马修·沃德|2023年6月1日 光的进步; 光明会的命运; 光之工作者; 造物主; 宇宙的起源,灵魂,善,恶; 爬行动物的进入

2023年6月2日15:18:32灵性成长马修·沃德|2023年6月1日 光的进步; 光明会的命运; 光之工作者; 造物主; 宇宙的起源,灵魂,善,恶; 爬行动物的进入已关闭评论2084阅读模式


马修·沃德|2023年6月1日  光的进步; 光明会的命运; 光之工作者; 造物主; 宇宙的起源,灵魂,善,恶; 爬行动物的进入

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. When weaker civilizations fell prey to the darkness, they were captive within its low vibrations. Warring, ignorance, poverty and fear, which are bereft of light, is how dark ones controlled populations, and that is what befell Earth’s peoples.


When a dearth of light put the planet’s very life at risk about 90 years ago, Gaia asked for help. Out of love for her and her residents, highly evolved civilizations infused the planet with light and souls started leaving their advanced worlds to incarnate on Earth to add their light.


That intensity of light is the reason conflict and chaos are occurring around the globe—it is part and parcel of a world being freed from the grasp of darkness. Light’s high vibrations are clashing with and overwhelming the low vibrations, thereby bringing a long, long era of darkness to its close.


Dear ones, we know you want clear, irrefutable evidence. You want to know when G/NESARA will be announced; the new global economic system will be implemented; the illegal Biden administration will be removed; and the Federal Reserve System, whose tentacles reach all countries, will be abolished. Citizens who are rebelling against their corrupt governments want to know when they will have leaders with wisdom and integrity, and all of you want to know when the many truths still hidden will come forth.

亲爱的朋友们,我们知道你们想要清楚,无可辩驳的证据。你想知道什么时候宣布 G/NESARA; 新的全球经济体系将被实施; 非法的拜登政府将被撤销; 触角伸向所有国家的联邦储备系统将被废除。那些反抗他们腐败政府的公民们想知道他们什么时候会有智慧和正直的领导人,你们所有人都想知道许多仍然隐藏的真相什么时候会出现。

We wish we could say more than “on the near horizon,” but we don’t know exactly when those vital developments will occur. What we can do is assure you the Divine Plan is smack on target and extraterrestrial family members are part of the liberating forces of light that some call “White Hats.”


And, let us remind you of the light’s progress in just the last two years or so. The Illuminati’s efforts to start WWIII failed; so have all their attempts to demolish strategic cities with nuclear warheads on missiles. Their covid-19 virus did not kill billions of the populace and trying to achieve that goal via vaccinations is not working either. Their hold on major media is cracking. In several countries their bioweaponry laboratories and storage facilities and centers for sex trafficking, pedophilia, satanic rituals, adrenochrome production, money laundering and cyber warfare have been demolished. Many of the individuals at the top of their diabolical pyramid have been removed.


The Illuminati’s stronghold is their illegally and immorally amassed fortunes, and the light forces are working to separate them from their funds so that money can be used to end mass impoverishment. If you think helping in an undertaking of that scope is beyond your ability, let us tell you, it is not—it is right up your alley, so to say. Your light that has been helping the peoples awaken has been undergirding every effort to vanquish darkness from Earth.


We know it is hard for you to think of yourselves as the powerhouses you are, and this is understandable. You get sick, moody, disillusioned, angry, impatient and exhausted. Some of your efforts fall short and you make decisions that in retrospect you realize were poor. You don’t always have satisfying jobs or enough income or fair treatment, and some days are just plain miserable.


That is part of life in a third density world, and before you volunteered to go to Earth—and you did that with fervor—you knew that is what you would experience. You also knew you would surmount whatever obstacles you encountered because those feelings and circumstances are not who you are. You are eternal beings of love-light, and your energy’s high vibrations have been creating betterment on the planet during all the years you have been there. Simply by BEing, you are that powerful, that influential!


“Probably souls at your station know some scientists don’t believe the ‘Big Bang’ happened. If it didn’t, how was the universe created? Also, how were souls created? How did good and evil begin?” First let us say, always Big Bang has been a misnomer—the Beginning was completely silent as Creator/Source/Creation expressed Itself as light. Creator, the Ultimate Being and Supreme Ruler of the cosmos; Source, from whence everything in existence comes; Creation, Its action and “products,” immortal souls. For simplicity of speaking, we say only Creator, and It as designation for I AM, Totality, Oneness of All is with utmost reverence and respect.

