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Devin Nunes spoke out in a recent interview about the Durham indictments. There is to be a world of pain for the [D]eep [S]tate - and the penalty for treason is not jail, it is execution.

德文 · 努尼斯在最近的一次采访中谈到了达勒姆对深州的起诉。对于叛国者将会有一个痛苦的世界——对叛国者的惩罚不是监禁,而是处决。


Elon Musk said in a recent interview that he would reinstate President Trump on Twitter. He said that banning Trump was 'morally wrong and flat out stupid.' Interestingly he said in the interview segment that Jack Dorsey agrees with him. A sign that Dorsey may now be working for the White Hats..? (3 min video)

埃隆 · 马斯克(Elon Musk)在最近的一次采访中表示,他将在 Twitter 上恢复特朗普总统的职务。他说,禁止特朗普是“道德上的错误和彻底的愚蠢”。有趣的是,他在采访中说,杰克 · 多尔西同意他的观点。这是多尔西现在可能为白帽子工作的一个迹象。.?(3分钟录像)


Pepe Live Matters talks about what will happen when Durham's evidence is unleashed - and Twitter is uncensored. BOOM.

Pepe Live Matters 谈论了当达勒姆的证据公之于众,推特不受审查时会发生什么。


Think about the position the deep state is in: If Elon Musk refuses to censor and block liberals from seeing the proverbial red pill extravaganza that Durham is set to unleash then they will be forced into a corner. Remember that public Awakening is their greatest fear. Twitter is a bubble for normies. If that bubble threatens to be broken just as Durham breaks loose a storm then [they] may be forced to take extreme measures in their desperation. 

想想深层政府所处的位置: 如果伊隆 · 马斯克拒绝审查和阻止自由主义者看到达勒姆即将推出的红色药丸盛宴,那么他们将被迫进入一个角落。记住,公众觉醒是他们最大的恐惧。推特是一个正常人的泡沫。如果泡沫威胁要破裂,正如达勒姆摆脱风暴,然后[他们]可能会被迫采取极端措施,在他们的绝望

All things somehow seem to bring us closer to the d5 storm and nothing can stop it. 

Whether Elon Musk knows it or not: I believe that God is using him. 

不管埃隆 · 马斯克知不知道: 我相信上帝在利用他

I watched the election whistle-blower movie '2000 Mules' last night. The evidence for the election being stolen is rock-solid. Kari Lake said in a Newsmax interview that the abortion debacle was designed to detract from the damning evidence presented in the movie.

昨晚我看了一部揭发选举的电影《2000头骡子》。选举被窃取的证据确凿无疑。卡里 · 莱克在接受《新闻麦克斯》采访时说,堕胎闹剧是为了转移人们对电影中提供的确凿证据的关注。


eanwhile a reporter in the White House press corp confronted [B]iden about a call for him to resign. Check out [B]iden's inane reaction. Actor. Movie script. Closing credits incoming.



Why did Jill [B]iden, Nancy [P]elosi, and now [T]rudeau recently visit Ukraine..? Isn't it supposed to be a deadly war zone..? Anons are speculating that they are running for their lives to one of their main DS hubs. They know that the game is up.



Finally, I love this little picture story (guessing from Aussie). Pure genius. Enjoy.



Take time every day to reflect on how far you have come in your Ascension journey. Many volunteered Upstairs and few were chosen. The Alliance mission to liberate humanity was never going to be for the faint-hearted. You are still here. You are still fighting. Be proud.




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Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light 





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