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Compiled Wed.24 June 2020 12:01 am EDT by Judy Byington,MSW,LCSW,Therapist ret,Journalist,Author,"Twenty Two Faces:inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities."

2020624日星期三12:01am EDT by Judy ByingtonLCSW,治疗师ret,记者,作者,"22张面孔:珍妮·希尔和她的22个多重人格的非凡生活。"

Source:Dinar Chronicles

Judy Note:Sources were expecting Tier 4a to start on Tues.23 June about 12-2 pm EDT,and then overnight the SKRs would be made liquid.Hong Kong became liquid on Tues,followed by Zurich.There were lots of military aircraft reported in the skies on that Tues,including Air Force 1 and Air Force 2 because as Fleming's Military Intel Contact said on Tues,"The Shotgun Start is upon us."


The US Treasury,which was coordinating the RV start for the banks of 209 countries across the globe,was unable to finish preparation for the Shotgun Start on Tues.23 June.That start was then changed to Wed.24 June.Tier 4b would start processing within the next 48 hours,though could start with Tier 4a on Wed.


The Chinese agreed that if the RV teams could not get it started by Wed.24 June,then the Chinese would start the RV release unilaterally on Fri.26 June.


We can redeem Zim and currencies at the Contract Rates through Mon.6 July.


A.2020623日星期二布鲁斯:Thebigcall.net:712-770-4016 pin123456#

1.Late last night Mon.22 June there were some problems–that were cleared up.


2.The rates were on the screens Mon.morning 22 June.


3.The new gold/asset-backed USN was tradable on Sun.21 June.


4.We could go tomorrow Wed.24 June,or Thurs.25 June and within the next 48 hours.


5.We can redeem Zim and currencies through Mon.6 July.


6.They would like Zim redeemed ASAP.



1.Sources were expecting Tier 4a to be started Tues.23 June about 12-2 pm EDT.


2.Overnight the SKRs would be made liquid and a handful of Tier 4a individuals would be processed.


3.If all went well with the appointment setting process,Tier 4b would follow in approximately the next 48 hours.


4.Be ready if they surprised us and Tier 4b started at the same time as Tier 4a.


5.There were lots of military aircraft reported in the skies today Tues.23 June including Air Force 1 and Air Force 2 because the Shotgun Start was upon us.


6.Stay ready and keep prayers going up.



Question:"Will the Safe Link Website have opportunity for international people to coordinate their exchange domestically-including ZIM?"


Answer:"If your domicile is outside the country domestic exchange is possible including ZIM,as long as you have proof of USA residence(utility bill,green card,etc).You can tell the 800#Call Center representatives and they will answer any questions about your domestic exchange."



1.A source in Zurich said that those working on finishing Tier 1,2 account processing have been"slammed"(very very busy)trying to get it done.


2.The US Treasury had to take Tues.23 June to finish preparation for the shotgun start.


3.The US Treasury was coordinating the start for all 209 countries and certain collateral account funds had to be transferred into Dubai 1&2 accounts on Tues.23 June.That could not be done on Mon.22 June because of what global international banks needed to do.


4.The Chinese have accepted the US Treasury and Trump RV teams timing of finishing preparation on Tues.23 June and starting the shotgun start on Wed.24 June.


5.Over the past few weeks the fire-storms in meetings between the Americans and Chinese were direct proof that the US Treasury was not making empty excuses to kick the can.


6.The Chinese agreed that if the American RV teams could not get it started by Wed.24 June,then the Chinese would start the RV release unilaterally on Fri.26 June.


7.The Source said that he knew all of us were sick and tired of delays,but Judy Shelton and the Treasury leadership team were not lying when they said that coordinating this release with the Central Banks of all 209 countries was an extremely complicated process,though this latest delay was only 24 hours in the release schedule for this week still.


8.Tier 4a,b start was moved from Tues.23 June to approximately Wed.-Thurs.24,25 June.


9.Currency holders railing at Intel providers like Shelton,Bruce,Mr.Fleming,Carden,et al.for continually"wrong"predicted starts were simply ignoring the evidence that(1)the coordination process with 209 countries has been extremely complicated,(2)this has happened in the midst of the clear war with the Deep State Democrats like Pelosi&Schumer fighting Trump.President Trump has pushed for the RV/GCR every step of the way.All of the RV teams have had to fight Deep State Congressional interference,Covid-19 plandemic interference,and on and on and on!


10.This has not been an easy process.To all those complainers and railers out there,please step away from the edge of the cliff(don't jump,don't sell your currencies),get a block of ice and chill some more because the RV Teams have never progressed as far as they have thus far in getting this out.