“也许你所在空间站的灵魂知道,一些科学家不相信‘大爆炸’发生过。如果不是,那宇宙是怎么创造出来的?还有,灵魂是怎么被创造出来的?善与恶是如何开始的?”首先让我们说,宇宙大爆炸一直是一个用词不当的地方ーー开始是完全沉默的,因为创造者/源头/创造表达它自己是光。创造者,宇宙的终极存在和至高统治者; 源头,万物存在的起源; 创造,它的行为和“产品”,不朽的灵魂。为了说话的简单,我们只说造物主,它作为我是的指定,全体,所有的一体是带着最大的敬畏和尊重。

While light may be thought of visual, or science, and love as a sensation, or spirit, light and love—or science and spirit—are one and the same energy, and it is the most powerful force in the cosmos. This energy is Creator’s infinite, eternal omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence as pure love-light.


At a time unknown, Creator created the first souls, whom you call the archangels, and they had proportionally the mind and power of Creator. That didn’t diminish It one iota—the archangels were Creator experiencing Itself.  At some point It endowed them with the capability to co-create—they could use Its energy to make whatever they could think of. First they made a lower realm of angels, then gods and goddesses. Those souls, which also had proportionally the mind and power of Creator via the archangels, added to Its experiencing and to their co-creators’.


After the archangels made materials for forms so each soul could choose to have a body or remain pure spirit, Creator selected a god of pure spirit to co-create whatever he desired and rule over this universe and chose other gods or goddesses to do the same in six other universes. Our god made myriad souls, all of whom had proportionally his mind and power. As his experiencing selves, they did not diminish his entirety in any way at all—he is an amalgamation of all souls, in physical bodies or in spirit, in this universe.


Some of them helped him make galaxies with billions of astral bodies, and all souls could choose to incarnate within or upon those bodies or be free spirits. The energy of love-light—good, or godly—was the total essence of everything that was manifested throughout this universe.


It was reptilians, mutated descendants of Luciferian energy, who brought evil here. By agreement of our god and the ruler of the universe where reptilians originated, a portal was briefly opened so some of them could enter ours. At that time in antiquity they were the most intelligent species in the cosmos, and the agreement was intended to benefit both universes.


By reproducing themselves as well as procreating with souls who lived here, the incoming reptilians would genetically impart their superior intelligence while absorbing this universe’s love-light energy. When they returned to their universe, they would spread this energy’s high vibrations throughout their civilizations, and their progeny in this universe would genetically endow successive generations with superior intelligence.


The win-win situation the two universal rulers anticipated did not happen.


Some of the reptilians who came did become beings of love-light as they passed on their genes, but they did not go back home. Neither did those who refused the light. They also proliferated and all of them have caused havoc ever since the first ones came eons ago. They initiated warring and rendered dormant ten of twelve DNA strands in civilizations they conquered, making them susceptible to falling into darkness.

一些来到这里的爬行动物在遗传基因的过程中确实变成了爱之光的存在,但是他们没有回家。那些拒绝光明的人也是如此。它们也在不断扩散,自从第一个星球在亿万年前出现以来,所有的星球都造成了巨大的破坏。他们发动了战争,使他们所征服的文明中12条 DNA 链中的10条处于休眠状态,使他们很容易陷入黑暗。

Now then, Gaia is the soul that embodied as the planet she called Terra—somewhere along the line Earth became its name. Gaia, God and Sol, your solar system’s sun, manifested pristine verdant lands; crystal clear seas; magnificent trees, flowers and other plants; and the mineral kingdom. She gave animal design ideas to residents of Jupiter, where similar conditions existed, to manifest and transport to Terra.

现在,盖亚是灵魂的化身,她称之为泰若星球ーー沿着这条线的某个地方,地球成了它的名字。盖亚、上帝和太阳,你们太阳系的太阳,显现出原始的绿色土地; 晶莹剔透的海洋; 壮丽的树木、花朵和其他植物; 以及矿物王国。她给木星上的居民提供了动物设计的想法,那里也存在类似的条件,以显化和运输到 Terra。

When everything was ready, Gaia asked some souls in highly evolved human civilizations if they would like to live in a marvelous new world, and at the speed of thought, they arrived. Others came later, by spaceships, astral travel or incarnation. The people, animals, plants and minerals knew their Beginnings in Creator’s infinite love-light and their eternal connection with each other and the ruler of this universe. All life forms communicated telepathically and flourished as a harmonious symbiotic Oneness.


