X22报道|第2681集: 大重置即将失败,没有人是安全的,没有交易,绝望

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[ DS ]现在正在准备,一场关于控制信息的战斗已经开始。假新闻已经在进行定位,并准备好审查通讯中断。

X22报道|第2681集: 大重置即将失败,没有人是安全的,没有交易,绝望

Ep. 2681a – The Great Reset Is Fizzling Out, The Push Has No Traction

Ep. 2681a – 大重置正在失败,推动没有牵引力

Ep. 2681b – Nobody Is Safe, No Deals, Desperation, Fear, When Does A Bird Sing, Combat Tactics

Ep. 2681b –没有人是安全的,没有交易,绝望,恐惧,鸟儿何时歌唱,战术



The Biden administration is still pushing the idea that the economy recovered, the are showing that [JB] brought back jobs, but there are 3 million jobs missing. The majority of the people do not want congress to invest in stocks. The great reset is fizzling out, the narrative has no traction.



The [DS] is now preparing, a battle over the control information has begun. The [DS]/fake news are already positioning and getting ready to censor for the communication blackout. Trump and the patriots have all the leverage, they are leading the [DS] down the path and the [DS] took the bait. The pandemic narrative is collapsing, countries are reversing their policies. The [DS] has now moved on to trying to start a war, which means they are going back to their 16 year plan. Fear and desperation is setting in for the [DS], they are about to feel pain, no deals, nobody is safe, combat tactics are in place.  

[ DS ]现在正在准备,一场关于控制信息的战斗已经开始。假新闻已经在进行定位,并准备好审查通讯中断。特朗普和爱国者拥有所有的影响力,他们正在引导[ DS ]走上正轨,[ DS ]上钩了。大流行的说法正在崩溃,各国正在改变他们的政策。现在[ DS ]已经开始试图发动一场战争,这意味着他们将回到他们的16年计划。恐惧和绝望正在降临[ DS ] ,他们将感受到痛苦,没有交易,没有人是安全的,战斗战术已经到位。


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