11.MarkZ's banking contacts were rightly"coming unglued"(very very excited)because the start was imminent still this week.


12.Mr.Fleming's Zurich contact's Paymaster would be doing pre-liquidity protocols Wed.24 June and liquidity release on Thurs.25 June.


13.Mr.Fleming's two independent sources said that Hong Kong would be liquid on Tues.23 June(China was ahead,pulling the US behind it),followed by Zurich,then to the USA.


14.Prayers were appreciated for all preparations to finish and that there would be no more coordination problems globally for a smooth finish Tues.23 June so that the American RV Teams finish for release of all on Wed.24 June.


E.RV事件时间表:"Everything on Schedule"-Fleming Intel Update 6-19-20

Fri.1 May Constitutional Law under the Restored Republic began implementation.


Mon.afternoon 15 June the Military White Hats and NSA began arrests of prominent members of the Deep State through use of the DDOS(distributed denial of service)to take down telecom networks across the US.


Wed.17 June the US Inc.bankruptcy was final and 3,300+800#notification emails were sent to those who the Department of Defense Security Teams determined were Deep State connected.The Sting Operation netted 3,100+higher level Deep State operative arrests after those who received the emails called the 800#and tried to make appointments to exchange/redeem.


On Thurs.18 June at 11 am EDT final payouts to the higher level tiers were released in the official start of the final RV release for Tier 4b.On that same Thurs.5 18 June at 5 pm EDT the global launch of funds took place worldwide.


Fri.19 June was Juneteenth–which celebrated liberation of Black Slaves–and would be celebrated as the date of a Debt Jubilee for all of us as NESARA and GESARA began.The RV rates for the 22 currencies in the first basket were locked-in.At 11 am EDT Tier 1 government payouts funds began moving out of the 11 priority adjudicated accounts of Historic Bonds and Global Collateral Accounts.


Sat-Sun 20,21 June began payouts at the current USN rate to a few thousand inner and outer core group accounts,who then paid out the lower level beneficiary accounts,including SKRs being made liquid.


Sun.night 21 June at 8 pm EDT Hong Kong commenced the main global release.An overnight stop of the RV was partly due to security audits globally.They passed and things started up again about 3:10 pm EDT Mon.22 June.


Also over the weekend through twelve US Call Centers 120-130 Tier 4a currency holders were testing the appointment setting process for Tier 4b.


On Tues.23 June Zimbabwe announced it would change it's exchange rate.


Wed.24 June–Thurs.25 June we in Tier 4b(the Internet Group)would commence exchanges/redemptions after receiving 800#notifications.The Chinese agreed that if the RV teams could not get it started by Wed.24 June,then the Chinese would start the RV release unilaterally on Fri.26 June.Hong Kong would be liquid on Tues.23 June,followed by Zurich,then to the USA.


For security reasons they wished all to exchange/redeemed as soon as possible and hoped to get Zim redemption completed by Fri.25 June,though that deadline was likely changed to Sat.26 June.


The IMF has scheduled the General Public Tier 5 to start on Mon.6 July,giving Tier 4b two weeks to complete our exchanges/redemption at the Contract Rates.


F.623日星期二特朗普,阴谋集团,重置,Dammegard,Goodman,Ward:Ole Dammegard,Jason Goodmancharlie Ward讨论财政重置和将要发生的事情!

G.622日星期一让我们清楚地了解联邦共和国,保罗·斯特拉默,安那文·雷茨:Let's be Clear about the Federal Republic--Anna Von Reitz

The"Federal Republic"that Mr.Trump keeps talking about is a subcontractor of the American Confederacy established in 1781.The Union of States created the Federation of States called The United States of America and the member States of the Federation created the Confederation of the States of America.


The(e)states claimed by the former Colonies had to be extended to the international land jurisdiction and formed as States,these States then created a Federation to enable them to act as one entity in international affairs,and then each State formed a"State of State"to do business for them,and these"States of States"were then included as members of the original Confederation formed in March of 1781.


Six years later,it was decided to structure the business affairs by issuing three Constitutions,one each for three"Federal"Subcontractors,that would supplement the government in much the same way that we hire plumbers,electricians and architects.The Federal subcontractors were the States of America,the British Territorial Government,and the Roman Municipal Government.


The largest part of the Federal Government is supposed to be under the direction of these American States of States,not British Territorial States of States,and not Municipal STATES OF STATES,either.


The Reconstruction of our Confederation and,secondarily,the reconstruction of the Federal Government Republic,has been left hanging since the Civil War,simply because we were never fully informed of the circumstance.We didn't act because we were duped into thinking that everything was already done.The British Government moved in and without full disclosure,installed British Territorial States of States to replace the American versions,as an"emergency"measure.


