戴德丽·鲍尔(Deidre Ball)的说法一致。

So?You know the Maestro right?He knew he had a 666 self-terminating snake somewhere and kept him at a distance until he needed to use his vacuum services.He activated Mooch to clean the Whitehouse knowing very well that he would soon make the mistakes allowing Gen.Kelly to let him go.


Did you follow how things played out?It was reported Mooch's wife filed for divorce when she learned her husband was hired at the White House and they reunited when he was fired.Okay…Now question:how about when he was in Trump's campaign?Analysis:Img5




Mooch met his Trump-hater wife Deidre Ball when she was working in sales at Skybridge. Like him, she's a PR person and believes things are done with the power of networking. Not talent. So? Ball takes care of the Dems and Mooch takes care of the Republicans. Mooch joined the Trump campaign thinking hewould not win and Ball was OK with it and even supported it. This move was made at a time Skybridge started having difficulties. The Manafort Play.
Q1008 Manafort was a plant. Trace background.
To remain credible, if optics require it, the couple does not hesitate to explore divorce as a viable option.
Before entering the White House, Mooch tried to sell Skybridge Capital to the Chinese conglomerate HNA Group but the deal finally collapsed and it was officially announced in a joint statement that SkyBridge and HNA now plan toexplore the development of a "mutually beneficial marketing and distribution arrangement"of SkyBridge's offerings in China(Reuters).
In other words, Mooch's future is now in the Cabal's hands through China. It was time for the' clever' couple to signal that, if hired by RHONY or any similar show, they are ready to attack Trump during his trade war against China..….



穆奇在Skybridge做销售时遇到了讨厌特朗普的妻子戴德·鲍尔(Deidre Ball)。和他一样,她也是一名公关人员,她认为一切都是靠人脉的力量完成的。不是人才。所以呢?鲍尔负责民主党,穆奇负责共和党。穆奇加入了特朗普的竞选阵营,他认为自己不会赢,鲍尔对此没有意见,甚至支持他。这一举措是在Skybridge开始遇到困难的时候做出的。Manafort玩。





You got that?This is how they offer their services to the Cabal in plain sight.For a burger or 2.From now on,everything you hear about POTUS coming from Scaramucci should not surprise you.He has always been against Trump but tried to keep a foot in to pull as many people as possible the day he will announce he's totally out because of racism,night temperatures in Honolulu or the color of the monkey's lipstick.


Don't let the door hit ya'Mooch!


The Maestro knew all along that Scaramucci was a plant sent to infiltrate his campaign,here's the tweet with the details:Img6




131/2is code for 1 foot in the Cabal(13 lluminati bloodlines) and 1 foot out. It is confirmed by the capital letter count reducing to 58=>5+8=13 and 68=>6+8=14.
Just like Manafort, Scaramucci was a plant.
He was sent by HUSSEIN and the Black Hats to infiltrate Trump's campaign.
Q3347 confirms Trump never trusted him and this is why he was put on the sidelines and called in for a temporary mission whose real contours he will probably never understand.
They thought Scaramucci's infiltration was successful.
They are now learning the hard way that Trump patiently waited to use their dormant weapon to his advantage.
The Phoenix Principle applied to an infiltrator with a zest of Q1131"drop after testimony".R U learning yet?
Politics at its finest. Next.










Species 4:Maherus Panicus


Did you notice Bill Maher's surprising silence after Epstein's arrest?He did not make jokes,did not try to connect Epstein to POTUS.Nothing.Total silence.The answers are in a puzzle made of 5 tweets posted on August 10:Img7


Try to solve it and we'll compare our findings.Hint:where's the best place for a hot potato?


Q3385 You didn't think the Epstein investigation began a few months ago did you?It was all under the direction and oversight of AG Jeff Sessions.Expect a lot more to become public(unsealing).Q

Q3385你不会认为爱泼斯坦的调查是几个月前开始的吧?这一切都在 AG 杰夫塞申斯的指导和监督之下。期待更多的信息被公开(解密)Q


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