Darkness, or evil, came into that paradise when people with only two strands of active DNA settled there. As time passed, their brutal behavior amassed so much negativity that it almost extinguished Terra’s light. To save her planetary body, Gaia released the negativity in a series of earthquakes that lasted several decades. One quake of a magnitude sufficient to release that amount of negativity would have exploded the planet into countless fragments instead of preserving its life.

黑暗,或邪恶,进入了那个天堂,当人们只有两股活跃的 DNA 定居在那里。随着时间的推移,他们的野蛮行为积累了如此多的负面情绪,以至于几乎熄灭了 Terra 的光芒。为了拯救她的行星身体,盖亚在一系列持续了几十年的地震中释放了负能量。一次强度足以释放那么大负能量的地震就会把这个星球炸成无数碎片,而不是保住它的生命。

Terra’s land mass broke into several extensive regions, large and medium-sized islands and many thousands of small ones; new coastlines had peninsulas, bays, cliffs and beaches. Terra’s gently rolling terrain became rugged mountain ranges, volcanoes, canyons and deserts. The placid sparkling seas turned into oceans with strong currents, lakes, rivers and streams; and the sea bed’s flat terrain became similar to the new surface formations. No longer was the climate pleasant—massive areas of ice developed in polar extremes, mountains were covered with snowpack, and intolerable heat built up around the equator.

Terra 的陆地分裂成几个广阔的区域,大中型岛屿和成千上万的小岛屿; 新的海岸线有半岛、海湾、悬崖和海滩。Terra 缓缓起伏的地形变成了崎岖的山脉、火山、峡谷和沙漠。平静的波光粼粼的海洋变成了洋流、湖泊、河流和溪流强劲的海洋; 海床的平坦地形变得与新的表面形成相似。气候不再宜人ーー极地大面积的冰层已经形成,高山被积雪覆盖,赤道附近的高温令人无法忍受。

After millennia passed and the planet was habitable, a new civilization began. But darkness reentered and committing atrocities once again became the nature of the people. This time Gaia released the accumulated negativity abruptly, with an ice age, and after its drastic effects subsided, the repopulating process started over. Since then civilizations have risen and fallen, including those in Atlantis and Lemuria.

几千年过去了,这个星球适合人类居住,一个新的文明诞生了。但是黑暗再次卷土重来,犯下暴行再次成为人民的天性。这一次,随着冰河时代的到来,盖亚突然释放了积累起来的负面能量,在其剧烈影响平息之后,重新繁殖的过程开始了。从那时起,文明的兴起和衰落,包括那些在亚特兰蒂斯和 Lemuria。

The purity of love-light that permeated young Terra and her first inhabitants never has been repeated. However, indigenous peoples know they and all other life forms on Earth are connected with each other and the ruler of this universe. To prevent their knowledge from spreading, dark forces inspired explorers from European nations to kill most of the natives in the lands they claimed for their respective royal families; later, colonists continued the genocide. However, tribal survivors passed on their knowledge to descendants, who generation after generation preserved it, and the light within that truth helped Earth survive in deep third density until the infusion of light enabled her to start ascending.

弥漫在年轻的 Terra 和她的第一批居民中的爱之光的纯洁从未被重复过。然而,原住民知道他们和地球上所有其他生命形式是相互联系的,并且是这个宇宙的统治者。为了防止他们的知识传播,黑暗力量激发了来自欧洲国家的探险家们,在他们为各自的王室宣称拥有主权的土地上杀死了大部分土著人; 后来,殖民者继续了种族灭绝。然而,部落幸存者将他们的知识传递给后代,后代们一代又一代地保存了这些知识,而这些真相中的光帮助地球在深度第三密度中生存下来,直到光的灌输使她开始提升。

Now souls around the world are standing strong against oppression and all other injustices spawned by darkness. Despite, or perhaps because of turmoil, destruction and grief, there is more goodness, kindness and compassion than ever before in the planet’s recorded history. In this respect, beloved sisters and brothers, you have done your part magnificently.


You can inspire, but you cannot push anyone toward the spiritual and conscious awareness that puts them on the personal ascension pathway—that is each soul’s choice. It is a joy for us to behold those who are firmly on the pathway, and that many others are starting to trust their intuition is greatly encouraging. Upcoming solar flares—the energy surges that raise vibrations—will offer slumbering individuals more opportunities to awaken.  You, too, dear ones, will reap benefits, and the light you radiate will continue to uplift our family on Earth.


All light beings in this universe honor you for steadfastness in your mission and support you with the power of unconditional love.





Suzanne Ward


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