The British Territorial Government and their cohorts in the Roman Municipal Government dba"the"United States have been collusively usurping upon their Employers ever since 1937,under the terms of an agreement known as"The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States".


And the American People were never told a word about it.Nothing was said.Nothing was taught about it in the schools.It has taken 150 years and horrific abuses for us to waken from our slumber,evaluate the situation,and take effective action.


The United States of America(Unincorporated)is still here,our States and People are still here,and we are the only lawful government still standing on this Continent.We are not bankrupt and we are not absent.


We are the only beings on this planet with the lawful standing to Reconstruct the States of America and the Federal Republic,and now that we finally know what needs to be done,we have assembled to do the job that should have been done in 1865.


The United States Military is asked to review the fact that they owe their oath and allegiance to the States and People of America,their actual Employers,and that they are supposed to be acting under the direction of our civilian government--not at the behest of fellow subcontractors and lobbyists.




X22 Report:Nations Pivoting Towards the US,Patriots Know the Deep State Playbook

The mortgage rates are holding steady and demand continues to rise,the economy is coming back quickly.People are now moving out of the big cities and into the suburbs.Trump is thinking about limiting immigration so the people of America can get jobs first.The EU nations are now looking at China they way the US views it.


The[DS]/MSM are now the prey,the patriots are quickly removing everything they put into place.The people are waking up very quickly.SDNY Attorney has been removed,which means a block is gone.The[DS]is now struggling to maintain what they had in place and it is failing,the people see clearly now,countermeasures are now in place.



Below is a 5:34 min.video about the DANGER of wearing masks,which you aren't being told about by the news media or the government.The speaker on the video is Attorney Leigh Dundas,Esq.(a lawyer)who is warning people of the danger that's possible from mask wearing and the liability exposure of those requiring that masks be worn.


Are Mandatory Masks"OSHA"-Approved?(不幸的是,没有,他们没有!)

People who are wearing masks may drop in available oxygen,especially if very active,which requires more oxygen.A typical resting level of oxygen should be in the upper 90's percent range(97-99%).Sometimes oxygen level can even drop down to dangerous levels.80%and below is considered extremely low(hypoxemia)and can result in cardiac arrest(heart attack),organ failure,or death.That's the science you need to validate that wearing the mask is injurious to your health.It's something that anyone looking at the meter can easily and quickly see.


Ms.Dundas provides a reasonable way to possibly protect yourself from mask mandates:a finger pulse oximeter.That's a small,portable,battery-powered device that fits on your finger(usually the index finger,considered the first finger),and,within a few seconds,shows you a digital readout of your oxygen level(preferably in the 97-99%range)and your heart rate,in beats per minute.


Idiocy in the time of COVID

In a 5:20 min.public presentation video,Ms.Dundas mentions a May 20,2020 study that looked at all the other studies worldwide on the use of face masks,and found no reduction in viral transmission with the use of face masks.This video shows the total lack of interest or response to two different cases the lawyer presented to https://www.ocgov.com/.The science be damned.They wiil do whatever they want to do!


Paper and cloth masks aren't dense enough to filter out viruses.They pass right through them.


They reduce your oxygen intake,making you vulnerable to numerous bodily malfunctions.


The Harms of Mask-Wearing[Why I fight against Mandatory Mask Orders](This is a simulation(re-creation)of a tragedy that happened in China,where two mask-wearing children,who were outside running and playing,collapsed and died,from lack of oxygen.)



Walmart(not an affiliate link)has these for$20 and up.They are likely also available in your local pharmacy.The$20 models will do all you need.I bought one several years back,from another source,at the same price.Get one and then check your resting reading without a mask.Then put on a mask,again,while resting,and see the difference it makes.If your mask is fairly loose,it may not make much of a difference.But if it fits tightly on your face,as it's supposed to do,to seal the face so germs can't escape,you may notice a decrease in oxygen level.This is especially import if you're outside and moving,such as walking or running,or doing anything that taxes the body,requiring more oxygen.





Judy Note:Sun.21 June was Summer Solstice and a major Satanic Holiday where children were tortured and sacrificed in worship of Satan.Please be aware of any Satanic activities around you and report such to local authorities.Since Satanists were known to infiltrate police and other legal entities,also fill out the ICE form below,detailing your observance,including your report to police and how they handled it:https://www.ice.gov/webform/hsi-tip-form.





Divide They Try,Fail They Will,WWG1WGA to Support POTUS,Follow Q&Trust Plan


Let us Thank Q that the reset has finally come to be.I wish you well in your humanitarian efforts and look forward to seeing you on the other side where together,we will make life better for all.


Patience is a Virtue.Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being.Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.Judy



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